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Instead of continually telling Americans how he plans to defeat the threat of, say, communist China, Joe Biden has repeatedly pledged to “defeat” America’s oldest civil rights organization. Like a broken record, Beijing Joe Biden (or more likely, his handlers) did it again in response to a tweet by Gabby Giffords on Friday.

Yeah, if you believe that Joe Biden composed and “post” on that at 4:06pm on Friday, January 8th, then we should talk about some Florida real estate deals.

Biden’s gun grabbing plans, if implemented, will have a disparate impact on the poor and working class Americans. They would make criminal violence even worse. In other words, the little people will suffer the most from gun control while the wealthy and powerful, who supported and voted for these new laws, work behind armed guards.

Meanwhile, this year mark’s the NRA’s 150th year as America’s oldest and longest-running civil rights organization.  But Joe Biden needs someone to attack since his family is bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

BizPacReview has the story.

In a declaration that is certain to upset throngs of gun owners, President-elect Joe Biden has declared that he’ll “defeat” the National Rifle Association during his term.

In response to a tweet from former Rep. Gabby Gifford (D-Ariz.), who was one of 14 people shot in January 2011 during an event in Tucson and whose husband, Democrat Mark Kelly, just won a U.S. Senate seat, Biden’s official account pledged to “defeat the NRA.”

“Ten years ago, my life and my community changed forever. I was shot in the head, six people were killed, 12 others injured. But the attack did not break me—or the people I represented in Congress. We came together, turned pain into purpose, and found hope in each other,” Giffords wrote on the anniversary of the attack by shooter [scumbag’s name redacted].

“Your perseverance and immeasurable courage continue to inspire me and millions of others. I pledge to continue to work with you—and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country—to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence,” Biden’s account noted in response.

The “epidemic” of gun violence?  More like gang violence in Democrat-run big cities across the country. But don’t let that dirty little secret get out or you might find your Twitter account shut down.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
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The sad fact is that African Americans and other minorities in urban areas are drowning in gang violence. Instead of giving them a life preserver, Biden and his Democrat allies want to toss them a bar bell by restrict the right of the law-abiding to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves and their families.

Biden (and President-in-waiting Harris) would rather demagogue the NRA and keep inner city residents shackled on the gun control plantation. Welcome to fundamental transformation.


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    • Let Sleepy Joe and cronies go after the NRA. While they (and all the Leftists who know nothing about POTG) continue to spend their time and resources in that direction, FPC, SAF, GOA, CRPA, et al, will continue to defend our rights out of the spotlight.

      They take one step toward the NRA, we take two thru these other organizations.

      • As a small gun store owner, I’m genuinely concerned about what his administration will do to my business. We had an increase in Sales of 50% over 2019 and 2021 is sure starting out strong. Will it be taxes on guns and ammo? No more suppressors? Outright banning of semi automatic rifles?
        Who’s got my back when it comes to standing up to this crap? I can’t afford to wait for cases to hit the courts to be overturned. Someone enlighten me please.

        • Probably Biden will pass something absurd like his “all magazines over 10 rounds need a $200 tax stamp”, half the counties and a number of states will have an official policy of not enforcing it, refusal to enforce it will be considered an insurrection and the ATF will be sent in to set an example of someone by Wacoing them. The resulting tit-for-tat violence will be used to justify further crack downs on civil liberties and increase mass surveillance.

    • So far biden has been completely outdone by politically inept cut and run crybabies tripping over each other to bash The NRA. After they were done bashing they suggested other orgs. that they assume were, “pure.” and worthy of membership.
      Same bunch of knee jerk crybabies smeared the POTUS over bumpstock contraptions. Never mind the fact that if the POTUS did not act congress would have acted and their laundry list included more than one gizmo. Fact is the Binary Triggers Advertised on this forum might not be here if the POTUS did not fall on the sword. So to the crybabies…Man up, otherwise your snot nosed contribution accomplishes nothing but applause from the democRat Party.

      • Congress would have acted…you know this for a fact?

        Trump and the NRA threw a relatively small segment of gun owners under the bus to hand the rabid leftists a cheap win (which they got no credit for; the left still wants them dead) and handed the people who will be illegally occupying the White House for the next 4 years a big, fat, stinking precedent they can use to go after *all* semiautomatic firearms. They should have fought.

        Everyone who said it was a long-game move and a win in disguise was wrong. Trump lost the election (was cheated out of it, but it’s still a loss), and now our enemies are in charge. And he handed them new ammunition. It’s possible to support Trump in general and still recognize when he’s screwed the pooch.

  1. I might be prone to pay attention to the the Democrats when they solve the Chicago gun problems, a city they have had control over for decades. Until then, can’t they just stfu?

    • The Dems game plan is not about ending gun violence. It is about disarming the law abiding American people. Dems know they will never get criminals to stop being criminals. They want the rest of the population subservient to them. It is all about power over the lower classes.

