Rep. Curtis Tarver II
You'd smile too if you knew the laws didn't apply to you. (Image courtesy Facebook)
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It’s good to be a member of the ruling class, especially in Chicago. The Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, has a different set standards for those who are wealthy, famous, or politically powerful than she does for the regular plebes who live and pay taxes there.

As long as you’re lucky enough to be among the anointed, you’re good to go. Even if you’re found carrying a firearm without a valid permit.

Curtis Tarver II, D-25th, was charged in November with failing to surrender a concealed carry license when officers found him with a gun during a Woodlawn traffic stop.

The charge was dropped Aug. 4., as first reported by Politico.

Tarver said in November the charge stemmed from a “clerical error” by the police.

“After a review, we concluded that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to move forward with the prosecution,” Cook County state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said in an emailed statement.

– David Struett in Gun charge dropped against South Side state rep. allegedly cuffed to bench for 6 hours

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      • Need more facts. Article only says he was “found with a gun during a traffic stop”. How did a simple traffic stop lead to discovery? Was his vehicle searched? Was he directly asked if he had a gun on him (not related to the original purpose of the stop)? Was he asked to step out of the vehicle and given a patdown (searched)? This just feels mis-reported.

        • “How did a simple traffic stop lead to discovery?”

          It was the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!

          ANYTHING could lead to ANYTHING with the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT, from armed robbery to torture.

        • Contemplate and understand the sacred words of the unmatched ‘I Haz A Question’. As it was, is and always shall be.

          All Hail.

      • The original article states “Tarver said he presented his CCL to police, but that CPD’s records incorrectly listed the license as expired.”
        So did he or did he not show them his CCL? Too much fake news to discern the actual truth nowadays.

    • First off Bill you right. However, in Illinois they burden law biding citizens with the need to get a FOID card. Which is unconstitutional in and of itself. Mind you according to state law, which when it comes to directing the state to do something just consider it more of a mild suggestion, FOID cards should go out in 30 days, BY LAW, from the date of the state receiving the application. My father’s renewal is going on 6 MONTHS. Now mind you my father is a disabled man in a wheelchair. So he does need a firearm to protect himself. He can keep his firearms while he is in the renewal process, however, you need a valid FOID to buy ammo, good thing we live near Missouri. He wouldn’t have the option of “retreating”. My wife was finally convinced she needed her FOID because of all the BS that is going on. She is going on 3 months to get hers. What the article was saying is that people like my father or my wife would not have been treated so nicely. They would have had the book thrown at them for doing what this man did. Even though what he did shouldn’t have been illegal as long as he can legally obtain a firearm.

      • All true, Mr. Wrangler.

        As an aside – I wasn’t aware there were so many penguins in Illinois they required professional wrangling… 🙂

        • There ya go. Many gang members have been arrested while in possession, or even more, felons in possession, yet see those charges dropped as part of a plea bargain that nets no more than six months in jail. I understand this pisses the CPD off to no end, but there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it. Ms. Fox, the Cook County DA, and the judiciary are doing all they can to keep the prison population down.

    • Well, if you take his voting record…
      “Curtis Tarver was rated 0% by National Rifle Association (Candidate Positions on Gun Rights)”

  1. Come on! Laws are laws! If they’re going to be on the books, they apply to everyone equally. Better yet, get rid of the laws that unduly burden law-respecting citizens and there’s no need to arrest someone for a victimless crime.

    • MrMax, according to state laws FOID (Firearms Owner ID) cards are only suppose to take 30 days to get or renew. My Dad is going on 6 months waiting for his renewal and my wife is on 3 months for her first FOID. The State of Illinois chooses which laws they want to abide by. Laws that require the state to do things in Illinois are mere suggestions, especially if Chicago doesn’t like the laws. Right or wrong, and it is wrong, I mean the whole FOID is wrong, Illinois is a corrupt government. Those of us in Southern Illinois were screaming our heads off when Obama was running for election. We knew exactly what a corrupt Illinois politician would bring to the country, and we were right. Alas, no one listen to us Southern Illinois rednecks.

    • I was once a pleb, just like one of you. I used to be filled with resentment too at the special treatment bestowed upon our betters in Congress. As a member of Congress I now understand the tremendous burden that being above the law entails. Being able to do what ever I want, when ever I want, to whom ever I want is an extraordinary temptation that none of you will ever have to experience. Count yourselves lucky that we, your betters, have brought down to you, the common folk, the law by which you live your lives. Without our law you are nothing more than a pack of wild unruly animals.

