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Reader Bob Colburn saw our post about York Firearms canceling sales to New York state agencies and LEOs and directed our attention to the efforts of John Boch at Guns Save Life to accumulate a list of contacts at some of the larger gun makers and get gun owners to contact them. The goal: persuade the bigger GunCos to follow the path taken by the Olympics and LaRue’s of the world . . .

From, reprinted with permission:

Five companies, thus far, have communicated their intention not to sell to any police or government agencies in New York State.

Guns Save Life is joining with Grass Roots North Carolina in calling for all American gun owners to pressure Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson and Glock to shut off sales to government agencies in New York State.

If you know executives in any of these companies, email them directly. If not, we’ve got some email addresses below for you.

Keep it short and sweet.  Long missives will not be read, so save your time for constructive endeavors.

Here’s a suggested message, tweaking on GRNC’s suggested message:   We don’t live in a police state: If it can’t be sold to citizens, it won’t be sold to State and local government. 

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    • I agree that we should contact firearm manufacturers, but I think this would be more effective if ammunition manufacturers got on board with this.

    • I don’t know. Glock was one of two manufacturers to tell the Clinton Admin to FOAD back in 2000 when S+W infamously caved in. Taurus was the other.

  1. As a New York State resident I’m hopeful this kind if movement will show the governor and other antis in NY that they cannot keep passing laws like this if the police don’t have any ammo or guns to help them enforce the laws then things need to change


    Isn’t this the part, after all, where we find out we have power we didn’t realize we had? The part where big, ess-eein’ GRINS get plastered all over our faces?


  3. We need to pressure ammunition suppliers as well. Drying up the ammo supply would have a faster impact than the arms themselves.

  4. This is one of the most effective positions, and also the riskiest that gun makers can take. Granted, the smaller vendors probably wouldn’t get the contracts anyway so they have nothing to lose.

    It would be fantastic if the largest companies (Glock, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Armalite, Remington, etc.) would jump on the band wagon…

  5. I e-mailed the director of marketing at Armalite, Michael McCarthy, on 2/13/13 (couldn’t find Mark’s address) to ask him to stand with us and cut off NY. So far, no response.

  6. I think rather than singling out NY, it should be uniform to all states. LEO’s should not be exempt from any laws civilians have to obey in any state.

    • There is a parallel thought here: the lives of law enforcement officers are no more worthy of protection than mine or yours. We all live in the same world with the same bad guys. The only difference is the cops go looking for the bad guys and the bad guys come looking for us.

  7. I would like to see California, Illinois and any other state considering any civilian disarmament laws added to this list.

  8. It is doubtful that the larger manufacturers would be able to survive in their current capacity without government contracts. A portion of these profits also go to fund lobbying efforts (NRA). To require these manufacturers to give up their market share is unrealistic. There are other entrepreneurs in industry (who may not have a high regard for the 2nd Amendment) that would fill the production void and profit off of government contracts.

    • My letters were already sent the day LaRue made the decision, but I’ll be sending out new letters today.

      • Stating economic fact does not translate into either fracturing or doing nothing. The only way this would remotely work is for ALL manufacturers stop selling to government agencies. The chance of that happening is slim to none. Not all the producers – especially foreign companies – value the 2nd amendment. Check out other posts below.

    • Glock makes pistols for lots of governments. If they told the state agencies to FOAD big deal. It is trump change and they could sell to the civilian market.

      Colt is making around 300 AR rifles a day. They could all be diverted to civilian and they would sell. Period..
      There are very few gun makers who rely solely on government contracts. Also realize military contracts are different. We are not saying defund our army.

    • you are right and I don’t want them to stop. However, if they run into unforeseen production and shipping delays then I am sure they would have stop what they are doing and figure out what is wrong. Police officers are not allowed to go on strike. however they can call out sick with the Blue Flu. (i.e. they do it in mass). Same thing.

    • LE/military sales are really only useful to gin up civilian sales. “My gun is good enough for XYZ PD, so it’s good enough for you”.

    • Almost all firearms & ammunition manufacturers are currently operating at or beyond capacity due to overwhelming public demand for their product.
      They don’t NEED the relatively small LE sector right now & TBH, apart from Glock, future sales will be way less than to the public as a whole too.
      This means the time is indeed ripe for them to use their financial & manufacturing influence to tell the politicians to look elsewhere for their feel-good legislation.

  9. My letters were already sent the day LaRue made the decision, but I’ll be sending out new letters today.

  10. I am thinking that Obama will issue an executive order to take over the Arms industry if enough of an impact to National Security/Public Safety is at risk.

  11. Get Glock and Beretta to sign on this would nail liberal LE and force them to rethink there antigun stance.

  12. Sincerely, I wish you NYers the best. But a boa constrictor (NY state officials) keeps strangling and does not let go until you or the boa are no more.

  13. In today’s news, NYC teachers’ pension fund dumps its investment in various gun companies, including S&W, Ruger, and Taurus, stating that “There is no need to support these companies, whose products can destroy lives and shatter communities in the blink of an eye,” Liu said in a statement. “Our investment portfolio gains nothing by doing business with these firms.”
    Seems to me that tit for tat (you won’t do business with us, well then we won’t do business with you) would be an appropriate response.

