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At the committee hearing in Colorado regarding the “high capacity” magazine ban being considered, Magpul showed up and basically threatened to leave Colorado if the bill passed. We’ve posted before about Magpul’s activism in keeping standard capacity magazines legal for citizens to own, and the threat seems to be causing some Democrats to re-think their position. I’m pretty sure that even before the threat was official, the mere spectre of a move was enough to up the limit in the proposed legislation from 10 to 15 rounds, but now the Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado legislature is more than slightly concerned about the prospects of a move . . .

Magpul’s threat has Democratic lawmakers scrambling to strike a balance that remains true to their goal of limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold without frightening off businesses.

“If we’re able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here,” said Doug Smith, Magpul’s chief operating officer. “Staying here would hurt our business.”


State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, said he plans to offer an amendment Friday that seeks to soften the bill’s impact on magazine makers in the state.

“It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan said. “We want them (Magpul) to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave.”

As far as Magpul goes, they are undoubtedly one of the “big dogs” in terms of magazines and other firearms accessories. And as they’ve made quite clear the revenue generated from their activities provides enough of a chunk of Colorado’s state budget that it would hurt if they moved to friendlier climates. Like Texas (hint: San Antonio is a nice place!). However, despite their efforts there is the real possibility that such a bill would pass the Colorado legislature and turn hundreds of thousands of law abiding Colorado residents into criminals overnight.

Nevertheless, good on Magpul for taking a stand. What are the odds they’ll join Olympic Arms and LaRue and stop selling to New York and California LEOs?

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    • No. It’s not good, but it has not yet quite passed the House, and still has to pass the Senate.

      The second reading passed the house on voice vote. A roll call will be taken with the actual numbers on Monday. Then on to the Senate.

      That is truly the last chance, as Hickenlooper said he would sign it.

      • John Hickenlooper’s best work was as a Senator in Casino Jack.

        Too bad his cousin George is gone, he was the talented one from that gene pool.

    • Colorado was bought by the California leftist long ago. The state is now overflowing with them. Magpul, we’d happily accept you here in Oklahoma City.

  1. High-capacity ammo bill, passes voice vote in Colorado House.

    After about 6 hours of debate, members of the Colorado House on Friday afternoon gave preliminary approval of a bill to banning high-capacity ammunition magazines.

    Read more: High-capacity ammo bill, passes voice vote in Colorado House – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:

      • I swear to gawd I’m driving the 12 hours to Colorado if this shit passes!

        Where the fuck are we gonna land if the entire country passes these slack ass laws against what THEY SHOULD BE FOR!!


        Hell’s fire my own state is entertaining this same crap…Missouri!? Really? Missouri? We are the epitomy of Hillbillies!! WTH are these politicians thinking?

        • Hey Lowne, protip: If you don’t put F-bombs in your comments, they won’t take 2-24 hours to clear the spam filter.

      • they can set camp down here in Texas….no problem….more businesses….more employment….sunshine…the chicks walk around all day in bikinis”…..well I guess i stretched that one there a little ….

    • High-capacity ammo bill?
      So do my M&P15/22, and my Ruger 10/22 pass?
      What about my PMR-30?
      These are the ones I shoot the most.

  2. This is great news.

    I mean no offense to Magpul by questioning this but my knowledge on business is very little. How much could their move hurt the state? Im not saying they are a small business by any means but they are not GM.

    • Well it won’t kill the state if that is what you are asking. If it was like a large division of McDonald Douglas or something it might trip them up a bit more. The are hell bent on citizen disarmament.

      • McDonald Douglas….who is that? You must mean Boeing.

        Magpul come to MO, we have lower taxes, and a VERY friendly firearms climate….right now.

        • Um Larry…….. Have you seen the latest House Bill Missouri is trying to pass? Trying to make “Assault Weapons” ie AR-15’s or any gun with a mag capacity over 10 a Class C Felony to possess? Yeah it’s true! Missouri is turning in the trenches too unfortunately. They want you to hand over your WMD’s within 90 days or its a C Felony! Real Nice! These people initiating these HB’s have no clue about the real world! At all! Charge on Magpul!

