Obama Paying Union Members to Rally for NY SAFE Act

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In a previous post, Nick talked about the “enthusiasm” gap between gun rights advocates and civilian disarmament proponents. Gun guys are fighting for their rights with passion, determination and, not unimportantly, strength of numbers. Professional gun grabbers may match the pro-2A side in terms of passion and determination, but they have nowhere near the number of committed supporters. Despite the slaughter in Newtown, a sycophantic press and Double Barrel Joe Biden’s pronouncement that “America is with us!” the disarmament industry is hurting for homies. No wonder “One Million Moms For Gun Control” changed their name to “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.” Also no surprise: the President’s Boyz are using old-fashioned Chicago-style arm twisting to create the appearance of popular support . . .

Governor Cuomo and our legislature passed the “NY SAFE ACT.” It will reduce gun violence in our state. Predictably, it is under attack by the National Rifle Association and allied groups. :::We are joining with the SEIU 1199 to lobby in Albany. This free bus trip will last from 8:00 to 4:30 with breakfast and lunch included. Meet up at 250 S Clinton St. Park in the M Lot at the corner of W Fayette and S Clinton Sts. (Parking in that lot may be validated. No sure yet.) Show your determination to keep our excellent new law!:::You must call this number to get a seat on the free bus. 315-424-1743 Ext 110 Ask for Nekeia:::Also sign up here.

That’s straight from the horse’s mouth (being charitable) my.barackobama.com: there is such thing as a free lunch! And a free bus ride! From . . . WV, KY and OH.

According to their website, “SEIU District 1199 represents more than 30,000 health care and social service workers across West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. The Union is a part of the Service Employees International Union, whose 2 million members make it the largest union in the country, as well as the largest health care union in the nation.”

When I said “arm twisting” above I meant it. How many of these bussed-in supposedly pro-SAFE Act supporters will show-up for the counter-demonstration against the Unite for Our Rights Day in Albany NY (February 28th) because they give a you-know-what about gun control? How many will be there because they were told to harass, intimidate pro-gun folks or (yes) bust heads?

I reckon this means the pro-gun side is gaining momentum. We shall see.