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Gee, it’s almost as if there’s no one behind the civilian disarmament movement but the professional left and paid “volunteers.” First it was Progressive USA offering the princely sum of $9-$11 an hour for people willing to work to end gun violence. Oh, and don’t forget the purple-shirted thugs bussed into Albany to oppose a pro-gun right demonstration. Now, “A Texas Republican on Monday said President Obama’s gun control campaign is a fraud based on fake messages over Twitter. Rep Steve Stockman (R-Texas) accused Obama of trying to make support for his position look stronger than it really is by flooding Twitter with messages from people who don’t exist.” Could it be that America really isn’t on the side of gun controllers? Say it ain’t so, Double Barrel Joe! . . .

As is reporting, Stockman’s found Potemkin Twitter accounts generating tweets including the #WeDemandAVote hashtag the Gun Grabb-in-Chief asked concerned citizens to use when sending tweets to their congresscritters.

“Obama’s anti-gun campaign is a fraud,” Stockman said. “Obama’s supporters are panicking and willing to do anything to create the appearance of popular support, even if it means trying to defraud Congress,” he added. “I call upon the president to denounce this phony spam campaign.”

And is saying that,

A review of Stockman’s Twitter account by staffers and conservative bloggers shows at least 16 identical tweets.

The Stockman staffers said 10 were computer-generated and six came from real people, though only one lives in Stockman’s southeast Texas district. Two had only one follower, former Obama digital strategist Brad Schenck.

“Schenck somehow found and followed them before they ever tweeted anything, followed anyone or followed any real people,” Stockman said. has a few of the spammy tweets.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.58.52 AM

How pitiful is your campaign when you have to pay for spam bots? Mr. President? OFA?

It looks like all’s fair in love, war and civil rights abrogation. Is there anyone out there — who isn’t on someone’s payroll — who’s genuinely for rolling back the RKBA?

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  1. Is it even legal for politicians to pay people to support thier cause? Not that Obama gives a damn whats legal but sounds like bribery to me

    • I think a person needs to be in a position of authority to be bribable.

      Clearly, the people are in no position of authority.

      Just sayin’.

        • It doesn’t matter to the public at large what the truth is… It only matters what it says on the news… and the majority of the news is decidedly Leftist propaganda

  2. Hmmm…

    As a dyed-in-the-’60s-wool centrist with blue leanings, that sickens me.

    Medicare, social security, environmental and labour laws, yes. An armed and free-by-their-own-hand populace, yes.

    AstroTurf campaigning, NO!


    P.S. Do Hustonians use AstroTurf to describe phony grass-roots movements…?

  3. Now now, Dan. Bringing attention to Obama’s mendacious ways is divisive and could alienate some of the 2nd amendment supporters here who voted for him. Now is the time for unity, amirite?

    • *I* voted for Obama. TWICE. It sickens me to see what “change” he’s trying to bring, and looking back I see the error of my ways.

      When I came out of the closet, I became a single-issue voter. If a candidate for office said they were for LGBT rights, I voted for them. That turned out to be almost always a Democratic candidate.

      Yes, I am a lesbian. However, I am also a gun owner.

      From now on I will be evaluating a candidate on whether they are in favor of expanding rights or curtailing them. If you seek to expand my rights, I will be voting for you and actively working to promote your cause. If you seek to restrict or impinge my rights, I will be actively working against you.

    • My posts are getting flagged, apparently. I just tried to say that I used to vote Democratic because I, er, “bat for the other team” if you will. I was a single-issue voter.

      Obama is providing change that I did not seek or want. I find myself fighting against the very administration I helped to put into place – twice.

      • Freedom does not discriminate, it’s as simple as that, with open hearts and minds we can restore liberty.

      • First vote I can sort of understand, second I can’t. But you’ve got honesty and guts and that’s something America needs more of.

      • I completely understand, but please know that there are many conservatives who support you regarding the other issue as well. Liberty for all.

      • I support the team you play for, and freedom should not discriminate. I am very right leaning, but I find serious incongruity between “keep the government out of my life” and “the government should be all up in this demographic’s life!”. Just know that while you face an uphill battle, more and more will come to support you.