    • Any company responsible for over 1000 direct and indirect (supplier) jobs is going to be taken VERY seriously in a mid-size state like Colorado.

      • +1

        Yep. Not to mention the stink it raises with voters come election season, when they remember how their politicians caused their state to not only lose the business, but the prestige associated with the business.

        Like it or not, Magpul is a pretty dominant name in polymer firearms accessories for not only military and LE, but us civies too.

        I love my AFG2 on my AK.

        • G, I deffinatley like their products. I dont like calling myself a fanboy andbtry to keep an open mind to all brands. But I have mostly Magpul furniture on my AR. Ill most likley swap out my MBUS for RRAs Stand Alone fixed rear sight once I can spend that kind of money though.

    • I was watching the live stream, and I think I heard it mentioned that it was around $48 million a year within the state.

    • Thanks all for the replies. Not knowing much about politics and business, its nice to have a place I can turn to when I need info

    • They said in their full page ad in the Denver Post I believe that they do about $85 million in business each year, and about 80% of that are from Pmags. Now I’m not sure what the corporate tax rate in Colorado is, but the individual income tax rate is 4%, so using that the state would lose roughly $3.4 million the first year, not to mention the tax revenue of the 600+ people who would lose their jobs, etc.

    • I liken their stand to my own regarding Exxon. Since they chose to hire someone with a known drinking problem to command one of their tankers, they shouldn’t have been surprised when it ran aground. I haven’t purchased any Exxon products since then. Does it make a difference to them? Nope, but I just can’t bring myself to reward idiocy, much like the folks at Magpul.

      As far as economic impact goes, it will have an effect since Colorado will no longer collect taxes on them and their employees. Their in state suppliers won’t be paying taxes on sales that they’ve lost, nor will their former employees who’ve lost jobs due to the decreased volume. The cost of moving is a factor, but several states have already shown a willingness to help defray costs by offering tax incentives in addition to a much more friendly atmosphere. I wish Magpul the best of luck wherever they end up.

  3. Kudos to Magpul. But, I think Magpul should keep the pressure on and advocate that any magazine capacity limitation is not acceptable.

  4. When Police (or anyone else not in Kommiefornia) buy an AR what capacity magazine does it come with? A 30 round mag for an AR is not “high capacity”, it’s standard capacity. If you are going to make a law limiting capacity, make it across the board for everyone. Although, I would prefer not having some arbitrary number pulled out of a politicians a$$ determining how many rounds I can carry in a magazine.

    Kudos to MagPul for taking a stand. I wish more manufacturers would.

    • any number for a mag restriction is an arbitrary number. It shouldn’t even be an issue about how many rounds is “too many.” It’s a disgusting control game to infringe upon our rights under the sham of false public safety. Our fellow citizens are eating up the lies like it they are McDonalds french fries.

    • I will say this again…and again. We need one simple Federal law….

      Local/State Police, FBI, DHS and all American Citizens that can pass a background check can have the same limit.

      End of story.

  5. DNC is stepping back because their promise of a job-creating economy with common sense policies are actually entirely backwards, and the truth that they just want a hand in dictatorship is the end-all goal is finally revealing itself.

    But… I don’t need to spout this stuff here, I just go to zerohedge.

  6. It’s always about the money with politicians. Stop giving them money.
    “It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan said.
    Kagan should pull his head out of his @$$.
    He doesn’t want to lose the money for his state ,but, he will gladly bend the people of his state over and bar them from buying the products manufactured in their state.

  7. I would of course, love to see them in Texas… but still hold out hope that CO won’t screw over their own populace like that.

  8. Rep. Kagan seems to be missing Magpul’s point.

    Kagan wants to allow manufacturers to sell to customers in other states. Magpul said/suggested they’d leave if they couldn’t sell their products to [citizen] customers in Colorado.

    • So obvious from what he said that he could care less about the constituents of his that elected him…

      Sorta threw them “under the bus”…

    • > Kagan wants to allow manufacturers to sell to customers in other states.

