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Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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Chuck Schumer doesn’t think a little thing like impeachment should stand in the way of President Trump working with Democrats to hand them one of their most coveted legislative achievements.

“Amidst the impeachment inquiry the gears of government can still move,” Schumer said. “Anyone who suggests otherwise is advancing a false narrative.”

“In fact, the best example of governing for this president … would be to pass the universal background bill, which has been sitting on the door step of the Senate for well over 200 days.”

The New York Democrat chided Trump for meeting last week with NRA chief Wayne LaPierre, during which LaPierre reportedly told Trump to “stop the games” on gun legislation.

“How dare he and why would Trump take that from Wayne LaPierre,” Schumer said. “President Trump must do whatever it takes to resist the clouded comfort he craves from the likes of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.”

– Israel Salas-Rodriguez in Schumer to Trump: Don’t let impeachment talk derail gun legislation thousands of new and used guns at great prices

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  1. I’m not sure if Schumer is naturally retarded or if he was dropped on his head repeatedly as a child.

    The DemoKKKommie legislative agenda is over in this Congress. You can’t un-ring the impeachment bell. Right now Trump has zero reasons to compromise with them on anything.

    • It’s so stupid that it’s funny right now.
      “The whole democratic party would like to impeach you but would you sign off on this universal background check bill?” 😂
      I know what I’d be saying or better yet, what finger I’d be raising towards them.

        • Dems and the Fems are one in the same.

          Just because we are divorcing you because we cheated… And we are trying to ruin your life… And trying to steal all your property, cars, money…And trying to take your kids… And telling everybody lies about you…Doesn’t mean you can’t give us that new Mercedes roadster we have alwwwways wanted. Thank you in advance…loser!

          Yep… Dems and Fems.

      • Exactly…. And in reality, this Schumer piece of work is sticking it right to the American people when he says this sh!t….
        It’s treasonous behavior what these as$e$ in Congress are doing and WE THE PEOPLE have to stop it….. THEY WILL NOT STOP THEMSELVES I PROMISE YOU THAT!

      • No way you assholes want to impeach our President and then you ask him to work with the same People the Democrats are really STUPID. All you Democrats in the House and Senate Should go to Blazes. President Trump Do not give in to these Democrats we Believe in our President

    • Neither, he is actually the spawn of Satan, though he does have to check in with daddy from time to time, since he isn’t the brightest of them.

    • The stereotypes of corruption here in NY if anything are understated and the arrogance that comes with power is worse when there is no accountability. What is truly terrifying when normal Americans get to know our state is Shumer is one of our cleaner politicians for the Democrat Machine. Think of it this way, he is able to serve at the federal level without getting arrested. Many of our local reps would have issues there.

      • “Americans get to know our state is Shumer is one of our cleaner politicians for the Democrat Machine.”

        By comparison, he’s an honest crook.

        • does anyone know what he is really being charged with? its the basses of his phone transcript that he wrote himself asking the Ukrainian government to do him a favor and makeup an investigation against Biden. while he is sending his personal lawyer to Warsaw, on the premise as as a rep of the state department trying to start a bogus investigation against Biden to discredit him from the election, while talking to Australia and Italy to help discredit .Mueller investigation which from what i understand has already been confirmed, then you have that he has been trying to push everyone to believe it was Ukraine that interfered in 2016 not Russia for some reason . then you add in that trump has Barr involved in all this with Giovanni since the beginning. so encase you haven’t thought it sounds like they planned all this out, to screw this country over and the american people. Most of this has been already proven by the democrats star witness and trumps biggest mistake Giovanni, infect they got another witness to the call that didn’t admit they were present to the call, the head of the state department that said he didn’t now much or something like that, but turned out was involved in the call and Giovanni ratted him out on national TV Sunday.

        • To Phantom- Good job Buddy! I am so proud of you for figuring out how to use a computer. There is a supermarket near me that hires people like you to bag the groceries, so keep working at it you can be independent someday despite your mental disability. Remember, you are special, just like your mommy told you.

      • Audacity, as in their definition of compromise: You give something, I ask for more. Remember they will NEVER like us. Quit rolling over. McCain tried it. Joe Leiberman tried it. Anyone else?