      • It’s a sad thing that you are not able to say what you want to say because a certain word that you use in a positive connotation has been used as a pejorative by bigots.
        Sorry about that.
        It’s ALSO a sad thing that you were forced to vote for a plethora of things you DIDN’T want to get the one thing that you did, just as Republicans were forced to vote AGAINST a plethora of things that they would support, and for a candidate apparently drawn by lot in a dark room, on the chance of getting one good thing as well.
        Give me a person who supports Liberty, including the 2nd Amendment, and I care not what they do with their personal plumbing nor with whom, just as they really couldn’t care less what I do with mine.
        YOU, Madame, are a courageous and righteous person.

      • The trouble is both parties are so polarized. I vote based on what I hold most important but I get screwed on other important issues no matter who I vote for. Both sides trample the Constitution.

        Fighting against gay marriage is the most inane and pretentious forcing of a belief system on others I’ve ever seen.

      • The two-party system causes a lot of conflict around voting issues. There’s many “liberal” social liberties I would advocate, however I’m also strongly for gun rights and a reduction of government programs/spending. Hard to find a candidate in either camp that would buck half of their party’s present-day leanings.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think I was voting for a two faced prick either. I tried to do something decent for young minority kids education & I got kicked in the teeth. Randy

      • I’d be honored to fight by your side. I vote GOP, but I don’t like the GOP’s stance on “your team”. All of my friends who are Republicans feel the same way, although admittedly the “base” of the party is against you. A lot of us wish the Repubs would go more libertarian.

  4. So liberty-minded folks pay hard-earned money (during a recession, no less!) to organizations like the NRA, GOA, SAF, Calguns, etc. to help represent them, and the opposition needs to BE PAID to come out against us? Sounds about right.

    I guess Feinstein was right after all–the American people really have spoken.

    Now that we’ve got that settled, leave us alone.

  5. I stopped believing anything that came out the current occupier in the WH before the asshat’s voted him in office the first time.

  6. I thought the tweet idea was ingenious by the other side. Someone should start a campaign where we can tweet the anti gunners, with our feelings. Is it possible to set up a site with just a box to put in information and send the tweet to the libs?

    • As long as the tweets are not fake. Fight fire with fire when appropriate, but let’s not sell our souls.

    • I’m a stinkin’ lib and I say that sucks,

      Liberal means if there’s a better way, implement it – not Marxist.

      Freeing the slaves was pretty damned liberal, f’rinstance.

      I’m a centrist, and proud to be so. Wingnuts are just that, and come in all colours.

      Russ, believer in the WHOLE of the Constitution

      • I’m a centrist also, that’s why I support the Tea Party and despise the Marxist Democrats that don‘t support any of the Constitution.

  7. “I believe so strongly that the voices of ordinary Americans were being drowned out by the clamor of a privileged few in Washington.” Obama 2010.

    “Organizing For Action, a so-called social welfare group, would set up four meetings a year with Obama for individuals who gave more than $500,000.” NYT 2/23/13.

    More Chicago-style bullsh!t from the political boss-in-chief.

  8. … and the media is asleep. in MD a wapo poll shows that that a majority oppose a ban but support “stricter” licensing.

    what they miss is that the omalley bill is a defacto ban: rent or lease a gun one needs a license; to get a license one needs a safety course; to take a safety course one needs to rent a gun. bam! ban. oh, and the administration gets to make up any qualification standard they like, as with “may issue” concealed carry permits. nothing will stop them from saying you can only qualify if you can hit a moving steel target from 100 yards away, while blindfolded.

    • I can do that, while looking the other way in a force 5 gale.

      Well, that’s as true as “I support 2A” on the part of some…

  9. I’m offended as both a 2A supporter and an Internet Marketer. Obama’s “digital strategist” is going about it all wrong. I can buy a 100 Twitter accounts for a few bucks and this guy is literally creating them from scratch!

    It’s sad because you can read the comments beneath just about any mainstream media story on gun control and quickly gauge that real Americans are not buying the B.S.

    Unfortunately most the Pro-2A organizations are a little behind the times in the Social Media sphere.

  10. we need a independent president with no ties either side last time that happen was oh wait our first president george washington! maybe thats the problem?

    • Punctuation is your friend, because it makes you look like you are not an idiot. Try using it a little more.

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