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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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Did you take the under in the line we set yesterday as to how many days it would take Manhattan’s “progressive” prosecutor to do a 180 and drop attempted murder charges against a wounded parking lot attendant? Congrats if you did, because the Soros-backed District Attorney surprised even us with how quickly he realized that he’d created another public relations nightmare for himself and moved to rectify it.

After being shot twice by a man trying to rob him Saturday, Moussa Diarra managed to wrestle the gun away and shoot his attacker. In Manhattan, average citizens who try to defend themselves are treated worse than common street criminals, so Diarra was charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon.

Bragg’s office has a history of questionably slapping felony charges on crime victims (see the case of Jose Alba). So while New York City voters were appalled by the charges against Diarra, by now it shouldn’t really have surprised them.

In this case, however, Bragg moved quickly to minimize the public relations and political damage by dropping the charges against the victim who’s in a hospital with two gunshot wounds. Bragg dropped he charges “pending further investigation.”

Moussa Diarra courtesy New York Post

From the New York Post . . .

“We are more than pleased with the result,” Diarra’s lawyer, Charles Clayman, told The Post on Sunday.

“I think what they wanted to do was sort things out, and both men had been shot,” he said of police. “And they just didn’t have time just to start talking to witnesses at that point.

“By this morning, people understood exactly what had happened, what a hero and victim my client was. Obviously not the perpetrator,” he said.

“So all’s well that ends well.”

Bragg probably has bigger fish to fry these days and must have figured persecuting yet another working class New Yorker was a self-inflicted wound he doesn’t need. But if you live or work in New York City, the message is clear. Defend yourself at your own risk.

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  1. we need to get rid of these stinking Democrats in office. even you Democrats out there these people are ruining our lives and you don’t even realize it. just look at the Democrat run cities and states how they are nothing but sewers. we moved away from Pennsylvania after 64 years of living there to Tennessee and didn’t even realize what freedoms you don’t have until you’re gone from there in Pennsylvania isn’t nowhere near as bad as New York or California or Illinois for Maryland. people have to be brainwashed into thinking their lives are normal in those States. the taxes in Tennessee are 1/10 of what they were in Pennsylvania on real estate that’s just one example of a hundred that I could list.

    • Obviously mass public opinion counts…

      On the other hand the half baked home invasion story on Saturday lacked the teeth to sway the opinion of marchers for Gun Control in DC, TN, etc. Tell those marchers about your home invasion story and they’ll march all over you.

      And if you see the home invasion story as half baked and you turn up the heat like I did you receive replies from boneheads that rival the typical cornered dirty diaper democRat.

      Experiencing a home invasion may prompt readers who are not stuck on stupid to view the 2A from another angle. However it is water off a duck’s back for marchers hell-bent on Gun Control in DC, TN, etc.

      The home invasion article should have went further than, “duh now I have a reason for a gun.” That article should have expanded into Defining the History of Gun Control for readers. A History where the homes of defenseless Gun Controlled people were invaded by the likes of the kkk in the USA and nazis in Germany. The writer failed to display any knowledge much less respect for those whose homes were invaded long before his. The writer could get a gun…They Could Not.

      For those who got their panties in a wad over my reply to the home invasion writer my challenge for you to ask the next 10 people you cross paths with to Define Gun Control remains unanswered.

    • Yep he’s got bigger fish to fry all right. But this victim and others like him, that will happen in the future, will not be so lucky. Bragg is simply playing to the current audience. He like a lot of Democrats doesn’t believe you have a right to Armed self-defense.

      • About 1/3rd in NYC only the rest of the state will not get behind no self defense as they have families to protect liberal or not. With that said the ones pushing for no right to self defense would have fit right in with Lenin right up to when they get liquidated for surviving past their usefulness.

        • The problem with a lot of people when it comes to politics, is they think their party Association should override their common sense thinking. The Liberals you speak of who say they believe in arm self-defense. They are the ones that walk in to the voting booth to vote for Bragg and people like him. And keep them in office.

        • Yup but also the ones that are listened to when they protest like with the bodega owner. Unfortunately no one down that way is likely to protest for someone who looks like me absent some crazy situation so sticking to Albany as the biggest NY city I visit. Don’t mistake my saying anything will prevent such an abolition of legal self defense by the ruling party. They will just have to deal with a majority protest statewide including NYC if the do which is not typical.

      • I know. The son of a bitch is a democrat. That means that he is a traitor and oath breaker. You know, the oath of office he took to protect and defend the C institution etc? Yeah, that oath. All democrats, every god damned one of them, are traitors. Period.

        • Are you sure he took the oath of office you are thinking about?

          NYC may have changed the oath to something more to their liking….like:

          “I swear allegiance to the democrat party (communist party USA) and will support any and all their unconstitutional ideas. So help me Vladimir Lenin. “

    • He won’t be frying those fish either, he’ll be too busy going after Trump on made up charges.

    • Isn’t Donald Trump now in New York?

