Large Capacity Self-Defense: Alabama Man Shoots One of Four Home Invaders

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Trump

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

California Governor Gavin Newsom — who wasn’t pleased by the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision — has called so-called large capacity magazines “weapons of war.” Both doddering Joe Biden and his prospective President-in-waiting have expressed their eager willingness to outlaw magazines that hold more than the magical number of ten rounds, and do it on a national basis.

It’s now a fundamental policy point of virtually every Democrat politician in the nation that no one needs more than ten rounds to adequately defend themselves.

Well…except, for example, in this case in which a car load of criminals tried to break into a home, at least one of them armed.

Authorities said early Monday morning four people tried to break into a home in Garden City (Alabama).

The suspects were met by the owners who were armed. When they tried to leave, the suspects were followed by one of the homeowners and shots were fired. One suspect was hit and is being treated at a hospital.

With the incident occurring in rural Alabama, local 5-0 is wholly supportive of citizens exercising their natural right to defend themselves and their families.

“This is a great example of citizens utilizing their second amendment rights and protecting themselves and their family. I have often stated that law enforcement can be minutes away when you only have seconds to defend yourself and your family. That’s why we at the sheriff’s office are proponents of not only having a weapon for self defense but also being proficient in how to use it,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry.

Confronted by four attackers, being confined to the use of California-approved limited capacity magazines reduces an individual’s ability to present an adequate defense, a fact that really doesn’t concern Biden or Harris much. After all, they have anti-gun constituencies to please who believe that any individual who’s armed with a firearm is a danger not only to him- or herself but to society as a whole.

Fortunately that’s not the case in Alabama, or most of the states in the nation. At least not yet. If elected, President Biden Harris would ensure that the limits on the types and capacity of tools that are legally available for armed self defense in California are imposed on the nation as a whole. So using your SIG P365, your GLOCK 19 or your Smith & Wesson M&P9 to protect yourself would land you in jail.

Who are you voting for in November?


  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Alabama Man! He’s quick, he’s tough, he’s active!

    1. avatar California Richard says:

      Not to be confused with Florida Man. That guy sucks.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Says the man from California. If I loaded every mag I own it would probably push 10,000 rounds. With ammo left over. Drive to Florida. Kick in my door. See what happens next. Castrated California man.

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Know plenty of people up here that could match you on ammo in magazines………..but I think you would be less tired from reloading to fire equal amounts.

        2. avatar California Richard says:

          Oh ya!?! Well I if I loaded every mag I have, it would push 10,001 rounds with leftovers! Ha! Solid burn returned! And my dog is bigger and my big brother has a cooler girlfriend!…. But, if I went to Florida, I would NOT kick your door;
          that’s how Florida Man scenarios usually start. In this case it would be doubly stoopud because it would be a Florida Man v. California Man scenario. (Sarc)

        3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Kalifornia, the article was about the mag capacity in a DGU in Alabama. (I have friends and relatives in Alabama.) I can walk out my front door and be in Alabama in 15 minutes. You threw the gauntlet down when you said “Florida man sucks.” I have a friend that worked for a sister agency. He got out of LE and opened a small Italian restaurant 12 miles from me. He also has an FFL. In addition to great pizza, pasta and Italian subs he has in stock for sale over the counter 5.56, 7.62 NATO and 7.62X39. As well as P-mags to help inferior carbines work a little better and new unused HK-91 mags for sale. He even has an Italian Carcano hanging on the wall for comic relief. Saw all that a couple of weeks ago when I delivered a Randall #11 Alaskan to a friend over lunch. Got anything like that in California? Apologies to jwm.

        4. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Oh, it would only be a California man drove a long way to fuck up story.