      When this revelation came to me I was filled with an awe and calm I never felt before. That must have been how “god” felt when he gave the 10 commandments to the people…. just to be clear: I don’t believe in “god” or any of that stuff…. I am god. Be fearful not my children for I am a loving god. There is no need to thank, worship, or praise me. I only ask that you know one thing: you’re welcome.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Thank you my child. When I bring down my wrath upon these people and the fire of a thousand suns wipes TTAG from this land, I shall remember your kind words and have mercy upon thee. But I give you this warning: when the Lord sayeth it was a coffee cup moving on the table you must keep the faith! Do not listen to the heretics who will try to lead you astray and say it was an unholy passing of gas!! Or, thou shall surly burn!!! YOU WILL ALL BURN!!!!…… ***it was a coffee cup*** sniffle***

          Eric Swalwell 2020

      • “That is the Illinois way”

        Please pardon me, you miss-spelled “The Democrat (or Progressive-Leftist-Marxist) Way”…

        • Sorry Geoff but there is only a bit of difference between R & D in ILLinois. I grew up in Kankakee County. Controlled by Republican’s until quite recently. Former governor (R-Kankakee)George Ryan went to prison for gross corruption. I had my picture taken as a baby in his and brother Tom Ryan’s(mayor of Kankakee)drug store. And Kankakee,ILL was/is controlled by mafia Azzarelli types. Big Jim Thompson died last week. Governor for 14 year’s. He’s responsible for the endless increase in pensions. ILL ain’t fixable…

  2. I have heard the name Foxx before. It wouldn’t be releasing BLM looters and rioters? I wouldn’t be the Smollet case? I guess she is just insuring that her people do not wind up in jail like the rest of us would.

    • Jeff,

      Kim Foxx is simply testing the waters to see if a third magical government incantation works, this third incantation being, “… we concluded that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to move forward with the prosecution …”

      The other two magical government incantations which advance the ruling class and screw the working class are:
      1) “compelling government interest”
      — and —
      2) “public safety”

  3. He was stopped for a headlight not working. It was discovered his permission slips to be in the hallway had expired.

    But a spokeswoman for Illinois State Police, which regulates concealed carry licenses, said a CCL license does not automatically become valid again once an expired FOID is renewed.

    From the Chicago-Sun Times:
    “In order to reactivate the CCL due to an expired FOID, the person should submit a Request for Concealed Carry License Review form, which should be received with their notice of revocation,” state police said in an email. “It does not automatically become valid once the FOID is valid/renewed.”

    The way this thing reads in various reports just emphasizes what an idiotic set of requirements they have there. Which is kind of sweet revenge when it burns one of the very politicians who believes these infringements actually help contain human violence.

    • “Which is kind of sweet revenge when it burns one of the very politicians who believes these infringements actually help contain human violence.”

      Are you stoned or stupid, Enuf? (EDIT- Likely both.) What ‘revenge’?

      His political ‘juice’ got the charges on him *dropped*.

      ‘Revenge’ would be him convicted and sent to state prison like anyone else, moron…

      • Are you stoned or stupid, or both, Geoff “Ammo. LOTS of ammo…” PR? What ‘revenge’?

        A politician chained to a chair for six or seven hours is a deep affront to his specialness. No he did not get shot or beat up by official thugs, but he certainly thinks of himself as treated far below his station. Those officers are going to be in for it, picking on one of the selected few, one of those better than the rest of us, this is not going to go well for them.

        • enuf…Everytime you open your piehole and point your finger there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. When it comes to calling others stupid you have no podium.
          Time and time again you’ve proven yourself wrong to everyone but your own pathetic self…sad.

        • Hey ‘Enuf’. Please note Geoff the Goof gets easily confused. It happens to older men, especially those like Goof who have never known the pleasures of a woman…

    • enuf…It’s self serving politically inept twerps like you who get such laws passed. You can talk guns and you can buy guns off the backs of those pulling the wagon but at the end of the day you are nothing but a pathetic democRat Party lint licker.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Counterintelligence is a “Wilderness of Mirrors” as James Jesus Angleton would say. Is Enuf a well developed agent of influence or is he just a guy with the feelz? It is so hard to say but for his inability to articulate why Trump is an enemy of America he might as well be on the DNC payroll.

    • What does Joe believe in? What does Kamala believe in? These people have zero principles. Just a few months ago, Kamala said Joe was a racist and a sexual predator. Joe’s been in office for decades, yet he’s nothing but a lump of clay, ready to be molded by others. They’ve proven that they’ll be anything democrat activists want them to be. Not to mention that everyone can see Joe’s steep decline in just a few years. When that happens, it goes from bad to worse very quickly. I’ve witnessed it in others. No self-respecting person would vote for these clowns.

