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I know the TTAG search function has, until now, sucked. You’ve told us so, time and again. And so I’ve done something about it. With cooperation from Google, I’ve created a higher caliber custom search engine that combines the magic of that famous Google fu and returns only TTAG content when queried. Try it yourself. Give the search box in the upper right hand corner a whirl and let me know if anything looks broken. Thanks.

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    • Oh, I’ve always done it the opposite way:

      site:sitename “searchterm”
      (with or without quotes, depending on what I wanted)

      I like the new search box, specifically three things: first, that it pops up over the current window; second, that I can sort by relevance or date; and third, that I can middle-click the links to pop them into a new tab, and then close the search window to return to the page I was on.

      I was good at doing it the manual way, but this will save me keystrokes. Full of win.

  1. Thanks…now can you please PLEASE stop your Facebook posts from cross-posting to Twitter? Everything you post ends up on Twitter twice.

  2. Works nice! Yesterday I was looking for your reloading guides, and had to search TTAG via Google instead.

    Glad to see a functional search 🙂

  3. [… L]et me know if anything looks broken.

    Anything? Inclusive of SB 150 and Dianne Feinstein’s brain?

  4. Doesn’t seem to be working on Mac using OS X 10.6.4/Safari 5.0.2 — just a big white translucent overlay, nothing else.

    • I think you’ll see that the problem is that you’re trying to use a piece of fruit as a computer.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in Safari. I’ll see if there’s a workaround, as apparently 21.6% of visitors use that browser.

  5. Works with Safari for me. But sometimes, it puts a translucent screen with the content over the page. Other times, it puts the search results in a sidebar. Either is fine with me.

    Thanks for doing this!

  6. Nick, I would suggest working up a search engine through (the world’s most private search engine) they use Google, and do not record your IP address, or search results for Big Brother. Know thy enemy…

  7. Looks good, Nick.

    Now if you kind folks at TTAG could just make a search button that finds me places that sell ammo at pre-crazy prices?


  8. So, I was messing around with the function and found one flaw….there are far too many posts with “Mikeb” embedded. Hoy….

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