It’s Almost As If Gun Control Laws Aren’t Really Enacted With Criminals In Mind

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    • Power comes from the barrel of a gat. Supposedly uttered by Mao. In ILLannoy the DimscumΒ© decided my 17rd mags were verboten but 15 was a-ok. Oh and I saw online the ILLANNOY State Po-leece confiscated a poor sap’s gunz who dared buy a semiautomatic rifle(or 2)after January 10 from a dumb ILL Gunshop. Didn’t arrest him but I assume the shop owner is in a heap o troubleπŸ™„

      • FWW,

        Mao also said: “Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.”

        Sounds a lot like the behavior of today’s woke leftists.

      • “Power comes from the barrel of a gat. Supposedly uttered by Mao.”

        If memory serves, the actual quote is “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”.

        Which makes it much more sinister, since it’s now just the cost of ‘doing the necessary business’ of keeping things running in a society…

        • The actual quote is:


          You’re welcome!

      • Arrested a poor sap.
        And this is how it starts, one by one on minor technicalities.
        And if the poor sap would have said fck you come get them the media would have portrayed him as the loose cannon that the law enforcement and law saved us from.

    • Just like Illinois governor BJ Pricker, er, Prikzer, whatever.
      He’s a Fat Slob related to ‘Fat Basturd’ from the ‘Austin Powers’ movie!

  1. “How many rounds are in your gun?” Well let’s count them. You stand there. Bang! That’s one. No, I said stand. Bang! That’s two. You’re laying down again! Shit! This ain’t never gonna work.

  2. I recall an incident from the time before I bought my first gun. It was 6 years ago. I was on my way to Austin. The man next to me pointed at his newspaper and decried the shootings in Chicago that had occurred over the weekend. I said something about gangs and drugs. That made him angry.

    He said “The problem is Indianna, with their loose gun laws.The guns come from Indianna into Chicago. ”

    I was stunned and decided not to argue. He was too agitated. So, I nodded and thought to myself, “What about southern Illinois. They border on Indianna. Are they rife with shootings? What about Michegan? Ohio? And Kentucky? Are they all awash with folk shooting each other? Does Indianna have that much influence?

    Again, I thought it best not to challenge him. He might become violent

    • Peaceniks are usually confrontational to violent against those unpersons who use wrongthink.

      • {The murderously-violent not-so-peaceful ‘Peacenik’ folks}

        They are, hands-down, the violent people you will ever come across.

        Just get into an argument with one, and see how many teeth you will probably lose… πŸ™

        • LifeSavor, I thought that you were a pastor.

          What’s your parish — the Church of the Right Cross?

        • I’m not so sure this is the real LifeSavor. Look at all the misspellings in his prior comment above. LifeSavor also doesn’t talk much about violence on his part.

      • That’s why you just laugh at them. No point pretending it’s not a joke and you should reward them for being entertaining.

    • {Nut-job anti-gunner}

      “Again, I thought it best not to challenge him. He might become violent”

      Beaten, yes. In the airline cabin, at least you wouldn’t have gotten shot… πŸ™‚

  3. They don’t mind crooks. Crooks can be bought or pressured as needed. It’s the principled, lawful citizens who aren’t beholden to them that they fear and loathe and want to repress.

  4. All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party – Mao Zedong.

      • Para, I have to disagree. What they are doing actually is FOSTERING crime and violence rather than trying to find a solution that would prevent it.
        In spite of dacian, the DUNDERHEAD’s proclamation that he is a “gun expert”, I’m not sure if he knows which end the bullet comes out. It seems that a lot of his compatriots are the same way. They are scared stiff of a gun as they know little or nothing about them.

        • So you don’t think they are trying to create chaos for the sake of a crisis to save us from especially if it involves nationalizing the police and usurping the local authority of sheriffs?

        • SAFE, No I don’t think they are trying to “nationalize” the police. I am sure they just don’t give a damn and think that we incarcerate too many criminals. In fact we don’t incarcerate enough and coddle those in prison we do incarcerate

        • You have way more faith in human goodness than I do. Hopefully you are right and I will try for the Syracuse gun show this year.

        • I go to the Syracuse Gun Show twice a year. Next is supposed to be in April, God hopes and if the creek don’t rise. LOL
          A lot of our people moan and groan about the problems but do little about it. If every gun owner in NYS voted we could put the DEMONcRATs outnumber the them in the State Legislature.

  5. The simplest thing to do when it is feasible is to simply ignore any new unconstitutional gun laws. There are simply too many gun owners for them to enforce the laws without it consuming all of their working time. It is physically not possible for them to arrest people, collect firearms, have them go to court, without that creating an enormous backlog of cases.
    Additionally, there will be people who would rather defend themselves rather than allow government to infringe on their 2nd amendment rights and the Supreme Court ruling in Bruen.
    The fact that many county sheriffs are refusing to enforce these laws tell you where the officers who take their oath to the Constitution seriously stand. Civil disobedience is the way to defeat these illegal laws in addition to voting this people out of office.

    • While I am sure this will be a part of the equation there is a lot of expensive courtroom bloodsport to be fought. Oh and some of this year’s agenda for NY: .50 center fire (also 12k foot pound equivalent rounds so no Barret ban compliance), ammo registry (limiting you to only calibers for guns you have on license) “assault weapon” ammo limit of 20 rounds per 120 days (short explanation the text is even sillier), any misdemeanor or felony committed while wearing body armor is an additional felony, minimum age for any ownership of a firearm raised from 16 to 21 (some minimal allowances for hunting), and my personal favorite putting signs up in “gun violence prone areas” where I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with perceived racism.

  6. The more gun laws they pass, the more they will be ignored. They are being ignored now, by the otherwise law abiding. We’re well past the, “we can change behaviour with laws” stage for the regular citizen on the subject of guns.

    Sad thing is, I think they know this. They’re passing laws now so that they have the excuse to take you down when they decide they want to. Basically pass so many laws that the proverbial net is so large that it takes in anyone with a gun.

    The care nothing about the individual gun owner, they just want to be able to take a specific gun owner down when he or she becomes inconvenient.

  7. no kidding, all gun control does is burden the Law Abiding Citizen it does nothing to stop criminals. does anybody really think that the criminals are going to follow the law? that’s why they are called criminals because they break the law, so you can make a thousand new gun laws that will burden law abiding citizens but the criminals will keep doing what they do. we as law-abiding citizens need to be free to carry guns and go about our life style without worrying about the government burdening us with stupid laws that don’t work.

  8. Of course ‘gun laws’ are not intended to control criminals or ‘gun violence’. Much like the recent ‘COVID mandates’, ‘gun control’ is designed to control the masses. Criminals, by definition, disobey the law — any law. Eliminating the right of Americans to ‘Keep and Bear arms’ has been a core agenda item for American Communists in order to gain power and control in America. They study history themselves and understand that whomever controls the guns controls the people. That’s one reason the Communist-controlled education system won’t teach about the American Revolution. It was won by everyday American patriots using their own guns to win their freedom.

  9. Grace – can I call you Grace? Do you suppose you could do that up in a poster sized poster and allow me to purchase one? That would look so good on my garage wall. I’ll bet a there’s a few of us that would buy one.

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