Biden angry second amendment
"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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By Larry Keane

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign may want to stock up on the soap. It’s not contagion that should concern him, but the filth coming from his mouth.

The frontrunning presidential candidate found himself squaring off with Second Amendment supporting union workers during a tour in Michigan Tuesday. Needless to say the back-and-forth did not go well for him, and Biden may need to wash out his mouth.

The testy exchange occurred just 24 hours after the former vice president’s campaign received the backing of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety and Brady: United Against Gun Violence. Chastising union workers in Michigan is a unique way of attracting voters, but Biden couldn’t let it go.

Curses and Misinformation

During a construction site visit, an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers member confronted Biden about his gun control platform. The worker challenged Biden saying, “You are actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns.” The presidential candidate responded with a terse, “You’re full of sh*t!”

Biden continued, suggesting no one should own AR-14s and equating military arms with the modern sporting rifle. The former is not legal to purchase at retail; the latter, called a modern sporting rifle (MSR), is the most popular centerfire rifle in the country with more than 17.7 million legally in circulation across America.

The worker also schooled Biden further by pointing out that more incidents of criminal misuse of firearms and violent crimes are committed by criminals using handguns than by rifles (of any kind) – both of which are semiautomatic and use the same firing mechanics that have been in use for more than a century.

Biden continued to confuse and conflate the basics surrounding his understanding (or misunderstanding) of firearms and the unalienable right explicitly guaranteed by the Second Amendment. He was shuffled along by staff, but not before the worker reminded the candidate that elected officials work for and are accountable to voters. Biden, though, thinks differently.

“Give me a break, man,” Biden said. “Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Biden’s recent Second Amendment gaffes include stating 150 million Americans had been killed by guns since 2008. Biden told Anderson Cooper of CNN he did want to seize guns when he said, “Bingo. You’re right if you have an assault weapon. The fact of the matter is, they should be illegal, period.”

He’s publicly questioned why Americans need guns with a “clip that can hold 100 rounds?” That was all, of course, before pledging to make failed Senate and presidential candidate and former U.S. Rep. Robert Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) his gun control czar after receiving his endorsement. Beto, of course, infamously said, “Hell yes we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Biden’s Record

This isn’t the first time or even the second time Biden’s squared off against gun owners or the firearm industry. He called the industry that produced firearms for America the enemy from the debate stage last summer. His campaign platform includes a federal modern sporting rifle buyback program, a one-gun-a-month policy, mandating technically impossible so-called “smart guns” and state-issued licenses to exercise a constitutional right.

Just weeks ago, he reiterated his call to punish the firearm industry by repealing the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and expose the industry to frivolous lawsuits by activist mayors and their allies at the Brady Center and Everytown.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Numerous left wing media are claiming that this shows Biden is “tough”

    I thought a cross between classic bully and dementia.

    • I heard this too and it boggled my mind. Threatening to assault a voter (while you have secret service agents around you to make sure he can’t do anything) is apparently “tough.” And these are the people who deride Trump? Seems like it’s the establishment wing of the party going absolutely all-in on Biden to try and get rid of Sanders as quick as possible. They are also trying hard to make it verboten to point out that Biden is acting like he has some sort of dementia, as if stuttering somehow magically reappears after many decades of public speeches without there being anything to worry about.

      • Now I’m not a fancy, big city doctor, but last I checked, a re-emergent childhood stutter doesn’t cause you to call people names or fabricate stories about yourself. Just sayin’

        • True, but dementia can cause all of the problems you mentioned. Also confusion and irritability, as shown by the ex-vice President.

    • Yeah,

      Nothing inspires “tough” like shouting down voters (his voters – working class) by telling them they are asses full of shit.

      What did Biden once say to Trump? Oh yeah, “Really Presidential.”

    • Biden seems intent on doing the tough guy thing (Corn Pop stories, push up challenges, meet you outside, get in someone’s face, etc). Perhaps this is overcompensating for his age and deteriorating physical condition. Who knows?

      In any case, a former senator/ vp aggressively attacking a citizen like that is a classic case of punching down. It is a powerful man seeking to intimidate a regular guy. It is foul. And it ought to be disqualifying in a candidate for high office. Well, and it is a reminder of how so many “elites” think of regular guy gun owners.

