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Magpul Loves Boulder, courtesy Chris Dumm

Magpul is recognized as the gold standard as far as AR-15 magazines and parts are concerned these days. And right now, they’re churning out mags at full capacity and trying to get through a reportedly 1 million unit backlog of orders. However, if current bills in the Colorado legislature make it into law, it’s possible that they’d be forced to cease production altogether. Or, at least as long as it takes them to move their entire facility to Texas. From Facebook . . .

In addition to the national battle to protect our firearms rights, many states are currently engaged in their own fights. Here in CO, a state with a strong heritage of firearm and other personal freedoms, we are facing some extreme challenges to firearms rights. We have been engaged in dialogue with legislators here presenting our arguments to stop legislation from even being introduced, but our efforts did not deter those of extreme views.

After the NRAs visit last week, several anti-freedom bills were introduced by CO legislators, and a very aggressive timeline has been set forth in moving these bills forward.

The bills include:
HB 1229, Background checks for Gun Transfers–a measure to prohibit private sales between CO residents, and instead require a full FFL transfer, including a 4473.

HB 1228, Payment for Background Checks for Gun Transfers– a measure that would require CO residents to pay for the back logged state-run CBI system (currently taking 3 times the federally mandated wait time for checks to occur) instead of using the free federal NICS checks.

And finally, HB 1224, Prohibiting Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines–a measure that bans the possession, sale, or transfer of magazines over 10 round capacity. The measures and stipulations in this bill would deprive CO residents of the value of their private property by prohibiting the sale or transfer of all magazines over 10 rounds. This bill would also prohibit manufacture of magazines greater than 10 rounds for commercial sale out of the state, and place restrictions on the manufacture of military and law enforcement magazines that would cripple production.

We’d like to ask all CO residents to please contact your state legislators and the members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to kill these measures in committee, and to vote NO if they reach the floor.

We also ask you to show your support for the 2nd Amendment at the Capitol on Tuesday, Feb 12, for the magazine ban committee hearing and Wednesday,
Feb 13, for the hearing on the other measures.

Due to the highly restrictive language in HB 1224, if passed, and we remained here, this measure would require us to cease PMAG production on July 1, 2013.

In short, Magpul would be unable to remain in business as a CO company, and the over 200 jobs for direct employees and nearly 700 jobs at our subcontractors and suppliers would pick up and leave CO. Due to the structure of our operations, this would be entirely possible, hopefully without significant disruption to production.

The legislators drafting these measures do so in spite of the fact that nothing they are proposing will do anything to even marginally improve public safety in CO, and in fact, will leave law-abiding CO residents less able to defend themselves, strip away rights and property from residents who have done nothing wrong, and send nearly 1000 jobs and millions in tax revenue out of the state.

We like CO, we want to continue to operate in CO, but most of all, we want CO to remain FREE.

Please help us in this fight, and let your voices be heard!

We have included the contact information for the House Judiciary committee for your convenience:

House Judiciary Committee
Rep. Daniel Kagan, Chair: 303-866-2921, [email protected]
Rep. Pete Lee, Vice Chair: 303-866-2932, [email protected]
Rep. John Buckner: 303-866-2944, [email protected]
Rep. Lois Court: 303-866-2967, [email protected]
Rep. Bob Gardner, 303-866-2191, [email protected]
Rep. Polly Lawrence, 303-866-2935, [email protected]
Rep. Mike McLachlan, 303-866-2914, [email protected]
Rep. Rep Carole Murray, 303-866-2948, [email protected]
Rep. Brittany Pettersen, 303-866-2939, [email protected]
Rep. Joseph Salazar, 303-866-2918, [email protected]
Rep. Jared Wright, 303-866-2583, [email protected]

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  1. Grammy’s are on right now. Rockabilly seems to be overtaking hip-hop.

    Songs with guns in their videos have won grammy’s. Kelly Clarkson won a grammy.

    Are they realizing gun owners may be important to their business model?

      • Boycotting a broadcast is retarted. I’m not paying for the Grammy’s, if anything, it tells me what advertisers to boycott if they abuse the 2nd amendment, which, from what I saw, they didn’t.

        • I was being half-sarcastic. If America’s gun owners were committed and united enough to boycott superbowls, grammys, nfl games, and other anti-gun entertainment etc it would definitely not be a retarded move.

          Many gun owners are much like many liberals and conservatives who complained about the power of the big banks that contributed to the 2008 financial meltdown. They whined but they did not change banks because it would not be as convenient.

