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First it was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who opined that impeachment really isn’t a valid reason for President Trump not moving forward with the push for gun control. Apparently congressional Democrats didn’t think there would be any legislative consequences to their attempt to remove him from office.

Now, it’s the Dems’ media stenographers who want to try to shame Trump into giving Democrats something they really, really want despite their existential attack on his presidency.

They apparently had him leaning their way…at least on a red flag incentive bill and some form of background checks. But now . . .

Two days after Barr’s (trial baloon “idea”) meetings, news broke that President Trump had asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a “favor”: to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over the latter’s work at a Ukrainian energy company.

In the days that followed, Politico reported, the senators working on bipartisan gun reform began to get radio silence from the White House about their plans. Then, on Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Now, the president is openly using impeachment as an excuse to bat away expectations that the White House will support gun-control legislation.

“She’s not interested in guns,” he said Wednesday at the United Nations. “Nancy Pelosi is not interested in guns and gun protection [or] gun safety.”

If Pelosi was interested in gun reform, Trump implied, she’d be focusing on legislative priorities instead of an impeachment inquiry. Never mind that, shortly before Trump spoke that afternoon, House Democrats held a hearing to debate banning assault weapons.

On Wednesday afternoon, during a press briefing at the UN, Trump turned to Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, “who I’ve been dealing with on guns.” Murphy’s now “too busy wasting time on the witch hunt” to legislate, Trump said.

– Morgan Baskin in Trump Is Using Impeachment as an Excuse to Not Pass Gun Safety Laws

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  1. Which means if the Dems were willing to trade impeachment for gun control we would have more gun control than guns. Does anyone else hear Trump offering a trade?

      • The “TROUBLED” Left knows it has stepped in a big pile of poopey now that Pitiful Pelosi decided to go forward with Impeachment so called “inquiries”. This is nothing but a “stall” method to prolong this fiasco until the elections.

        So how many out there thinks she Is going to really let this happen? Even if he is brought up on charges — for what offense I do not know– she still needs every last vote of her entire house to validate impeachment. Do you actually think that is ever going to happen? NO! There are too many Republicans in the house and you only need one (1) negative vote to make Impeachment NOT pass the house.

        This is just a Bunch of Noise about nothing…and Pelosi knows it. Unfortunately for the Democrat party, by the time this “pity party” is over, they (democrats) will have angered enough Americans that their numbers in Congress will have shrunk considerably! That will be a day to celebrate in our Nation!! And President Trump will still be President while the rest of the locolistas will be out of a job.
        Hey, better they are out of a job than cause our Country to have a Revolution because of their “simpleton” brains!

        • The Democrats aren’t as stupid as they look. If the ONLY file Impeachment on the “Ukraine”, there is no testimony about the whole “Russian Collusion” situation.

          Chief Justice Roberts will preside over the trial, and won’t allow testimony about things not charged. So no Comey or McCabe or anything about Fusion GPS will be involved.

          They STILL Impeach him, and of course lose in the Senate, but they smear him. They have to appease the rabid TDS folks in their party. Most believe smearing Trump (Again) with something unprovable will hurt him and Republicans in the 2020 Election cycle.

          They avoid any public airing of the whole “Russian Collusion” thing aired in open trial and Impeach Trump, as promised to their rabid base.

      • Something to keep in mind is that there are more guns in American’s hands than there are in our Military. Who thinks any Patriot will ever turn over their guns without a full blown Revolution? Not one Patriot I know personally and a lot of Ex Military will never hand over their guns.
        The Loony Left is so out to lunch on this issue and absolutely none of them really know what American’s truly think — dems only listen to that wacko voice inside their head that says “everyone” believes the same way they do. No sane person thinks like a Leftist because if they did, they’d be locked up in a padded cell and water and biscuits thrown at them through a hole in the padded door.

