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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
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Because that strategy has worked so spectacularly well for Eric Swalwell (remember him?) and Robert Francis O’Rourke.

The effort, details of which were shared with BuzzFeed News, is part of the Democratic presidential candidate’s $4 million advertising plan for Iowa. The ads, according to the Biden campaign, will narrowly target potential caucus-goers who might be moved by gun safety messaging, including teachers, parents of school-aged children, first responders, and those who follow gun control groups such as Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. Spots will be seen on Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Biden allies see advantages in calling attention to his gun control record at a time when the issue has receded from national headlines. As a senator, he supported pivotal laws such as the Brady Bill, which instituted a five-day waiting period for gun purchases, and the assault weapons ban. As vice president, Biden led a task force that recommended 23 executive actions after the 2011 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Though gun violence remains an epidemic — several high-profile mass shootings commanded the attention of presidential candidates last summer — his admirers note that it’s a policy area where Biden has been consistently progressive.

“He’s got a real credible case to be made that he’s the candidate in this race that has the record of fighting the NRA and winning,” said Peter Ambler, executive director of the gun safety advocacy group launched by Gabrielle Giffords, the former Arizona lawmaker severely injured in a 2011 mass shooting. The organization has not yet endorsed a 2020 candidate.

– Henry J. Gomez in Joe Biden’s New Plan To Win Iowa Voters: Gun Control

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    • That yoo-toob video compilation of Biden saying how an AR-15 is harder to aim, hold, load, and shoot VS a shotgun was priceless and should be the only Ad in response to anything from Joe BiteMe.

      • Love how the article claims, without evidence, that “ Though gun violence remains an epidemic…”

        Murders are declining annually, as they have been for a decade. There is no such thing as “gun violence”. Guns are tools, they don’t kill anyone.

        Democrats running for prez and running VA into the ground are pushing America straight toward the Boogaloo, CW2, or Revolution 2.0, whatever ya wanna call it.

        • Correct not Gun Violence. It’s Defective Citizen Violence.
          “Gun violence” must be controlled. We should try a law…..How about God’s “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Ooops, tried that, didn’t work.
          How about man’s Murder 1; Murder 2; Manslaughter. There that will do it. Ooops, those didn’t work.
          Let’s try 22,000+ laws against the “….shall not be infringed.” of The Second Amendment. There, that will surely do it. Ooops, didn’t.
          Well, maybe just one more law from “take them all if I could” Ditzy Diane, “Never worked a day in my life” Bernie, Ole Creepy, Sleepy, Crazy, Fire Two Blasts In The Air Joe, or “keep ’em on the Government Plantation” Crazy, Lazy Lacey Clay.
          Ooops, that ain’t gonna do it either.
          A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
          He only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda. Making good people helpless does not make bad people…..or politicians……harmless.
          “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
          You cannot control the act itself
          by passing laws about the means employed.”
          The late Col Jeff Cooper, 1958
          Handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy
          For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.

          • @StLPro2A Yup, dangerous freedom is vastly superior to safe slavery. Biden was one of the architects of “gun free zones” and various other bull$hit infringements designed to enslave all Americans.

      • Run Joe Run! Trump is a consummate performance artist who can turn a political campaign into his own private stage. He’s at his best when he eviscerates his opponents. A bumbling dofus like Biden will be a perfect foil for the DJT show.

        • But, but, doesn’t Joementia look tough? Can’t you just imagine him practicing in front of his mirror? I bet Trump is scared!

  1. Gun violence DISINFORMATION remains epidemic!

    Only an idiot or a liberal (sorry about repeating myself) could possibly believe the media hype and gross dishonesty vomited out of the anti-gun propagandists mouths.

    • Yeah, that was my first reaction as well. There never has been an “epidemic” and studies show schools are safer now, and less students die via all types of violence, and school shootings are even down, compared to years ago. As are murders in general.

      The fact infotainment “reporters” consistently fail to point out to America the fact that hands and feet, or even knives, are used to kill far more people than rifles of all styles combined each year, is an outrage. What happened to reporters? What happened to news objectively giving America the facts, and letting us interpret them, rather than feeding us a narrative?