        • I DID change banks! When I had an account with a national bank, back in the late 90’s, I discovered how evil national banks are. I switched to a local. When they got bought out by a national, I switched to another local. I refuse to do business with any national bank if I can help it.

  2. We’re about to see a massive bidding war between pro and anti states as these manufacturers consider pulling up stakes. I’m sure it’s already been going on quietly since Sandy Hook.

    • OK is so pro gun, our governor recently signed open carry law. Every one of our national representatives are not democrats; Governor, 2 senators, 5 house members, and on top of that, Obama did not win one single county in the state for the 2008 or 2012 election. Even TX can’t claim that.

      • Gene: I always think it is funny when I meet people who brag about how they vote without even considering who the candidates are. I have two friends who always vote the party line, no matter the issue. Since they are on opposite sides of the fence, they basically just cancel each-other out. Any independent thought that goes into their choices is not evident.

        Considering the poverty rates in OK, as well as the literacy and divorce rates, I am not sure they have much to show for always electing Republicans.

        I am actually much more proud of Red states when they occasionally vote in a Democrat, and vice-versa. New York’s 11th district is pretty solid blue when you look at the map, yet they elected Michael Grimm based on his resume and his ideas.

        New York doesn’t have many R’s in their Congressional Delegation, but when they do, it means something.

        Oklahoma is willing to vote for politicians who openly ridicule their own voters. That shows a lack of independence that is not anything to brag about.

        Don’t believe me, consider this: Oklahoma has a poverty rate of 17%, and statistics show that those people voted for the guy who derided them as “takers”, and promised to cut their health insurance.

        Talk about chickes voting for Col. Sanders?

  3. I’d hate to see them lose jobs, but Magpul would flourish in TX. As a California resident, I would like state legislators in CO, CA, IL, NY etc. to start feeling real economic penalties for their idiotic anti-freedom legislation.

        • And a pretty important swing state. Maybe a gun co. would bring in an appreciable GOP voting block, if they were in the right district.

        • Hal–your right, Ohio only only accepts 25 other states CHL’s, and that is because we have a much higher than average training requirement than the states Ohio does not honor. That being said, we also don’t have people thinking that it is the wild west here and promotes responsible firearm use and ownership. Magpul would find a very happy home in OH, our Governor is very Pro-2A and out state house and senate are too, so much that Ohio has laid the smack down on liberal anti-gun cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati by turning local laws unconstitutional.

        • Ohio, where i hunted some as a youngster and still visit once in a while to see family has not always been so gun friendly. And like Colorado it would take just a little to tip Ohio back to anti gun.

          A lot of TTAG commentors don’t have the age to remember how it was before the 90’s. If I owned a gun company I would be aiming for a southern state or southwestern state like Texas or Arizona.

        • Ohio has been gun friendly, the problem is that certain cities weren’t gun friendly. However, since Ohio now has state preemption of gun laws, those handful of cities don’t get to have their way anymore.

          It would take a LOT to make Ohio anti-gun because Ohio almost always has overwhelming majorities of Republicans in both the House and Senate.

        • Tot, i’m sure that’s how the folks in Colorado felt a few years back. remember, barry carried Ohio in 2012.

          Shall issue is still a fairly new thing in mostof the country and a lot of people would like to see it go away.

        • JWM, who 50.01% votes for in the Presidential electino has jack to do with state politics. There is a reason why we almost always have 2/3 or more of both houses Republican. The only way that will change is if you kill off millions of Ohioans living in rural areas.

        • I’ve spoken with the head of Buckeye Firearms Association about the legislature. He said we’re in pretty good shape on most things with just a few wishy-washy Republicans, but some of our Democrats are more pro-gun than the Republicans.

        • “..i’m sure that’s how the folks in Colorado felt a few years back”
          ^This. It breaks my heart (and boils my blood) to see this once free frontier state hang a sharp turn Left. Decades ago I moved here from the Midwest to escape a more restrictive culture…the irony is palpable.

        • Ummmmm, from the outside looking in Ohio isn’t that great. You belong to a group of states that doesn’t play the CC reciprocity game nicely with others. So you can talk about how great it is, but I’ll believe it when Shmohio recognizes out of state permits. Until then it is terra-no-visita.

    • Or they could move only 1.5 hrs north to Cheyanne WY. Wyoming would never betray the constitution and the employees of Magpul would still be near any family they have in the area.

