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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Blood on the streets of South Beach. Bodies piling up outside the Magic Kingdom. Tampa Bay running red. These are a few of the kinds of typically hysterical predictions we’ve seen and will likely to continue to hear now that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law making Florida the 26th state with permitless concealed carry.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition notes . . .

Under the new law, which takes effect on July 1, Floridians and non-residents 21 and older will no longer need a license to carry concealed, though individuals must still be legally eligible to possess handguns and be otherwise eligible for a concealed weapon license. Carry licenses will still be available to eligible individuals who wish to acquire one for various purposes, such as compliance with federal law prohibiting firearm possession in school zones (18 U.S.C. § 922(q)(2)) and reciprocity with other states.

“Florida has now tipped the balance of power. More than half of the country will now be able to exercise their fundamental right to carry a firearm without needing a government-issued permission slip,” said Richard Thomson, FPC’s Vice President of Programs. “We look forward to the day when we can restore this right across the remaining 24 states.”

Amen and here’s hoping. But in the mean time, some people aren’t taking the news very well (and we don’t mean the gun rights supporters who worked hard to include open carry in the bill).

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Hiding behind closed doors? Kris must have missed the results of the last election in which DeSantis won a 19-point landslide victory. Try to keep up, dear.

From the AP . . .

Floridians will be able to carry concealed guns without a permit under a bill Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Monday, giving the governor another legislative victory as he prepares a campaign for president.

The new law will allow anyone who can legally own a gun in Florida to carry one without a permit. It means training and a background check will not be required to carry concealed guns in public. It takes effect July 1. …

Nearly 3 million Floridians have a concealed weapons permit. While a background check and three-day waiting period will still be required to purchase a gun from a licensed dealer, they are not required for private transactions or exchanges of weapons.

DeSantis has said he thinks Florida should go even further and allow people to openly carry guns. While some lawmakers have pushed for open carry, it doesn’t appear the Legislature will pass such legislation this session.

Here’s something colorful to brighten your Monday . . .

Meanwhile, members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex aren’t dealing well with this latest defeat. There’s lots of seething going on without much coping.

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      • In fact, because our nation is a constitutional Republic, at the common law the public servants are merely delegated to only perform certain tasks.
        Restricting gun ownership as a means of “gun violence public safety”,…. IS NOT ONE OF THEM AND THERFORE, ABSOLTUELY DENIED.

  1. But, but, he still won’t say “g@y”!!! But he still won’t legalize drugs. He still won’t let me expose myself to little kids, during dr@g queen story hour. And he won’t let me chop up little children into pieces, darn it.

    • Rest assured david hogg hopes you do not see the terrorized little Nashville school who tried to pull the fire alarm as another defenseless victim of Gun Control…david hogg wants you to be fixated on firearms that were criminally misused and surrender your right of self defense to a pos like him.

      Defenseless people get to see the face of Gun Control when they find themselves cornered and overpowered by those who will criminally misuse anything they can get their hands on…without remorse like the Gun Control kkk and the Gun Control nazi-party..

      If you want to be an unarmed soft target sitting duck like david hogg wants you to be expect to see the face Gun Control for yourself.

      • Debbie, people may not get your reference about the fire alarm.

        Evelyn Dieckhaus was the 9 year old victim that tried to pull the fire alarm during the attack to summon help, and under fire too. She was certainly a lot braver than those Uvalde cop cowards.

  2. Thank you to a leader Governor Ron DeSantis. But also a special thanks to people, the voters, the gun owners, who didn’t quit. Who didn’t give up. And did what we’re supposed to do. Use our first amendment rights to petition the government for redress of grievances.
    You see it really does work. When you have a leader. And you get involved.

  3. He should have announced a signing ceremony, delaying it until the last possible moment. That would drive those gun-haters to spend MILLIONS of their dollars on a last-minute hate campaign, and then watch him sign it anyway!

    • The spam filter likely tags it as potential on-line pharmacy sale, and deletes it.

      Understandable, since I despise those ads…

  4. What jumped out at me was the carry map.

    I am familiar with Bruen, but I’d love resident-commenters’ perspectives on whether CA, NY, and other leftist $hitholes have actually become “shall issue” in any meaningful way.

    • Haz documented his experience in CA. I think after long waits (year plus?) and mucho $$, they begrudgingly issued him a carry permit.

      • Right, I remember that and am very happy for him, but I also interpreted as the culmination of him agonizing through their pre-Bruen process. I also know there are some POTG sheriffs in the occupied territories who were cool even before the case.

        I’m interested in hearing whether any CSSR inmate, New Yawka, etc. (outside those counties) has experienced anything that would reasonably justify shading those states the same as NV or VA, or if it’s just premature celebration on the part of the map guys.

        • NY is largely unchanged process wise besides the concealed carry class now being 16 odd hours and more expensive except now it’s substantially harder to be denied if you jump through all the hoops. Still have to get permission for each pistol purchase and still can’t buy a Widley.

        • Thanks, SAFE. So regular people in places like Manhattan and Albany are actually getting permits?

        • Yes to both and especially wild to see the first one. Also seeing more than a few non resident NJ permits get issued relatively quickly (low standards for that here in NY) to NY residents.

        • “…or if it’s just premature celebration on the part of the map guys.”

          I fully expect them to slow-walk the process as long as possible… 🙁

        • Geoff,
          My thoughts exactly. It all basically hinges on the professional ethics of individual judges, who are lawyers 😮

          While in theory the Feds could crack down on a state openly defying SCOTUS, the Feds are currently Biden’s henchmen, and they’re mostly statists regardless of who occupies the WH.

        • Guess we find out in what………July? Either way now to see what Nebraska and South Carolina do.