        5. avatar GAThunder says:

          Glad you guys are having so much fun !! (-;
          I WOULD be tired from loading all those magazines… but a good night’s sleep — knowing I am well-prepared — and I will be ‘good as new’…
          But the answer isn’t always the Number of rounds… but the Effectiveness of your weapon of choice.
          So… it is also important to have plenty of Options !! Don’t want to hunt a rabbit for dinner with a 12 gauge Slug, and you can’t hunt Water Buffalo with a .22 revolver… But you DO want Plenty of rounds to feed Each of your “Pets”…
          BTW — why worry about kicking in doors..?
          Just kick a hole thru a WALL …

        6. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Thunder, couldn’t agree more. My main defensive rifles are Galils and HKs. An assload of magazines for both. And ammo. Primary hunting rifles? .308. Logistics. Do have hunting rifles in 30-06, .270 Win. 30-30. etc. Because you should. An ’03A3 and a M-1 rifle with ammo in clips because you should. Handgun ammo in .45 ACP, .40, 9mm. More than I need. Really, how many handgun fights do you think you’re going to survive? Some guy with a Ruger 10/22 is going to get lucky. Speaking of.22 LR. Put up all you can. It’s going to be what you really need. And a couple of real .22 rifles. Not the shit they’re building today. You shouldn’t think spending the same money on a .22 rifle should be any different than the same money you spent on a well made centerfire rifle.

      2. avatar Man in Florida says:

        I resemble that remark!

      3. avatar Gunny says:

        OK dick…..

        1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          I don’t think Gadsden Flag is familiar with the “Florida Man” meme.

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Uncommon, I’m familiar with it, just tired of it. It was only funny the first 100 times I read it.

    2. avatar Debbie W. says:

      RE: Who are you voting for in November?

      I am a registered Republican and proudly casting my vote for TRUMP/PENCE come hell and high water or come an army of democRats or any other pos that thinks they can stand in my way.

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        Even if there is an ANTIFA crowd checking voter’s eligibility?

        1. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

          I always open carry to vote. Do not get my hopes up if they aren’t actually going to be there.

      2. avatar Roger J says:

        @ Debbie I voted for many Republicans in national elections while in IL. Only rarely did they count.

    3. avatar LazrBeam says:

      And, we’re prepared, Kyle.

    4. avatar joeyj says:

      Alabama Man is a prime rationale for MORE EFFECTIVE GUN CONTROL…….4 targets with only one hit. (Shaking head in disbelief)

  2. avatar Eric Swalwell says:

    “Who are you voting for in November?”

    Write in candidate.

    Eric Swalwell 2020

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:


  3. avatar jimmy james says:

    Stomach churning picture. Creepy Joe indeed.

    1. avatar John Fritz, HMFIC says:

      What’s up with his hair? Is he growing a rat tail?

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        No. It’s sharpened spikes so if someone tries to choke him from behind, he’s protected.

      2. avatar jwm says:

        He ain’t had a shower in a week. Dementia makes you lose some of your skills and habits. Wonder if he’s wearing a diaper?

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          “Dementia makes you lose some of your skills and habits.”

          Listen and heed, the voice of experience speaks his truth!

          Has your doctor suggested a course of cognitive therapy to stop the intellectual decay?

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Miner, how would you ever recognize the truth?
          Hey remember when you said a white officer murdered two Houston homeowners, but he’s black? Remember when you tripled down on that lie? Remember when caught you said you were told he was white and used that as an excuse to lie even more?
          Remember when we all realized you had just admitted to being told to lie, and you did?
          You’re morally bankrupt. You can’t even tell when you’re lying anymore.

        3. avatar 9x39 says:

          Of course, what would one expect of a paid troll. I mean, let’s be realistic here JWT. Who has that sort of free time, for years, to post such lengthy harangue’s? Methinks, only those of whom commenting is a salaried, or more likely given consideration of the repetitiveness of diatribe, a paid by line shill job.

    2. avatar Geoff "Ammo. LOTS of ammo..." PR says:

      New ‘Creepy Joe’ ad :

      1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        Perfection,example of a buffoon with dementia who has always been clueless.

        1. avatar Sam is Goof says:

          You’re right, ‘Goof…PR’ is definitely a buffoon.

  4. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “The suspects were met by the owners who were armed. When they tried to leave, the suspects were followed by one of the homeowners and shots were fired. ”

    I think we again get into this whole discussion about whether it is legal to pursue retreating attackers.

