David Valle. Courtesy LVMPD.
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Cops say a lunatic broke into a west Las Vegas home after shouting, “Let me in! I will kill you all!” at 5:30 in the morning last weekend. Unfortunately for David Valle, 28, the homeowner was also a gun owner. And when Mr. Valle tried to force his way in through a bedroom door where the family had adopted the ensconced defender position, the homeowner shot him.

The round hit him in the knee and he screamed. A lot. At that point, a responding Las Vegas Metro police officer heard the commotion, kicked in the front door and identified himself before he found Valle continuing crying like a little girl.

The neighbor shot some video of the immediate aftermath as officers dragged the now-shot home intruder out of the house and dumped him on the front lawn until medics could arrive.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal . . .

A man who broke into a west Las Vegas Valley home and was telling the residents, “Let me in, I will kill you all” was shot in the leg by a resident of the home, according to a police arrest report.

And the aftermath of the shooting was caught on video, with a neighbor recording footage of the wounded man writhing in pain on the lawn after being brought out of the house by police.

“I think everybody’s kind of shocked about what happened,” said Heath Horvat, 50, the next-door neighbor who recorded the video, speaking of the bizarre incident in the usually quiet, tight-knit neighborhood near West Sahara Avenue and South Hualapai Way…

Valle was taken to University Medical Center with a shattered tibia.

He was booked on a charge of burglary with a deadly weapon and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the arrest report, but Las Vegas Justice Court records show that prosecutors declined to pursue the assault counts.

That’ll take a day or two to buff out.

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  1. You cannot see any blood or gore on the invader’s leg in the video. I wonder if the home occupant used a .22 LR which may not produce as much gore as a .38 Special or larger caliber?

  2. As the IRA have proven, knee capping is very effective. If not treated in a timely manner will bleed out die a painful death. Many people have succumbed to a leg shot. Can’t forget the femoral artery. I know I let anyone in my house that announced that they will kill us all.

  3. Why doesn’t mainstream media publish stories like this, with happy endings? Stories that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, and prepares you to meet the day headon? Feel good stories are important, especially early in the day, when you have work, chores, and challenges to meet!

    Oh, wait. Never mind.

  4. Interesting that they dropped the assault cases, those would seem pretty straightforward to prosecute: guy announces his intentions to kill them all and then proceeds to try to do so.

    I suppose burglary is easier to plea bargain down to nothing so Valle can limp out of jail and back onto the street?

    • Defens,

      And there you have it.

      Progressives have corrupted our criminal justice system almost exclusively to exact punishment on their political enemies. Since the home occupant had a firearm for self-defense and used it in self-defense, that automatically makes the home occupant a political enemy of the Progressive Far Left. That being the case, the (no longer) criminal justice system will do everything passable to go easy on their political ally (the violent criminal home invader) and go hard on their political enemy (the armed home occupant).

    • “Interesting that they dropped the assault cases,…”

      Thinking the assault charges would not be eligible for release on no cash bail, but burglary is.

  5. Couldn’t shoot the other knee also?

    I like “dumped him on the front lawn until medics could arrive”.

    Another Joe Obiden “immigrant” that has no business North of our border?

  6. How appropriate, the cop’s dump him on the lawn next to a tombstone….it’ll give the dip-wad something to ponder about!

  7. Now that the Pelosi’s have seen what violent crime looks like up close and personal maybe they will begin to understand why the lowly plebes care about crime.

    • “Let me in! I will kill you all!”

      Damn King, you dumb!

      – Dead Presidents

      Not the compelling demand he thought it was.

      • “Not the compelling demand he thought it was”

        in their minds, it’s divine-decree compelling. really. they want it therefore the universe is to comply – that’s how they think.

        plan accordingly.

  8. The shame is that shooting to injure, even thought that might incapacitate a suspect, and with the appearances of being more humane and easier on the conscience, usually leads to civil charges filed by the suspect against the shooter. Don’t count me in on that game because there most likely will be more news on this one as lawyers wanted some free publicity rush in to help the injured instigator.

  9. Law suits against…. gun manufactures, auto manufactures, now new hammer regulations and laws will be enacted; look out Kobalt, Craftsman, Estwing, Vaughan, OX, Tekton, etc., etc., they’re coming after you soon!

  10. “Let me in, I will kill you all”. Oh, ok, now that I know what you want to do, let me open the door for you my friend. A Darwin award is earned with this guy. So when he get’s out of jail, if he goes at all, he’ll be free to come back and do it right the second time seeing that he was only wounded.

    • Statements like that from the perp (or Dacian’s real victim) make you wonder if their state of mind was altered by recreational substances.

      • Well… switch it around …

        A good perp is a dead perp…… or a perp is good and dead…

        Same meaning… so its not “ass-akwardz”


  11. I am sure that a bullet to a knee would have most of us “crying like a little girl”. Kneecapping someone is a “special” torture reserved for the worst of the worst.

  12. Unless the defender actually meant to shoot him in the knee, I’d recommend to him to get out there and practice, practice, practice. He did right in not continuing to shoot when the assailant went down (did not advance), thereby not becoming the aggressor. But he is fortunate that the assailant didn’t draw and then fire on him after being shot. If someone is coming for me and my family and saying “everyone is going to die!”, a full magazine into Zone A is the order of the day the minute the door is breeched.

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