      • What part of the “shall not be infringed” .. as contained in the 2nd. Amendment, can’t any a dummycrat not yet understand ?. It’s just to rich to digest of what keeps on coming from (chuck-da-shmuck-schumer) this other lying old turd, or, from any of them parasites and Congress-clowns who’ve intentionally betrayed their “sworn oath of duty”, and simply cannot wait to dictate on US .. the common US American people. As a matter of fact, ALL those in the nest of them filthy, cowardly rabid rats inside the democrats’ party, their supporters, the rinos, and those never-trumper-scumbag-cowards who hide in the “Deep State” .. these should realize, by now, that our POTUS Mr. Trump will not be taken down as easily as they thought. This, despite of their manufacturing the most absurd, evil and malicious of accusations. Truth said, when it all comes down as to who’s really a traitor, and who’s really betrayed their sworn oath of duty .. all evidence points to the democrats, them deceivers and loud-mouths liars and deceivers who for near 3 years now have – only – been engaged in a coup, trying to remove POTUS Trump from office, with nothing but lies, lies, and more lies. The irony here is, that, the US American public has become aware that, all along, it’s been but them “righteous” dems, the hypocrites and cheats who are totally guilty of the very crimes that they’ve been trying to pin on POTUS Trump. And, all of what the dems want, is the power to control the citizenry, destroy our Constitution and fundamentally transform our Nation. Be it by hook or crook.

    • I’m not Jewish, but I’ve said to some conservative and libertarian Jewish friends of mine that Chuckie Schumer is the kind of Jew who gives other Jews a bad name.

      • Yes, it seems some people see everything in the framework of ethnicity and race.

        I find that fascinating.

        For example, Timothy McVeigh and Dylan roof are the kind of white folks who give other white folks a bad name.

        • “Yes, it seems some people see everything in the framework of ethnicity and race.”

          It’s the home turf of the Democrat party. Pelosi bristles with pride as to how she has the Black, brown immigrant and gay vote locked up tight. While Trump is on track to nail down nearly 20 percent of the Black vote this time around…

        • Just reported by The Hill:

          “Just 4 percent of African Americans surveyed said that Trump’s actions have been good for African Americans in general, while 81 percent said he’s made things worse. Sixty-nine percent of Hispanic respondents said Trump’s actions have been bad for Hispanics generally, while only 19 percent think they’ve been good.

          Both African Americans and Latinos also overwhelmingly said Trump’s actions have been bad for each other, as well as Muslims and women.

          Among white Americans respondents, roughly a third said Trump’s actions have been good for black Americans, women and Hispanics, while about a quarter said they have been good for Muslims.”

        • Even though there’s less than absolutely zero reason to trust any poll or similar “analysis” that comes from the lamestream “news” media. Not just these days, either, but ever.

      • Seriously, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that there are anti-gun Jewish people. It’s not that I expect any particular ethnicity to be homogeneous in their values. But if ever there was a group afflicted with the gun banning delirium, I would not expect Jews to be among them. How alarming is it that we have scores of them in our government? Why?

        • They had to cast gun rights to the side when they joined the Leftist ‘Progressive’ political philosophy…

        • They don’t want non Jews to have guns, and they want to control the media and the state, so they control what guns there are, but don’t have to get their hands dirty. It’s a strategy to make sure no one can ever final solution them again while simultaneously avoiding the thing (guns) that disgusts them.

    • Sometimes I think the dems are actually trying to make sure Trump gets reelected.

      If they had STFU after the election and let him do what he wanted we all might not vote for him again. But with their continuous insane attacks, blocking him at every turn, and trying to convince people that all sorts of normal presidential actions he has taken are somehow criminal, how can we not support him. If for no other reason than the other side is insane.

    • Why should he ever work with them after all they have tried to do since he won election? Tell them to put it where the sun doesn’t shine. That he wil think about it after they pull their heas out of their a–.

    • Hey Chuckie girl, we need democrat control before gun control. It is the democrats that are killing everybody. Might want to check with Chicago, Baltimore, L.A. and many other democrat bastions about how their gun control is working. Of course all the killings are in democrat controlled cities and by democrats doing all the killings.

    • Schumer wants President Trump to push the Senate to take up a bill from the House that would accomplish nothing to stop the ‘mass’ shootings Democrats claim to care about.
      Schumer wants our pro Second Amendment President to work on anti Second Amendment legislation with the party that has done everything in its power to destroy him since his election.
      President Trump would probably still work with the Democrats if they would propose legislation that would actually help Americans-like the USMCA, or infrastructure or perhaps securing our Southern border, but they’re too busy trying to impeach him to bother with those things.

      • It’s just one more example of the arrogance of the dems. They actually believe none of us (including the president) can see what they’re doing. Good thing he’s always three steps ahead of em!

  2. Agreed, it is now less likely that Trump will do anything about gun laws. Not impossible, but yes it is less likely.

    Just don’t get too comfy. The instant Trump sees a personal advantage in changing a previously strongly held position, he will flip and flop like a crack addled monkey. There is no moral or ethical code in the man, it is all about himself and screw everyone else.