    1. avatar Tarzan says:

      Yea try that in rural Al. Retreating while armed. Don’t care

      1. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

        Anywhere where American rednecks live:

        *dirty 4 wheeler pulls up to house
        “Hey Cooter, is your backhoe runnin?”

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          You aren’t wrong, there are sections of western Mass and much of the Adirondacks that aren’t too far from that description as well. Great pies just be sure to pay first.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      And the related questions: “is it wise?” and “is it tactically sound?”

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “And the related questions: “is it wise?” and “is it tactically sound?” ”


    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Sam I Am,

      It is absolutely legal to pursue people who just broke into your home and then ran off.

      Whether or not that is wise, as Hannibal pointed out, is an entirely different question.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “It is absolutely legal to pursue people who just broke into your home and then ran off.”

        Absolutely? Everywhere? Every jurisdiction? That might be a bit of a stretch, right?

        1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

          Well, you have to run fast enough to get in front of them..then they are the ones being aggressive no?


        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Well, you have to run fast enough to get in front of them..then they are the ones being aggressive no?”

          My bad. My thinking was too narrow.

      2. avatar Docduracoat says:

        To Uncommon Sense,
        I have to say I am certain you are wrong about pursuing a fleeing felon.
        In all 50 states, one of the elements of legal self defense is innocence.
        Even when you’re inside highly defensive property like your home, you lose the element of innocence once the person flees.
        When you pursue, you now become the aggressor and lose the element of innocence.
        You are no longer privileged to use deadly force when the criminal surrenders, or flees.
        Legally you just crossEd the bright line between legal self Defense and revenge.
        It’s nice that the police and prosecutor in that Alabama county won’t prosecute this homeowner.
        They would legally have been justified in bringing charges.

        1. avatar Docduracoat says:

          I want to state again that all of us who have a gun should have “self Defense insurance”
          Simply displaying your gun could result in charges of aggravated assault which is a felony with a possible 10 year sentence.
          Even the worst lawyer will charge a $30,000 retainer to defend against a charge like that.
          If you actually shoot someone, a charge of attempted murder is likely, this is punishable by at least 10 to 20 years in prison. And the retainer for a charge like that will be $100,000.
          The actual cost to go to trial with expert witnesses and investigators will be $300,000 at a minimum.
          That is if you actually want to mount a effective defense.
          You could use a public defender whose primary job seems to be to negotiate your plea bargain.
          Self-defense insurance is actually a pre-paid legal fee arrangement , and costs around $300 To $400 per year.
          Like all insurance you may never use it, but it seems like cheap insurance to me.

        2. avatar Matt says:

          You’d have to parse it more finely. You can pursue the person. Most states allowed citizen arrests and if they just tried to break in or did, that’s a forcible felony in almost (all?) all states. So you could legally pursue them and attempt a citizen’s arrest or tail them till the police showed up.

          However, you couldn’t be the one to initiate force to stop them. You could still defend yourself.

          Now many jurisdictions you have a duty to retreat. In which case if you pursued and it escalated to deadly force, even if you didn’t initiate the deadly force, good chance you aren’t going to be on the right side of the law. Many of those jurisdictions that have a duty to retreat you probably also aren’t going to be on the right side of the local prosecutor and facing man slaughter charges.

          Its a lot more “depends” answer on if it was a legally justified shooting. Sounds like the sheriff is saying legal or not, it was righteous. Case closed. I’d tend to agree with him. If the bad guys were the ones that shot first.

  5. avatar Huntmaster says:

    I’m voting Freedom first!

  6. avatar Timothy V Noecker says:

    Thank GOD I Live In a State (N.C.) That Doesn’t Infringe On Our “Capacity” Rights, Hopefully President Trump Gets Re-Elected in November So It Can Stay That Way…

    1. avatar ATTAGReader says:

      Don’t advertise what you own. “Not My Governor” Cooper would turn NC into NY if he had his way. Let’s hope he is gone on Nov 4 along with Biden and the rest. Voting straight R like in 2016 and this time giving money. This garbage has to end.