      • Believe me, the wife and I have thought about it. Be a helluva job commute for me….but possible at least until I could find one WY-local.

      • Wyoming and Cheyenne is the logical destination for a small manufacturing shop that might want to get away from Colorado’s laws. It’s close enough that they can still gets parts and service for their machines from Denver, and has a cheaper cost of housing, fuel, etc.

        And no state income tax, I might add.

    • What needs to happen in those companies who leave a state due to commie gun laws should not sell ANYTHING to the LE agencies in that state which they left.

      • I agree completely! States that pass draconian gun control laws should have their law enforcement live under the same rules as the rest of the people do.

    • Not Maryland…Kalifornia. The Left/Right mix in CO was still a lot more Right before the 90’s. But since the dot-com bust flood of CA transplants the scale has tipped steadily Left. It’s been like living through a B-movie remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

      • Pmags can come to Arkansas. We already have Nighthawk Custom Firearms, Wilson Combat and Guncrafters and are also the home to IDPA!! They would be very welcome here!!!

        • Aharon, been tied up with the 2A rallies in Arkansas. Between that, work and the girls been busy!! LOL!!!
          Remington already has a ammo plant on Lonoke Arkansas so they could move weapons plant here too!!! Would be good for both of the involved parties!!!

        • Will, yea had forgotten about Umarex and Walther. Maybe we need to move all firearms manufacturers and accessories makers down here and put them all on the border of Arkansas and Texas and start a new city like Texarkana!!!!
          Maybe name it Firearms City USA!!!
          No Federal Government contracts allowed or accepted!!!!

  4. Money talks. Even people that do not reside in these states can have an impact. A well written letter stating that you will never visit the state again and will not buy products produced therein will have an impact. My letters are on the way to the CO legislators…..

  5. As a resident of CO I have emailed my state legislators telling them to oppose the bills and I have emailed them a few times in the past to oppose any new gun control measures. I do the same on a regular basis for my federal congressmen too.

    I took a transfer down here thinking that CO was a gun-friendly state. While there are some anti-2a bills like this being introduced to the state congress there are probably just as many or more pro-gun bills, including two to exempt CO from federal gun-control measures.

      • I’ve been in the RMGO for about a month now, that’s how I keep up with proposed state bills and who to keep the pressure on. When I lived in Oregon I was in the Oregon Firearms Federation.

        I’m gonna keep reminding my law makers to respect the constitution as well as try to educate anyone I can about gun rights and the second amendment.

  6. Did Magpul recently begin production of 10 round magazines? Dosnt the language specify no more than ten rounds?

    I know this is a problem but Im sure they would have no problem selling 10 rounders while the consider better options.

  7. If CO goes that far, Magpul needs to move to a state that doesn’t infringe on the 2nd Amendment AND copy LaRue’s policy…Tell all LE agencies that they will not sell any of their products to agencies in states that don’t allow civilians to own the same.

    Until the major manufacturers of guns and accessories stand together and deny their products to those LE agencies in states like mine (NY), they will be picked off one by one. The police unions in each state wield considerable influence when it comes time for them to negotiate their contracts. Lets get that influence on our side.

    • Normally I’d agree, but I don’t think it’s possible for a volume manufacturer like Magpul to “pull a LaRue” and enact sales-restriction policies. Magpul makes many millions of units of product per year, and those units flood into the supply chain via a wide range of distribution channels. They simply don’t have sufficient direct knowledge of their end-users, much less the ability to enforce such policies on their distributors.

      • Eliminate direct government sales, contracts, and discounts. Tell them if they want them to go to the LGS…which they can’t…if they outlawed normal cap magazines in that state…;)

  8. HB1224 cannot pass as worded. Prohibiting manufacture of something to be sold out of state is interference with interstate commerce and is the realm of the Federal government, not the state.

    In short, FOAD.

  9. Personally, I would prefer that all gun and gun accessory manufacturers move to red states. Although people try not talk about the elephant in the room, it is obvious that there is a storm coming. No one knows how big the storm, but it is still coming. I would rather have this manufacturing capability in states that still respect the freedoms our forefathers fought for..

  10. It just amazes me how all of these legislators are willing to kill the economy for ineffective laws. It’s completely irresponsible and terrible.

    • It just amazes me how all of these legislators are willing to kill the economy for ineffective laws. It’s completely irresponsible and terrible.