    There is also the possibility that impeachment will distract the House from new gun control efforts and it will never reach Trump anyway. It has long been a failing that neither the House nor the Senate is very good at handling more than one big thing at a time.

    • Are you retarded? Did you miss how Trump pretty much baited the DNC into a bullshit impeachment over a nothingburger?

    • “The instant Trump sees a personal advantage in changing a previously strongly held position, he will flip and flop like a crack addled monkey.”

      Well, it’s a bit more subtle than that, but yeah. So, declaring themselves implacable foes, going after his legal and govt cover, after declaring they want to jail — or worse — his kids, is our D-party friends working to really get gun control.

      It’s like they’d rather have the issue than progress, as long as they have the right peole to blame.

      There is no moral or ethical code in the man, it is all about himself and screw everyone else.

      There is also the possibility that impeachment will distract the House from new gun control efforts and it will never reach Trump anyway. It has long been a failing that neither the House nor the Senate is very good at handling more than one big thing at a time.

      • So, it’s a virtue that the democrats’ notion of their own self-interest is more consistent?

        Consistently still wrong isn’t better.

    • “There is no moral or ethical code in the man, it is all about himself and screw everyone else.”

      Well, that’s exactly backwards. He has a poerfectly consistent moral, and ethical code. The way those play out changes as circumstances change. And part of both is winning, as he defines winning.

      • So President Trump is unique in publiic life in his self-interest and opportunism?

        I wouldn’t have made that call

    • “…neither the House nor the Senate is very good at handling more than one big thing at a time.”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • Why would Trump waste his time working for the filth and trash democrats when they never even attempt to work with him? Finding a good democrat these days is like finding a live dinosaur, unless of course you visit a cemetery. But isn’t it so nice now that we have a president that has balls and a first lady that doesn’t?

    • Even if Congress did impeach Schumer, he’d just get reelected in the next go-round. The Lib/Dem/Progressives in NYC and Albany like him too much.

      • We have a nasty habit of having crooks win reelection ……even when the charges include corruption.

        • Joe to be brutally honest it’s pretty much all NYC with contributions of Buffalo and Albany (both dependant on NYC money) short of a change in how we elect officials we are a population dependant state and a poster child for why the electoral college is a good idea.

        • “Joe to be brutally honest it’s pretty much all NYC with contributions of Buffalo and Albany (both dependant on NYC money) …”

          I’m curious how this plays out as pressure increases on the DownState patronage model. Parts of UpStata could do quite well without DownState interference.

          * Albany is a company-town, where the business is imprerial administration. No peeling them away with a different industry, although we could make theirs less profitable.

          * Buffalo is on the patronage train harder than most of the rest of UpState. BUT, what happens when there’s less patronage to give?

          As HQ and financial business chooses eleswhere, there’s less DownState surplus to dish out to the rest of us. Most interesting, while they’re going extra crazy now that the assembly’s flipped, UpState’s getting a dose of how bad it really is.

        • Jim I would imagine Albany would just do another hiring freeze for state employees and create a new retirement tier (again) with another possible paycheck withheld till retirement. Buffalo may have to go the route of Rensselaer county and try like hell to be business friendly and get something moving. At this point I am looking forward to the salt when NY loses some congressional votes after the next census.

  3. Schumer is a complete fool. There is no reason not one that Trump should cooperate with anything the Libitards want. They havent the Libitardz cooperated on any thing Trump wants. So why should Trump???

      • That’s a fact, other than pulling the country back together in the past 2+ yrs, POTUS and his “team” have been gathering facts and evidence aginst the dems…there’s a shitstorm on the horizon, and the dems are going to be square in the eye of it…

        • They the Libitards will find some way to get out from any criminal charges. Just as they have in Obslamas last term. Eric Holder being the best example. He should have been charged at the least for murder for his part in the gun running to Mexico. Weasels always find ways to crawl under a rock.

      • And maybe gun owners if he listens to his left wing wacko daughter, he will be thinking of legacy no longer re election…

  4. At this point Trump has no reason to work with the Democrats in either the Senate or the House. It appears that Rep. Adam Schiff (D, California) has fabricated his charges for Impeachment against Trump and now Nancy Pelosi (D, California) has reportedly changed rules in the House to exclude Republicans from the House Impeachment process.* This is a sort of open warfare by the Democrats against Trump and will consume hours of Congressional time and millions of American Taxpayer dollars to accomplish nothing. Senator Chuck Schumer (D, New York) knows this full well.
    For his part, President Trump needs to heed Wayne La Pierre’s warning [and no one is more surprised than I that LaPierre may have spoken so strongly to POTUS Trump last week] and stop alienating American Gun Owners, keep his oft repeated Campaign Pledge to “protect our Second Amendment” and stonewall the Democrats on everything else they want. The Impeachment move against Trump is one of the “false narratives” Schumer alludes to.
    We, POTG, already know UBC’s will not stop future mass-killings and passing that bill in Congress is another “false narrative”. Both Impeachment and UBC’s are manufactured by the Democrats and neither will succeed.


