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On the most generous reading, the goal of Biden’s plan is to ensure that there are fewer guns in the world and in the streets. But even in that spirit, we still have to think about who’s going to end up with the guns that remain in private hands.

People like Mark McCloskey, the lawyer made infamous for brandishing his AR-15 at Black Lives Matter protesters as they walked past his sprawling St. Louis mansion, will be able to pay whatever fees Biden throws at them, and will thus be able to hold onto as many weapons as they like. But territorial weekend warriors who feel no accountability to the community, and show little regard for gun safety, are exactly the kind of people who shouldn’t have guns.

By contrast, leftist community firearm clubs invest serious time into training and safety education, carefully vet their memberships and work arm-in-arm with the marginalized communities they are invited to protect.

And yet under Biden’s plan, the former are who will be able to afford to hold onto as much firepower as they so desire, while the people they want to hurt will be left high and dry. Simply depriving poorer people access to firearms will not rectify the structural issues such as poverty, inequality and lack of economic mobility that are correlated with gun violence.

The plan says nothing about handguns, which are responsible for far more deaths than other kinds of guns, or about expanding mental health services, or disarming the police who are responsible for an unconscionable amount of gun deaths. Nor does it do anything about the networks of right-wing radicalism that have inspired the overwhelming majority of domestic terrorist attacks or the media pundits and politicians (including Trump himself) whose rhetoric exacerbates the problem. It just focuses on the big, scary guns.

If cutting down on gun violence is the end goal here, what good could it possibly do to disarm the working class and ensure that only the well-heeled (and the agents of the state who defend them) will be able to hoard stockpiles of highly efficient weaponry?

Gun sales have already skyrocketed during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and political tensions throughout the country are incredibly high. This divisive plan will do little to curb gun violence, and will instead hammer home the vast inequalities still dividing this nation.

– Kim Kelly in Biden’s gun control plan is terrible for working class firearm owners

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  1. “But territorial weekend warriors who feel no accountability to the community….”
    Yeah, remind me who those people are again? Are they the ones burning neighborhoods down? Throwing pails of shit on the police? Looting the nike stores for social justice? Destroying public property?

    They’re all Murdercrats. Every damn one. Murdercrats bent on destroying our republic.
    Fuck them. They’re the “domestic enemies” I vowed to defend our constitution against.

  2. So close and yet so far.

    The real gold is in the comments.
    Highlights like poor people are too stupid to be trusted so this is for their own good and Biden supporters claiming “leftists” are attacking him.

    Most peoples brains really are just dissonance riddled mush.

    They need something real to do rather than “Netflix and chill.” Maybe oil rig or coal mine rotations.

    • I worked on a drilling rig one summer. (Geothermal, not oil).
      Worked my butt off. That is incredibly hard work, especially in the desert.
      The netflix binging crowd would never work like that.

      Thanks for the flashback.

      • Yeah….. some people are just more capable at real work than others…..
        Which is why labor costs are so expensive….
        College educated idiots are incapable of real work, but times are changing and hopefully now some of these “educated idiots” will know what a hard days work is all about!

        • You have to be more specific about which “college idiots” you’re speaking of. Both my parents started their adult lives with nearly nothing, put themselves through college, worked hard, and recently retired as a multi-millionaires. My father has always been a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves and fix it kind of person. No slouch.

          Are you perhaps speaking of today’s generation?

        • When I was in high school in the 1960’s , the school counselor wouldn’t give the time of day to anyone that was looking into any vocational (trade) school . Now the honor roll kids that wanted to have the teacher, doctor type office jobs could get all sorts of assistance. The “get dirty” jobs were frowned on even back then.

        • Haz: College doesn’t create idiots, nor does it make non-idiots out of idiots.

          What it does do is give idiots an inflated sense of self worth.
          And it knows no generational idiots. A man quit his job 60 years ago when an idiot fresh out of college was hired to supervise him. Said idiot was not capable of doing the quitter’s job or his own.

        • With university AND college I might be in a white collar job but I’ve been putting in 12 hour days at least 3-4 per week, and 8 hours on the others, since the team was cut by a third.

          Business maths is “the work of 2 can be done by 1 for half the cost”. REAL maths is if you cut a team by a third those who remain have to do 50% more work.

      • “The netflix binging crowd would never work like that.”

        These dem followers are so out of touch with reality that they actually believe that white people have it made and don’t have to work hard. I remember seeing Oprah talking about someone (her mother maybe? don’t remember exactly) having to labor hard all day and coming home “bone tired.” The implication was that she had to bust her butt and come home in pain because she wasn’t white. White men get up every morning and fight through pain at construction sites and other labor intensive jobs every day of the week. People like Oprah, and the left wing elite, are clueless.

        • Not to mention the working people that have career ending injuries or just worn out before their time – and then work for minimum wage at a (hardware store?). When they retire their social security is based on the highest earning quarters, which could be eaten up by inflation(since the high earning in the 80s is minimum wage now).