      You know nothing of Soviet Style infiltration of all elements of American society do you?
      Why do you think HUAC was such an important target of the Left?
      Why was it so important to strike down the laws that dis-allowed Communists into American schools and branches of Goverment?
      Your Goverment is controled by traitors who are actively working towards the destruction of this nation.
      Does that clear things up?

  11. As a Colorado resident and a Democrat I have been disgusted by all these AWB’s and magazine capacity laws that have been pushed around. I hoped that Colorado wouldn’t follow the trend, but a politician is a politician.

    I suggest that we also contact Gov. Hickenlooper and let him know that if this bill reaches his desk that we strongly suggest that he veto it. His email address is: [email protected]

  12. Pretty soon, every gun manufacturer is going to be located in Texas.
    And then the Fed won’t be able to do anything about them.

  13. This is the perfect example of why these regulations need to be on a federal level. Every time a state tries to regulate high-capacity magazines, all it does is force businesses and citizens to move to Texas.

    • That idea has been tried, dave. Forcing people to stay when thye want to leave. It was called the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall. North Korea has a similar set up. You ought to get along fine with Great Lenin’s Ghost, dave.

  14. Maybe Magpul, instead of spending money on hot girls, custom VW vans and a motorcycle no one can afford, should spend that money funding pro-gun politicans to run for the Colorado senate. JUST SAYIN’
    I really tired of spending my money just to have the big guys drop the ball. Oh, well, we lost Colorado, let’s go to Texas. What happens when we lose Texas? There is a big push to make Texas purple. If Texas is purple, we’re done politically. Magpul, step up, you have the cash. Fund the right people, come on. Auction the VW bus off to make this happen.

    • I couldn’t agree more…

      But when you pay millions of dollars into taxes, you have to spend lots of money in “advertising” you know the hot girls nice cars crap like that keeps money out of the governments hands…..

    • I couldn’t agree more. South Carolina is very pro 2A. There are state laws being put in place to protect gun & accessories manufacturers. Palmetto State Defense, who makes a lot of AR15 parts, is already in SC.

      • I’m glad I live in a gun friendly state like South Carolina. Palmetto State Armory sells milspec AR-15’s made with its own trademark, and last week they were selling them for $799!

        • Being a very proud transplanted to South Carolina Carolinian (LOL) we’d love to have Magpul. However, as a freedom loving ‘Merican, I’d love to have Magpul win Colorado back. ;)!

    • I’d like to see them in SC, too. It’d be a nice compliment to PSA. We have also shown that we are not only pro-gun, we are pro business. I saw that we are one of 5 states trying to get Remington to move here. The state has even offered enough tax benefits to build a new facility here at no cost.

  15. F*** Colorado, move to TX guys, they will love you there! CO is full of s*** for brains, idiot libtards anyway.

    • +1

      The Pro-2A guys in our state last got mad about a temporary ban on outdoor target shooting during one of the worst wildfire seasons in Utah history. That was barely approved by the citizens as it is. We’re pretty gun-friendly here.

  16. At this point, even if this nonsense doesn’t pass, MAGPUL should
    move. Better yet, offer bonuses and incentives to their employees
    to move with them. So don’t just deprive Colorado of a thriving
    company (albeit in corporate self defense) but take their tax base
    with you.

    • I agree, once they make their intentions known, it is only a matter of time before they get their way. Why Remington and other gun/accessory manufacturers haven’t left NY is amazing.

      • Remington hasn’t moved because NY pays them to stay. Besides, Remmy is in a state of flux since it lost the government contract award for M4s. The Freedom Group who owns Remmy announced that it was exiting the business and it’s shopping Remmy, Marlin and the rest of its roll-ups. Depending on who buys Remington, it might very well see it’s production moved.

  17. Gun, ammo, accessory, and gear related industries should move out of anti-gun blue states. Actions speak louder than corporate PR words praising the 2A.

  18. Could you not make them in Wyoming? Or Kansas? Utah? New Mexico? Nebraska? Oklahoma? Youa re bordered by 6 states…. Seriously…… There are already tons of states with Mag Cap bans (not that I agree with them), but approaching this from a crybaby perspective is just a little sad. Let me expound. You could create jobs in other states by moving Magpul PMAG production to one of the 6 states that border you (none have CAP laws), and the people who did do PAMG production in CO could start making the other parts that you never seem to be able to make street dates on. Shall I give examples…..