  5. Blood on the streets of South Beach. Bodies piling up outside the Magic Kingdom. Tampa Bay running red.

    Why should anything change? There was blood in the streets of South Beach and Tampa BEFORE this bill was signed, Piles of bodies outside the gates of Disney will just be upper management committing suicide, not a big deal and not related to this law…

  6. What all the “no-issue” on the map about? You cant carry a gun at all in those states? Joke on Alabama all you want but I sure am glad that’s where mom and dad made me.

    • WTF are you talking about? There are NO “no-issue states” just a few that make it harder than others… Who ragged on Alabama? There’s nothing wrong with Alabama, great football team, my sister and her family lives there, who would JOKE about Alabama?

      • I don’t want to speak for AQ, but some may not understand that it is a time-lapse map. Until one pushes the button and lets it play out, it shows lots of “no-issue states”.

        • I did not have to push any button, Opened the link and it started in seconds, just looking at the date above the map is a dead giveaway… So much for AWARENESS and paying attention…

        • I didn’t open a link; I pushed the play button in the middle of the map on TTAG.

          For those who didn’t do either, the “Watch on Twitter” link covers the date.

        • Okay, there was no map on my TTAG (different browsers?) link went to twitter page that started on its own… Just checked on my phone, there IS a map with a button on there, seldom use my phone for this stuff, date is still right there…

        • Interesting. For me (using Edge on a laptop) it’s one of several Twitter screenshots that show up in the midst of the body text of the article, and it runs right here without going to a separate Twitter page.

        • MADDMAXX April 3, 2023 At 16:59
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          I also am using Edge on a laptop… No map…
          This is what I see…

          Here’s something colorful to brighten your Monday . . .

          Updated GIF:

          — Rob Romano (@2Aupdates) April 3, 2023

          On my cell which also uses Edge I have map with a button…

          WTF, you can’t be serious, moderated for WHAT?

        • This filter is possessed, but it’s not as bad as Disqus’s. At least 2-3 times on TFB I’ve made completely on-topic, technical (not political / social / economic / cultural) comments that were “under review” but never ended up being approved.

      • You forgot about Hawaii that hadn’t issued a concealed carry permit since 1997. Until the recent December 22, 2022 one singed by Honolulu Police Chief Joe Logan, after the Bruen decision.

  7. Law enforcement wants you to carry a weapon and hopes you shute a felon with it, that way they get a two for. One dead repeat felon and another brand new felon for the ‘system’ to fck with. Law shield be damned, your gonna sit time until your lawyer shows up or you can post bail. At any rate you’ll be hand cuffed, giving a ride to the police station, strip searched, put in a jail house tuxedo, finger printed, dna tested, then back to your holding cell until the system decides what to do.
    I quit carrying a gunm, fck it, let the chips fall where they may. I’d rather be dead then spend the rest of my life locked up with the very fcks I hate.
    Kyle Rittenhouse got lucky, had it not been for video he would be serving life in prison.
    Has anyone had the need to test the veracity of Gunm Insurance , like Law Shield or what not.
    Law enforcements bullet goes through a perpetrator and kills an innocent bystander and that’s okay, your bullet goes through a perpetrator and kills an innocent bystander and your up sht creek without a paddle.
    Freedom Liberty and InJustice for All

  8. according to wikipedia
    that 41 states now
    that have some form of permitless
    open or concealed carry

  9. This bill was rushed through the legislature—and DeSantis signed it quietly

    Newsflash, this bill has been bouncing around th FL legislature for years, DeSantis openly (on NATIONAL forums) expressed his SUPPORT for this bill and actually wanted it to go even farther…

    Shannon Watts says: he’s putting gun manufacturer profits over Floridians safety.

    This is a permit-less concealed carry bill, NOT a free guns for everyone bill… The number of guns sold in FL on a given day will not suddenly skyrocket just because you do not need to purchase a permission slip to carry one, In fact the gun grabbers and the current and previous Dem presidents have done more to increase gun sales than any other group in history… Almost like they go out and buy a bunch of stock BEFORE they pass those laws and write those stupid useless Executive Orders…

    • “Shannon Watts says: he’s putting gun manufacturer profits over Floridians safety.”

      You mean the woman that put her very generous paycheck and promotion from Monsanto over the safety of people in a South American country when she intentionally marketed a deadly Monsanto chemical there that caused (collectively) death/injury/birth defects for thousands, knowing it would cause those things to happen? That woman?

      That woman has a higher victim count than the combined total of all the mass shooters (which includes school shootings) in the last 50 years.

      • Without fertilizer, weed, and bug killer the world couldn’t keep up with the demand and a lot of people would die of hunger.
        My cat just told me it’s nice to have you around, feeding me and sht, but in the long run I really dont need you.

  10. We almost had CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY in Pennsylvania. Somehow the bleating DemoRATS blocked it just about when it was to become law.
    I would consider moving to Florida, but that state will become too crowded with all the people from LEFTIST states moving there to escape their suffering in the leftist states.

    • Too bad in the time of the wild west, you had a greater chance of being shot and killed in New York City than in Dodge city.

  11. If we can get another 8 or 10 more permitless states, perhaps we can get it pushed through on the Federal level. I can dream can’t I?

  12. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that, in our country, adopting the Dimocrat/Leftist/fascist “incrementalism” approach may not be the right thing, but it IS effective. This is a relatively small victory for the 2A, but it IS a victory. If RDS can get open carry, that’s a victory, too.

    Asking everyone to just FOLLOW THE DAMN LAW, actually READ the 2A, and then comply with it, it a political bridge too far. Support the people who make baby steps, as long as they are in the right direction – and this one is. Props to FL and RDS. Now do it again, for open carry.


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