      There’s a bigger fish to fry.

      Watch for the most blatant show trial since the start of Stalin’s purges.

  2. “By this morning, people understood exactly what had happened, what a hero and victim my client was.”

    Basically, another violent criminal stopped by a law abiding armed citizen. Unfortunately though Mr. Diarra was not armed with a firearm when he was shot and if he had been there would have been an over 94% chance he would not have been shot had he been able to enrage the violent criminal with DGU. However, it seems Mr. Diarra came to quickly realize that saving his life would mean being armed with a firearm and even though shot he managed to take the violent criminal gun away from him and use it to save his own life by stopping the criminal so the criminal could not continue to harm him.

    That imminent moment when a law abiding persons DGU is the only thing that will stop or deter the threat seems to be a difficult concept to understand for anti-gun.

  3. I use to have people tell me how great NYC was, to which I always say what is the murder rate there? If I go there, can I carry my gun? The crime rate here is far lower and I can carry. I don’t even have to carry a gun with a retarded magazine capacity

    FJB and FNY.

    • “FJB and FNY.”

      I’ll agree with the first, but not the latter.

      We *force* them to respect our rights. NYC is a neat city (well, was, 40-odd years ago the last time I was there).

      They will bow to our rights, not us to the Leftist Scum ™ that infest that city. We teach them the lesson in manners. Gun rights today are a lot like when the 14th amendment was first passed so long ago. It will take time, but the wind is at our backs this time… 🙂

      • I will not disagree with the wind being at our backs, but it will take a real hurricane before my Georgia Weapons Carry License is recognized there. Without that I will not go anywhere near NYC again.

    • If you do carry in NYC with an out of state CCH, be sure to have $15,000.00 in cash for an attorney. You will need it.

  4. I’ll say it –

    Had Mr. Diarra *not* been a certain demographic, he would be booked and fingerprinted the moment he was discharged from the hospital.

    That’s an example of how they plan on dealing with people in NYC (and NY state in general) who dare to think they have a right to armed personal self-defense.

    They will make an example out of you. On the other hand, I predict carry insurance will be a booming business up there, after its legal ‘issues’ are dealt with… 🙁

    • Jose Alba was Hispanic, in other words, white. Diarra is black. Say it out loud. There is no excuse not to.

  5. I understand people don’t like to hear it. Because it’s very difficult to do. But if you want your second amendment rights you need to move to another state. That is just a sad fact.

    If you don’t like the way things are where you live, and you decide to stay, then get active and do something about it politically. And I know it’s not easy. Because a lot of people that live and work around you are cowards.

  6. So who is going to pay for Mr. Diarra’s lawyer? I imagine that a parking lot attendant is not rolling in enough ready cash to have a lawyer standing by to protect him from prosecutorial persecution.

    Dirtbags like Bragg make me ill.

  7. I think this should be a lesson to many gun slinging T Taggers that when a shooting occurs, even if you are in the right, it may cost you thousands in l lawyer fees if a prosecutor decides to go after you.

    A case in point:

    A man was awakened in the middle of the night by a huge powerful man who had broke into his home. The intruder then attacked after he was given warning to leave. The homeowner shot and killed him. Open and shut case, right? Wrong! It turned out the intruder was a local star high school football player and in the 21st Century football players have the same status as God’s. The local prosecutor decided to level charges of murder against the homeowner because the Godlike Football Player was unarmed and was a teenager, even though he was twice the size of the homeowner. It took a jury trial and thousands in legal fees for the homeowner to beat the rap.

    This was a story that appeared in the now defunct and excellent printed newspaper “Gun Week” which really told it like it was back in the day including how dangerous the Glock pistol was to carry and handle. Gun Week was not afraid to tell the truth about guns and shootings when it needed to be told. They were not prostitutes of the gun industry. I mourn its passing.

    • Gun Week was a general interest magazine focused on gun rights published weekly in the United States by The Second Amendment Foundation. Launched in 1966, the magazine changed its name to The New Gun Week in 1979, before being relaunched as a new monthly magazine in 2012 under the title TheGunMag. Focusing on Second Amendment rights and guns for sport, now operates as an online-only publication.

    • dacian the demented dipshit,

      What you’ve basically told me is (i) neither you, not your beloved fascists in government, care about or honor our rights, (and you’re aces with that), (ii) because Bragg is your brand of Leftist/fascist, my reaction to his obvious political f***ery under color of authority must be to cower in fear and self-surrender my rights (to which I say a hearty “Fornicate you, right in the mouth”), and you’re totes OK with supporting a Leftist/fascist would-be dictator.

      In addition to being appallingly stupid and uneducated, dacian, you’re a goose-stepping Brownshirt, and a vile similacrum of a fake human.

      • If y’all would stop responding to that dumbass he she or it will eventually get tired of being ignored and go away.