      I was at Tuesday’s hearing when Smith testified. I haven’t read the transcripts, so I’m going to report from memory:

      Kagan wanted to amend the bill so that Magpul could continue manufacturing magazines for government agencies. There was no mention of amending the bill to allow Magpul to manufcture magazines for civilians in other states.

      Kagan also told Smith — in a rather condescending tone — that Smith was wrong when he said there was no exemption for manufacturers in the bill. They had to call in the lawyer who drafted the bill to search for a manufacturer’s exemption, which they could not find, but still insisted was in there.

      • The Denver Post article quotes Kagan:

        State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, said he plans to offer an amendment Friday that seeks to soften the bill’s impact on magazine makers in the state.

        “It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan said. “We want them (Magpul) to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave.”

        [emphasis added]

        • I too read the bill, and it specifically makes it illegal to manufacture a mag with a capacity of greater than 15 rounds, thus prohibiting Magpul from producing larger capacity magazines for any one else wherever else. Smith was right and Kagan was dead bang wrong.

        • Yes, but Kagan was talking about amending the bill. Kagan wanted to allow Magpul to manufacture “high-capacity” mags for the feds, LE, and out-of-state civilians.

          Kagan is, obviously, trying to keep the jobs and tax revenues in Colorado.

          Magpul, so far, has said hinted at “FOAD to that”. Don’t let us sell to citizens in the state, and we’re gone.

      • Saying that Kagan was condescending is an understatement.

        But then, what can one expect from a guy born in England, came to the US, went to GWU, then Yale, became a lawyer, then beshat himself upon the people of the US as an ambulance chaser?

        Of course, he’s condescending.

  9. I own several P-Mags now and this just makes me want to buy more…
    Really, I’d like to find windowed P-Mags in black for under 50 bucks. Cheeper then dirt just sucks and everyone else is out….

    But as far as Magpul goes, they have my business for as long as I own a gun(s).

  10. We should support all companies that do this and boycott the ones that supply any Government ammo or firearms. Or even better yet, write those companies that are hypocrites. So, instead of name calling, do something. So, you can smoke weed in CO bu t can not have hi-cap magazines.

  11. I am sure Texas or some other state will throw sufficient tax incentives their way to make it worthwhile. . . . . and when the faces of the now laid-off and poor (mainly) Hispanic workers with only manufacturing and no high-tech skills are on tv, the Dems will try to work out something. The answer will be FOAD. Same for NY and California. Eventually, they will learn that capital flows to where it is wanted. A warm climate or ability to see a first run broadway show ain’t everything.

    • On My end of things, Broadway is packed with gun owners. Also we’re willing to take the shows on the road. I LOVE touring the Republic of Texas!!! If you have any doubts, PLEASE support the NY boycotts! A fair piece of the Revolution was fought around NYC and NJ. Since we’re getting “occupied” again, it’s much better to fight the political and court battles up here and keep free America as a safe haven for us. It’s a team effort.

    • Heck, if the CO ban passes, I’ll drive up to Cheyenne and buy a bunch. Maybe pick up some fireworks on the way home.

      Oh, wait, that would be illegal. Better not do that. I presume those who would use these standard-capacity magazines to commit their crimes share the same scruples.

  12. This is the rankest hypocrisy on the part of these Colorado politicians, assuming they really do believe the assault magazine nonsense. What kind of person could really say “You can’t sell these evil high capacity weapon of war magazines here in Colorado, but please sell lots of them in Nevada so we’ll reap the tax revenues.” Anyone who could vote that way lives in a different moral universe.

  13. It hasn’t totally passed yet but based on the comments from various Democrats I doubt it has any chance of not passing.

  14. After reading the denver post report on the voice vote and realizing that not only do they want to limit magazine capacity but also require serial numbers and date of manufacturer on them, MagPul needs to not only say they will leave but they will refuse to export any of their magazine products into Colorado.

  15. Two years ago I committed to move to Colorado in 2014. That isn’t going to happen any more because Colorado’s legislation will criminalize me for possessing standard capacity magazines in my handgun and rifle. I’ll be considering New Mexico or Texas instead. That means I’ll be taking my state income tax on our $75,000 to $150,000 annual income — as well as any jobs that my small business would have created — to New Mexico or Texas as well.

