The New CPX-4 From SCCY Firearms is an Effortless Choice

SCCY Firearms has expanded their lineup of affordable personal protection handguns and devoted themselves to engineering and manufacturing a pistol focused on ease of use, making the new CPX-4 about as close to “effortless” as a .380 can get.

The CPX-4 comes complete with an optimized recoil system, the innovative Roebuck Quad-Lock Technology that promises repeatable accuracy, ambidextrous manual safety, and three 10-round magazines. The biggest improvement from their CPX-1 and CPX-2 (both 9mm) is the noticeably effortless slide by utilizing an optimized recoil spring assembly. Existing SCCY fans and new customers alike will take notice of the easy manipulation when racking their CPX-4 handgun.

Available in .380 Auto, the barrel and receiver are machined from bar stock, while the grip and frame are made from Zytel polymer. The slide is stainless steel, and available in two color options: natural stainless or black nitride finish. Most importantly, the subcompact double-stack is made for everyday concealed carry.

Looking for more distinct features on SCCY’s CPX-4? It’s the Roebuck Quad-Lock that really helps it stand out from the rest. This technology locks the barrel to the slide in four different spots: at the rear of the chamber, the front of the chamber, and two adjacent points at the front of the barrel where it interfaces with the slide. This Quad Locking marries the barrel and slide into one solid piece, improving accuracy by ensuring that the barrel returns to the exact same location every time.

Concealment is natural with ideally-sized dimensions, meaning you can comfortably carry the CPX-4 anytime, anywhere. We couldn’t think of any scenario where it wouldn’t be the perfect carry option, especially considering the respectable MSRP of only $305. Holsters, lasers, and additional accessories are already available.

The wait to get your hands on the all new SCCY CPX-4 is short, with a release date of Fall 2019. SCCY will also be offering a $25 mail-in rebate on any firearm purchase starting Oct. 1, 2019. Visit for more details.

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