        Give up Gun Control Leftys! No one is going to give you their guns…ever. Every state that has tried to get their inhabitants to turn in guns never got more than a handful of guns from old geezers who couldn’t line up a shot if they tried. So where were the huge numbers of Americans that were supposed to turn in their guns Leftists?? Where FRIGGIN were they?

        If you Leftists can’t figure out why no one is turning in their guns, well you had better stop being stupid and find the real reason no one is listening to you whining about something you know nothing about and care even less!

    • Be careful. If you start reading quid pro quo implied into every statement Trump makes, before long you may turn into a democrat.

      • It would be a typical tactic of the Dems to negotiate their “gun control” which they have only a small chance of passage for dropping impeachment charges. Here is the reason why. Bill Clinton when he was in office signed a treaty with the Ukraine government to be able to investigate criminal activity and pass it onto each other. Mind you “criminal activity”. Joe and Hunter together got the prosecutor in Hunter’s case fired and even bragged about it to his friends. Therefore what Trump did asking the Ukraine president for help in this investigation is perfectly legal and once this comes to trial the entire case will almost certainly be thrown out of court. If Trump holds his course he has everything to gain and nothing to lose, the Dems have no case and are wasting their time when they could be concentrating on gun control.

        • The “court” in this case, should articles of impeachment be approved by the House, would be the Senate, with the Chief Justice of SCOTUS as the judge. Just like it was when Clinton was impeached.

        • It’s gone too far at this point. The Democrats and the MSM have got so much invested in impeachment they can’t stop the train even if they wanted to. They would look worse than the flaming fools we already know they are. If they drop impeachment now in exchange for any kind of deal on anything, they can kiss the 2020 elections good-bye.

  2. The Democrats REALLY have a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They just can’t help themselves.

    If slick Willy couldn’t get impeached over turning WhiteHouse.gov into WhiteHouse.com, and certainly not over his deals with China (the former west coast naval facility turned into a free port for a Chinese consortium), what luck do the Dems stand to get Trump impeached over a back-channel favor?

    Poker players vs Chess players.

    • There is nothing deranged about wanting Trump gone, it is the sanest possible reaction to that piece of shit. He is the worst thing to happen to the conservative movement since Nixon.

      This cult of personality that people put up around their party leader is a mental illness. The Democrats still do it somewhat around the Clintons, though her loss and how she managed to throw it all away has tarnished that cult quite a lot.

      For the Republicans or other conservatives to do this for Trump, a continual and ongoing disaster, is mind boggling.

      At least gun control is looking derailed once again. A helpful accident of politics.

        • Dilusional lefties will tear down their own party, trying to impeach Trump.

          Nothing positive will be their reward, and millions of voters pissed off, that will change to side Trump.

          The 2020 election will keep TRUMP in office, and throw piss onto the Dems cornflakes once again.

          By this time, though, they won’t even have any possible thing left to throw at Trump.

          The ONLY WAY a Dumb-as-Crap will win a seat back is to jump ship.
          I really hope that AMERICANS really hold these Dumb-as-Craps responsible and UNSEAT them.

          They’ve done absolutely NOTHING to help move the country forward for 3 years of Trump. It’s time to go Pelosi & Schumer!

      • What did Trump do to you?
        Piss in your cereal this morning?
        Or are you just a TDS dumb ass?
        Trump is not perfect, but he beats the hell out of the dims and rino’s.
        Who would you have voted for? hildabeast the hag?
        Lose money on a bet?
        Really wanted mittins?

        • Ignoring all the insult crap, a different Republican, that’s who.

          And no, not Mittens Romney. The only candidate to have actually gotten gun control passed in his state and he’s a Republican!? WTF!?!?!?

      • “There is nothing deranged about wanting Trump gone, it is the sanest possible reaction to that piece of shit. He is the worst thing to happen to the conservative movement since Nixon.”

        How so? Would you rather have your lover Billary?