      • I would pay money to see the construction worker offer his hand to Biden as a gesture of peace… and then crush his wimpy palm in a bear handshake. I bet the tough big politician would squirm like a little pathetic worm that he is.

        • I did that at a federal election in the late 90s. Candidates are forbidden to do electioneering in the polling stations. The local incumbent decided to do a photo op in the station with the “hard working polling officials”. I was the 2IC. My dad who was the OIC just happened to be away at the time. I had been swimming and indoor climbing for years. During the handshake I squeezed hard. John Howard’s (yes THAT John Howard) eyes nearly bulged out of his head. They never published those photos. And they never did any site visits to that station again. My dad had a laugh at the incident too.

    • I’m surprised Creepy Joe didn’t respond with a shouted “HOW DARE YOU!”

      Politicians, and particularly Democrats, need to understand they are elected to govern and are not chosen to rule.

    • Didn’t Grandpa Simp[le]son also threaten to slap the guy?

      He’s going to do that eventually and he’s going to have a hard time giving incoherent, rambling “speeches” with his jaw wired shut.

      He’s showing EXACTLY the same symptoms I’ve seen in relatives with Alzheimer’s. I’d be surprised if he makes it to the convention.

    • This might be ‘Ol Uncle Joe’s “Mondale Moment”.

      (for the younger kids in the audience, look it up in your history books under “how Reagan’s Democratic challenger screwed up his chances of winning the 1984 election in one bad moment, with a photo to go with it…”)

      • Those were the good ‘ole daze, all right.

        Long gone now, how many times did Trump pull a gaff that would have killed any other candidate? Like his famous ‘Gold Star Mom’ insult the Leftists claimed would sink him?

        Water off the rhetorical duck. Biden will gaff, double-gaff, and gaff yet again, and the Leftist media will protect him.

        “Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age…”

        • The landscape in 2016 was far different than 2008.

          In 2008, if Trump had run for the Republican nomination, his remark about John McCain would have sunk his candidacy, if his decades-long support for gay rights did not.

  2. If he treats the peasants like this when asking them to vote for him, he’s guaranteed to be far worse if he ever gets in office.

    • But that’s how you peasants deserve to be treated. That this peasant is a union Democrat is even worse because he should know his place. You poor ignorant Neanderthals just don’t have the mental capacity to understand your place. But, worry not my simple minded brothers, for I and my kind are here to shepherd you in to the bright future!…. shhhhhhh… be still now little lambs, and thank me not for this is our cross to bear on your behalf. And, while you sleep peacefully under our warm protective gaze just know: you’re welcome.

        • Yeah, sure he would. Geriatric fight club…where the first rule is always enforced because of dementia. Two old, like old…with one moderately fit for his age and the other obese and out of shape with an ass the size of Connecticut. Would be a sad thing to watch.

        • That would depend completely on who had the best protective team assigned to them that day.

        • Biden couldn’t win a fistfight with Greta Thunberg.

          Colion Noire needs to engineer a similar encounter between Grandpa Simp[le]son and a young Black girl. The possibilities (all bad) would be literally ENDLESS,

          BEST case would be him breaking out his David Duke impression. The worst would be him physically assaulting her. At that point, it’s possible that even his Secret Service detail wouldn’t protect him. Five minutes later, Tom Perez (DNC chairman) lies down on some railroad tracks.

    • It’s not just when he’s asking for votes. Biden has always been a punk-ass bully and a loudmouth. It’s just not his possible dementia that’s a cause for concern. The man is certifiably stupid and always has been. Definitely not the kind of guy we want with a finger on the nuclear trigger.

    • Joe is going to have a blast being elected to the Senate. The super Thursday results really put him over the edge for the nomination, and after he wins, I expect he can finally end the scourge of 150 million Americans a year being murdered by AR-14’s. I’m thinking he’ll get those dentures shiny with some extra strenght Polident, and take down those lying, dog faced pony soldiers once and for all. We can only re-elect Donald Trump! You’re a horse’s ass, and Uncle Joe knows a thing about roaches and kids on his lap. And he loves kids on his lap.

    • Lets remember that biden is writing a check that will be cashed with somebody elses ass.