      The federal gov should pull all licenses for channels that don’t actually report news. That was and remains the only legal reason tvchannels were given licenses to run, and only if they had actual news could they also have other programming.

      • Reporters are no longer impartial observers. They are partisan participants having already taken sides. And “journalists” wonder why they are actively targeted, and especially in conflict zones. The difference between News and Commentary is now so blurred is it hard to distinguish one from the other.

        • So called reporters are now propagandists who work for the US equivalent of Pravda turning out only screeds approved by their communist masters (democrats).

          The frightening part of this is a high percentage of Americans still get their “news” from these media outlets and never hear the truth. They are indoctrinated serfs not informed citizens.

          Be Prepared !

    • When in human history has there ever been a shortage of idiots? Some of the smartest people are the biggest idiots.

  2. It’s almost cruel to allow Joe to continue this charade that he is a viable candidate. It’s obvious to anyone who knows a family member with dementia or Alzheimer that Joe is in decline very rapidly, and would not even be able to complete one term before expiring. While I hate everything he represents and believes in, I wish him well.

    • MB……biden is the perfect puppet. When the meds finally don’t work who will be pulling the strings and signing the surrender?

      • @John Galt, oh, that’s easy, Obama the traitorous POS that he is. Oscumo is still manipulating the swamp. Obama will not endorse Biden because he’s no longer able to control Joe because Joe lost all is marbles a while ago, he’s going to support whoever has the best chance in 2024, I think Obama knows 2020 is a lost cause.

        • The DNC as a whole is realizing that 2020 is a lost cause for them. Even Michael Moore repeated his 2016 prediction and said Trump will win again in 2020.

        • Joey Bribem cant even tell the difference between Iraq and Iran, he confuses where he is on a daily basis, and he forgets what decade it is. The man’s brain is rotten.

          I agree, democrat party leaders know 2020 is going to Trump, but they are still doing everything they can to weaken his ability to halt or slow the pace of socialism in the USA.

        • I cannot see how Joe is a bit worse than he has been for decades. The question should be, how did he EVER get elected to anything beyond janitor.

        • The real panic will start when Trump eats his lunch on the debate stage, and Biden is left a stammering, incoherent buffoon.

          The debates are gonna be *priceless*… 😉

        • Actually, I don’t imagine Trump will be attending any debates, what is the point?
          Ooh! Oooh! I just ordered my MAGA hat!!

        • “Actually, I don’t imagine Trump will be attending any debates, what is the point?”

          The *point* will be to expose ‘Joe’ as the nattering nit-wit he really is on live national TV.

          Biden can barely read from a script. He can’t handle being thrown off-balance, and Trump does that for giggles.

          I’ll be very surprised if Biden’s ‘handlers’ allow him to debate Trump. More likely, they won’t want to risk it, and we can exploit that as ‘Joe’ being to chickenshit to debate… 😉

    • I think the strategy is for Biden to select a VP without much of a track record, but secretly has radical views. Then Joe’s likely declining health is a feature so if he sets a new record for shortest Presidency his last conscious thought on this side is “Gee I finally made it to the White House”. Then we find out later what a radical leftist the former VP has been all along.

      • This is one of the things that worries me.
        Biden doesn’t have enough money to run a presidential campaign.
        The DNC doesn’t have enough money to run a presidential campaign.
        However, Bloomberg has plenty. He could offer to finance “their” campaign and run as the VP.

        • Bloomie’s ego won’t allow him to play second fiddle. I don’t see him accepting the VP slot. On the other hand, the VP is a do-nothing, no-show job, so that would allow Bloomie plenty of time to tend to his empire while occasionally showing up for a funeral or state dinner.

          He just might take the VP if offered, and hope Joe dies in his sleep from a heart attack…

  3. The Democrats seem to be hard at work trying to find the worst and hardest to elect nitwits ever. I have heard Shotgun Joe described as the dumbest man ever to walk the halls of the Senate, but there is stiff competition for that position.