      • A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
        He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
        A bad guy with a gun can be stopped decisively by a good guy with a gun.
        Sadly, politicians not as much…..yet.
        There should be a “paper and ink” background check for
        politicians. They do more collective harm to America through
        their laws than all the bad guys with guns combined.

    • This is why gun folks will quickly be stomped in the dirt. F’ing wannabe’s get all pissed off at a guy with an expense account, and turn the 2nd into dust. How about you jealous bastards take a hike and let the few that give a damn save the damn 2nd so your sorry asses can go plink beer cans – the ones you just emptied.

      • You seem to be under the illusion WLP and the NRA were hard at work defending our rights. They were actually busy fighting internally and defending themselves from lawsuits.

        But you go ahead and donate some more to the NRA.

        • WLP is Wayne LaPierre, the NRA CEO and Executive VP for life. I’ve seen charges of the NRA spending $60M in self-serving deals. That’s twice their historic 2016 spending on Trump. That doesn’t even count millions spent on their outside lawyer, William Brewer, who’s the son/brother-in-law of Ackerman McQueen execs. He’s not a top 2A lawyer, and has his own scandals and was ejected from practicing in Virginia. Also, he had a long history of contributing to Dem antigunners, like O’Rourke, Durbin, Clinton, and Franken. There are plenty of other 2A orgs that deserve our donations, like FPC. Unfortunately, NRA remains tops in competition, training, and ranges, and there really isn’t an alternative.

        • That’s what he said “Hunter (crack head) Biden is the smartest guy I know”… Doesn’t say much for ALL of the Congressmen and Senators (not to mention Obama) “Creepy Uncle Beijing Joe” has known in the past 50 years… How ’bout that Kammaltoe, Chuck and Nancy are YOU smarter than a “crackhead”?

  2. This guy wants to destroy things, the Republic, citizens and all common sense.

    Democrats are a broken record on what they want to destroy, but silent on what they want to fix

    • In case you weren’t paying attention, they definitely ” fixed ” a couple of elections recently !!!! Give creepy some credit, he’s still (mostly) able to read whatever they type onto the teleprompter what his handlers want told to the minions.

      • Creepy didn’t have anything to do with it. Way beyond his intellect to figure something like that out. He thinks he won legitimately. The fix was in when mass mailing with know verification was pushed through. Actually, the fix was in when Covid hit. Who woulda thought that a pandemic would lead to winning an election? Almost like they planned it that way.
        Yeah, me too.

  3. It tells you something when the head of the Democrat party regards his own citizens as more evil, and a bigger threat than the Red Chinese.

    This idiot has caused a great number of ordinary people to question their consent to be governed and it remains to be seen how much that number grows, and if they completely withdraw their consent.

    • When was the last time this country’s people gave Joe a $5 Million bribe?
      He’s an honest politician, when you buy him you own him, he doesn’t renege on multi million dollar deals.

  4. Biden certainly is making some bold statements.
    Gee whiz it’s pretty depressing when so many of us fought and some died for Our country to stop Communist aggression and now it’s just handed to them. Pitiful, just pitiful.

  5. “Defeat the NRA”??? The NRA has repeatedly defeated itself. Ironic that an organization dedicated to gun safety keeps shooting itself in the foot. The NRA is done and over; time to find a new champion.

    • The NRA has been a factor in the past 10 elections or so. The NRA was definitely NOT a factor in the 2020 election. They were, uh, distracted. Almost like it was planned….

      • “The NRA was definitely NOT a factor in the 2020 election.”

        Are you delusional enough to actually believe your own statement?!

        If so, you are probably also delusional enough to believe that Harris/Biden actually won the election and there was no mass voter fraud- nothing to see here.

        In all of my 68 years on the planet I’ve never been one to fall for conspiracy theories or accusations without a preponderance of evidence. As a long-time student of American politics, Republican and firearms activism and general observer, the gains made by non-democrats in the 2020 election “coupled” with a stoppage of vote counting in the Electoral College key states to allow for the phony ballots, 100% against Trump and Trump only to catch up is overwhelming evidence that the tech industry managed to do as they promised in their grief session wake following the 2016 election of DJT: Make certain that such would never happen again. For te moment, they’ve succeeded, and as we’re seeing from the deplatforming of pro-2A sites and speak, are intent on trivializing you as well as me,
        ASAP. I suggest people here do some actual research on their own and stop being blind followers of people who only go after the low hanging fruit, which takes no skill, brains, or “skin in the game.” The left has spoken in plain English but because of an unexpainable hatred of NRA, often by people who have never been members, they are allowed to go forward with little or no challege.

        • “The NRA was definitely NOT a factor in the 2020 election.” (continued do to lack of editing feature…)

          It is not logical that progressives were defeated in larger numbers but Trump was not re-elected. That the House could now be close to even and it took a run off election in GA, of all places, using the same corrupt system that was used against Trump to put the 2 dems over the top shouldn’t even have a place in the American system but we’re being told to accept it blindly and, in Mazie Hirono fashion: “Just shut up!”