    2. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Yeah, but don’t you North Carolinans have to beg a permit from your county Sheriff to buy a handgun? Sounds a bit “infringey” to me…

  7. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    I don’t vote for Leftist’s,I also don’t vote for dementia patients or some one who’s main qualification is that of being Willie Browns willing willie warmer.

    1. avatar Void says:

      I would say joes before hoes but is he still there?

  8. avatar enuf says:

    Sheriff Matt Gentry has a a refreshing outlook on what his deputies can and cannot do. Such as they cannot be on the spot when and where needed the need arises, without delay. Takes time. In those minutes between someone calling for help, officers being directed to the scene, arriving on the scene and taking action all those minutes are up to the victim’s ability of self defense.

    Ruger PC Carbine with 33 round Glock magazine at the ready, beside the bed.

    And that’s just one of my guns.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Sounds a bit like James Campbell-esque braggadocio, there, enuf.

      1. avatar All Hail! says:


        All Hail!

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          Debbie, is that you? 🙂

  9. avatar Geoff "Ammo. LOTS of ammo..." PR says:

    Remember the guy kicked in the head by Antifa the other day?

    Warrant for his arrest :

    “Update (1650ET): Portland PD have launched a manhunt for Marquise Love (a.k.a. “Keese Love”) as a suspect in Sunday night’s violent attack on a truck driver who was put in the hospital after Love allegedly kicked him in the head.”

    And we have this :

    “”This War Can’t Be Civil”: Berkeley Columnist Calls For “Violent Resistance”

    These are the ‘Tolerant and accepting of others not like themselves’ people…

    1. avatar jwm says:

      That columnist needs to see what violent resistance looks like. maybe we can save some space for him on the wall when Trump gets his second term. Standing in front of it blindfolded or helping to build it while wearing an orange jump suit.

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        Send the columnist to Gitmo as a suspected domestic terrorist sympathizer.

    2. avatar Public Service Announcement says:

      ‘Goof…PR’ is very angry because he’s never known the pleasures of a woman.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I think he had your mama once. Once.

        1. avatar Geoff "Ammo. Lots of ammo" PR says:

          Ralph, it was horrible. Once was more than enough with that hag.

          She just would not shut up about her son who refuses to move out of her basement. Endlessly bitching about everything she’s tried, including putting sand in his giant jar of Vaseline to stop him from constantly masturbating down there. She says the stench from all that dried ’emission’ is so bad, she’s to ashamed to invite her bridge club over to play cards.

          The stench is so bad, even the dog won’t go down there, no matter how much he begs him to come down and visit him.

          Widdle troll, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even an Incel like you could actually have sex with a woman without having to pay double her usual rate to spread her legs for a loser like you… 😉

      2. avatar George Floyd's ghost says:

        Every crack slinger this side of Minneapolis had that ho….. lol
        I even passed a few fiddys hot off the press to his ho mama….sheeeiiit….

  10. avatar bob says:

    It’s NOT about voting Biden or Trump! It’s about not allowing the Liberals who want to take your rights away and the Democrats who want to shaft the country.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Only the Supreme Court can prevent the enemies of this nation from violating your rights in those localities where they hold a majority.

      The question to ask yourself on November 3rd is who do I want to select the next couple of SCOTUS Justices? And who do I want in the Senate to confirm those appointments? Everything else a president does can be reversed by the succeeding administration.

      1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

        Right there with you.

        The next SCOTUS pick will be critical.

      2. avatar Someone says:

        Considering it’s track report, depending on SCOTUS (a part of tge government) to protect our rights against infringements by a government is a dicey proposition.

        We, the People have all kinds of rights, but we can exercise only those which we are willing to defend ourselves.

  11. avatar Austin is not Texas says:

    “The suspects were met by the owners who were armed. When they tried to leave, the suspects were followed by one of the homeowners and shots were fired. ”
    Is pursuing felons by civilians legal? Not in most states as the imminent threat no longer exists, but this did not happen in Austin, it happened in one of the few jurisdictions, in this country, with officials that still believe in freedom.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      It is legal in most, if not all places, to effect a citizen’s arrest when you have personally witnessed a felony. That includes pursuing someone.