      Mind you, that person has a weapon with a capacity at least double what biden will in his magnanimous largess allow any of us peasants, and that magazine is filled with armor piercing ammunition, which has been deemed too dangerous for mere peasants to possess, but what good is power if you can’t flaunt it ?

      That person is also armored, and while that is legal for the moment, the forces that be are working on that.

      So really, the only person taking a risk there was the electrician.

  3. In the near future there is supposed to be a one on one debate between Biden and Sanders. The best is yet to come.

    • Yup, this Sunday, as a matter of fact. No audience, either. Now that there’s not a dozen candidates, Slow Joe’s going to be front and center, so there should be plenty of gaffe opportunities. I’m glad Bern at least decided to stick it out long enough for the debate. Should be worth watching!

  4. So, why are the Dems rallying behind Biden? Clearly, they ran a pack of clowns to begin with, but why him? Easy to control? Use him to ferret out the clowns, then, replace him through a brokered convention? Or do they believe their control of the media is so tight this time that his failing mental capacity does not matter. After all, they bought out Matt Drudge, and have greatly increased their Big Tech censorship capabilities. Just wondering.

    • He’s establishment and a known quantity. Sanders is a wild-eyed barbarian who might actually do what he says. Joe has a history of playing ball.

      “The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t.”

      Of course you’d think they’d wonder about dementia and the problems that might create. They don’t because this is politics and real-world considerations are for small minded plebeians. You can see that line of thinking in everything from Vietnam to COVID-19.

    • Because they can put who they really want to be President in as Joe’s VP. Six months into office when it is clear he’s a drooling idiot, he resigns and the Chosen One arises as their new President.

      Will it be Pelosi? Or Clinton? Michelle Obama?


      Rest assured they have a plan and they have a candidate who will get Dopey Joe over the finish line. One who will finally achieve their dream of disarming America and ravaging it with taxes and regulations to enrich themselves as all good Communists do.

      I’m glad Dopey Joe’s true colors are coming out now. I’m glad Sanders is staying in until the debate and will needle Joe relentlessly until Joe breaks live on national television. It is even possible Joe will take a swing at Sanders and we’ll have a short round of nursing-home fight club. How epic would that be?

      • Cadeyrn,

        “Joe will take a swing at Sanders and we’ll have a short round of nursing-home fight club. ”

        God, please, please, please, let that come true!!

      • Six months in President Biden is assassinated by a gun armed with an AR15 bought in a gun show parking lot.

        Just take one for the team, Joe!

    • I’m no expert, admittedly…… but, I would say all you have to do is look no further than his time as V.P. to understand why they rally around him…… he’s an obvious moron and a pushover….. which is why he spouts idle threats constantly.. .
      Had he cussed me like that, I would’ve been dropping F-bombs all over the place lol….I would’ve cussed that old SOB up and down!!!!…..

    • He’s easily controllable by his advisers (see “handlers”). Those dancing the Potomac Two-Step love someone that’ll work with them on their agenda, given enough of a greased palm one way or another.

      More of the same.

    • Because Biden’s the only left, basically. None of the other candidates that they would have rather had (Harris, Booker, Beta, etc.) could get any traction. One of them could very well be his running mate, though. And yes, he’s a known quantity and controllable.

  5. Progressives have never cared about peons in a factory in flyover country.

    It burned them in 2016, here’s hoping they havent learned the lesson again this year.

  6. Biden’s people need to sit him down and have a stern talk about handing Trump these golden campaign commercial moments. All the Trump team needs to do is take that video clip, Biden chewing out and cussing an American worker in a hardhat, put it on a loop three or four times. Ending with “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message”.

    Nothing else needed, just that.

    • Enuf,

      Agree 100,000%.

      Just make that commercial and saturate television and radio with it. And, as you said, all the commercial does is show Joe pointing his finger at that worker and telling him that he is full of $hit.

      I suppose they could string a few clips together, starting with the time that Joe recently insulted that young women and called her a dog faced pony soldier, and transition that to Biden telling this guy that his is full of $hit.

      Actually, with skilled editing, they could play three clips in rapid succession such that Joe appears to seamlessly say, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that men and women — are full of $hit — you dog-faced pony soldier.” or something to that effect.