        • Trump wasn’t anyone I would have picked for POTUS. He wasn’t even a top choice for me among the people who ran on the GOP side. But I’m pretty sure that if Ted Cruz were elected, all the same people would be working to destroy him with pretty much the same zeal. That even goes for prog-lights like Kasich.

        • I believe Obama and his tearing apart this nation was the worst thing that ever happened to this country. He sends Eric Holder and the FBI to Ferguson to get that boy and after intensive interviews with locals they come back and tell him the cop was justified and he pushes a hands up I surrender campaign to tear blacks and whites apart. What black trash.

      • “He is the worst thing to happen to the conservative movement since Nixon.“

        Do you have any clue as to what you’re going on about? You were clearly raised in a liberal college. I know, I attended one too. And the only Thing I learned was not to trust bullshitting liberal professors. And this type of bullshit is on direct display here in you’re statement.

        1. Look at the result of the 72 election. Nixon’s scandals didn’t wipe all of that away.

        2. The proof. Ronald Reagan. If Nixon was so destructive to conservatives, then just how in the hell did only 5 years later, Reagan win in a landslide, then in 84 absolutely destroyed the left in the greatest election victory in history.

        3. Compare Trump to Nixon all you want, but Trump has of yet committed no crimes. Just because the democrats and media scream he does doesn’t make it so.

        4. IF, Trump is the next Nixon, then I look forward not only to his smashing re-election, then the true conservative blow out we stand to get with the next Reagan.

      • Can you please explain to me how in the ever-loving FUCK, Orange Man is in any way worse than W. Bush? Because unless you’re about to blow my mind, I’d say you are full of shit and have a bad case of TDS.

      • “He is the worst thing to happen to the conservative movement since Nixon.”

        In terms of the Democrats wouldn’t this statement being true argue strongly in favor AGAINST impeachment?

        Regardless of if Trump is bad or good for Conservatism he would by definition be bad for the GOP and, if so obviously terrible, run that party into the ground with no assistance required from the Democrats.

        Yet they’d seem to be incapable of dropping their impeachment ideas (though the grounds for it may shift). How odd that the guy who’s the harbinger of the GOPs destruction is a fixture of Democratic attacks.

    • Sorry to be pedantic, but Clinton did get impeached, he just didn’t get removed from office. And it still cost the Republicans dearly.

      The Democrats in the House can vote to impeach all they want, Trump stands literally a 0% chance of being removed from office as well. I’ve got a feeling the repercussions for them would be even worse than the GOP endured with Clinton.

  3. It’s funny how the media ignore what was said right after Trump asked for a favor. After that, he immediately asked about Crowdstrike servers, as in, he was trying to get to the bottom of the so called Russian hack. I thought we wanted to get to the bottom of the hack??? After all this time, they still can’t admit that the entire collusion scandal was completely fabricated, so they skip right over that important little nugget.

    Now they’re fabricating another scandal. They already used a special prosecutor, so they can’t go down that road again. They’re just skipping right to what they wanted all along: impeachment. They started the process before the transcript and the complaint were even available because, let’s be honest here, facts don’t really matter. How do people not understand what a joke the democrats and the media have become?

    • What collusion scandal? At no time was collusion a thing that was being investigated. It is not even a crime or term of law. It is a term promoted most strongly and repeatedly by one man, Trump himself. In this he was successful to divert substantial media attention and the opinions of his supporters away from what the Russia investigation was about, Russian State interference in American elections.

      Which was found and proven and numerous indictments issued. Secondary and unrelated crimes were also found, indictments issued and convictions reached in trials and plea bargains.

      Even before that a herd of Russians were booted out of our country and two Russian mansions were seized here in the USA. The reason for that was both the discovery of a massively successful cyber spying effort by Russia and the interference in elections.

      Which all continues today. Not just against our country but against Western democracies generally.

      What remains a mystery is how it is that Trump continues to defend Russia and how his followers lap that shit up like sweet cream.

