Meanwhile, in the Uvalde Police Department Training Room…

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    • Good little lackeys who can OBEY ORDERS while children are being murdered in the next room.

      • Southern Cross,

        The situation was far worse than that: the responding police officers actively restrained parents and prevented them from going in themselves to rescue their own children.

        How is that action from police personnel anything other than accessory to murder?

  1. They could have simply used a training video going into empty classrooms and shooting blanks… Who would think of that?… Oh wait…

    • 24and7,

      Just make sure that Alec Baldwin is not in charge of that video production.

  2. No amount of training will un-chickensh!t a coward.
    The will to engage a shooter is either in someone, or it’s not.

    • We had one infantry private transfer into our unit for deployment and he was ……well let’s just say waivers regarding ASVAB were involved. While a lot of remedial training was needed to get him up to speed with the procedural stuff with taking biometrics and how to use various thermal x-ray and other sensors I never had a worry about his being ready to shoot or drag my ass out of a minefield if I fucked up.

    • Avoid violence……and enjoy a lifetime of endless nightmares. This doesn’t apply to deranged sociopaths though.

      No amount of therapy, alcohol, weed or Rx drugs will drown out the screams of the children, yet most will attempt using them (and in combination I might add) for that VERY purpose.

  3. actually its more like:
    you are to be commended
    george soros and klaus schwab and the un and the who thank you
    for doing your part
    to bring the united states of america
    *that much closer*
    to an assault weapons ban”

  4. What happened in Uvalde is an example of failed leadership and an institutionalized mindset. When leadership refuses to lead, the troops come to a screeching halt and lose momentum. Once momentum is lost it is nearly impossible to regain. Someone lower on the command structure than the chief should have rallied the officers and they should have made their assault. it wasn’t a matter of cowardness, it was a complete breakdown in the chain of command or the leader was simply incompetent. once the chief gave the order for the officers not to make entry disaster was the predictable results.

    • Very easily could have been both. Optimistically you are right with it being shitty leadership but I am less than optimistic it was.

    • “What happened in Uvalde is an example of failed leadership and an institutionalized mindset.”

      Oh, it was far worse than that.

      The main problem was with their training, that beat into their heads that the only important thing was for them “to get home safely to their families”.

      I really hope the spouses of active duty LE had a little sit-down with them and made it clear that doing nothing was not an option, and if they died storming the school the widows wouldn’t hold it against them.

      I *hope* enough cops were horrified and shamed at the crap performance of the Uvalde PD, that they swore to themselves they would never let that happen on their watch… 🙁

    • And if you had attended a Civil War battle reenactment like I did. You would have had the opportunity, to see an in the field execution, of a coward who ran away.

        • Gettysburg is one of them.

          You could always slip a few rounds of live ammo in their pouches when they aren’t looking… 🙂

        • I saw this in Newport News VA, I think back in 2003. I’m guessing there were between 300 and 500 people in various costumes. There was the battlefield. A battlefield Hospital. With what looked like scenes out of the opening of the film “Glory”.

          Where they were in that hospital removing the limbs of wounded soldiers. They actually had people with real missing arms and legs they were using as wounded at this event. With makeup and fake blood.

          There was also a campsite area set up for reenactors playing civilians.

          As a history guy I loved it.

        • Geoff, what idiot is going to slip a live round into a muzzle loader and expect it to work? Also; you’re for murdering modern day historians?

          I’ve been on TTAG long enough to know this echo chamber thinks you’re cute. But you’re not.

        • Weaselface (appropriate name, I must admit), I was responding to the Possum in the same spirit of his comment.

          I was ripping off a classic George Carlin comedy bit where he was proposing ideas on how to make American civil war re-enactments more entertaining.

          And, I am cute. (And devilishly handsome, to boot, while you hide like a gutless coward behind a disposable name).

          Anyways, nice sneering at you as always, frightened little boy with a tiny penis… 🙂

        • Found the Bidet voter… You can tell because they are always fantasizing about other men’s dongs.

        • “Found the Bidet voter…”

          And I found the coward with a tiny wiener.

          Back for more humiliation, PeeGee? Wanna play???

  5. What they did was worse than mere cowardice. IIRC the Uvalde cops beat up and tazered the kids’ parents even as they refused to engage the actual assailant.

  6. Way back in the long ago I went through counter terrorist training. We were taught how to clear a building using movement and cover/cover fire. Someone held position and covered the next guy to move. As each man moved, he would provide cover for the next man to move. Follow on would usher any civilians/non-combatants out of the fire zone.
    If the Army could teach such techniques back then why aren’t line/street police officers given the same training for such situations?

    • More recently (last 20 years) it’s a mix of counter terror/insurgency and active shooter response with a common theme of suppress and eliminate the threat with whatever is available as aggressively as possible. We had to do room clearing alone, in pairs, in fireteams, etc all the way up to a company clearing a abandoned mall using everything from pistols and a few shotguns to m4/249/240 with vehicle born m240/M2 outside watching the windows. Biggest thing slowing down those movements is coordinating which hallway to go down vs hold till it can be cleared and reacting to contact that changes the direction of travel. But yeah having a few under employed vets work or volunteer to guard the school is a horrible idea and banning assault weapons will totally keep more kids from getting killed.

      • Just like banning alcohol kept people from getting drunk during prohibition or the war on drugs from people getting high.

  7. It’s official Grace just turned the Uvalde Police Department into a meme. How fitting.

  8. Over the years hundreds of ordinary law abiding citizens armed only with a pistol, no formal police like training, have stood against mass-shooters armed with AR-15’s some of them wearing body armor. These lone ordinary armed citizens stood up and took action, did not back away or run away while others were in danger – they stopped the mass shooter either by killing them or forcing them to flee or forcing the mass shooter into a situation where the mass shooter committed suicide or stopped the mass shooting from even beginning or wounding the mass shooter in such a way so the mass shooter could not continue or delaying them long enough from harming others or causing them to stop or be distracted in such a matter so they could be subdued. Every one of the armed citizens saved lives on scene and actively, no matter what happened to the armed citizen they still saved lives by being that on scene delaying and blocking force in the critical couple of minutes when a mass shooter appears and in that critical couple of minutes where the police are not around.

    Law enforcement at Uvalde numbered in the hundreds, the cops in the hallway were in the teens to as many as 30’ish at one point – they were heavily armed with pistols and AR’s and shotguns, had the communication means to coordinate, and their badges that represents the promise of the law that ‘we will protect you”. One shooter, many cops in the hallway, and for 77 minutes these ‘trained’ badge wearing cowards did nothing to stop the shooter from killing yet the killer is literally only several feet away – their excuse is “he had an AR”.

    Like I wrote in the beginning …… over the years hundreds of lone ordinary law abiding citizens without any formal ‘police type’ training armed only with a pistol have stood against mass-shooters armed with AR-15’s and some of those mass shooters wearing body armor, and this lone ordinary law abiding citizen armed only with a pistol stopped them. Those coward cops at Uvalde have no excuse, they are cowards.

    • There’s another meme worthy subject. Something along the lines of Parkland officers wiping the sweat off their brows now that Uvalde has exceeded their level of cowardice. Very sad though.

    • Did Scott Peterson get a training gig at Uvalde to impart his “special approach”?

  9. Those cowards should have to wear a yellow strip down the back of their uniform for life.

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