Kicking Out The Jams

I’m going to resist the urge to file this under Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. The fact that the woman firing this weapon tilts the gun’s muzzle upwards to have a peek is bad. The fact that she keeps her finger on the Beretta’s trigger is worse. But hey, at least she keeps the gun pointed downrange. My main beef here: I’ve seen too many new shooters experience jams and do . . . nothing. It blows my mind that so many newbies don’t learn to automatically tap and rack when their gun jams. The hole in their education raises three main questions . . .

1.) How many people who own semi-automatic pistols for self-defense don’t know how to clear a jam? Here’s a word of advice: better buy a revolver.

2.) How many lives have been saved by gang-bangers who didn’t know what to do after they limp-wristed a semi (the most likely cause of this complaint)?

3) Why don’t all shooters learn better skills by inserting snap caps into their semi’s magazine? Not only does it teach them how to clear a semi, it also highlights (so they can delete) anticipation and flinching.

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