  19. Actually Michigan would be a great place to setup shop. majority of the unemployed are former factory/production workers (mostly from the auto industry) and familiar with injection molding process. No caps or any plans to cap that I know of as well plus a HUGE customer base already in place

    • And a union-shop mentality that has forced more business to move than the political climate has.

      Sorry, but the overall trend in the US manufacturing sector is clear: Towards right-to-work states and away from the rust belt union shop states.

      • There is much more of MI than just Detroit, though it would be good for product testing. As far as right to work, that was passed and signed in couple months back so both arguments would be mute.

  20. Briefly:
    1) Intentional violation of a person’s ’Rights’ is the basis of an actual criminal act.
    2.) Nowhere to be found within the limited powers granted to those in government by consent of the Citizens is any authority to commit the crime of intentionally violating the ‘Rights’ of the Citizens.
    Enacting an illegitimate law which, in any way restricts the manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase and ownership of such benign, inanimate and harmless objects as ’magazines’ would be no less than an intentional violation of the ’Rights’ of the Citizens.
    3) Ancillary to this, but highly pertinent, would be the specific prohibition expressed in writing on powers afforded to those in government with regard to the ‘Right’ of persons to keep and bear arms:
    Colorado Constitution Article II, Section 13
    “The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons.”
    Poorly worded as this provision certainly is, it’s none the less unarguable that persons in government are attempting to intentionally violate the Citizen’s ‘Rights’. And on that point there is no question.
    In circumstances in which any person attempts to perpetrate a crime by intentionally violating another person’s ‘Rights’: the general rule for use of force is — ‘only that amount of force necessary cause the perpetrator to cease and desist their ’Rights’-violating activity’.
    And BTW, it’s the person or persons intentionally perpetrating the ‘Rights’-violating crime who make the decisions which force the Citizen into a position of self defense.

  21. So months ago when the attack on “assault” weapons began I very nicely sent out emails to specialty firearms parts manufacturers who would suffer from new laws, politely encourageing them to take a photo of their entire staff so it could be shared how many hard working Americans would loose their job. I got no response from Magpul so I wonder if they should be concerned now? Oh well

  22. In 6 months this’ll all blow over and it’ll be business as usual. All this “The sky is falling!” is just yet one more ploy so government can say one of two things:
    “We tried to do something”
    “We stoped them from doing something”
    I’m not saying it’ll be easy to deal with. Hell, I live in New York State with THIS guy in charge :
    So BELIEVE me when I say the Courts will just shoot all these new laws down faster then a skeet shooter does clays. Just calm down, write a few letters, talk to people on Social Media, but don’t panic.

  23. Clarksville, TN has an industrial part already in place with roads and power grid. Lower property taxes (especially for businesses bringing jobs) No state income tax. 5th fastest growing city in country. Move here Magpul. Its gun friendly and a good standard of living

  24. Please write an email to the above mentioned gov officials stating that they are stopping a company from operating in their state. We must become a squeaky wheel.

  25. This the case for Magpul to do what La Rue and Barret did to states who attack peoples rights. If they ban guns and mags Cops get NO mags or rifles. CO police can go with 30-30s and .38 revolvers for work.

    • That is the most sound response of all gun businesses. Want to close off the majority of their markets?

      OK, no toys for the cops. Who, in the last week, have proven that they’re a real threat to public safety, I might add.

  26. Get this idea to go viral…Get with your friends and family, co workers etc and request that all the firearms manufacturers, ammunition companies, gun shops both large and small to STOP selling any GUNS, AMMUNITION, or Gun ACCESSORIES to any STATE or LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES that reside in states that have trampled the citizens 2nd Amendment rights! When the cops, sheriffs, national guards etc run out of Guns and Ammo due to unconstitutional laws what will they do? In the meantime ANY sale of lawful items will continue to the citizens of those states affected as eventually due to the boycott of sales to their states LEO agencies they will have to protect themselves. Cops do not go to a fight without a gun and without ammo it is nothing more than a brick. Hell, think about it…cops don’t carry guns to protect you; they carry them to protect themselves. Average response times to a 911 call can take up to seven minutes; imagine what a criminal can do to you, your spouse, children, mother, father in seven minutes…frightening huh. By the time the cops show up, it’s too late. Wake up America and rise up to protect your rights…ALL OF THEM!

    • Andrew:

      I am not sure if people even realize what an amazingly bad idea it would be for gun manufacturers to boycott police departments.

      Our police department, and almost every other police department in America, has a rule that if they can’t get the arms they need from American suppliers, they are allowed to buy overseas.

