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uh oh

Quick, will someone please remove all of the sharp objects from Mayor Rahm’s office? He’s probably just getting what passes for very disturbing news in the City of Big Shoulders. And while they’re at it, will someone also make sure there’s no liquor or other intoxicants within police superintendent McCarthy’s reach? God knows he’s had his problems with the demon rum in the past and Garry’s not going to be any happier than Rahm is when he hears that a licensed concealed carrier stopped a shooting in progress in their town on Friday . . .

They’ll naturally try to claim it was an aberration based on the fact that the un-named defender is a “military service member.” And as everyone knows, the only ones qualified enough to handle dangerous firearms are the rigorously trained members of the police and the military. Good luck with that, boys. The fact remains that, to paraphrase a much-maligned gun rights advocate, a good guy with a gun stopped a group of bad guys with guns.

Sorry, gentlemen, we know your collective dauber must be down this morning. Getting news like this first thing on a Monday after a long holiday weekend is a helluva way to start a new work week. But chin up, guys, things can only get better from here. Surely you can make some “gun violence” hay out of that 13-hour period Sunday when 4 were shot dead and anther 25 wounded on your watch. Right?

[h/t Victor E. and T.V.]

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  1. Hell, with all the crime occurring on a daily basis in Chicago the odds of a CCW being in the vicinity of crime is pretty high I’d imagine.

    • Since there is an inverse relationship between CCW permits and crime, the odds of a DGU in Chicago are the same as anywhere else. Lots of crime and few permits or no crime and lots of permits, it all works out the same.

    • Most of the violent crime in Chicago is exclusive to the type of people who cannot legally obtain a firearm or carry permit, i.e. criminal gang wars. Take that out, and Chicago would be a halfway decent place…well, except for the roving bands of muggers on Michigan Ave.

      • I’m guessing you are talking about downtown Michigan Ave? If you are, you are mistaken about the muggers. Too many people on those streets to get away with that.

  2. If a citizen is a military member, ex military, or the same regarding Law Enforcement, that’s what the anti rights media will headline with.

    A citizen could have hung up the uniform years ago, and it wouldn’t matter.

    • The question I would pose to them about his military background, if they are responsible enough to us the gun defensibly then why not allow military to carry on base/post?

      • And why haven’t military\former military gotten a special exemption to the various gun laws in IL? Not that I’m arguing for such a carve-out…

        • They get a minor carve-out. Instead of 16 hours of CCW training, they’re only required to do 8.

    • This, and I’d be surprised if the average military vet has much training with handguns, anyway, even if they were combat troops. Two shots, two hits, my guess is that he gained that skill on his own. Cool under fire, on the other hand, may have had something to do with experience.

      • 10 years as a combat engineer – I think I touched a pistol 4 times in total, and fired them twice.

        That said, the fundamentals of safe gun handling and keeping a clear head in a stressful situation are, well, fundamenatal.

    • I was going to say the same thing.

      But if that’s how they want to play it (i.e. vets and active duty mil are gun superheros just like cops) then anyone who’s served should get automatic nationwide, lifetime carry rights just like cops and former cops.

  3. Even though the 25 shot in 13 hours is a stunning peak rate, the holiday weekend total of 82 shot is also quite a feat.

    What a cesspool.
    I can see that Obama’s community organizing skills in Chicago matches his POTUS skills.

    • If I were a young lad with a clean record on the South side of Chicago I would be rushing down to my local recruiter so I can get to safer place like Afghanistan.

  4. I live south of Chicago. I haven’t seen anything about this. It doesn’t fit the tiny dancer or Garry ” we’re gonna’ shoot concealed carriers ” McCarthy’s narrative. And where are the rivers of blood predicted? Oh yeah…they already got that. I have to go downtown this week-wish me luck.

  5. They said military member so many times in the article I started imagining this guy in multicam and a plate carrier.

    Also, don’t hang out in Pullman on Friday night. Just sayin’.

  6. Never happened. This an obvious ploy by the NRA to carry water for the firearms industry. By promoting the claim that an armed citizen stopped a crime everybody will now go out and get a gun. Blood will flow in the streets. You’ll see!

  7. First, to what address can I send a big box of sharp objects for the Mayor and, second, to what address can I send an assortment of hard liquor to the Police Chief?
    Third, it was reported that over July 4th weekend there were fifty (50) people shot in Chicago and six (6) fatalities as a result of those shootings. So, I am sure the Mayor and Police Chief are eternally grateful to this armed citizen for helping keep those numbers from getting larger, but they still adamantly refuse to “get it”. “Getting it” is reserved for the citizens of Chicago only, in their book. It must be tough to get anything done with all that blood caked on their hands…well, maybe in the case of these two, it’s not much of an impairment because of all the practice they’ve had at it….

  8. I’ve forwarded this great story (In the Chicago Tribune for all to see) to my liberal friends. I’ve gotten a comment back: “Finally! That makes one!” Considering that the permits have only been sent out a few months ago, this is a great start. Just think of the chalk expense the city will save on crime scene work!

