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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Because when you think strong, thoughtful leadership, the first name that has come to mind over the last 30+ years has always been Joe Biden.

“What we always expect from him on our issue is just really strong and thoughtful leadership. He knows our organization well. He’s been working with us for over 30 years,” said Brady PAC Executive Director Brian Lemek.

Brady PAC, the sister organization of the nation’s oldest anti-gun violence advocacy group, touted that Biden helped pass the Brady Bill in 1993, which implemented the modern background check system that advocates are now pushing to reform.

Biden also delivered a eulogy in 2014 for James Brady, former President Reagan’s press secretary who was paralyzed by an assassination attempt on the president.

Brady PAC, formed during the 2018 election cycle, has raised nearly $100,000 for the Biden campaign, with a goal of hitting $250,000. The PAC, which endorsed Biden in March, has also given nearly $1 million to House and Senate races this cycle.

Everytown for Gun Safety, which has also contributed significantly to Biden’s campaign after not making any direct campaign contributions in 2016, is hoping for more than just a mention of gun control during the former vice president’s prime-time speech.

“Given his decades-long leadership on gun safety, we wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden made this issue a key part of his convention message. And we can be absolutely certain that Biden, who has pledged to take action on gun safety in his first 100 days of office and committed $900 million in local violence intervention programs, will be the strongest gun sense president we’ve ever seen,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

– Alex Gangitano in Gun control groups seek convention momentum

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  1. So how many firearms safety instructors have been certified by these “gun safety” groups?

    How many school programs have been funded for the safe handling of firearms by these “gun safety” groups.


    But yet they keep on lying because they never get called out by the MFM.

      • What sticks is the fact Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. No doubt Gun Control zealots are giddy about hearing Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden speak about their racist and nazi based agenda. When it comes to sleazy Gun Control Zealots all that’s missing are the sheets and brown shirts.

      • What shows ignorance are the nitwits who think they have a choice. After 4 years of a diabolical concocted witch hunt to overthrow a duly elected POTUS there is no option to give the democRat Party standing by being a bump stock dirty diaper crybaby or any of the other complaints spouted off by thin skinned ungrateful self serving gun talkers. For me I’ll castrate the first ratbassturd that gets in my way of voting for…

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020

        • While I do not think most of us have has a valid option other than voting for Trump, his short comings, his mistakes, and those of the republican party, and those of the system which they inhabit do need to be addressed.

    • Try again, Mr. “I like to take pictures of myself”.
      Go back to one of your favorite restaurants, take a picture of your food, then take yet another photo of your face.

      Back up your statement with some facts.

      • Tom,
        He seems to be referring to Biden/every town version of “gun safety” in the article(not NSSF/NRA actual gun safety initiatives)

    • For that to be true, gun law violations would have to actually be prosecuted and sentenced imposed for convictions. Not seeing where that’s happened on a massive scale.

      • You just say that because of your unrealistic definition of “massive”, pretending it means more than 40 times a year!

  2. Doesn’t make a wit of difference. Joe might be elected, but he and the Dems are going to loose anyway – one way or another.

  3. These people are just straight-up dillusional, aren’t they.
    This is on par with the ramblings of schizophrenic meth addicts at this point.
    “We sincerely believe people are gonna want more gun control after our pet mob has raped and pillaged unabated for months on end”
    is on par with,
    “My grandma is league with the oil barons so they can let the aliens abduct me to harvest my poop and semen”.

  4. All of these “contributions” from anti-gun groups, are all of them financed by Soros, or are some from Bloomberg? I’m betting nearly zero are from actual people, all through money laundering.

    • That is probably not entirely fair. True, Soros and Bloomberg finance a lot of stupid crap. But a lot of people are happy to have their pictures taken while endorsing the idiocy. Some of those people probably have money to burn. It’s impossible to say how many, or how much, but it’s a safe bet that delusional fools contribute to anti-gun organizations.

      How many of us who read TTAG contribute to causes that we care about? I’m not wealthy, but I contribute. Ten dollar here, fifty there, five somewhere else, a hundred from another donor – it all adds up. Point being, it’s a mistake to underestimate the opposition.

    • 100/250 thousand, one million? that’s chump change to our favorite “Little Napoleon” and the “Nazi collaborator”.. This money was listed as individual donors of $200.00 or MORE.. Guess Brady Pac is not on the Bloomberg/Soros most favored list…

    • I don’t expect Bloomie to give up credit and control by astroturfing anyone other than his own groups. There’s more than just those two. The Joyce Foundation and other charitable funds and foundations support the various antigun groups.

