Mayor Daley: Don’t Blame ME for Gun Violence

If you’ve ever wondered why Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has such a hard-on for gun control, it all comes down to three words: blame the guns. Here’s Daley response to media questions about his crime-fighting policies, after the shooting of uniformed off-duty Officer Michael Bailey. “Bailey’s killing was an example of too many guns in our society,” Daley told the Not to mention that “Parents have to take responsibility for their children. They have to take responsibility for the adults in their families.” But wait! There’s less!

Reporters then asked Hizzoner if the city needs to hire more police officers, change crime-fighting tactics or fund more social program.

“Everybody says we need everything,” Daley replied, noting how the lousy economy has battered government budgets. “We need more money.”

Always with the guns and money. Never with the accountability. Machine politics at its finest. Oh, and his press flack later announced that the City would field another 100 officers. And pay for the pensions. Eventually. Somehow.


  1. avatar Martin Albright says:

    You can bet your ass that if there was a drop in violent crime, Daley would be the first one to take the credit.

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