      The Russian government under Putin is our enemy and should be treated as such. Not coddled and defended and praised by an American President.

      • “It (collusion) is a term promoted most strongly and repeatedly by one man, Trump himself.”

        Where have you been the past 2.5 years?? Trump colluding with Russia is all they were talking about. “Trump committed treason.” “Trump is in Putin’s pocket.” “Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election.”

        It was never about Russia. Election interference was a means to an end. It was always about getting Trump. Your man Obama and his team didn’t give a flip about election interference until Hillary lost. You’ve lost any credibility you may have had on this site.

      • How, specifically, is Russia our enemy? Compare and contrast the threat from Russia and China. The real question is why is China coddled?

        • China bribes in larger denominations. Also they were our primary off shore factory but that seems to be changing.

        • Dude is right

          China is this nations BIGGEST enemy!

          and will be for decades unless the masses wake up
          My example why…name one thing in your home, or anyone you knows home(besides a gun or ammo) that is made in russia
          I’ll wait and I bet the whole list is less than 10 items at best!

      • enuf,

        … what the Russia investigation was about, Russian State interference in American elections.

        Apparently, actual facts do not matter to you.

        If Mueller’s investigation was not about President Trump somehow colluding with the Russian government to win the election, why did Mueller’s team investigate Trump, his aids, and his campaign staff? Why did Mueller’s team want to interrogate President Trump? After all, how would Trump or his campaign staff have any idea what Russian state agents were doing during the campaign?

        And if Mueller’s investigation was about election interference, why didn’t Mueller’s team interrogate the FBI, the intelligence community, and Homeland Security (or similar)?

        • And now we know that they knew the answer to every question they were asking Trump. It was a perjury trap to get Trump with something, anything.

        • Damn dude, you got TDS real bad.
          BTW, why are you here on a firearm site?
          You belong over at hufpo.
          FYI, odipstick and the rest of the collusion illusion crew belong in jail along with that gross hag clinTON.
          She/it already has lumps on her forehead. One more face lift and she/it will have a third eye and a beard.

      • “Russian State interference in American elections…Which was found and proven”

        Where was this proven? You’ve been consuming the smoke and mirrors propaganda. Open your mind and look at the actual facts, not the approved narrative you’re fed 24/7.

        “Mueller’s team did not say in the indictment that IRA or Concord worked for the Russian government, nor could it produce any evidence to support the Mueller report’s claims of Russian government control or coordination with IRA or Concord. Mueller barely escaped contempt of court because (1) he violated a mere “standing court rule,” and not a court order (which she entered after the first violation); and (2) Mueller held a May 29 press conference to walk back public accusations that Concord and IRA worked on behalf of the Russian government.”

        Mueller helped to push the Russia conspiracy even though he couldn’t prove it in a court of law, and was actually ordered by the judge to stop lying about it. Not much reporting on that over at MSNBC and CNN, huh?

      • To Enuf and all the others who keep talking about ALL the indictments of Russians for interfering with the election. One none of the Russians were indicted for conspiring with ANY Americans. Two the Mueller Witch Hunt report stated that NO American conspired with the Russians. Three none of the individual Russians have yet to be arrested and taken to trial. Four indictments are easy to get, the saying is “The prosecutor can get a ham sandwich indicted.” Five zero evidence that “Russian interference” which consisted of nothing more than free speech changed so much as one vote. We know that interference from Facebook and Google changed votes to Hillary. Six every bit of the interference occurred on now [Thank God] Ex-President Obama and VP Biden’s watch.

      • Right… you liberals are just all SO anti Russia now… now being the key word. You absolutely *loved* Russia back when they were the Soviet Union. And the Soviet Union was FAR, FAR, light years beyond, in its ability to harm the United States then Russia is now. Modern Russia is a freaking joke in ALL areas of concern compared to the Soviets. The Soviet Union had a far larger and more capable military with true global reach, its nuclear forces out numbered ours and were way more capable then the current Russian arsenal. The Soviet Air Force was actually a match for ours and for a time they dominated the space race. They also had far more leverage economically, more support at the UN, and more countries in their pocket due to their global arms sales….