      But the use of deadly force is a different issue. Most states use a standard similar to that of police- that the suspect must present an imminent threat of at least great bodily harm. Some states require that the user of force have no safe means of escape before using deadly force (duty to retreat) and others are even more broad than the norm, allowing deadly force to protect property in some circumstances.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “It is legal in most, if not all places, to effect a citizen’s arrest when you have personally witnessed a felony. That includes pursuing someone. ”

        Agree. The original statement indicated a universal legal right to pursue fleeing attackers, while armed.

  12. avatar Prndll says:

    I have experienced the least problems with 13, 14, 15, 17, and 30 round magazines. Almost all with 0 malfunctions.

    I’m happy at these levels so… problem.

  13. avatar USA Veteran says:

    No doubt about it I will vote for retention of POTUS Trump & VP Pence.

    As far as I know every member in my family will vote for Trump/Pence as well.

    1. avatar guy says:

      And Pence 2024

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “And Pence 2024”


        Pence is a nice guy, a traditional “work across the aisle” Republicrat. We need a string of street fighters as far as the eye can see. The job isn’t done yet, and reverting to political behavior of the 1950s loses everytime. But, where are those street fighters? Who would smash-mouth the Dims? Not seeing much to look forward to after a second term for Trump.

        1. avatar RidgeRunner says:


        2. avatar Sam I Am says:


          Not a street fighter. He sorta wimped out. Didn’t do anything to stop the Mueller investigation, even though he had direct evidence the Obama gang was lying to the public. He was on the House committiee receiving classified testimony that was different from the public pronouncement from Obama’s operatives. Essentially Gowdy enabled the Dims in their coup attempt.

        3. avatar Geoff "Ammo. Lots of ammo" PR says:

          Trey would kick ass as president, or SCOTUS choice…

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Trey would kick ass as president,…”

          Not a street fighter. He sorta wimped out. Didn’t do anything to stop the Mueller investigation, even though he had direct evidence the Obama gang was lying to the public. He was on the House committiee receiving classified testimony that was different from the public pronouncement from Obama’s operatives. Essentially Gowdy enabled the Dims in their coup attempt.

  14. avatar Patriot S117 says:

    I’m a gun-owning Republican voter who’ll never vote for Trump. If you really love and understand the Constitution and the principles that truly make this country great, you’d understand that Trump threatens democracy.

    1. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

      Trump is not great, but a vote for him is a vote against Biden/Harris.

      We need everyone who does not support the communist agenda to vote for Trump despite his issues. Then we need to to push the republicans to sort out their party’s problems in the next 4 years.

      The democrats are bat shit crazy and they have been increasingly proving that for over a decade now, and especially in the last 5 years. Please, hold your nose and vote for Trump. Then get involved in your party and work to fix it. If you don’t then you will never get the chance to fix it.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        Trump is an enemy of the USA and of our Constitution. He is that existential threat to Liberty that your mother warned you about. He would bring about his own autocracy if he could.

        Compared to that Biden/Harris are merely liberals without the strength of their own party behind them.

        1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          Your delusions have gotten much worse. We will have “a well fitted” straight jacket for you after the re-election of President Trump. You will get the professional help you so desperately need, very soon.

    2. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      Sounds like a ‘No true Scottsman’ type of argument.

      If you have examples of the President threatening a ‘democracy’ please provide them.

      The United States are a Constitutional Republic, or at least was once.

    3. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      “I’m a gun-owning Republican voter who’ll never vote for Trump. If you really love and understand the Constitution and the principles that truly make this country great, you’d understand that Trump threatens democracy.”

      1. avatar Docduracoat says:

        If you are against mob rule, for firearm freedom, against massive illegal immigration, for color blind justice, you have to vote for Trump.
        He may have personal traits many don’t like, but he is definitely against the tyranny offered by the left

    4. avatar Miner49er says:

      Donald Trump is a Russian asset, those who refuse to accept the evidence are denying reality.

