Rick Ector Legally Armed in Detroit
Courtesy Rick Ector
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If there’s an individual who trains more new shooters on basic gun safety and basic gun handling skills than Rick Ector, we don’t know who that is. Ector and his Michigan operation, Legally Armed in Detroit (LAID), holds a training extravaganza each year, giving scores of Motor City women lessons in gun handling, shooting and safety at no charge.

Last year, LAID trained over 800 women. This year, given the surge in interest in armed self-defense. Ector and his fellow trainers are aiming at training up 1500 women over two days this month.

Know a woman in the Detroit area who would like to learn how to protect herself and her family? Here’s LAID’s press release . . .

Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun rights advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at two southeast Michigan target ranges for 1,500 women interested in learning more about firearms and personal protection.

There will be no charge for the Firearm Instructor’s safety briefing, the usage of a firearm, ammunition, and range time. Participation is 100 percent free for all attendees. No prior firearms training or experience is required of the women who desire to take advantage of the lesson. Further, experienced women merely desiring to improve their marksmanship skills are also welcome to attend.

The free shooting lesson offer was the brainchild of Rick Ector, an NRA Approved Firearms Trainer, after seeing a local television newscast of a young woman’s body being discovered on an east-side Detroit street eight years ago.

This year’s event will be the ninth consecutive year it has been conducted. In the first year only 50 women were trained. Additionally, last year the event grew sufficiently to teach over 800 women how to safely load and operate a pistol. This year’s event, however, will occur at two different gun ranges over the course of two days: “Recoil Range” of Taylor on August 15 and “Top Gun Range” of Taylor on August 16.

This year’s goal is 1,500 trained women over the course of the two day event. It is only with the cooperation of Ector’s fellow Firearm Instructor colleagues and supporters across social media that this event could even be attempted and safely conducted. Firearm Instructors from all across the country will be traveling to Michigan to take part in this event. Originating states include Washington, Georgia, Maryland, and Ohio.

Firearm trainers, interested in donating their time to this event, are invited to contact the event organizer.

Ector believes that there are many women in the state of Michigan who are curious about firearms and their role in personal protection but are reluctant to investigate due to fears. He said, “If giving women a free lesson by a credentialed professional translates into women just trying it, it’ll be a productive use of my time.”

The ladies FREE shooting event will be held on the following dates:
– Saturday, August 15, 2020 at Recoil Range at 22509 Ecorse Rd, Taylor, MI
– Sunday, August 16, 2020 at Top Gun Range at 22050 Pennsylvania in Taylor, MI

FREE Advance Pre-registration is required for participation. Interested ladies should visit the following event page on Facebook for more info:


Registration opens on Sunday, August 8th, 2020 at 8am EST


All participants will also receive a free pink baseball cap with the logo of a sponsor – the Gun Owners of America.

Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW/CPL Class training in metro-Detroit for students at his firearms school – Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit.

Ector is a recognized expert in Firearm Safety and Personal Protection and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show, National Public Radio, MSNBC, The Guardian, Townhall Magazine, and the Politics Daily.

For more info about the free shooting lesson and Detroit Michigan CCW Classes, please contact:

Rick Ector

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 313.733.7404

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  1. Awesome…free is great…hope they get friends and family involved, too…pass on the knowledge, too…
    THIS is what gun safety is about…not bans and confiscation…
    should have classes throughout schools to teach firearms safety, etiquette and handling
    after all…it IS a part of our history…our constitution…

    • Every school in America should have a firearms safety and training class. But the folks that benefit from kids getting killed will fight that tooth and nail.

      Here’s looking at you biden, bloomberg, soros…….

      • Every school in America should cease kissing democRat behinds and explain how Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. That fact makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda. Ask 99% of school kids if they know the origin of Gun Control and 99% will say, hi hi Bush buyduh I dunno.

        Get the same answer when the question is which political party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities? End result for keeping racist democRat Party sleaze out of sight and out of mind? CHAZ/CHAP Zones.