        But nnnoooowwww Russia is the greatest threat ever… back when they were the Soviet Union I guess they were just misunderstood right?

      • I always find in humorous when people are astounded that Russia (or anyone else) is meddling in our elections (or any other countries)! Since when was this not a problem? For that matter WE meddle in elections all the time, Canada’s, Israel’s and you can bet we try in Russian “elections” as well.

        I grew up with the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons and guess who was the villain? Let’s see …. who were they? Oh yes Boris Badinov and Natasha, RUSSIANS! OMG! No surprises here.

        What is a surprise is that BO weaponized our intelligence infrastructure and used foreign intelligence to get around laws in an attempt to throw the 2016 elections. They also ran this scam to throw the 2018 elections and lose the house and now we are paying for it.

        À la lanterne!

      • enuf: Do you not remember Obama saying “I’ll have more flexibility later”? How ’bout Hillary’s “reset button”. Putin wanted Hillary president. He saw her as someone who only wanted money. Saw her as someone who would ignore his move to take more land, as Obama did: watching Crimea get swallowed back into Russia. Saudi Arabia gave Bill Clinton $1million for his birthday. Why? Why did the Clinton Foundation fold after she lost? The whole thing was a pay-to-play favor foundation. No one gave her & Bill money because they liked them.

      • So, just to be clear, the dispute everyone is having is whether Trump conspiring with the Russians or Hillary/Obama conspiring with the Ukrainians to steal the election is worse? Got it.

    • Wait, do you actually believe that Pelosi didn’t already know what was in that transcript? Schiff did, based on what he said before it was released. It is clear that multiple people in the White House were leaking to the Democrats, and they were leaking to the media. The intelligence agencies don’t like Trump and want him gone, and it is clear they are coordinating with the Democrats to try to take him out.

    • “I thought we wanted to get to the bottom of the hack???”

      The DNC’s insistence on using a private company (Crowdstrike) rather than US Government, that is public, resources for the investigation strongly suggests that the DNC itself didn’t want to get to the bottom of the hack. Or, didn’t want the public to know what was at the bottom of the hack.

      Curious that Crowdstrike does what it does and there’s no public record yet the DNC alleged to have been victim of a serious CRIME which would normally get LE involved. But… get the FBI or other government agencies involved and suddenly “public record” comes into play.

      Curiouser still is how the people at the top of Crowdstrike are long time and well known fans of Hillary.

      This is rapidly devolving into a Lewis Carroll story.

  4. This is the perfect opportunity for Trump to tell them to go pound sand on gun control. Is that what he’ll do? Who the heck knows. I do believe, however, that the libtards will pick impeachment over gun control. That’s been their goal ever since Trump was elected.

    • That don’t actually care about getting gun control legislation. They just want to scream about it and use it as a fundraiser. What if they got what they wanted and there were still mass murders? How could they blame the NRA and republicans then? I guess then, they would move to ban handguns and shotguns.

  5. Yep the dims want Drumph out and Pence…in??? It’s about control. They hate the President more than they hate US. BTW why would the orangeman agree with the dims if it guaranteed a bunch of gun owner’s wouldn’t vote for him?

    • He was probably looking to make some sort of deal. Remember the big propaganda push for the dreamers until they got court protection for awhile? Democrats demanded that Trump give amnesty to 1 million illegal aliens. He said I’ll give amnesty to TWO million dreamers and their families. All you have to do is make reforms to the border and process so we don’t keep ending up in this same situation. All of a sudden the democrats and the media quit the propaganda push for those people. They never cared about them to begin with. They were using them as pawns.