  5. Maybe all legislation should be on hold till the next election if this is the dumb game the house want to play over a stupid meaningless phone call. All the better I say when does the government ever pass a good law.

    • Well,Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob in December 1998 and yet he was still able to work with the Republicans in Congress and have a budget surplus in both ‘99 iand 2000. Of course, George W. Bush managed to wipe out the budget surplus and put the US in a recession by the end of his terms, but that’s another story.

      The fact is, Clinton had no problem working with the Republicans to achieve a vibrant economy in the last two years of his term after impeachment.

      But you may be right, childlike, immature Trump may have a problem running a government in a professional manner.

      • Wow, you really have no connection with reality.
        1) The “surplus” only existed if you ignored the deficits in social security and Medicaid/Medicare.
        2) The Republican-led House under Gingrich was responsible for limiting spending in the budget, not Clinton.
        3) Clinton was lucky enough to benefit from the dotcom boom. Something he didn’t create. The bubble peaked in Marrch 2000. Bush was in office when if cratered. He inherited a declining market of global extent, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. People realized companies weren’t worth billions for never showing a profit and no projection to show a profit, just because they had .com in their names.

        • “The “surplus” only existed if you ignored the deficits in social security and Medicaid/Medicare.”

          Total BS, pesky fax prove you wrong.

          Yes, boom was good for the economy, but that wasn’t the only factor.

          “The Clinton years showed the effects of a large tax increase that Clinton pushed through in his first year, and that Republicans incorrectly claim is the “largest tax increase in history.” It fell almost exclusively on upper-income taxpayers. Clinton’s fiscal 1994 budget also contained some spending restraints. An equally if not more powerful influence was the booming economy and huge gains in the stock markets, the so-called dot-com bubble, which brought in hundreds of millions in unanticipated tax revenue from taxes on capital gains and rising salaries.
          Clinton’s large budget surpluses also owe much to the Social Security tax on payrolls. Social Security taxes now bring in more than the cost of current benefits, and the “Social Security surplus” makes the total deficit or surplus figures look better than they would if Social Security wasn’t counted. But even if we remove Social Security from the equation, there was a surplus of $1.9 billion in fiscal 1999 and $86.4 billion in fiscal 2000. So any way you count it, the federal budget was balanced and the deficit was erased, if only for a while.”

        • Miner, a federal surplus (where revenue exceeded spending) would result in a decrease of the national debt. Feel free to find any fiscal year in which the national debt was decreased.

          After you’ve exhausted your search for data that does not exist, read this and help yourself to actual facts:

        • Per my facts, the last surplus was with President Calvin Coolidge. I’m sure we all remember him like it was yesterday.

          The worst offenders are FDR with social security, LBJ with Medicare and welfare, and Obama with ACA. These socialist programs are In large part what is going to lead to the eventual collapse of the dollar.

          Maybe they had good intentions, but I would find it most helpful to my well being and that of future generations if the government would quit involving themselves and making bad problems worse.

      • Clinton didn’t, have a choice. Those budgets passed with veto-proof majorities thanks to the person actually responsible for the balanced budget. Hint: it wasn’t Clinton. As for Bush’s spending… he spent less money in one term than Obama did in his first two years. Unlike Obama, he had two wars to fight.

        • Are you retarded? Did you miss how Bush had only one war to fight? Except that abandoned that war to go on a personal revenge fantasy trip in Iraq? How Bush created a second war against a country that had not attacked us on 9/11 and that we needed to keep Iran in check?

          B. Clinton’s success was had by embracing the worst element of Republican fiscal incompetence. Deregulating the banking industry. Not that Bush gets off free on this one, the housing crash of 2007-2008, that brought down $4Trillion worth of the global economy, was predicted and ignored during both Clinton’s and Bush’s terms.

          Do some reading outside of Alex Jones and his ilk and learn a few things.

        • Except that banking deregulation had nothing to do with the housing bubble. That was all on Clinton’s HUD policy. Keep trying, but you might want to find someone who doesn’t know basic economics.

      • Only a FKN moron would read your garbage comments…. Let alone RESPOND with anything other than FK U!!!!AS$HOLE!