      “WASHINGTON — A sprawling report released Tuesday by a Republican-controlled Senate panel that spent three years investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election laid out an extensive web of contacts between Trump campaign advisers and Kremlin officials and other Russians, including at least one intelligence officer and others tied to the country’s spy services.

      The report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, totaling nearly 1,000 pages, drew to a close one of the highest-profile congressional investigations in recent memory and could be the last word from an official government inquiry about the expansive Russian campaign to sabotage the 2016 election.

      It provided a bipartisan Senate imprimatur for an extraordinary set of facts: The Russian government disrupted an American election to help Mr. Trump become president, Russian intelligence services viewed members of the Trump campaign as easily manipulated, and some of Mr. Trump’s advisers were eager for the help from an American adversary.”

      Apparently, many who consider themselves good American citizens, value their hatred and racial identity more than their patriotism.

      1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

        So you are stating that the investigation revealed that “the Russians” manipulated voting machines or the voting tally provided to each State?

        Can you provide any evidence of this?

        Otherwise see manure video above.

      2. avatar CWT says:

        Speaking of hate have you looked in the mirror of late?

      3. avatar Ing says:

        So Russia tried to influence the election; we already knew that. China is going to do the same thing, only they love Biden.

        If Russia’s decision to meddle was Trump’s fault, then I assume you’re going to blame Biden for the same thing if he gets elected?

        1. avatar Patriot S117 says:

          @ING, you’re missing the fact that the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee found that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, fed polling information to a Russian operative. The extensive findings in volume 5 of the Report on Russian Active Measures Campaigns and Interference in the 2016 U.S. Election confirm as much and SO much more.

          Thus, the difference between a foreign nation seeking to influence our elections and succeeding and a candidate’s campaign actually working to assist that foreign nation is the key distinction. Foreign nations that fear democracy will always seek to undermine it by supporting one party over another. That’s expected. A party’s campaign reaching out to solicit and then actively work with the foreign nation is NOT expected and NOT acceptable.

          But if you don’t understand the distinction outlined above (read Section III of the report!) and you don’t understand the threat to our democracy and our nation in having a party solicit foreign interference, then may God help us all.

          You can like guns. I love ’em. I love TTAG. But you know what I love more than a candidate who supports reduced gun restrictions? My country and my democracy. I would give up all of my guns for the right to vote and have a voice in my government ANY day of the week. A candidate who tries to solicit foreign interference and then who tells me I can’t vote by mail and I’ve got to endanger mine and my family’s lives to cast a vote is not a candidate I can support.

    5. avatar Hugh Glass says:

      Yeah, we don’t understand. Idiot.

    6. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Drinkin’ the Kool-Aid there, Patriot? You do realize that most of the anti-Trump “info” out there is crap, right? Made up by Obama/Hillary shills paid for by taxpayers? Accusation after accusation proven to be lies, yet people like yourself still hanging on to them, I guess through laziness, I heard it on facepalm, so it has to be true.

      1. avatar Patriot S117 says:

        @LarryinTX, Kool-Aid can be quite nutritious. But I agree that much of what the media says is BS. But is what Donald Trump tweets himself “Kool-Aid”? That’s just one of many examples where he’s attacking voting by mail, effectively undermining the way that I and many of my Republican family members and friends have voted for decades. Now, in the greatest pandemic most of us have seen in our lifetimes, Trump is effectively trying to defund the postal service to make people have to increase their risk of getting sick. This isn’t Kool-Aid. It’s straight from Trump’s mouth. Watch the interview and explain how what the president directly says is “accusation” or “lies” by the media, as you call it.

  15. avatar enuf says:


    Trump is the single greatest threat to our Constitution and it’s enumerated freedoms since George the 3rd sent his Redcoats and their Hessian Mercenaries.

    Trump has in fact stated he should be given a third term as a do-over for the first one.

    He”s a child mind in the body of an insecure bully who is still trying to cover up having lost his father’s fortune by the hundreds of millions.