    • “The real gold is in the comments”

      This one I found interesting :

      “The reason we can not all agree on “Gun Control” is not because Dimz and Conservatives basically cherry pick the facts that best supports their desired outcomes. The reason we can not all agree on Gun Control is because one side is willing to give up some of their liberty and freedom for the chance at feeling a little more safe and secure and the other side knows better than to go down that road.”

      Spot-fucking on…

    • I don’t think some idiot trying to sell $hit knows a dam thing about prepping for a civil way in this country….
      Im thinking he would be the first to start crying about his “family”…. and how he was wrong about civil war…. and why can’t we all just get along….
      Getting along ain’t gonna happen…. and im here to tell you dumb hicks, these communists are as well armed as POTG…..
      So…. make you’re choice….. your family or the future if this country….. you can’t have your cake and eat it too…. you will be sacrificing everything…. just like the original settlers did….. they SACRIFICED!
      We ALL know Americans are WAY too soft for that!

      • Absolutely true, both sides are well armed. Everyone needs to know that. California is the biggest firearm market in the US. It’s crazy, I know, but look at all the hoops those people jump through. They do it. They want to defend themselves as well. Civil discussion, not war is the answer. That being said, not one inch should be conceded on our part.

  3. Biden has No Firearms Control plan as a matter of fact he has No plans. He is nothing more than an empty suit. If elected he’ll either resign within 6 months or be 25th amendment-ed. Pelosi has already floated that idea by saying she would use it against President Trump. Biden will do exactly what the Left Wing Powers that Control the Party want done and Pelosi and Schumer will go along to stay in pseudo Power. Make No mistake this election is going to be the most transformative since 1860. With the results being just as divisive. Regardless of who wins neither side will be satisfied or accepting of the others platform. Whether this will lead to another War is at best a coin flip. If it does come down to violence rest assured there will nothing Civil about it. Keep Your Powder Dry

    • Bingo. Pelosi and company are talking about the 25th amendment, but it has nothing to do with Trump. They plan to dump the figurehead they are pushing for office just as soon as possible. From their point of view, if Trump does win, the same weapon should work just as effectively.

  4. “By contrast, leftist community firearm clubs invest serious time into training and safety education…”
    Is supposed to be satire?

    • I have seen the videos of “Antifa” t**ts “practicing self-defense” and learning to shoot. OK, whatever.

      One afternoon at my range, the lane next to me was taken by two obvious lesbians (NTTAWWT), who were, from their conversation, OBVIOUSLY Leftist. One was supposedly teaching the other to use a gun. Yeah, OK. After the third time one of them swept me, reloading, I packed up and left.

      Trust me, I am not even SLIGHTLY worried about the supposed arms and knowledge of the Leftist “warriors”.

      You bitches want an actual fight????

      Bring it. Even with my ancient eyes, I can still shoot MOA groups at 400 yards. As the sainted Bill Russell famously said, “This paint is my office; this is where I do business. Don’t be comin’ in here with that weak shit!”

  5. In case you7 hadn’t noticed Biden/Harris’s policies” will hurt the poor, minorities most’ ad the remains of the middle class…

  6. The plan says nothing about handguns, which are responsible for far more deaths than other kinds of guns…

    Because, contrary to the Boomer conservative line that gun control today is about disarming minorities, Biden and his gang principally want to disarm rural white conservatives with semi-auto rifles. Those are the people that terrify the left. They are America’s Kulaks, and the Left wants to subjugate them just as the Bolsheviks abused their own native people.

    • For those who think this is crazy talk, please recall that Barack Obama started his political career with a fundraiser at Bill Ayers’ home. This is what Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground, thought (and probably still thinks) about the deplorables in flyover country:

      I asked, “Well what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?” And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.

      And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say “eliminate,” I mean “kill.” Twenty-five million people.

      I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

      – from an interview with former Weather Underground member, Larry Grathwohl

      • To see what’s happening in our streets today is to see the deranged dreams of bill ayers come true. So much for b. h. obama’s Content of Character when he stooped to work with and be mentored for years by the lily white bill ayers. For those who don’t know ayers a sick communist pos who hates America and told followers to, “kill your parents.” Who in their right mind would launch their political career from the home of a sicko like bill ayers? A bill ayers’ useful idiot named b. h. obama did exactly that.
        They may call it obamacare but it’s really billcare and the thought of losing another inch of marxist-ground is driving the America hating marxist filth mad. Bottom line…Politically inept history illiterate do-gooders voting directly or indirectly for democRats are in fact holding hands with “kill your parents” bill ayers.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  7. Read it, had some coffee and reread it, added whisky to coffee and figured out they have stumbled on a bit of actual truth that shined through the delusions. If not for some of their baked in notions they may have a chance at being citizens in more than name. Even still that could make a (temporary) buffer against further control. Nothing to be trusted as history shows what happens if their dogma is followed but at least some breathing room for production and collection to catch up.