  14. I guarantee we will see NO support from H&K. FN seems like they would be more publicly sympathetic if they didn’t have that M16 contract to lose.

    Springfield Armory, DS Arms, Rock River Arms, and Lewis Machine and Tool we could probably swing around to join the bandwagon.

    Barrett’s already demonstrated their convictions by cutting off service to California in the wake of their .50 cal ban. I’d still like to see them issue the same statement to New York though, just for publicity’s sake if nothing else. No doubt NYPD SWAT or FBI’s local branch are gonna get a rude awakening when they inevitably send in their .50s for service.

    Knight’s Armament Company, however . . . I haven’t seen ANYTHING remotely pro-2A out of them in all the years I’ve been following the industry. I get a bad vibe that if FN decides to put 2A above their DoD contract, that KAC will quietly step in as a replacement.

  15. Here is a copy of my email to all three of them listed above:

    We don’t live in a police state: If it can’t be sold to citizens, it won’t be sold to State and local government.
    Please consider stopping the sale of firearms and ammo to those places that have, or will make a criminals out of law abiding firearms owners (CA, IL, NY, etc)! If us as citizens can’t buy/own them why should the rulers? Do we really want to go down that path…? Look how well it worked out for Germany, as just one example!
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Loren Decker

    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Dan,
    If you are watching see the post on facebook at:

    It is a letter from John Delmonico, President – Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis (it was submitted to the Star Tribune as an opinion piece, but they refused to publish it).

    Also see:

    more complete addresses that Minnesotans are using to write gun manufacturers.

  17. Sig is German. I’d be very suprised if they would ever consider refusing sales to government agencies. I think they’d sell guns to a government agency even if they outright told Sig it would be used to suppress a populace with lethal force. I like my Sig P226; but I am under no illusion that they are “pro-gun” in the American sense of the term.

    Glock and S&W also have an awful lot to lose by cutting off government contracts in California, New York, and other restrictive states. If they hadn’t done it to protest 10 rounds magazine restrictions in the past, so I doubt they’d do so for any of these new restrictions.

    I’m pretty sure Extreme Firepower Inc, Templar Custom, and York Arms have little to lose and a lot to gain by taking on this policy. Only LaRue and Olympic Arms probably have a few contracts in New York; but they’d sell everything they can produce regardless of having any government contracts. The policy would only allow them to reallocate supply to higher-paying civilian consumers, and possibly gain some customer loyalty.

    I’m not saying the sentiments of these companies are disingenous–to the contrary, I think they are truly opposed to new restrictions–but I think they all have little to lose and more to gain by refusing to service some state agencies. Sig, S&W, and Glock have far more to lose, and it would take a significant chunk of their sales to adopt similar sales policies.

  18. Great idea — add Colt to the list. A lot of police departments have or are planning on replacing patrol car shotguns with ARs, and Colt is high on to-buy list for those.

  19. I keep hearing and reading a-lot of people stating that “It” or “that wont” pass or happen or “they wouldn’t”(you know what IT is and who THEY are). Stop thinking that it can’t or wont happen. Reach out to your rep and tell them how you feel. The MSM has its own agenda and none are going to do for US. WE need to do for ourselves individually and UNITED. Write to those manufacturers and businesses that you buy from and ask them to do the same. and start buying what you can find, if you can find anything.

  20. lets collect email addresses from firearm manufacturers as well ammo manufacturers like ATK and distributors like RSR Group.


    this site has a massive database of industry contacts.

    My edit of the email

    Subject: If it’s illegal for us, don’t sell it to police!

    To whom it may concern and for your consideration.

    We don’t live in a police state.
    If it can’t be sold to citizens, it won’t be sold to State and local governments.

    Please consider stopping the sale of firearms and ammunition to government and law enforcement in those places that have, or will make criminals out of law abiding firearms owners (CA, IL, NY, NJ, CO, MD, MI, etc)!

    Follow the lead of

    • LaRue Tactical
    • Olympic Arms
    • Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC
    • Templar Custom
    • York Arms

    Thank you for reading and considering my opinion.

    – an immigrant, a taxpayer, a voter, a gun owner…….. a proud American.
    obviously the immigrant part may not apply to you

  22. Right now, anything the firearms manufacturers make would be snapped up off the shelf in the regular market, and at above standard prices to boot. So what sense does it make to keep supplying organizations that ultimately want to ruin your business and give them a discount at the same time, when customers who actually value you are willing to pay a premium?

  23. This is a story on the Blaze now, except they’ve added a couple of companies…including Cheaper Than Dirt! CtD advertises on The Blaze, so I’m not surprised they weaseled in there, but come on! They’re retailers, who gives a crap if they’re not selling to NYLE?

  24. Remember the Boycott the Leftists pushed on South Africa?
    American Companys have the same right to boycott States that opress their citizens!
    Sure the cops can buy from overseas or Domestic suppliers but those companys can be boycotted and Protested just like the Left does!
    In the end it will cost those companys lost revenue and good will it will increase the costs to the LEOs
    Treat the LE agencys as the Opressors that they are, get out in the streets like Martan Luther King if necessary

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