    • I hear you. Colorado is AFU. I have a buddy from there who has told me of how all the people that moved there from Kommiefornia are now screwing up everything.

      New Mexico isn’t much better BTW.

      • Not all the people who moved here.

        I moved to Douglas County, CO to escape Kalifornistan. I didn’t bring Kalifornia politics here; rather, I moved here because this area is more representative of my politics (according to my new-ish next-door neighbor, I’m now in the 2nd-most conservative county in the state, next to El Paso).

        • I came back to CO a couple of years ago after suffering for a number of years in IL. I’m stuck here now for the foreseeable future, and I’m not happy at all about this. Odds of defeating this in the state senate are even longer, and Hickenlooper is busy polishing his national creds, so no way will he veto this bill.

  16. Let’s review:
    1 For the “children” and to lessen murders 30 round mags may not be sold to Colorado’s citizens.

    2 However, to keep jobs, taxes, and industry in Colorado, manufacturers of these implements of mass murder(sarcasm), too dangerous for Colorado’s citizens, may still manufacture in the state but must export these tools of death to other states.

    Anybody see any hypocrisy here? What makes the peps of Colorado less competent or more murderous than other states.

    Oh, and I demand they show proof of receiving death threats. Just more horse apples.

    • I see it. If Magpul has any gumption and really stands behind the industry/customers they serve they have no choice but leave that liberal slime pit.

  17. I’d like to see Magpul say “If even Coloradans can’t purchase our products” and I thought that was part of how I read their statement, but that may be asking for too much, on my part. Still, a great sign.

  18. Come to Florida…we’re the “GunShine State!”

    We even have skiing….water skiing, that is. And more oxygen, since we’re sea level!

    Apparently some people in Colorado are suffering from a deficit of oxygen (hypoxia of the brain, perhaps) and think that banning something makes everyone safer but hey, make them and keep giving us your money!

    We don’t even have an income tax in Florida and I’m sure we could find a way to help with the moving expenses.

    C’mon down! We have fresh orange juice! Like in California, but with a free, not state restricted, people.

  19. “hint: San Antonio is a nice place!”

    Only if you’ve never lived anywhere else. It’s a crime-ridden sh*thole.

  20. The grabbers haven’t yet wised up to the fact that we’re sticking together on a national front.

  21. “It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states.”

    Wait, so this isn’t about saving lives???

  22. So let’s see… if Magpul moves 1000 jobs to Texas or Arizona or Oklahoma or anywhere else, does that mean the Democrats can then take credit for 1000 jobs “created” in that state?

  23. It seems none of these pols can do even basic math. Example: I live in Chicago ‘burbs & pay roughly $5000/yr in property taxes & roughly spend another $15,000/yr into the local economy (I don’t count my mortgage because that’s a national bank). That’s $20,000/yr give/take. In Magpul’s case for example, multiply that by 1000 hardworking folks & you’re looking @ at least $20 mil or more per year that’s not going into the state economy.

  24. any state that is unconstitutional should lose all gun business and all gun business and manufactures should move out to gun friendly states let that be a lesson to the stupid Democrats! Move to gun friendly state who will not infringe the constitution in any way. Boycott any state that is not Gun Friendly, boycott the government sells of any kind of arms to the Government. Let them swallow the hook. Its there fault.

  25. “It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states,”

    Why does nobody mention this obvious hypocrisy? If there is a moral reason these Democrats feel that high capacity magazines shouldn’t be allowed in the hands of the citizens of their state, why do they feel it’s acceptable to export them to other states?

  26. And at the risk of sounding really crass & tacky, to save “just one life” will cost CO $20 mil or more per year in lost economic impact. It would seem $20 mil/yr would buy an awful lot of xtra cops to actually enforce existing laws, effective mental health treatment & counseling, etc

    • And since the whole notion that a gun ban will save lives is BS, they’re throwing all that revenue away for nothing. But hey, frak ’em

  27. Whatever happens, they’d be smart to move. If there’s another deranged gunman in CO, there will be howling about how Magpul has “blood on its hands.”

