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“I think when I speak about it, at least it gets them to pause and think. It makes it real, the damage that guns can do.” – Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin in A Personal Quest to Make Guns’ Toll More Visible [via]

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  1. Yes, more gun control would stop irresponsible and negligent cops from playing with their guns and shooting future US Representatives

  2. A better example would be a grave yard of all the victims that weren’t able to defend themselves because of gun control. At least this guy is still living.

  3. He can go on living with all the perks of being a state rep. with his guards and all. I’ll go on living with a 9mm next to my bed.

      • While you are correct, what I don’t agree with is his lumping his accident in with other criminal shootings and calling it gun violence. It was an accident (or the negligence) on the part of the police officer, not a malicious act of a criminal. Disingenuous IMHO.

  4. it is unfortunate that the accident put him into that condition, but accidents happen. Jack stands slip and cars fall. Floors get slippery, and people fall. People don’t pay attention, and get hit by a car. A board slips and a saw cuts off a limb. A biker crashes and is paralyzed.

    And in MOST cases, had proper safety measures been taken, the accident might not have happened, or the results might not have been as severe. In this case, safety measures were not properly taken.

    While I was dating my wife in High School, we were both members of a local law enforcement Explorer Post (a coed division of the Boy Scouts) and a decorated Sargent fired his handgun in the control room of the police station’s gun range. He thought the gun was not loaded, but did not take proper care to ensure it. No one was hit, but one of the boys standing right next to him had permanent hearing damage in one of his ears. I was not there, but it really shook my wife, and it’s taken her a long time to get over it. (She goes to her CWP class this weekend!!)

  5. So when congress looked at Ted Kennedy, should they have been reminded of the deadly power of alcohol and automobiles and banned both?

  6. I don’t want to seem unsympathetic, because a young boy paralyzed for the rest of his life is tragic. However, this accident, negligent discharge has focused this mans energy into the wrong place. He should be advocating gun safety, personal responsibility, gun responsibility. If he’d been paralyzed in a car accident, we would not be listening to him. As such, he’s now using this horrible event in his life to spread the word that “guns are dangerous”. I can’t think of anything more obvious and I can’t think of a worse way of “solving” it. Stripping the Constitution of the 2a in response to his accident is not the answer he’s looking for.

    • You got it. If he was paralyzed in a car accident, he’d be fighting for better car safety and more driver responsibility, not the banning of cars.

  7. This is a classic example of “learning”too much from an isolated example and extrapolating the wrong conclusion.
    As Mark Twain said:”We should learn what there is to learn from an experience-and nothing more. A cat who sits on a hot hot stove lid will never again sit on another; but she will never sit on a cold one either.”

  8. “he has been on a quiet campaign to persuade his colleagues to give up their guest passes to next Tuesday’s State of the Union address by President Obama so that victims of gun violence can attend”

    — How about the elitist royalty giving up their passes so that the crippled and maimed servicemen from all the various wars and conflicts Americans engage in can attend? Better yet bring in foreign children to attend who have been burned, scared, crippled, and maimed by American military-grade weapons. Lastly, bring in American citizens who have been victimized because they did not have a gun to defend themselves.

    • MSNBC: “$1 million reward offered for ex-cop in connection with revenge killings”

      Unlike the treatment private average American citizens receive, once a murderer goes after the servants of the political elite there is a huge pot of gold to reward a person for information leading to the bad guys capture or termination.

  9. “I think when I speak about it, at least it gets them to pause and think. It makes it real, the damage that guns can do.”

    I think when I speak about it, at least it gets them to pause and think. It makes it real, the damage that misguided politicians can do.

  10. Langevin isn’t a complete d!ckhead. His early campaign slogan was “I’ll stand up for you” and some of his friends call him “Hotwheels.” No, I’m not making it up.

    Still, he’s just such a f^cking Democrat, isn’t he.

  11. It certainly highlights the threat that armed cops pose (ask some pickup owners in LA if you’re not sure). He’s shot by a negligent cop in a police station and his response is to keep those guys armed but take our guns away. WTH?!??

  12. How is his situation relevant? He was shot by one of the “elite (police)” who are the only ones supposedly able to safely own guns. While the officer was violating most of the cardinal rules of gun safety. Yep, we need to get the guns out of the hands of these irresponsible “civilians”.

  13. Just like saying mass murders cops in LA who shoot paper delivers and kill each others should have the tools and make sheep out of the people. Ban LA cops first!!!

  14. Cops who promote the AWB are traitorous pigs. They are supposed to serve and protect us, yet want to make it so we cant have the same semiauto rifle and REGULAR magazines in our pistols they have in their cars and on their hips?
    They can die and go to hell.

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