    • Not the first one. The first DGU by a concealed carry holder in Chicago took place a couple of months ago. TTAG had an article on it.

  9. i can’t see carry having much effect on the mass orchestrated shopliftings that take place on michigan ave. (if you saw young men clearing shelves would you draw?), but if you work out the logistics of beach and park carry (illegal, of course…) some purses and tablets might be retained. eventually the tone of wallet alleviations, unsolicited home visitations and permanent car borrowings may change as carry awareness creeps onto the criminal radar. of course the truly desperate may act more swiftly and ruthlessly as an eventuality.
    i read that this dguser was asked to produce carry id by chicago’s finest. if he was on his property he should have been good with just his foid. so chalking this up to our newly re- granted rights would have to be due to said individual arming himself because of his ability to carry outside the home. to be determined.

  10. maybe we can buy Shannon and the 7 other moms a bus ticket to the South Side now to spread their message of peace, hope and love?

  11. If they stay true to form, this man will be charged with something by the end of the week. Even if he was black, they will try to make him the “black George Zimmerman.” There is nothing more dangerous than an impotent little statist who has just been made a fool of.

    • i think not. pretty good chance of not hearing much at all about this. they ruled for the kid with no foid on his property last year. since no one was hit it’ll just go quietly. too bad: i want to shout it from the rooftops.

      • I’d agree, they would like nothing more than to ignore this and pretend it never happened. Drawing more attention to it might give people the idea carrying may reduce crime and they wouldn’t like that.

  12. Chicago, like NY, and L.A., Boston, D.C., Seattle, are very small areas of the U.S., and regardless of population jammed into them, they represent very little of America, and if you pack another few billion of the world’s population within their borders they won’t represent another square inch of America. If you let that population spill out into the rest of America, we will convert them to Conservative gun-owners eventually.

    I resent Chicago, IL or even that whole state from getting so much play. Rahm is a diminutive man in a city going the way of Detroit, and Bloomberg is the mayor of a twelve-mile strip going the way of a movie title-beginning “Escape From__________”.

  13. Their issue is they don’t know how to investigate a legal shooting. It was by the book and clean. So they can’t use it in their statistics or investigate it as a homicide.

    • The Boston Bomber was labelled a victim of gun violence, as have others who engaged in violence and were killed by a gun owner defending his/her own life. If there is a way for facts to be twisted they will be in pursuit of gun control

  14. Just another typical weekend in Chicago. In the 84 hours span from Thursday to Monday morning, 82 people shot with 14 killed. It’s not the guns folks, it’s the culture.

    • If he didn’t police his brass then littering
      If he did police his brass then removing evidence

  15. It’s nice of McCarthy to give Rahm the benefit of a reach-around, but why publish the picture?

  16. Just to collect it in one spot, could the former or current military members here briefly explain how much handgun training they give you? I remember a few people here saying it was almost non-existent.

    • Changes from branch to branch. I can’t speak for the others, but the USN (surface) treats the M9 as the primary service weapon, with the M500 and M16 used strictly for special purposes. Bootcamp quals are M9 with a familiarization shoot for the M500. Most entry-point guards use the M9, and lightly-trained “Ship’s Response Force” use the M9 primarily, although I’ve heard that ships with M4s bought off the USA for cheap are slowly phasing those in with SRF.

  17. Notice the details of the DGU, the CCW holder fired two rounds and both hit the attacker. 100% accuracy rate… a rate the NY cops would be envious of.

  18. It must have been a tough day at the Tribune with all the editors in a conference room trying to figure out how to report this story without actualy saying that a non LEO citizen with legal gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.

    Hey, I know…. let’s call him a “military service member” and just to be sure the readers get the point that this was not an average ordinary citizen, lets refer to him multiple times in the story as “military service member”.

    becuase we all know for a fact that only LEO and Military can be trusted with guns. it has to be so, I read it on the internet.

  19. After the successful DGU, they repeat “military member” like a monastic chant to emphasize that only such superhumans are capable of wielding a self-defense firearm to anything less than disastrous effect. However, when the Democrats are trying to confiscate guns, they single out veterans for special slander first, suggesting they’re all suffering from the “new phenomenon”, per Sen. Feinstein, of PTSD, and could freak out at any minute.

    Ahhh….liberalism. Must be nice pontificating on the issues of the day at a remove, without all that pesky intellectual rigor and honesty weighing you down.

  20. Strangely, this bit of news got attention from the media outlets. I read it first on Yahoo news before seeing it on TTAG.

  21. This will glaze over law makers anyway. They’ll still just say something like ‘look at all these shootings! We need more gun control!’

    They just don’t get it. The only thing that fixes this is electing people who do.

  22. Y’know, after the fire “they” rebuilt with long, straight streets. The stated reason was so that Authority could set up a Gatling or two at a safe distance from disgrutnled labourers having the temerity to strike.

    Some things never change.

  23. File this story under the WGAF category. No one cares, eapeciLly the people trying to remove the 2A.

  24. It’s 2107 and this happened in 2014. Garry McCarthy is long gone as Chicago Police Chief. Why id this old news still being posted?

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