      • Yeah, saw that too last night. While I never wish ill on anyone – not even the Notorious RBG – I’m nevertheless disappointed that Nature was stopped from taking its course and hastening her retirement.

        • I used to say I never wish ill on anyone, but recently I’ve realized that I am not so virtuous, and there’s no point in pretending. I do wish ill on some people. There’s no reason not to, really; I don’t believe in karma or in a Jesus who will tell me I just wasn’t nice enough to get into heaven, and there clearly are certain folks whose demise would objectively be good for the rest of us.

          RBG is one of them. As noble as her intentions may have seemed, she has done enormous harm in her time on the Supreme Court. She’ll never leave the bench while she still draws breath, so if wishing she’d just hurry up and die is an ill wish, then I definitely do wish her ill.

        • She has pancreatic cancer, one of the nastiest cancers to get. Very likely bits of it are hiding, and will pop up again to kill her in a few months…

    • Yep, and to make matters worse he regarded himself (and said as much) as the smartest man in the Senate. Stupidity and hubris are a disastrous combination.

  4. And yet he is still way more electable than the person who they fear might end up the candidate.
    Feel the burn might be the description of how they feel after Bernie the socialist loses.

    • Not 100% sure how that would play out, frankly. Sanders would get quite a few votes, and generate considerable enthusiasm among certain segments of people who tend to vote Democrat. On the other hand, he would generate zero enthusiasm among other segments who tend to vote Dem, and actively turn off still others.

    • On a number of levels, I cannot even imagine the insanity if it is Bernie that loses this year, I believe it would be even worse than the much more likely repeat of Hillary losing. What I am hoping for is to witness the insanity if Trump wins the popular vote, and laws passed since 2016 deliver the electoral votes of states like CA to the Trump campaign, where otherwise Hillary would get them. Oh, the entertainment.

      • CA is never going to go Republican, and especially not for Trump (neither will any other reliably blue state). But the rest, yeah. Here’s hoping Trump wins the popular vote this time around and hits ’em where it really hurts.

  5. What are these soft headed warm feeling for biden?

    I DO NOT WISH HIM WELL! Period!!!!!!! He can go to hell as fast as possible.

    He has been on the wrong side of everything FOREVER!!!! He and his family are as corrupt as idiots can be. He is the face of a stupid, lieing, controlled, paid for puppet that is out to steal our country from our children.

    F*** him and his whole family. Try him for corruption. No kid gloves. This ass**** is a poster boy for EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG AND BAD in our government.

    NO ETHICS, NO HONOR, NO BRAINS! The face of pandering stupidity.

    He should be tried for treason and corruption and hung

    • “…and his whole family.”

      Really? So burn his wife, kids, and grandkids too because of the stupid things he’s done? No need to call down hellfire on people other than the one who truly deserves it. Otherwise, you’re no different than the Left. We POTG are better than that.

        • True. Hunter needs it. Almost forgot about him.

          You know what? Screw it. Maybe they are all corrupt and I’m just being too nice a guy.

          (tears up the papers on his desk, tosses them into the air, walks away stage left…”

      • ” So burn his wife, kids, and grandkids too because of the stupid things he’s done? No need to call down hellfire on people other than the one who truly deserves it. ”

        We can probably spare the grandkids since they’re likely too young to be totally corrupted yet (but it will happen. Perhaps a pre-emptive strike is needed.)

        As far as the wife and kids– just as corrupt as Joe is. So, if we are meting out punishment only to those that deserve it, then, yeah, the whole f**king family should be taken down.

    • Dafook are you fools blathering about, did you not get the memo? Joe Biden is above the law, if you even attempt to investigate him, you’ll be impeached.

  6. If Biden secures the Dem nomination, I’m guessing that’s when the gun control rhetoric gets turned way down.

    • Yup, he will all of a sudden start sounding ‘reasonable’ the nanosecond he has the nomination…

        • And that’s all he is (barely) capable of doing. His candidacy will be on defense the entire time, responding to Trump attacks.

