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No not really. But the point is obvious enough: there’s a direct connection between disarmament, discrimination and death. The fact that the Italian Jews in the movie—destined for concentration camps—never mention guns or armed self-defense tells you volumes about the human ability to live in Condition White. We are infinitely capable of ignoring the truth, even as it threatens to destroy us. To the point of absurdity. For example, the first line in the story More than 150 guns turned in by Staten Island residents: “One less gun is another opportunity gone.” Yes! An opportunity for self-defense. An opportunity for people besieged by criminal violence to take back the streets— simply by defending themselves.’s bias against guns is so blatant they don’t even know they’re doing it . . .

More than 150 guns – mostly handguns – were collected by the NYPD and District Attorney Daniel Donovan’s office yesterday morning and afternoon at St. Philip’s Baptist Church in Port Richmond, making Staten Island a safer place.

Two words: security theater. If it wasn’t so tragic, if people didn’t believe this Big Lie, it would be funny.

You want irony? New York City can’t include religious groups in its 9/11 ceremony honoring innocent lives taken by terrorists, but New York City cops and their taskmasters are happy to set up a state-sponsored pawn shop inside a place of worship to buy firearms.

The process was simple and took about 15 minutes, explained the district attorney. Someone would walk in and surrender a weapon. A police officer would safeguard it and unload it if it carried bullets. The person who disposed of the weapon was given a number that coincided with the firearm. That number was then used to match a cash card to be handed to whomever dropped off the weapon.

“We asked nobody where they obtained it from. We asked nobody’s name,” Donovan said.

I find this “no questions asked aspect” particularly galling. A “real” pawnshop can’t accept a gun without running a NICS background check. How is it that Big Brother can waive that FEDERAL restriction? Besides, why in the world would the police encourage the complete and utter elimination of a potential link between a gun used in a crime and the criminal who used it?

Votes. It’s easier to blame guns fior crime, scoop-up a bunch of broken-ass firearms (the pic somehow doesn’t include the utter dross that savvy “owners” bring to these buy-backs) and claim victory than catch and keep dangerous criminals.

Rev. McBeth said people came in all day, and at one point, briefly spoke to a woman who said she was happy to get rid of a gun that was in her house for a long time.

Another American disarmed by political correctness. And they say we’re winning?

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  1. Most of what goes on in the name of security is simply security theater. Whether it is gun buy backs or installation security at military bases. All are designed to delude the masses into believing the government is doing what needs to be done and keep people blissfully ignorant.

    If Jesus drove the money changers out of the Temple and threw their tables out what would he think of churches doing this sort of thing?

  2. You’re basing your post on a false idea: self-defense use is more common than misuse. I know you and your readers have a lot at stake in believing that, but I just don’t think it’s true.

    Which means, of course, that your whole argument fails. The ones organizing these gun turn-ins understand how it is. Why can’t you? Oh, yeah, because you’ve got a lot at stake, that’s right.

    • Sigh. Mike, Mike, Mike. You need to use DATA. And even if you could prove your central thesis, who gives a flying you-know-what? We’re ADULTS. We can make the cost – benefit calculations for ourselves. We’re also Americans. WIth a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. So if there’s misuse, what’s that go to do with me? Unless I misuse a gun. In which case, society’s free to intervene.

      Also, unless you live in Kennesaw (rather than, say, Italy), Americans are free NOT to buy guns. Seems like an excellent set-up to me.

    • Facts? Citations? Anything at all to justify why you don’t think it’s true? Most folks at this site understand why your soft-headed emotional thinking doesn’t have anything to do with my RIGHTS. Why don’t you? Ah, yes, someone has a lot at stake.


    • Wasn’t it The World’s Most Dangerous Librarian who said “I don’t care if every other gun owner in the country misused a gun yesterday. I didn’t. So, keep your hands off of my guns!”

  3. “Mannlicher-Carcano Found in The Garden of the Finzi-Continis”

    mmwwAAAHAAAHAHAAA! You did it! And elegantly tied it in with a highly relevant issue. Bravo!

    Oh, and Mike, I was struck by your certainty that RF was “basing (his) post on a false idea: self-defense use is more common than misuse.” The real goodie was the reason you gave for your certitude: “I just don’t think it’s true.” Beautiful. Ye gods, man, that’s one step above “Because I said so.”

    Your readiness to accept as true one of the left’s articles of faith merely because you want it to be so reminds me of a quote by a very wise man: “It’s not that liberals aren’t smart, it’s just that so much of what they know isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

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