    • He did that Friday when he announced himself as “I’m JOE Biden’s husband, JOE Biden” on a conference call.

  5. The Democrats really do want to see Trump re-elected. When you have a Republican incumbent that hasn’t really done anything to advance gun rights, has actually banned firearm accessories by executive action, and given tacit approval for red flag laws, you really have to go to extremes to convince people Trump is the Second Amendment candidate. I get it though. It’s a lot easier to be the minority party. All you have to do is whine and bitch about the other guys.

    • I don’t think the Democrats want Trump to win; that’s just ridiculous. The rest, though…yeah.

      The Republican party doesn’t really want a majority because then it might have to *do* something. And what Trump has done for the Second Amendment is iffy at best. But it’s better to have a lukewarm guy in the Oval Office than a pack of rabid progressives, so if that’s all we’ve got available, I’ll take it.

    • Until February, Trump seemed an unstoppable juggernaut headed for reelection. Biden was the sacrificial lamb — he’s been a long-time loyal party member for years and had little chance of ever winning in 2024 and beyond. Suddenly, he had a chance after Covid hit. In 2016, Trump’s biggest advantage was he wasn’t Hillary, and Hillary’s was that she wasn’t Trump. Now, Biden’s biggest advantage is that he isn’t Trump, but nobody is really excited about him, like Hillary had.. Biden is staying hidden so most people don’t think he’s that bad. The average voter doesn’t know of his developing senility, family corruption, and terrible policy proposals.

  6. The only Gun Control that matters is hitting what is aimed at. This is becoming more evident everyday. There are going to have to be some dark choices made in the coming days. The powers behind all the Chaos have shown what their true goals are and chosen the acolytes to due their bidding. The November elections will quickly devolve into a battle in the Courts. Delaying the results for as long as possible. if No winner is declared by Noon January 20. The House of Representatives chooses the President and the Senate chooses the Vice President. If and until the election is decided.

    Twentieth Amendment
    Section 3
    If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

    The potential for a Civil War hasn’t been as plausible since the War between the States. Yet there it is. I make No predictions in this Post. I simply point out that the events of the last several months have shown how far the Liberal Socialist Democrats will go to invoke Turmoil and Chaos in pursuit of their goal of Power and Control. As with all of the Wars fought in this Nation for Control and Power. Many refused to believe they could/would happen and were unprepared for the Death and Suffering that followed. While I for one have prepared for such Events. There is still Hope that Our nation will survive either through common sense resolutions or a slow rebuilding over time. Only time will tell. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Darkman,

      Between COVID-19 panicking, widespread rioting, and several states pushing for mass-mailing ballots to anyone and everyone, there is a very real possibility that there will be no election results even by January 20th.

      Here is where it gets really ugly. If there are no election results, then we cannot determine would constitute the next Congress. Does that mean the old (current) Congress chooses the President and Vice President? If that is the case, Democrats have the majority in the House and would choose our next President. Talk about an end-run around the explicit intent of the United States Constitution!

      Now I am wondering if Democrats are purposely trying to create enough chaos to disrupt the November 4th election and, via the 20th Amendment, enable the current House of Representatives to choose the next President. At this point I would not put it past Democrats: after all Democrats just finished their earnest attempt to oust Trump via highly illegal means.

      • The new Congress would be involved in selection, but I don’t see anyone predicting a Republican wave that would make it much different than it currently is.

      • From everything I’ve read, the house and 1/3 of the senate’s terms end Jan 3, 2021. If results aren’t in at that time, congress and 1/3 of the senators are out of office. Add to that, if the results aren’t in by Jan 20, at noon on the 20th, the President and VP’s term ends and they must vacate as well. We will be without a President, VP, Congress, and down a 1/3 of senators. The leader in the Senate would become acting president until results are in, verified, and the new senators, all the house, the VP and the President are then sworn in. That is, of course, a worst-case scenario, but feasible. Scary idea, ain’t it?

        • Rick Hess,

          I think you are actually correct. That IS a scary thought.

          I suppose Democrats already looked at the U.S. Senate to see if they would have a majority after the 1/3rd of sitting U.S. Senators (whose term will be up) vacate. Methinks I will be doing that myself.

          Wow. Just, wow.