        • Been tried, ain’t happenin’, Like a bottom feeding shit eating Carp that never sleeps and never stops moving… Even changed its name from Vlad to dacian, same loser spreading hate, lies and discontent whether it gets a response or not… Actually, kind of entertaining, but you are correct the biggest insult to visit upon a blight would be to simply ignore it, however this moron does not even notice when it’s being ignored it just doubles down with more ignorant drivel…

        • Sorry Michael, but that “ignoring” people like dacian the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er does not work. Their type are from the “school” that thinks is they have the “last word”, they have won and proved their point. That is not the way the Leftist think, trust me

    • “…may cost you thousands…”

      Lawyer fees vs. funeral costs and fatherless family. I can understand why you’d prefer your own funeral, but don’t expect me to follow your example.

    • including how dangerous the Glock pistol was to carry and handle.

      Been carrying a “Glock” G29 for over 20 years (yes, SAME gun) and I have yet to witness it doing ANYTHING dangerous that I didn’t tell it to do… As usual you are full of shit… I want to SEE the actual article referring to the room temperature Super Star football player… You must have missed the point of the article where the feckless Manhattan DA DROPPED charges that should have NEVER been brought…

    • Been carrying a Glock off and on for over ten years and have never had a negligent discharge. Follow the four rules and you’ll be fine.

    • So dacians post begins with an indictment of how the Democratic Party abuses the law. Yet he fine with it as it mirrors what he preaches. Self defense is not allowed for anyone but the morally and politically weak.

      His assertions of articles he read can never be found. In fact ask him to cite where the info is, he tells you to look at someone elses work who refers another persons work who does not provide a cite either.

      His language is a strange combination of Castro, Kim, Stalin and the anti-anti-fa leaders. Yes I intentionally wrote anti twice.

      Dude, we know who you really are, a young misguided individual who has gone all in on a political philosophy that never works as advertised.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, So what you are saying is that there was another over zealous DA like your buddy, Bragg?

  8. Bragg is he kind of ninnie that needs his comme uppance in the next election.

    • Walter,

      When I first scanned your comment, I actually read it as he ” . . . needs his commie uppance . . .” and thought, “Not how I would have phrased it, but HELL YEAH!!” Caught my reading error and thought, “Ya know, it sorta works both ways.”

  9. You know, all this city violence may be helping the 2a side actually. People realizing the buck stops with them, not the po po.

    Especially if the violence continues to get worse.
    So maybe we should keep Soros’s guys in the job a little longer..?

  10. This is more about “the discussion” becoming acceptable than the prosecution. In the commercial world hearing something 6 times makes an item marketable. Think about that.

  11. Bragg has “political” aspirations that extend all the way to the NY Governors mansion and possibly beyond… He has already seen that any moron can get elected to the mayor’s office in NYC and figured, why not? since he’s at least as feckless as the current mayor… Too many “voters” in NY were upset over that arrest (just like the Bodega worker that defended himself) … Just another politician being swayed by the wind of voters’ sentiment…

  12. Well the feds now got Diarras finger prints and DNA anyway.
    He can sue the sht out of NewYork but the feds wont give that up.
    This country is trying, or better yet, making, felons out of every citizen in it.
    When your giverment, you can never have to much information on your subjects. Especially when genocide is in the future.
    Just wait until robotics and AI become more advanced, then you’ll see how quickly the “unneeded” catch a disease and die. This world is for the rich man, no room for the poor, the poors =labor, robots are going to eliminate that need and Bill Gates, Soros, Bloomberg etc. ,doesn’t want my shack near their miles or me breathing up their air.

  13. “And they just didn’t have time just to start talking to witnesses at that point.”

    Note to NYC: that’s not how probable cause works. You can’t just arrest everybody because it’s getting close to quitting time

    • Actually, yes you can just arrest everybody. Well, everybody who isn’t obviously white at least!

      • Arrest everybody, yup, and then let the courts $$$$ decide. The system still gets your finger prints and DNA sample guilty or not.
        They’re building more then just as data base on gunm owners.

  14. A lot of fuss bout Sweet FA. All that happened was this guy was CHARGED-not bloody convicted. A killing had taken place here and the circumstance were not at all clear and had to be investigated. – Would you have wanted it to be any different?? And this guy had to be remanded until the circumstances WERE clear and when they WERE made clear he was released.

    But of course YOU are much cleverer than that. You reach a scene of a shooting – one man dead and ‘one man standing’ and you of course, with that SHERLOCK HOLMES brain of yours, know EXACTLY what had happened.

    • Albert L J Hall, I beg to differ, Lefty. The circumstances and the incident are very clear. Only a blind man or a fool would think differently.

    • One guy had a record of 20 arrests for burglary, assault etc… The other guy actually WORKED at the garage and had NO record AND had been shot… Does NOT require a degree in Rocket Science to figure out what happened… This same DA charged another man with murder even though VIDEO showed that he was acting in self-defense… This is not some “arrest them all and let God sort it out” European shithole where EVERYONE is guilty til they can prove their innocence…

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