  28. My brother just called me from CO complaining he cant find a PMAG anywhere they all sold out today. He was whining because he had to spend $20 on steel mags….. I would kill to pay $20 instead of the $40 for prebans here in USSR of MA.

    • Interesting. PMags have been basically non-existent here in CO (and pretty much everywhere else) for months-at any price.

  29. Sounds like this is going to pass. Sadly the only thing I think the good people of Colorado can do is take their state back from the white liberal ExCalifornia carpetbagers come next election.

    Hopefully Magpul and any other gun related businesses flee the state and heads roll come election time over the lost jobs.

      • Massive immigration from Mexico plays a large part in the changing politics of the southwest US.

        The flood of people coming out of the dung heap that used to be California is another problem, but it is further down the list.

        What has to be remembered aside from the changes, tho, is that Colorado was never as conservative as it might have appeared to outsiders. When one goes south of Colorado Springs (which is very conservative and Republican due to the USAF and various Christian churches & organizations there), one comes to Pueblo. From Pueblo south into New Mexico, it’s Democrat territory all the way. From Pueblo down to Trinidad along I-25, it’s might be rural, but it’s liberal Democrat territory, with their fabled history of trade unions, mine vs. union violence and everything that grew out of that. The county-level politics in southern Colorado resemble that of various third world countries, not something you expect to see in the US.

        Many of the counties in southern CO lined up for welfare handouts following LBJ’s “Great Society” programs, and they’ve never done much since then. Any mention of cutting government spending and the populations of those souther CO counties will go running for the polls to vote in the biggest spending Democrats they can find.

        Denver has been a typical large American urban area, with politics to match, for a long time.

        • Excellent summary.

          Colorado’s elected some pretty liberal Dems over the years. Remember Gary Hart? Tim Wirth? Floyd Haskell? Dick Lamm? Although Dick doesn’t seem so liberal these days. Dottie, though, still burns the progressive torch pretty brightly.

          Sadly, the progs have managed to pump a lot of money into state politics and gain control of the state legislature, as well as several house seats and both senate seats. In the meantime, the Republicans here have done what they do best-form a circular firing squad. Let’s hope that changes in time to administer a serious spanking to the mutts that voted for this mess in 2014.

  30. I live in NJ and cannot legally purchase many of Magpul’s products (and I don’t own any AR type rifles), but if they do indeed move out of Colorado because of this new law I’ll simply send them a donation or buy some swag to help with their moving expenses.

    ALL firearms owners across the country need to band together to support these companies who takes our rights very seriously, even if there are similar difficulties in your own locations.

  31. I hope they consider NW Arkansas, low taxes, low cost of living, pro gun, and the custom 1911 capitol of the world. I know where several unused buildings are waiting for a company like Magpul to move in and start producing.

  32. What is just so mind boggingly stupid about the whole “High Capacity” argument is that for an AR15 based weapon, a 30 round magazine is actually STANDARD. It’s the hundred round POS C-Mags that they should worry about. Well not too much to worry since I haven’t seen too many that feed reliably.

  33. I wonder what Magpul’s majority owners think about this situation? They’re who I’d really like to hear from.

    • Moving out of Colorado would be a public relations win for Magpul and a valuable lesson for Colorado politicians.

      • Yes, it would be, I agree.

        The low-key item I’m bringing up here is that Magpul is 51% owned by a Wall Street hedge/private-equity firm, Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co.

        BRS also owns a stake in Remington, according to their web page.

        In matters such as these, moving ends up getting the “silent” capital on the phone and in meetings, discussing the impacts to cash flow, outlaw for new facilities, etc.

        • Severe damage to public image and plummeting revenues would also enter into those conversations, I would think. The gun market has shown itself quite willing to punish companies seen as being not supportive of gun rights. Magpul has the opportunity to make a lot of friends or a lot of enemies among gun owners. Hopefully, their silent partners will understand the short-term costs will be greatly outweighed by the long term benefits.

  34. So when is the announcement that Mag-pul will no longer supply any police dept in those cities or states?

  35. North Carolina has a bunch of empty factories ripe for some new manufacturing. :p

    Bit warmer than CO, but at least we’re not Florida.