  6. Lets see, if it was Schumer who was being impeached and Trump wanted him to vote for the hearing protection act, do you think he would? Asking for a friend.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that the recent tactic of the left politicians and media is to try and goad Trump into action based on some sort of humiliation? They mention meetings with the NRA and the gun lobby and then breathlessly report how weak Trump is and how much of a puppet he is etc. All an effort to get a rise out of him and appeal to his ego. Such a tired script

  8. Sadly It’s all a crapshoot. If the republicans hold the senate and retake the house. They could just do nothing to help trump as they did in his first two years. Back when they control it all.

    Will the next republican house leader be just as morally degenerate, a liar, as Paul Ryan?

    • Wow was that Paul Ryan exposed as a deep state turd. He was second to only clueless Jeff Sessions for damage done to this nation. Sessions brought on the 2 year multi-million dollar Mueller anal probe, and Ryan blocked all investigations into the deep state and their protection of the Dems.

    • Depends on what sort of republicans end up in the house. If it’s the never-trump RINOs like Paul Ryan again, then, yeah…nothing will get done again.

      If it’s some actual conservatives — with a backbone, I’m looking at you dan crenshaw — we might actually get the government we voted for in 2008.

  9. Drumph wouldn’t “do it” for the dims. He’d do it for himself. Just like illegally banning bumpstocks. Chucky is dumber than cousin Amy😏

  10. Just when you think you’ve seen the ultimate in stupid, the dims surprise you.
    Sad to say there are a few R’s trying to win the stupid prize.

  11. Schumer “Amidst the impeachment inquiry the gears of government can still move,” Schumer said. “Anyone who suggests otherwise is advancing a false narrative.”

    Schumer – Ignore the big knife we stuck in your back and the fact we want you removed from office. Give us what we want even if it hurts you in the election.

    • While the “knife” is well deserved and long overdue, for that matter self-inflicted, it is pretty stupid of Schumer to say cooperation should continue on any legislation. All incentive is removed and neither the Congress or the White House has the staff or the bandwidth to deal with two major domestic issues at the same time.

      • “…for that matter self-inflicted…”

        Yes enuf, completely self-inflicted, how dare Trump cut taxes and cut regulations. How dare he bring jobs back to the country, or lower unemployment to historical lows. How dare Trump rip up and renegotiate the ruinousness NAFTA. How dare he stop North Korea’s missile testing. How dare he make NATO pay their fare share. How dare he take on the communist in China and stop their stealing from the U.S. economy. How dare he…

        • Which part of Trump’s accomplishments do you think deserve the biggest medal? His skill with smoke, or with mirrors?

        • Enuf, if Trump keeps appointing judges who actually rule on the text of the law and keeps working on that wall, it’s enough.

          All that other stuff is smoke and mirrors anyway, no matter who currently sits in that chair behind the wizard’s curtain.

        • You know, North Korea hasn’t stopped their missile testing. But believe what you will, the sea of Japan knows different.

        • @enuf
          The smoke you see in the mirror is from your crack pipe.

          North Korea, try looking up Madeleine Albright

      • Well-deserved and long overdo? In what way? And self-inflicted? All he did was ask a favor from the Ukrainian president. Considering the United States has some form of leverage over pretty much every liberal democracy in the world, one could claim that his asking favor from any such foreign leader is then some kind of shakedown. It is silliness.

    • It’s not like the Democrats and their base will support, praise, or vote for any Republicans turncoats who pass gun control. Hopefully the Republicrats keep that in mind. Taking photos with the demanding moms and Dems won’t get them their support, and they will lose ours as well.

  12. Trump will not be removed from office. Possibly he will be impeached in the House, but conviction in the Senate is all but impossible. A second term continues to be the likely outcome.

    Of course he deserves to be removed, he has been pissing on this country since the moment he announced his candidacy. But there is no possibility of all the Republican Senators who despise Trump forcing him out. We have not had that sort of principled and patriotic mindset in the Senate since Republicans told Nixon to resign or by impeached and convicted.

    These days it is no longer about love of country, not for either party. Both parties exist today for their own vanity and glory, their own yearning for power. Hard core Party Members, not unlike the Party Members of the former Soviet Union, are now citizens of their Party not their country.

    Does not matter what side you are on, when your support of a President is blind and delusional, you may as well be taking a knee and declaring your fealty to a King, or to a dictator. Liberal or conservative becomes entirely besides the point, blind allegiance is equal to capitulation, surrendering American’ism for Party’ism.

    • “Of course he deserves to be removed…” Why? His only crime he is guilty of is that he’s not Hillary. A lot of folks want to burn him at the stake for that. But most folks can live with that.

    • When the other party is openly talking about killing your and taking your shit? Yeah… Take your commie loving screed to someone who doesn’t recognize the DNC for a domestic insurgent group.

      • It’s not either/or. It’s both/and.