      • My rinky-dink dirt poor rural school did – the basic hunter’s safety course taught by the state’s regional game warden/wildlife officer. I found my old booklet years ago – unfortunately trashed it after I found it – and it covered all the basic safety rules for handling firearms, along with basic “how to hunt” stuff. We all did the course – I don’t remember anyone not doing it, but they could have not done it I suppose, but why would you stay in regular class? We also had a Red Cross led basic first aid course. This happened in 6th grade. Then we moved and I went to a larger less poor rural school – and got to do the hunter’s safety course again in 7th grade at that school. Somehow I managed to not become a bloodthirsty killer after all this. Granted, this was in early 70s…

  2. Racial diversity in firearm training in a demonrat city, somebody pinch me I must be dreaming, cause the presitute media says gun owners are a racist bunch of white christian males looking to kill people of color.

    LAID, getting the job done….

  3. Clever acronym. “You want to save your own life? Get L.A.I.D.

    Humor and a genuinely helping women protect themselves and their families.

    They are doing God’s work.

  4. Great! And I see white gals too…yes I’ve seen them on Tucker too. Detroit is coming back! My mom was from nearby Flint and it seems horribly damaged now. It ain’t all dims…GM killed them. And Union’s😕

    • Unions. Ugh.
      I know a bit of history about unions, back in the day, they were useful.

      When I was in the IBEW, I was blown away by what I was allowed to do when the power plant was running, and then not allowed to do those same things when the plant was shut down. Effing ridiculous.

      Now with all the laws and regs on the books, I think they are useless.

      • A close relative of mine is in IBEW, Journeyman. Every time he’s between projects (for which he earns almost $50/hr), he does what he calls the “smart man’s unemployment claim”. He goes to a union-approved doctor and says his back hurts, and gets approval for short-term disability, which pays $900 per week in CA instead of the max $450 from UB. When he told me about this last year and I chastised him for it, he laughed and said not only has he been doing it for a dozen years, but everyone he knows in the local IBEW does it. Why do you think they have union-approved doctors, he said?

        Made me mad.

        • Sad. I have no respect for people that work the system like that. That’s why employers get stuck paying so much for unemployment. Meanwhile, there’s someone out there that’s self-employed busting their butt working overtime while he’s getting his welfare to sit on his azz.

        • Is that disability insurance bought with his union dues?
          If so, I don’t care, that’s between the Brotherhood and their insurance carrier.

          Now, if the insurance company decides to sue IBEW for fraud and make the union repay the last five years of claims, I still won’t care.

  5. This event, ladies and gentlemen, is what a winning strategy looks like.

    If this event averages 800 women every year, the trainers will have reached 8,000 women in 10 years, 16,000 women in 20 years, 24,000 women in 30 years, and so on just in the greater Detroit Metro area.

    If all of us did this in/near the largest metro area in every state every year, we would be reaching 400,000 women every 10 years — and likely even more if we expanded these events to two or three large cities in populous states.

      • Unfortunately Yes they will. For some of them the Need and Desire to follow the Liberal Dogma. Will be a small trade off for 2A Rights. Most of them have no real understanding as to what 2A rights really mean to a Free Society. Some of them are doing this as an Impulse to the present situation and will fall back into old habits once the coast is clear. At the end of the day if 10% change their stance on 2A Rights it will be a positive. This goes for Liberal Men also. Unless they are effected personally and survive. The chances of them not voting for a Liberal democrat if that’s the way they voted in the past. Is slim to none. Sadly that is the world We live in. Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours is Up to You. Choose Wisely.