  6. Well, it would seem that the dems, once again, have shot themselves in the foot, perhaps next time, and there will be a next time, they’ll choose to shoot themselves in the head and save everybody else the effort…

  7. The left doesn’t think much beyond their eyesight on issues. They never think about someone else having power, or a rule change being used against them in the future. Like their spoiled supporters they live for today and the hell with tomorrow.

    I hope DJT personally called Chuck Schumer and told him to go fuck himself.

    • GS650G,

      The left doesn’t think much beyond their eyesight on issues.

      Ha ha, the Left doesn’t THINK at all!

      Rather, the Left just acts-out based on emotion, fantasy, and their whimsical notion of virtue at that instant.

  8. “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who opined that impeachment really isn’t a valid reason for President Trump not moving forward with the push for gun control. Apparently congressional Democrats didn’t think there would be any legislative consequences to their attempt to remove him from office.”

    Liberalism is a mental illness, fully on display.

  9. I think Democrats will do ANYTHING to NOT give Trump a clear win. So throwing a chance Trump will sign more gun control under the bus is no sacrifice. THEY want a Democrat President to have credit.

    Why do you think the USMCA Treaty is sitting on a legislative committee shelf collecting dust right now? They think in January or February 2021 their new Democrat President will get the “W!” when they fast track it and it passes.

    Anything that looks like a Trump victory, they will oppose. The term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) isn’t just a talking point with no real basis in reality. TDS is real, and running rampant in Congress right now.

    We will see in 2020 on November Forth how that strategy turns out.

    • “We will see in 2020 on November Forth how that strategy turns out.”

      I would like to see what would happen if Trump called Nancy and said, “You should adjourn until January 21, 2021, because between now and then I will be signing no legislation, of any kind that does not have 100% of Republicans voting for it.”

      • They’d crucify him in the press for dong nothing. Right now the budget is being neglected, and an “Omnimess Budget Bill” will end up being passed.

        If he paralyzed the government, they’d destroy him. The press controls the narrative for the stupid and uninformed. When Bush 1 refused to sign a budget bill, the press made it “Al his fault”. When Clinton refused to sign one, it was Newt Gingrich and Republicans fault.

        About 10% of voters are wavering idiots. They SAY they are “undecided”, truth is they are trying to be with the “Winner!” in every election. If they buy the media narrative they’ll vote the people they see as less evil, and the “Winner”. That will be Democrats.

        I wish the world was different but every big election is that way. Sometimes in local/state elections people vote on who brings the most pork, but in Presidential elections it often goes with who they see as the “Top Contender”, and they want to feel like they are a winner too by picking the winner to vote for.

        The press would endlessly report on everything shutting down the government impedes, and Democrats would stick poison pills in every budget bill to get Republicans to not vote for it. Then the President would have to veto. That could get them the “W” in 2020.

        I don’t see them selling more uncontrollable borders and immigration, more taxes, and bigger government as the best thing in 2020 and end up even holding the House, let alone Presidency . That’s their strategy so far.

        • “They’d crucify him in the press for dong nothing. ”

          Not a good benchmark for decision/strategy making. Gets “crucified” regardless, since 2015. Democrats claim he is illegitimately elected, and all his actions are therefor null and void. They claim he cannot do this or that because he is being impeached, and all his actions (including signing bills into law) are void because of it. This will also be their battle cry when it comes to federal judges, and especially Ruthie. Therefore, if he is not president because he stole the election, even budget bills are invalid.

          This whole “Republicans get blamed for government shutdowns” is a tired old horse, and untrue. Well, they get blamed in the press, but the blame is not the kiss-of-death for the Republicrats (they do that to themselves).

  10. “Legacy Media Waking Up to Effect of Impeachment on Gun Control Progress”

    It should read DemoCommie propaganda wing Waking Up to Effect of Impeachment on Gun Control Progress

  11. President Trump is as real as it gets. Love him or hate him. He’s better than the treasonous Scumbag Democrats. All they want to do is sell this country out to the highest bidder. Take away rights and tax me to death. Enough! You want a fight with the people who elected Trump, well let’s go.