        BOTH parties suck; they both place themselves before the Constitution and the people they’re supposed to represent; AND the Democratic party is a collection of vile communists and fascists.

  13. Eff Schmuckie the effing Clown,the Commiecrats really want Trump to lose the election by giving into their extortion.

  14. As always the proper response is SHUT UP CHUCK! I just like to see the word UP followed by CHUCK.

  15. Studies show that if Trump and the Republicans would have passed a Universal Background Check and a Federal Red Flag law it would have gained them votes in the next election, not lost them votes, especially with independent voters who most often are the ones that determine who wins an election. Failing to do anything only gives the Democrats a big election advantage in 2020 by pulling in the independent voters who are overwhelmingly in favor of such laws because neither law would have banned any guns.

    Please note I am not supporting either law but merely reporting the reality of the current political climate in the country.

    • Yeah… anybody who supports those laws needs to have their voter registration rescinded. In any case, there shouldn’t even be an election in 2020 if Demokkkommies are allowed to put a candidate on the ballot. At this point, they are an open communist insurgency, not a legitimate political party.

      • “In any case, there shouldn’t even be an election in 2020 if Demokkkommies are allowed to put a candidate on the ballot.”

        Wow, you dictator wannabes never quit.

        Just ignore that pesky constitution when things don’t go your way, just like Hitler, Mao, Tito, Stalin, etc.

        Sorry Ivan, this is the United States of America, where the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

        • Fascinating. The both of you, miner and serge, use the constitution for toilet paper. But somehow miner is claiming the high ground. I guess that’s a symptom of TDS.

        • Really Miner?

          If you really believed that, you’d fully support half the DNC being strapped to a waterboard in GITMO right now.

    • I don’t buy that at all. Passing either of those likely would lose him the next election, which is what the Dems want. Kill two birds with one stone. Get Trump to pass legislation that they want that also severely hurts his reelection chances.

    • Studies show that 90% of studies are meaningless.

      Even if Trump could have secured a second term by catering to mushbrained “moderates,” it would’ve been a net loss for him and the entire Republican party.

      Everybody wants to attract the moderates/independents, but any party that tries to mold them into its base will fail. These voters are fickle. They won’t stick with you, and I know this because I’m one of them (not moderate, but independent).

      The only thing that leads me to caucus with Republicans is their support (minimal as it is) for the Second Amendment. I can forgive them for a lot of things as long as they support that fundamental right.

      If they throw my civil rights under the bus, I’m gone. I’ll gleefully burn the whole thing down. And I’m certain there are a LOT more out there like me.

        • Your version of Tombstone is very different from mine (and likely most). Gas can and zippo? Pretty sure it was a double-barreled shotgun that Doc Holiday bore while sauntering over to the O-K corral.

    • Except that reality would show us that he would actually lost them votes, especially among his base, if he passed any ineffective and unenforceable “universal” background checks and federal red flag laws, and he would lose the next election. Failing to do so only gives him a big advantage in 2020, as the KKKleptoKKKrats are already driving away Independent voters with their increasingly hard shift to the left and literally years of demonstrable lies. Lies just not about the President and his base, but his appointees and even the 2016 election in general, that are still coming out through repeated retractions in the lamestream “news” media. Don’t get me started on their bigoted identitarian politics, either.

      You’re not reporting anything even remotely related to reality. Only what the lamestream “news” media has deemed acceptable for you to believe, which is why you should automatically believe the opposite.

  16. Concealed carry reciprocity was standing idle for how long? Schumer should eah his mouth out, with a revolver…

  17. Cool and breezy this morning. I was thinking that it’s April but then I realized that it’s Fall and Schumer is a fool 365 days a year.

  18. Oh yeah, Chuckie, it’s best to mess with the Constitution while dumb SOBs are trying to impeach you and won’t cooperate on anything including good trade bills. Yeah, you’re right. You are also simple.

  19. “The most dangerous place in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.”

    — Bob Dole

  20. “How dare he and why would Trump take that from Wayne LaPierre,” Schumer said.

    Er… why would he take it from Schumer? At least LaPierre funnels money into GOP campaign coffers.

  21. Well Schumer is used to dealing with Bush and the other RINOs who would do anything to be liked by the democrats and media. He forgets Trump is neither.

  22. “President Trump must resist the clouded comfort he craves…”

    Schumer sounds more and more like an unctuous villain monologuing to the assembled lackeys in his cavernous lair. The mask is slipping.

  23. Wait wait wait a minute. Did Chuck just do what Trump is accused of in the Ukranian call? That is – subtly say sign this (the universal bg bs) and that other thing might go away? GET THE CHUCK TRANSCRIPTS!