  4. No one should ever be arrested for carrying a weapon, whatever the law says. It is a fundamental constitutional right after all.

  5. As it seems Chaos is the Way of Illinois and many other states and laws are only for those without power. I would suggest that as an citizen you exercise your vote to create as much Chaos as possible. Especially in the jury box. Every time you are a jury member cast your vote against the law being used against those without the power. Jury Nullification is one of the strongest tools a citizen has to fight against an unjust system. Where your vote in an election is easily cancelled out by the masses. In the jury bow your vote carries the greatest weight against injustice and corruption. It can send a strong message that unjust laws and legal practices will not be tolerated.

  6. When America finally realizes the “rules” have changed, and we go forward with a unified front of non-compliance and vigorously applied self-rule, until then we are simply subjects.

  7. Going on 5 months for my renewal. According yo the ISP, its still under review. Fun that I got a red light violation in the mail just 2 days after it happened. Hmmmmmm…..

    • “CPD’s records incorrectly listed the license as expired”

      There’s your clerical error, it is mentioned in the links the article above cites.

      • It should have been worded different then.
        (inaccurate license records indicated no violation occurred mandating charges be dropped)
        I’ve got other things to do daily than follow every link on every story I read on every website I frequent. I already spend too much time as it is even though I’m retired and can do as I damn well please.

  8. Any news on the Godfather of the Chicago City Council Alderman Ed Burke who got caught with an entire gun collection?

  9. You are making false statements about how Ms. Foxx administers justice in Cook County. Why any Tom, Dick or Juwan can get off on illegal gun possession. You don’t have to be someone important.

  10. I don’t believe that black people outnumber white people in Cook country or the city of Chiraq. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.
    Now take your happy a$$ and go vote Kim Foxx out of office. Stop being LAZY and proud about not voting.

    What about that white judge who dropped his concealed carry gun in front of the security cameras, in the city court house building??? In a gun free zone!!! I know that this white judge didn’t have a carry license. But did he even have a FOID card??? I bet he didn’t. I bet he still doesn’t.
    And I bet he still has his gun, or guns.

    This isn’t about race. Its about who you know. And “who you blow”. And are you part of “The Club”?

    Now go take your LAZY self, and all your LAZY friends. And go vote these people out of office.

    • Well the judge who breached the gun free zone with his concealed weapon was white, so of course he wasn’t even charged, much less handcuffed to a bench for six hours.

  11. Good. The charges should be dropped.

    As should any previous or future charges against anyone where the only ‘crime’ was ‘carrying without gov permission’.

  12. Some say it’s his right to carry without paperwork. It is, but his state Betters have laws against doing that and gleefully enforce them if your a regular schmuck not a politician or famous person. Being the same race as foxxy Kim helps too, you can kill,loot and riot with impunity.

    That’s why this is cow excrement.

  13. Yes, there is always more to the story that you won’t read here on TTAG.

    But if you followed the links you would discover:

    “Tarver, whose district stretches from Kenwood to the East Side, claimed he was pulled over by six squad cars and handcuffed to a bench for nearly seven hours until authorities learned his job title, he said in a statement.

    Tarver said he presented his CCL to police, but that CPD’s records incorrectly listed the license as expired.

    In an interview, Tarver said the incident made him think “this could happen to anyone in our district.”

    Tarver, who is a lawyer, said he was denied a phone call for several hours until his sister arrived after she heard from someone else about the arrest.“

    So why were the charges dismissed?

    “CPD’s records incorrectly listed the license as expired”

    That seems simple enough, occam’s razor applies until someone presents evidence to the contrary.

    Unless you just want to say bad things about this gentleman, without your statements havzing any basis in fact.

    And you men stay seated, I’ll be in the area all day.

  14. D-25th is all you need to know. Should he be able to carry a gun? Absolutely? Does he think he is better than the peons? Absolutely. Until they realize that everyone is equal and should be treated equally under the law (with our rights respected), then they should reap what they sow.

  15. That’s what he said, but not what happened. In Illinois the CC license becomes automatically invalid when one’s FOID card expires. But when the FOID is renewed, the carry license does not become valid again automatically. One has to apply to get it back, which this fine gun grabber didn’t do. That’s the “clerical error” on his side.

    So yes, his CC license was still expired. He was released and not charged because of his job, not because he didn’t break the (admittedly stupid and unconstitutional) law.


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