        • Let’s look on the other side. There are a lot of people that feel that guns are not right for their family(at least at this time). That does not mean they are against citizens having firearms, they just don’t want them around their families. And that is fine – we need to educate citizens on proper gun safety and how we follow these standards.
          Most people see others using unsafe practices and this turns the off. It sure did me when I went out to a shooting area off of the 15 in SoCal, called Lytle Creek. I was appalled at what was happening on a Sat morning. I saw people hauling old cars out, using gasoline and making really big explosions. I heard automatic weapons fire, people shooting in all directions. The area I was in had shells like pebbles on the ground and many were drunk/high and firing off rounds in all directions(and blowing up homemade bombs). I heard that there were mishaps there, but I never went back. This was in the late 80s and it was crazy. I did NOT want to be a part of that.
          Fast forward 20+ years, my wife and I decided we needed protection for family and business protection, we bought a couple of handguns and got some remedial training. The ranges(both indoors and outdoors) were much more interested in safety and proper training. I suggest that anyone who saw the drunken partying with firearms take another look at how much better it is now. At least look and see, even if you don’t want to have them, just check out how responsible people have gotten in regards to firearm safety.
          Firearms are not toys, if you want to play, you should follow safety rules. Give others the benefit of doubt, very few owners of firearms are doing the crazy/unsafe things we all see in the movies.

      • I wish, but more than a few probably wonder why anyone needs a scary black rifle or a magazine any bigger than what’s in their M&P Shield.

        • In the first years, we also brought rifles/shotguns and let the few women interested in rifles try them. There were many more choices in pistols/revolvers too because each volunteer brought a few guns of their own.
          But that was back when the classes were MUCH smaller.
          In order to speed things through in recent years – semiauto pistols only (mostly 9mm m&p, but a couple 22 for younger/older/sensitive shooters) have been provided by Doug at ATEi. All instructors can teach just the one platform and all newbies learn just the one (well, some red dot, some irons). And it has been conducted on dedicated pistol ranges, so rifles have been kept in cases. Recoil range is a new site for the event, so maybe?
          The new way is much easier than having somebody who’s never used the paddle or heel release on somebody else’s gun try to teach it to a new shooter. No more trying to get an 870 person to unlock a 500 either.
          So – compromises have been made. Less is learned per woman, but more women learn.
          There’s not much I miss about detroit, but this is one of the things I really will miss a lot.

    • All that matters is what you are doing in Nov. And by your own display of democRat Party lint licking in Nov. you’ll be stabbing Freedom in the back. That includes the freedom of all of those you pretend to praise and buddy up to. Ain’t dat right stubby?

    • The Lincoln Project…because that time when Republicans and Democrats argued about who should preside over a splintered country and a civil war was so awesome?

    • “Loads of good stuff on L.A.I.D.’s website!!!”

      Say, what?

      The organization providing free gun training for women is called “LAID”?

      Is there ‘anything’ the women could do for a guaranteed passing grade?

      *snicker*… 😉

  6. I live near this area. This is the third and maybe even the fourth time that Rick is doing this for the community, in the past few years. I wish more gun store/training centers were as generous as Rick has been. Nothing but good can come from this.

    • I’m a little surprised I did not easily find a “Donate” link on his website. I wonder where all the money is coming from for all the ammo?

      • Ammo is donated by different groups. MI Gun Owners (.org) donates a few thousand rounds and sends a good few instructors. Different ammo manufacturers have donated or offered ammo for cheap (black hills, fenix). Some local gun businesses chip in (ATEi has loaned ~30 guns at a time). NSSF, NRA, Firearms Legal Protection, and other groups have helped sponsor the event.
        It is not a small thing that Rick organizes. But for the most part, the local gun community is VERY much in support of it and will help do whatever is needed. Rick posts something to the facebook organizing group about “i need X” and somebody says “we’ll take care of it” and then comes back with a sitrep a bit later.

  7. Nice job! Hopefully those ladies will go back to their friends and share what they’ve learned.

    Also hopefully go share that armed women don’t get raped and armed blacks don’t get oppressed and all that good stuff

  8. According to the count there are supposed to be 36 comments here. I can only view 7. This is happening a lot lately.


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