  7. Regardless of who wins Burn/Loot/Mayhem and AntFarts will create domestic terrorism never conceived in America. If Trump wins, then to de-throne him. If Biden wins, then to implement the Sociaist destruction of America agenda. If a disputed count/tie, then to occupy America. Current ongoing Portland, New York, Chicago “peaceful demoonstrations”…..riots….are merely the enemy initial probing, warm up, de-sensitization actions. Buckle up, Boys and Girls, it’s going to be an E-ticket ride. You’ve got enough guns…..ammo up. Sadly, it’s gonna be a TRE in streets near you.

  8. Lets see

    Anti arms

    Anti Constitution

    Anti American

    Why exactly is any American voting for these un American Marxist’s,yeah I know the answer.Even satan can sell the idea of ice water in hell.

    • Why exactly is any American voting for these un American Marxist’s

      Because, decades of Marxist brainwashing by Marxist high school teachers and Marxist college professors in Marxist led institutions bolstered by a Marxist MSM… My 27 year old step-son won’t buy anything from Walmart because his high school Spanish teacher espoused the evils of tax breaks that were given to the local store that provided several hundred jobs and increased the school tax base by hundreds of thousands annually… Yet he has stuff from Amazon delivered daily..Fukin kids just have no common sense anymore…

    • Has anyone told Joe that he’ll have to come out of his basement if he wins?

      “DUDE” Don’t you worry your silly little brain about me leaving my basement WHEN we win.. C’MON MANNN!! The White House has the most SECURE bunker system in the world AND I’ve got Jill and Kammy measuring for drapes already (gotta cover those windows) and designing a sound system to pipe in bird and geese sounds… C’MON MANNN!!

    • I want that too, but I see 0% chance of it happening. The Senate Republicans won’t be the first to get rid of the filibuster, so they won’t be able to get enough votes to get past the Dems and RINOs. We’d need 2/3 of Sentors, plus House majority and the Preaident.
      The Dems have declared the intent to get rid if the “racist” filibuster. Some are stupidly calling it “Jim Crow,” but it stated at the beginning of the 19th Century, not after the Civil War. If that happens, look for them to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. states (4 more solid Dem Senators plus some Representatives), legalize illegal aliens (more voters), nation-wide absentee voting (easier for them to commit fraud), give felons voting rights (since it’s racist that is disproportionately affects Blacks), and expand the courts if necessary to stack them. If that happens, don’t expect Republicans to take power again for at least a generation. If Trump wins 2020 and the next Republican candidate isn’t someone we vote for because the alternative is so much worse, there could be enough support to do it after 2024. A better chance is judicially if Trump gets reelected, picks 2 one more SC Justices, and continues to fill the lower courts with originalists.

  9. “will be the strongest gun sense president we’ve ever seen” Ugh I can see those words leaving Feinblatt’s ugly brownish-yellow shit-eating teeth

  10. Anyone who thinks Trump has this in the bag hasn’t been paying attention. I’d love to agree, but by God he says the stupidest things at times. He’s played into the hands of his critics with some of his dopey comments in Coronavirus updates.

    I am gritting my teeth waiting for Biden to win, or at least to contest the election to the point where the actual outcome becomes moot. That is absolutely straight out of the DemocRat playbook – if you can’t win, break the system. And with Roberts as Chief Justice, I don’t count on the SCOTUS to resolve disputed state outcomes in a timely manner.

    I wish I shared the optimism of some of the commenters here.

  11. and then they will turn around and lie…say something like:but they don’t want to take your guns…
    they would round them up in a second if they could…ALL of them…probably even the air rifles, Nerf guns, water guns and cap pistols

  12. If Biden is elected…the rush on guns and ammo and accessories will be like nothing we have EVER witnessed before…especially if the house and senate go blue as well…

    • If there are any left, Hard to find a reasonably priced piece now… Always wanted a coach gun, 20″ barrel 12 gauge, side by side put it off when they were under $300 now $600/700 is the norm… oh well, guess I’ll have to look for an old used side by side and make my own, if I can find one worth the money…

  13. That really is the safest way for Shotty Joe to wear that mask. That way his bullshit wont back up into his throat and choke him to death.

  14. “Biden’s leadership on gun safety”, translated into English means exactly what? Oh by the way, might this “leadership on gun safety” include letting go with both barrels from your balcony be an exemplar of the above mentioned “gun safety”? I wonder.

  15. There is no question that advocates for gun control are ecstatic about the prospect of hearing Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden talk quordle about their racist and nazi-based goal. When it comes to corrupt supporters of gun control, the only things that are lacking are sheets and brown shirts.


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