    1. avatar Prndll says:


      Your description is that of Obama. Trump seems to be the only adult in the room most of the time.

      “ Trump has in fact stated he should be given a third term as a do-over for the first one.”

      This is not an issue at all. ANY president can have a third term. We could just as easily have a third Obama term.

    2. avatar Craig in IA says:

      “Trump has in fact stated he should be given a third term as a do-over for the first one.”

      So he’s stated an opinion, of which he is entitled to, as is enuf and the other NeverTrumpers here on this site. BFD!

      He has not, and will not take any action to put it in place. (And how many times did obama plead to the American public that if they wanted to see a third term for him they had to vote for Hillary?

      It’s amazing that so many people on all aspects of the “political spectrum”, from furthest left to furthest right cannot take a second to try to understand what he’s doing. Trolling all the time, and whether or not that’s “Presidential” doesn’t even matter since it’s the only way Trump can get any of his message concerning a traditional America out to the general public. There will never be either a neutral or positive story or article about Trump in the MSM or any social media platform. What’s form of communication does he have left in which to express himself, in his own, unflitered and “un-spun” terms? There are entire network news outlets that only do anti-Trump material. There is no news, only editorial BS.

      Many people, here and elsewhere obviously have no idea just how deep the web of Leftist control is spread. It’ll take years to try to root it out and set freedom back into place, if it can be done at all considering the indoctrinated, publicly-educated last 2 generations who are now voting-aged consumers. There is no other voice in the country at present time who can convince enough people of the problems we face- not someone that 50.1% of the people would vote for, or better out, one who can gain a majority of the Electoral College votes. If there is- who?

      It’s sad that there are plenty of “worthies” around this site that are helping the Bloomberg/Soros/Pelosi/Leftist cause. At least you should apply for a paycheck.

    3. avatar Travis Bickle says:

      “ Trump has in fact stated he should be given a third term as a do-over for the first one.”

      Agree. Cool.

    4. avatar Prndll says:

      The thing that most people are missing and is the reason why Trump actually CAN joke about “third term” is that it IS possible

      The Constitution does NOT say a president is limited to two terms. It says a president is limited to two ‘consecutive’ terms.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “The Constitution does NOT say a president is limited to two terms.”

        “Amendment 22 – Presidential Term Limits
        1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice….”

        1. avatar Prndll says:

          I stand corrected.

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          I stand corrected.”

          We all get ahead of ourselves, from time-to-time.

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          2A says “shall not be infringed”, and yet it is. This says “two terms”, but that is not what it means, particularly when it comes to men named Trump. Don’t feel too bad, he’ll be too old for a fourth term. If the Constitution can be simply ignored, Trump 2024 should be easy.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “If the Constitution can be simply ignored, Trump 2024 should be easy.”

          I hope Trump refuses to leave office, refuses to have anyone meet with the incoming transition team, announces it every other day, right up until inauguration day, then ignores the inauguration and flies to Florida for a long vacation. Just watching the anti-Trump jackals wet their panties and sputter their outrage would be worth months of turmoil in the nation.

    5. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      to enuf
      You must be using the most amazing intoxicants.

  16. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    The west and north east coasts have been figuratively disarmed. In “fly over country”, or the “bible belt”, we are still very well armed. If the mob comes here? They will get a very different response compared to mobs in Seattle or Minneapolis.

    Donald Trump is the last chance we have to stop the future killing of the Libertarian Socialists. Or the killing of the Socialist Progressives by well armed patriots. Currently we are in a low grade civil war. The rioters have been lead to believe by “the Do Nothing DA’s” , that they can destroy as they please and won’t be held accountable by local governments.

    What happened to these 4 scum bags, should have happened to the mob, that attacked a woman at her home in a Seattle suburb.

  17. avatar Hank Bithert says:

    Yep, one person needed a large capacity magazine and that justifies the 25 mass shootings which occurred since the last time someone need a high capacity magazine for self defense. Hell, it probably even justifies the 60 dead and 412 wounded in Las Vegas. It is not important or relevant how many innocent people are shot down in America, just whether we can continue to be boys with toys.

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