          It’ll be like a cat toying with a mouse… 😉

  7. So slow Joe is running on gun control in Iowa?!? Good luck and get that Alzheimer’s looked at😃😎😏

  8. I don’t think Biden is smart enough to have thought of this anti-gun campaign himself, so it was the political wonks who control his campaign that have included this – and they are setting him up to fall because of it.

    • The puppet is supposed to be funny on purpose.
      Biden isn’t trying to be amusing. His dementia problem compounds his ignorant liberalism and makes for some painful public gaffes that should disqualify his candidacy, but given the mindset of his supporters it would seem they don’t mind, or refuse to notice how ridiculous things really seem.
      That sort of stuff is comedy gold for cartoonists or humorists but in reality, watching him or any one of the other Democrats trying to convince sane people ProgTard-ism is reasonable … well, it becomes downright painful.

      • ‘Joe’ doesn’t do very well when thrown off-balance, and Trump *delights* in that sport.

        If Biden dissolves into a blabbering mound of goo on the debate stage, that’s when the real panic starts with the Leftists…

  9. We can only hope that dementia joe Biden will be the dems candidate. Trump will destroy him in any debate. Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. What is concerning about the dems is that you can never underestimate stupid people in large groups. If the dems get into office they will literally destroy the economy and the country. They have no plan for America other than promoting communism, and we know how that turns out.

  10. Iowa is the wrong state to be peddling an anti-gun message.

    Lots of farmers in the state that are Democrat only for the farm subsidies that totally reject the anti-gun message.

    It will do well in Des Moines, Ames & Iowa City while falling flat everywhere else.

  11. This is the same Joe Biden who was a sponsor of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

    he apologized for supporting that law, because a huge chunk of the Democratic base now opposes it because it led to the mass incarceration of young black men.

    I guess he really did not mean his apology.

  12. “it’s a policy area where Biden has been consistently progressive” – In this case, supporting laws that disproportionately impact the poor, elderly, people of color, and similar demographics somehow counts as “progressive”.

  13. “Gun safety,” they say. They don’t want you to use guns safely or to have any at all. They think you’ll only be safe when you don’t have any guns.

    Gotta love how the media never question the terms they’re given in those press releases.

  14. and the town idiot speaks

    “get back the lands that have been stolen from us” we did not ‘steal’ WE conquered it and they should have fought harder….lol

  15. Biden is without any real value system. He is for whatever he thinks might help him get elected and then hold onto power on any given day. If it ruins or destroys the lives of American Citizens along the way is something he could care less about. It’s all about Joe.

  16. Biden thinks he has the nomination in the bag so he can afford to go left on guns. He’ll get plenty of votes but not from the middle.

  17. Biden is now known as “Shotgun Joe” because he at one time said ,”You do not need an assault rifle all you need is a shotgun for home defense”. I hate to admit it but he was right, as the U.S. war of rape, pillage and conquest in the Philippine Islands proved long ago that “Shotgun Joe” is right as the shotgun was the preferred weapon. Three million dead proved it.

  18. When I saw the first picture, it popped into my head that I knew where Jeff Dunam got the idea for his dummy.

  19. So the people of today have to be punished for the alleged crimes of their ancestors? Socialist Justice at it’s finest.

    • If Vlad likes socialism so much he needs to move to Venezuela, see how well it works for them.

  20. It is already happening. Lawmakers are using your browsing history to determine if you’re “qualified” to get a gun permit. They want THREE YEARS of your browsing to be submitted before you can get one. NY and IL are pressing hard for this.

    You can browse the Web without them knowing what sites you visited. The D.O.D. use this same technology to keep their networks safe but it also keeps a user completely anonymous on the Web. There is no evidence of your browsing on your device.

    • It is already happening. Lawmakers are using your browsing history to determine if you’re “qualified” to get a gun permit. They want THREE YEARS of your browsing to be submitted before you can get one. NY and IL are pressing hard for this.

      Why is this bad?

      Sometimes, browsing history can reveal gang membership even if a check of court records would fail to reveal gang membership.

      Is it so bad to keep gangbangers from obtaining gun permits?

  21. Come on, you guys, this is so over the top it’s clearly a joke. The real idiot Vlad has an avatar.

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