          I suggest people here do some actual research on their own and stop being blind followers of people who only go after the low hanging fruit, which takes no skill, brains, or “skin in the game.” The left has spoken in plain English but because of an illogical, unexpainable hatred of NRA, often by people who have never been members, they are allowed to go forward with little or no challege.

  6. With the shutdown of Parler and the silencing of conservatives this is worth reposting:

    Here is what will happen over the next months and years:
    1. The Supreme Court will gain at least 3 new committed communist members. Thereby ensuring that any laws the communist congress passes will be automatically declared constitutional.

    2. Puerto Rico, Guam and DC will be admitted as states gaining the communist party 6 new senators.

    3. Churches will be closed and worship services banned in the name of covid.

    4. Conservative talk shows, newspapers, etc. will be banned.

    5. Guns will be banned and seized by the communist goons. If you think that won’t happen just keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of our former fellow citizens who will be more than happy to take the jobs that patriots would rightly refuse, and get fired for.

    6. You will be chipped and must be in order to purchase anything.

    7. Coal mines and fracking sites will be shut down as the green raw deal takes effect. This will make electricity harder to produce resulting in rolling blackouts, California style.

    8. Gasoline will become scarce as the oil supplies are shutoff and taxes imposed on production. Gasoline, when it is available, will be $6 to $10/gallon and likely reserved for exclusive use of the party members.

    9. Private transportation, cars, private aircraft, boats will become impossible to use. One of their most fervent dreams is to force the use of public transportation.

    10. Basic supplies, toilet paper, flour, sugar, milk, eggs will disappear from the shelves due to the shutdown of the trucking industry.

    11. Elections will be pro-forma affairs where only the communist party approved candidates will be permitted to run.
    12. Your 401(k) will be seized, and used to fund a basic income that will be “fair” for everyone, and even worse than that, If you dare to speak out your accounts will be frozen. No money.

    This is what you voted for when you voted for Joe Biden. You voted for slavery and a new American Revolution.

    Samuel Adams said it best, “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were once our countrymen.”

    • Finally! FINALLY!! We will have true equality, each American will have every opportunity every other American has, the same income, the same housing, education, car and wife, except of course the political leaders, who need additional resources to continue stealing elections. We will begin the wonderful equality around 10% below the current poverty level, then gradually slide downhill until about half the population has starved to death.

  7. If the NRA were completely wiped out of existence, people would still be getting shot by other people. What they are calling “gun violence” would not go away. It would not even go away if the 2nd Amendment were repealed. This entire thing is ridiculous.

  8. Here’s a conspiracy theory for you:

    Did the tech giants, the sames ones who are purging conservative and 2A speech, the same ones who are trying to murder Parler because it espouses free speech for all, trying to deny DNS to Arfcom?

    Try it yourself:

  9. What the hell does “defeat the NRA” even mean?? Seriously, is he at war with the NRA? Did Wayne pick a fight with Joe? (I’d like to see that one).

    This is just nonsensical rhetoric, it really means nothing……

    • What the hell does “defeat the NRA” even mean??

      It means they’ll use the MAILING/MEMBERSHIP lists that NRA sells to anyone and every one to hunt down the 5 million or so members/supporters of the NRA first… Low hanging fruit, take away the financial support take away the voice and they won’t stop with the NRA… Oooops, did I give away the “PLAN” too soon?

  10. I’m hoping that, once ol’ crazy uncle Joe… er, I mean President Biden… is finished with the NRA, he’ll get after the “epidemic” of drunk drivers, by going after, and “DEFEATING” the Triple-A (AAA, American Automobile Association). Because surely, in the same way the gun “problem” is the NRA’s fault, all those Triple-A members driving drunk are also the problem on the road.

  11. But nothing about the real problem…gangs…Corn Pop’s crew…
    More excuses and deflection…no personal responsibility…blame poverty…blame racism…
    How about prosecuting gun crimes…harsh sentencing?
    Oh wait…racist because it affects mostly brown and black young men.
    So…take the guns away from the law-abiding white guys. Yeah…that will fix it. SMH

  12. It still blows my mind how they could want to defund the police, then want to use the same police to take our firearms and our rights away. Of course they are not willing to explain why they are taking our rights. Because wanting to be safe is the whole reason for the 2nd amendment, not the reason to remove it.

    We are complacent in taking action. We need to make sure our voices are heard, even the firearms owners who just have it sitting in the safe under the bed should be concerned, you could become a criminal too by doing nothing.

    And I wish the NRA would get their house in order. They would pay attention with membership taking action. As well as those who voted for Biden because they thought he would be better than Trump, should have their head examined. Because even though Trump is not the best 2A president, he is far better and more stable than Biden.

    • start thinking seriously about hiding places instead of keeping all your guns in one location…which is what they are trying to get you to do…


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