  24. Actually with this impeachment farce is the perfect opportunity to table gun control legislation for the duration of the administration. Democrats won’t work with Trump towards an acceptable compromise, and say it loudly, clearly and at every opportunity.

    • Meanwhile, the odds for impeachment get better and better every day:

      “Disgraced upstate Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigned from Congress on Monday — a day before he was expected to plead guilty in Manhattan federal court to insider trading charges.

      The Buffalo-area lawmaker submitted a letter of resignation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday, officials there confirmed to The Post.”

      • And when Trump is being sworn in to his second term you will still be gleefully rubbing your hands together and saying,’any day now. He’s going down any day now.’

        The left is circling the drain and you are still convinced you’re winning. Fascinating disconnect from reality. I guess that’s a symptom of TDS.

        • What, no excuses for another criminal Republican politician biting the dust? Yep, we’re draining the swamp, one corrupt Republican at a time.

          Oh that’s right, it didn’t even happen in your world, it’s just fake news, right?


        • Fascinating indeed. You show your bigotry by only pointing out the gop failures. While your entire movement is shooting itself in the foot. Fascinating.

          And in your world you believe this equates to winning. Fascinating. I understand why you swing left, now. You simply aren’t capable of functioning without a big brother. Fascinating.

          Let me guess. You’re staff or student at WVU or Marshall? Right?

        • Well, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate being grouped with a highly educated.

          Well, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate being grouped with a highly educated. But, while I have taught college classes, I’m not a member of the staff or a student at any institute of higher learning, but thanks!

          But I can tell you, living in West Virginia has given me a unique window onto the true cost of unrestrained capitalism. Watching the multinational coal companies ravage the countryside and kill my family, friends, and neighbors, all for the love of the dollar is very sad.

          And with Trump in the other billionaires at the helm, we’ll continue to see working men and women forced to work in dangerous conditions for substandard wages, all to preserve the profits of the wealthy.

        • Well, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate being grouped with a highly educated. But, while I have taught college classes, I’m not a member of the staff or a student at any institute of higher learning, but thanks!

          You were actually just grouped with the poorly-educated. As in, indoctrinated far beyond your intelligence. I also rightly and sincerely doubt you ever actually “taught” anybody anything, either.

          Oh, and before you speak as if you even have any grasp of basic economics whatsoever at all, West Virginia is not in any shade of the word any kind of representation of “unrestrained” anything, either. Nobody’s killing your friends, family, neighbors, or countryside except the EPA when it “accidentally” spills millions of gallons of arsenic-tainted waste into major water ways. Or when KKKleptoKKKrat-run city governments fail to refrain from using lead pipes to deliver water.

          And ahd it been Shillary and her uber-rich Wall Street handlers at the helm, we would have seen working men and women out of the job and on the public dole, all to destroy the energy industry before any alternatives have even a fleeting hope of actually replacing coal or other fossil fuels. Even though nuclear’s ultimately going to be the way to go, regardless — but you know-nothings always shut down real solutions like that immediately.

          All for the profits of the wealthy, too, unironically.

        • I was born and raised in WV. At a time when mine workers died during every strike. My grandfather died from black lung. You heard horror stories told to you by your ‘leftist’ handlers. I lived those stories. The only difference between your handlers and the ‘evil’ billionaires is that your handlers want to be the ones in charge now. Nothing will change for the worker. It never does.

          But this discussion is pointless. The evil left has made a mockery of itself with its unbridled TDS and are ensuring Trump a second term. Which means more and more conservative courts.

          Thanks to the total incompetence of the left Trump is going to be the man and the gop are going to run things for the indefinite future.

      • Meanwhile, the odds for impeachment get better and better every day:

        Meanwhile, the odds of impeachment actually get worse and worse every day, especially as Ukraine Gate slowly blows up in the KKKleptoKKKrat’s faces:

        “In the media’s efforts to tie President Donald Trump with its latest conspiracy theory, CNN skipped an entire section of the released and unredacted transcript of a phone call to charge Trump with requesting a favor he never asked for.”

        ‘I would like you to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… the server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on the whole situation. I think you’re surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you and your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you said yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, it’s very important that you do it if that’s possible.’

        “The transcript that CNN read on air, however, connects the word “favor” in this section with Trump 540 words later asking the Ukrainian leader to look into former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s questionable business dealings with a Ukrainian energy company. Hunter sat on the board of the company for $50,000 a month while, as Joe Biden bragged in 2018 on camera, his dad put pressure on the Ukrainian government to end a corruption probe into the company.”

        Trump’s second term is going to be a blood bath for you lefty’s sacred crows.

  25. Full disclosure: I despise Trump. Period. But even I admit the Schumer is a fool to think that Trump would want to play now that impeachment is front and center. Has Schumer met the man?


    disclaimer: It might be too late already!