  12. Well this is not even worth talking just the same old news The only thing I know is Trump has done nothing but try and help this nation he has not made money for it unlike Obama who was the democrat’s sweetheart A man who could not even prove where he was born and locked his entire past behind a wall of secrecy to stop anybody from finding out anything and did nothing but try and destroy this nation and in the process make him and his wife extremely rich . Now for Biden, he is on tape bragging about how he got a Ukraine investigator fired that was investigating his son Hunter and used A US lone guaranty to do it. Now between them who have done wrong not Trump But the other two heck yes they have screw over the people of this nation

  13. This just shows once again that the left is unable to think logically about human behavior and that’s if they’re still rational which most aren’t these days.

  14. Sure, the Russians gave my foundation $100 million dollars after I sold them the United States uranium supply, and a Saudis gave me millions after I gave weapons to ISIS, but can you believe that they didn’t have the gratitude to rig the election for me as well?

    • We tried but you’re just so unlikeable Hillary that Donald Trump managed to beat you even though we made sure that fifteen percent of the votes going for him went for you.

  15. “enuf” ignorant comments and talking points from the propaganda arm of the dumbcrats, the main street media, CNN, MSMBC, etc… Try getting a brain! President Trump protects himself using Twitter, otherwise keeping silent the news media would have turn everyone against him long ago and he would be gone! HE IS NOT A SCUMBAG POLITICIAN, asswipe! Trump has accomplished more in two years than the last three presidents all together! Remember how many people lost their jobs because of Obama and the destruction of the healthcare system, Obama Care! Stalin, Hitler, Mao are example of “cult of personality” not President Trump! You want gun confiscation, open boarders, illegals (taking jobs from Americans, lower wages, no country, etc..) state run healthcare that is substandard, astronomical taxes, then vote for a dumbcrat for President!

  16. Quid Pro Quo yet again. Don’t give the DamnRats a single thing. All negotiation or compromise are off the table now, and it’s the DamnRats fault. Period.

  17. All of you people better wake up the socialist and the communist democrats want to disarm our country they don’t care about you or me all they want is the power to control our country. you need to start reading about the democratic party you will find out the true meaning of communism.

  18. this statement tells me something and i dare anyone to say its not true, what i see is trump is scared because he doesn’t think he will win against Biden, if he thinks he could win then why is he trying to drum up a fake case in Ukraine to discredit Biden from the election and here is the best question for you to answer why does trump have to discredit Mueller case that he says cleared him because if the people know it was Russia who interfered not Ukraine it was Russia the fingers point to trump and he knows it. and everything brought up about trump do you notice he has to bargain his way out well this person did this so you can’t do this. where is the honor when you have to drum up false information to prove your right

  19. Has anyone met a gun control law that’s prevented a murder? The F.B.I. recently published that more people are killed with knives than guns. They along with the C.D.C. and Lott have proven that the Clinton “assault weapons ban” had no effect on crime. Crime went down when concealed carry went up.

    • “Has anyone met a gun control law that’s prevented a murder? ”

      Generally speaking, “laws” don’t prevent, they establish the guard rails for the law-abiding; the “rules”, if you will.

      It is impossible to know the number of non-violations of any law, or the reason(s) for the non-violations. It is possible to come up with a less than fully accurate number of times a law is violated (not all violations are detected).

      Laws set the rules, and punish the detected violator (well, punish sometimes). Not sure we are taken seriously when trying to oppose laws and regulations because the promulgators cannot “prove” how any law prevented violations of the intent. Not only can we not determine a number of murders prevented because of gun control laws, we cannot determine the number of murders prevented; murder itself is illegal.

  20. I think the fact that no one has taken a shot at Trump yet is testimony that we really don’t need gun control.


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