    • Trump needs to talk about what worked during his first mandate. Such as the economy, he also avoided a major crisis/war with Iran (while all libtards thought Trump would bring us WW3)….the ads you refer to work with people who don’t care much about numbers and long term issues. Bloomberg had a ton of ads, I don’t even have live TV and I saw his ads when streaming videos….didn’t work very well for him.

  7. What a maroo er buffoon…if the economy completely tanks we could have a s l o w Joe/ Kamaltoe Harris team. And a GUARANTEED civil war. Be prepared POTG!

  8. There is no way anyone the Dems/commies run will get elected president. Trump will destroy them at every turn. Campaign ads and debates will show the American public that their candidate is dangerous to their prosperity and safety. If, somehow, a dem gets elected I’ll be looking up for Jesus because he’ll be coming soon!

    • Amen to that! We have the pestilence thing going strong…Trump just quarantined America from Europe. Even so come LORD JESUS.

    • I wish I could be as confident, but there are millions of brain dead voters in this country and it is getting worse. Many people have been taught by the media to hate Trump, keep that in mind.

      • We all must vote!

        The Dems will win if we are complacent.

        If you know someone that is eligible to vote but isn’t registered, please ask them to help.

    • I woulda just said “Molon Labe, Joe.”

      I think a little reminder that we are the citizens/voters that he would be working for is in order.

      Let’s be sure to have someone at every opportunity Biden provides to confront him regarding his disrespect for citizens and the Constitution.

      Get the confrontations on video and share, share, share!

  9. The question is- who will be the VP candidate, because that person will be President when Biden declines further or dies. Whichever one Pelosi and the elites choose for him will be a nightmare candidate. Every sane person, and absolutely every gun owner must vote for Trump and all the Republicans down ticket, whether or not we agree with all their positions.

    • I’ve pointed out several times in comments on another blog that Joe’s choice of VP (or whoever would make that choice for him) will be indicative of the Dems long range goal and, believe me, they are thinking way down the road. I don’t think they believe that he would even make it through a first term, provided that he could even be elected in the general election, so they are looking at who would be their dream person and step in when he drops dead. That’s what I’m thinkin’.

    • Maybe we’ll get lucky and Biden will pick Hilliary and both succumb to Coronavirus the day before election day.

  10. Most all private sector unionized workers are conservative especially in rural fly-over country despite the fact that their community based organization (AFL–CIO) strongly supports the liberal democrats….your public sector rank and file union members on the other hand will support the dem’tards” …..the governor of the “Peoples Republic of Illinois” JB Pritz”puke” is counting on those public sector union workers along with all the other Illinois entitlement recipients to vote on his income tax hike scheme this November.

  11. Bitterly clinging, deplorable irredeemable, scum-rube, pisce of s**t.

    Did I miss any?

    I for one want people who think of me that way in charge witb near unlimited power.

  12. Biden is an arrogant azzhole, phuck him 2020. Once again as with 2016, I won’t be voting for Trump as much as I will be voting against the DNC puke.

  13. TTAG’s comment section is full of bugs either or an administrator don’t like me? It’ fucked up my Google app browser right after one of my comments were awaiting moderation.. ,,,,,Biden , something about that guy just isn’t trustworthy. He’s got the look of a cheat to him.

  14. Look at the face of the gentleman behind Biden’s right shoulder. That is a guy who does not want to be where he is at that moment.

  15. The kindest thing I can say of the man is he is a arrogant Buffoon and a particularly worthless POS,who will go Corn Pop on you with little or no provocation.

  16. The only real question is whether they can get him all the way through the convention without him taking a swing at someone on camera. The more he is in front of people the more his dementia will show as he is going down hill fast.

  17. that would have been interesting, a fight between a bunch of union workers and Biden even with the Security they would have gotten their asses beat! after ward would suck especially after beating the Feds! make sure you get the cameras memory

  18. The beauty of this is that his handler’s aren’t going to be able to keep him contained or isolated any longer, now that he’s pretty much the nominee. The public’s going to want to meet him, and a lot of the time, it’s going to go the way this incident did.

  19. The problem with Biden is not his use of four letter words. Although he would certainly be loudly bashing on Trump for doing the same exact thing.

    Biden does not understand (or even care to) what he’s saying. It’s in his hatred of the American people. He will not get my vote as his policies will only destroy American life.


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