      Well, there’s your Alice through the looking glass moment for the day.


    • Many folks on this forum are constantly talking of the coming Civil War, speaking gleefully of how they are prepared to kill LE owes and American troops to support their twisted idea of Amerika.

      Here’s what a true patriot (and former Fox News contributor), who served his country with honor, has to say about trumps’ call for civil war:

      “On Sunday, Trump tweeted a quote from evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress. “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,” the tweet read, attributed to Jeffress.
      Speaking with host Anderson Cooper on CNN on Monday, LtCol Peters said the president is inciting violence and undermining the Constitution.
      Cooper asked Peters what his reaction to the tweet was, to which the retired officer replied, “One word: sedition.”
      “Trump is inciting violence against the legitimate government of the United States and the constitutional order,” he continued. “And, Anderson, that is a grave crime. You can argue about the meaning of treason, what constitutes it, what doesn’t—sedition is very clear cut.”
      “Also I have to say there’s not going to be a civil war,” Peters added. “Knock that off. I’ve been hearing people on the extreme right saying it for years.” The retired officer also noted “the irony of a draft-dodger talking up war.”

      • Many folks on this forum are constantly talking of the coming Civil War, speaking gleefully of how they are prepared to kill LE owes and American troops to support their twisted idea of Amerika.

        And many folks on this forum like you, who voted for one Patrick Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, speak gleefully of how they’re prepared to watch LEOs kill Americans — not the other way around — and how American troops would join in the “fun” in your twisted idea of AmeriKKKa.

        Here’s what an actual patriot who served his country with honor, has to say about Trump’s comment on civil war — and he wasn’t actually calling for it, either explicitly or implicitly:

        What’s missing here is the actual incitement to violence or the undermining of the Constitution. If one were to actually look up the definition of the word sedition, then look up what it really means in the Constitution, and how it’s actually defined in law, there’d be none to be found. Only those wanting to make hyperbole out of one lone man’s wild prediction would jump to such conclusions.

        • And as anyone who’s been around longer than twenty years knows, there is no room for truth or reality in the left’s diatribes. Just more sh*t thrown against the wall to see what sticks!

  27. Let’s see if I got this straight;
    Schumer is encouraging a “False Red Flag Impeachment,” all the while asking the person targeted by the bogus act to create unconstitutional “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” so he can do it to the Populous?

  28. Schumer needs to be drug tested so that we can all see what chemicals are effecting his thought processes!

    • Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence. First you would have to establish for the court that a Demokkkommie is capable of having a thought process to affect.

  29. Mueller Report disappeared from the media so they had to find something to keep the partisan crazies occupied. No, gun control will be out of the focus for a while.

  30. Oh Chuckie, don’t you understand by now! These bullsh*t tactics don’t work on Trump. Knock it off and start doing your fuc*ing job!

  31. Chickie, ole buddy, if I told you how absolutely stupid that statement is they’d throw me off the sight.

  32. President Trump IS WORKING ON THE SHOOTING PROBLEM, Chuck Schumer is just too blind to see it!!!! [Since Chuck Schumer, with 99.9% of Democrats, supports abortion as healthcare for women (it’s MURDER for the baby) he is supporting MURDER/death. And by Galatians 6:7 (what you sow that will you also reap) as he is responsible for sowing DEATH by abortion he’s responsible for the DEATH reaped by mass shootings]

  33. Schumer can take his “gun control” and shove it where the sun don’t shine! What PART of “The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” DOES HE NOT GET!?

  34. I guess Schumer is jealous that he is not in the spotlight. Looks like one of his good old boys has taken his place and he wants it back. You folks do know that they didn’t pass the budget again but a resolution to keep the government working until November 21st, before they go on recess. And if they don’t pass it again, another government shutdown looms until January when they all come back! They just work so hard! Nice Christmas present to the government employees. I really hope these idiots get what is coming to them! Funny how the media only picks what it wants to report on, not big stuff, but little stupid stuff like this!

    • You DO realize the media IS the democrat party, right? They assume that we’re all dumb enough to jump on this little sh*t and ignore the fact that they have’nt done anything for three years except try to reverse the 2016 election.

  35. Hey Upchuckie Scummer,

    You can take your anti second amendment “gun control” schemes and shove them very deeply up your collective backsides. Also, in order to take just one more “assault weapon” off the streets, take one of those and shove it up there too. Then, to verify it is a working model, be sure it is loaded and then pull the trigger multiple times.

    President Trump, do not agree to ANYTHING these lowlife scumbags propose. We are not, and don’t ever want to be, one of their subservient subject lemmings.

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