A couple of days ago, I got a sudden itch to take my Caracal C to the range. As Richard Nixon remarked when one of his advisors suggested killing a member of his enemies list, “We could do that but it would be wrong.” Late last year, Caracal told owners that their gun could discharge if dropped. A quick call to the Quick Sights folk uncovered some good news: 450 drop-safe guns have hit the States. They’re testing the World’s Most Sublime Trigger Pull™ (the trigger bar assembly created the negligent discharge potential) and discovering which models the Arabs sent their American cousins. When, dear Lord, when? “By mid-March,” the rep promised. As football commentator George Hamilton remarked during the Ireland v. Romania shootout at the 1990 European Championships, “The nation holds its breath.”


  1. Well being that I sold my last 9mm a year or two ago I suppose I could stand to have another. Was thinking about another Taurus 92/99, but one of those might be interesting.

    • Ke-reist!

      Not drop safe is one thing, but one expects a gun to be fire safe.

      I mean, an eighty pound columbiad after two hours at fifteen rounds an hour, maybe not, but this?!?

      I’d not touch one of those things with a ten foot cliché. Hell, I’d not want to be on the same range as one.

      Give me a TT-33 any day…


        • True, the tt-33 is a robust and reliable weapon. But extra care is needed in it’s handling.

          When I had mine the iron curtain was still in place and ammo was hard to find and very expensive when you found it. Still, I trusted my commie gun more than my issue M16. I still have great affection for the com bloc guns.

        • Yeah…

          Their products tended toward the no-pizazz end of the aesthetic continuum, but so does a ’97 Chevy utility truck.

          I like both.

    • I’m more suspicious of the Chinese Norinco 9mm ammo than I am of the Caracal after reading that.

      I’m doubly suspicious that this happened in Pakistan, and as a result I suspect that the victim may have gotten a doctored round intended for the enemy-militant supply chain.

      Fill in your own definition of “enemy militant”. Small arms ammo rigged with explosive charges has a nasty habit of ending up in the hands of folks other than the intended recipients.

    • The problem with reading your link at home (snowed in during a power outage) is that I just laughed my ass off, and EMS can’t get here to stitch it back on.

      Oh, yeah…


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