  8. Do tell? “Leftist Community Firearm Clubs”? Haven’t heard of any of these. Maybe only the San Francisco Pink Pistols – the gay shooting club – but I think they are mildly Log Cabin Republican. Maybe I missed the satire here?

    • “Do tell? “Leftist Community Firearm Clubs”? Haven’t heard of any of these.”

      Oh my, you need to do some reading, and catch up!

      “Redneck Revolt was founded in 2016 as an anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense formation.”

      Have you completely missed the fact that Antifa has armed men who “provide security” at their riots? THESE are the people that the left wants to see armed. THESE are some of the people who will come knocking on honest citizen’s doors to “confiscate” all those “illegal” weapons talked about in the media. THESE are the useful idiots who will willingly answer the call of Beto O’Rourke to “reeducate” people like us.

      • “Redneck Revolt was founded in 2016 as an anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense formation.”

        That would make them right wing, Paul. Racism and fascism are left wing. The idea that fascism is far right is one of the greatest lies of the 20th century. It’s literally a sub-variety of socialism.

        Also from their page:
        “To us, redneck is a term that signifies a pride in our class as well as a pride in resistance to bosses, politicians, and all those that protect domination and tyranny.”

        Sounds pretty right wing to me.

    • Ehhh…infiltration is underway. This morning on my Concealed Carry ILLinois fb page Homie the clown went on and on how ” them white folks is crazy” while extolling Biden. And homie got agreement from other brown fellow plantation dwellers. . Funny but on my birthday(May 31)I saw SEVEN busloads of brown folks invading my town & the next one(as well as NW Indiana). Lock n load. You’re enemy may be right next to you at the gunshop or range!

  9. The headline made me think future Senator Kelly had been struck by an overpowering desire to tell the truth.

    Silly me, expecting him to do something honorable.

  10. Come on mannn…Everyone knows joe is fair minded. Why he goes half and half on every crooked thing his son does. And he’ll do the same for the poor. On one hand he’ll give the poor expendables one half of everything while the other hand takes the one half back. They don’t him “half and half joe” for nothing.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  11. I decided to read the linked study from this article:

    “The United States faces a growing terrorism problem that will likely worsen over the next year. Based on a CSIS data set of terrorist incidents, the most significant threat likely comes from white supremacists, though anarchists and religious extremists inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda could present a potential threat as well. Over the rest of 2020, the terrorist threat in the United States will likely rise based on several factors, including the November 2020 presidential election.”

    The “report” in the first paragraph then goes on to provide examples on how “right-wing” extremism is the issue. Three examples are given; 1) a “boogaloo” group, 2) a KKK member, and 3) an anarchist group.
    One of these three could be possibly tied to a “right-wing” ideology. The other two are not even remotely “right-wing”.

    The rest of the “report” goes on to make an attempt at justifying their premise. They include “incels”, anarchists and socialist white supremacist groups as “right-wing”. Barely a mention of antifa and not even one mentioning of BLM. It is amazing the trash people produce and think they created intellectual gold.

    • I have seen a federal level attempt to create a right wing terror group out of thin reports “proving” they exist in any statistically relevant measure for almost two decades and I am sure they have been trying for quite a bit longer. The last time I heard of such a group getting raided it was mostly leo’s that got picked up from multiple agencies that apparently did not communicate their infiltration across state/federal/local channels. I am sure there are a few capable examples somewhere in the country but overwhelmingly it was islamic/drug cartel/ecological/lefty for the actual encountered issues I ever ran into in about that order.

    • I find the statement that “right wing extremism” is the problem.

      How many cities have these “extremist” burned?

    • I find the statement complaining that right wing extremists are the problem a bit perplexing.

      How many cities have these “extremist” burned?

  12. “Nor does it (Biden’s plan) do anything about…the media pundits and politicians (including Trump himself) whose rhetoric exacerbates the problem.”

    She’s calling for a plan (other than voting) that does something about media pundits and politicians that she doesn’t agree with? Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

  13. The Democratic Party has raised more than $500 million dollars for this election than the Republican Party. Everyone on this site needs to donate hundreds if not thousands to the Republican Party NOW. The big donors are not stepping up. If we lose our rights please don’t be crying on this site. It’s your own fault.

    • 2020 is different. The media, and especially Big Tech, have never before tried to swing an election like they’re doing this year.

  14. Cue the O’Jays, For the Love of Money…

    Hunter Biden so dumb, he actually tried to ask for his computer back… can’t make this stuff up.

    • Worse than that they had their lawyer ask for it back. I am hoping they are dumb enough to sue for it, because there is more to come out. Discovery in that would be delightful!

  15. “Biden’s Gun Control Agenda Would Hurt the Poor, Minorities Most While Doing Little About ‘Gun Violence’”

    Substitute “gun control” for any of Alzheimer’s Joe’s policies in his nearly 50 years at the trough and you have the same results.


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