  36. “now the Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado legislature is more than slightly concerned about the prospects of a move”
    — If true then what the hxck did the legislature expect by the initial threats of a magazine ban?

    “We want them (Magpul) to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave.”
    — The double-standards and hypocrisy of politicians is despicable.

  37. I hope the democrats are happy about the damage they will inflict with the loss of jobs and revenue in Colorado as they celebrate their moral victory. Unfortunately the Sheeple of Colorado voted for these politicians, and will probably reelect them. The Liberal left wing faction has no clue regarding economics, nor do they care about the consequences of their decisions. Too bad this is not getting more media exposure.

  38. The only laws that apply to you are the ones you agree to follow. This is CLEARLY a violation of the 2nd Amendment. I hope Colorado citizens refuse to comply no matter!

    • Better yet, put it in the molds for their mags, along with their new location, to serve as a reminder.

  39. Damm right San Antonio would be a good choice…and I want a job in the marketing design department.

  40. Well, screw that game.

    Magpul, get out of the new communist utopia that is Colorado.

    I’d hate to see the state that I grew up in turn to such a dark and terrible direction but just a few more miles to your north Wyoming will greet you with open arms.

    Plus, the taxes don’t get friendlier.

  41. Ignore and do not comply with unconstitutional infringment of rights. Democrapped leftists need to be expunged from office.

  42. So does any of this make sense? They are limiting the number of rounds so those darn KILLERS can’t kill 20 or 30 people but they can kill 15? or whatever the number of rounds are that they decide are ‘ok’? You see their entire agenda is falling apart. They are not banning high capacity mags to control the killers. They are banning guns to control the law abiding citizens. Wouldn’t you all like to see the ‘big business’ oppose it ALL instead of coddling these idiots!!! Where is the outrage!? Looks to me like the patriots are compromising again!

  43. I didn’t see none of this law changing bull crap back when the gov’t killed the students at Kent State, or after our own law enforcement officer was killed when attorney general holder approved the fast n furious gun bill to walk guns to mexican druggies. It’s all a bunch of crap!!!!!

  44. Come to Ohio which is known for manufacturing abilities.
    We do not drink the same water as they do on the ocean coasts.

  45. “‘It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan said. ”

    Umm, did he not read or understand what Magpul explicitly an clearly said?

    “If we’re able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here.”

  46. Maybe some of these dem idiots should look into the capacity of the mags that Eric Harris used at Columbine. Capacity doesn’t matter much when you’re effectively a sicko shooting fish in a barrel. Don’t worry Hick, we’re aiming to ruin your political career in 2014.

  47. There is no ‘compromise’ solution. Yield no more ground to statist gun banners. On ANYTHING having to do with firearms.

    And Magpul should move regardless. Start the tide fleeing increasing Democrat statism in CO, just as the hard working producers are fleeing CA and elsewhere, where Democrat-Marxist reigns. This nation is choosing sides.

  48. I hope this bill burns the Colorado Democrat (Marxist) Party a new one. If all goes well, Magpul and it’s key suppliers will be in Wyoming or Texas by the end of the year. And Colorado will find itself fresh out of $$$$MILLIONS$$$$ in tax revenue, and hundreds of lost jobs. But that’s the Liberal Democratic way isn’t it? Invade a once conservative area….. introduce repressive and draconian legislation…..kill jobs….raise taxes…..ensure that crime rises by double digits by disarming the public……and expect the taxpayers to thank them for the “enlightened” society they’ve created. There are consequences for all actions taken, and Colorado’s Democrats have now let a genie out of the bottle that won’t go back in.

  49. I hope the entire State of Colorado is overrun with PMags everywhere. So many that they can’t possibly be enforced. They need to be into the hands of as many law-abiding citizens of the state as humanly possible. It’s hard to control something that can be pulled from the shelf as common as a can of beanie weenies. There’s also those guys who created the 3-D printer magazines that work flawlessly. The computer program for it has gone viral around the globe….hundreds of millions of downloads. But LOOK OUT!! There will be bans on all assault printers.

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