      So if some gun company decides not to sell ammo to the NYPD, for example, it costs American jobs, the company loses business that they will never get back, a Chinese company gets a foothold in an American market, and companies send the message that they care more about politics than American jobs or safety.

      This isn’t just a lose-lose. It is a lose-lose-lose-lose.

  27. This is an e-mail I just sent to my Reps:

    Dear Honored Colorado Representatives,

    It has come to my attention that certain gun control legislation has been proposed in the state of Colorado Legislature. I am saddened once again to hear that the law abiding citizens of this state are potentially going to be punished for the actions of madmen and/or criminals who have absolutely no regard for the law.

    To think that any new gun control legislation is going to reduce crime, stop criminals, or prevent the rare mass shooting events is sorely misguided. It may make all of you feel better to think that you are doing something about this supposed problem, but even the proponents of this legislation at both the state and federal level recognize that this will have little, if any, effect on crime or public safety.

    And please spare me any response that mentions “common sense” gun control. I am not interested. In my professional opinion (as an Attorney), and my personal belief in the Constitution, your proposals violate my 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. In other words:

    The Government should not be allowed or permitted to tell me what type of firearms I own and/or how many.

    The Government should not be allowed or permitted to tell me how many rounds my firearms hold.

    The Government should not be allowed or permitted to tell me how many guns per month I can purchase – a New Jersey Law.

    The Government should not be able to tell me that I cannot use a semi-automatic AR15 with a 30 round standard capacity magazine to defend my life and the lives of my family if “I” decide that will be my self-defense tool. How dare you insinuate otherwise.

    The Government should not be able to tell me that I cannot be as well armed as the criminals.

    There are many other areas where the Government should be focusing on other problems (like the state of the budget) instead of insulting my intelligence and my status as a law abiding citizen.

    Using emotion instead of logical thought with the ridiculous premise that we have to do something about guns is reprehensible, and I am encouraging you not to go down that path.

    I am very disappointed that my Constitutional Rights are under attack at this time.

    I am stating my emphatic opinion that all of you need to vote – NO on any and all gun control proposals that have come or will be coming before you.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my position.


  28. Edit:
    In circumstances in which any person attempts to perpetrate a crime by intentionally violating another person’s ‘Rights’: the general rule for use of force is — ‘only that amount of force necessary to cause the perpetrator to cease and desist their ’Rights’-violating activity’.

  29. From: gregg [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:29 PM
    To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]
    Subject: Colorado legislature anti-gun laws

    Dear Colorado Legislators,

    After reading your new proposed anti-gun laws I felt compelled to send you my views on the matter. I admit that I’m a small business owner and employ less than 10 people; however, I still have a voice.

    My wife and I have two sons and their families that live in Colorado and they have been trying to convince us to move our business there. We have many customers from Colorado for our stock customizations that it made a lot of business sense to relocate from Texas in order to be closer to most of our customers and family. We had also anticipated expanding our business once we relocated to Colorado and have just started to put our services on-line to attract more customers.

    We have visited the Estes Park area numerous times in preparation for purchasing land and have been pursuing establishing our business there.

    These laws, in my opinion are totally miss-guided, simply window dressing, delusional on the part of legislators, and do nothing to remove the guns from the hands of criminals who already have the weapons and does nothing to prevent mentally disturbed individuals from obtaining and using weapons of any kind.

    How many more children have to die before you pursue the criminals and mentally disturbed individuals more aggressively?

    When will you pass laws that force criminals to turn in their weapons instead of criminalizing law abiding citizens? Yes, forcing criminals to turn in their guns sounds like a joke; however, your track record in reducing criminal usage of guns is miserable.

    Even if you do not pass the current proposed anti-gun legislation we feel the Colorado legislature has demonstrated its intent and position, therefore, we believe that it will continue to pursue miss-guided and delusional laws of this nature in the future.

    With the news of the Colorado legislature bringing these anti-gun laws into act we now believe that the attitude of the Colorado legislature toward the 2nd Amendment and the lawful rights of gun owners is such that we cannot continue the process of relocating our business there.

    Therefore, we are abandoning our efforts to relocate and expand our business in Colorado. We have been discussing these issues with many Outfitters in other states explaining that we will not be able to support them in Colorado as previously planned plus we will be presenting our views to other gunsmith business owners when we meet later this year.

    Gregg Sterner
    G & M GunSmiths
    Carrollton, TX


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