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Georgia Manhunt for Prison Escapees Dangerous beyond belief

Federal, state and local law enforcement continue to hunt two violent Georgia violent prison escapees. The manhunt goes on a day after they overpowered guards during a prisoner transport near Eatonton, Georgia. The two inmates managed to disarm two prison guards and shot them to death.

(L) Donnie Russell Rowe (R) Ricky Dubose

Officials released the suspects’ photos and descriptions. Donnie Rowe (6′ 1″, 181 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes) faces a life sentence without parole. His partner, Ricky Dubose (6′ 1″, 140 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes) earned 20 years for an armed robbery and aggravated assault conviction. Dubose’s face and neck tats should make him very…conspicuous.

Authorities notified local residents and urged them to remain on a heightened alert for the two armed men, described as “dangerous beyond belief.”  Already, the two carjacked a light green Honda Accord, using the guards’ .40 caliber pistols. Not long after, they broke into an unoccuped home and ransacked it, stealing clothes and food. New reports have them in a white pickup truck.

Within hours, hundreds of heavily armed cops descended on the area to join the manhunt.

Georgia prisoner escapees sought

The nearby Oconee County Sheriff published a short little message for the fugitives on Facebook:

Donnie and Ricky,
I hope you are reading this. What is done is done. However, I am asking you to surrender yourselves to the nearest law enforcement officer as soon as possible. You made your escape, but you won’t be out long. Every lawman in the Southeast is looking for you. Every citizen in the Southeast is looking for you. You may have help hiding out for a few days, but someone is going to snitch you out and then we will find you. There is no one you can trust…and no where you can go that we won’t find you. You murdered two prison guards and carjacked a taxpayer. Why wait, spending hours and days looking over your shoulder and wondering when we will kick the door in. Stop now, dial 911 and turn yourself in peacefully.

Police now believe one or both fugitives are in a white 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck, with chrome side tool boxes, license plate BCX5372.

Just two more reasons why carrying every day — even in rural areas — remains a prudent personal defense policy.

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  1. Just another example of why ropes should have been utilized in the first place. NO reason to warehouse scum like this. Public hangings are so needed.

    • The type of savage that murders in cold blood isn’t that different than jerks that call for disgusting policy like public hangings. You’ve got some anger management problems pal.

      • I wouldn’t call it “disgusting” because I understand the urge for executions. But morally the only people who can legitimately deal death to bad guys are the victims at the time of the crime; after that, they should just be kept away from honest folk.

        My question is why such a pair weren’t sufficiently shacked that they couldn’t even scratch their own navels without assistance.

      • Don’t you think that public hangings would cause quite a few to reconsider their course in life? Animals such as these should not be shown any quarter and dealt with accordingly and swiftly by whatever means necessary; hangings, so be it. Why waste taxpayer $ on keeping worthless scum alive? To what end? So that they can escape and cause more mayhem and murder? Well, I also agree with public hangings.

  2. Let’s hope they will commit suicde by cop.
    Suspect that may happen whether they want it or not

  3. We need to go back to thoes “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE” posters. It seemed to be effective back then.

    • Yup, and there was a reason ‘dead’ was listed ahead of ‘alive’: dead was preferred, much simpler.

    • I agree. Many restrictions of Tennessee v. Garner (the ruling that prevents cops from shooting a felon just for fleeing) do not apply to inmates escaping. The population should be assured that anyone who shoots these guys faces no punishment.

      But, uh, make sure it’s the right guys before you go blasting away please…

  4. Deputize the nation, blow the scum away, close the prisons, save money, be safer. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

    • Had a discussion over this with a coworker this morning. He though that an island well out to sea could have inmates dumped on it and food dropped by aircraft every now and then. Just enough food to feed roughly 3/4 of them. Install cameras and voila instant reality show. Hard not to agree that would be interesting.

      • A friend of mine had the same idea with a twist: in addition to air dropping food regularly, also air drop baseball bats, knives, and archery equipment (including arrows with broadheads) and let them have at it.

        Another friend had another twist: air drop shovels, rakes, hows, picks, and seeds … and tell the prisoners that the last food shipment will occur at end of next harvest season. As amusing as this last suggestion might sound, it might actually lead to an upstanding society on that island.

        • I like the tools and seeds idea; forget the weapons, since the bright ones will figure out how to make their own — out of some tools, if nothing else.

  5. There are still two of the original four escapees on the run in Oklahoma, too. Broke out the same day as these guys in Georgia, I believe. What’s crazy about the OK breakout is that at least a couple of these guys had just broken out in March this year using the same ventilation ductwork as this time.

    Now, I’m no expert on incarceration, but it seems to me that if people escape through the ductwork, wouldn’t it be a good idea to modify the ductwork such that it cannot be utilized as an escape route again by the same escapees just a few months later?

  6. I hope these scumbags are caught/’neutralized’ soon.

    One thing that made me laugh (sorta) in the statement from the Sheriff was that he referred to the carjacking victim as a ‘taxpayer’, not a citizen. Shows you where his priority lies……

  7. That’s not the message I would have sent as Sheriff.

    It would have been more like “there ain’t a hole deep or dark enough for you to hide in. We will find you and you will pay.”

  8. “Already, the two carjacked a light green Honda Accord, using the guards’ .40 caliber pistols.”

    If the guards had been issued 9mm pistols, I’m sure that the carjack would have been far more successful.

  9. How much taxpayer money did the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have to pay for a custom sun/shade shelter with their “GBI” acronym printed on it?

  10. Right down the road from me. My family and home are locked and loaded. It’s amazing how many Georgians are armed and ready if nessessary. Makes me proud!

  11. I second that my friend. It won’t be long before they run up on what they deserve. Lol, welcome to Georgia.

  12. This takes me back to when I was in Colorado and there were two dangerous escapees in the immediate area. Every male fourteen and older armed up along with most females eighteen and up. If the sheriff there had put out a message for the two, it would have been, “Turn yourselves in — we have to be nicer to you than any citizens you bother”.

    • My cousin’s husband is a tattoo artist. He has a tattoo on his face, along with pretty much the whole rest of his body. He’s actually a pretty cool guy, just likes ink more than the average person.

  13. If I had that level of facial tats, I would lock myself in the house until several days after these guys are neutralized. If a guy in a UPS uniform, for example, with that level of tats started up my front steps, I would open fire without any preliminaries. And I am in Texas. It would be a good time to hide.

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