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Incompetent former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
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One of the nation’s worst law enforcement officers, former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, has lost his bid to regain his old job. Lacking any sense of responsibility or shame for his abysmal performance or being fired for his poor management and his department’s general level of incompetence, Israel had challenged current Sheriff Gregory Tony in attempt to regain his former position.

It was Israel’s department that utterly bungled the response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in February of 2018, in which 17 teachers and students were murdered. It’s not a stretch at all to conclude that the many BCSO failures resulted in more dead and wounded that day.

Following a state commission’s scathing review of the his department’s actions, then newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis fired Israel in January of last year.

The good news tonight is that Israel’s effort to regain his job as sheriff has failed.


Sheriff Gregory Tony, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ appointee, has been declared the winner in the Primary race for Broward County Sheriff over former sheriff Scott Israel.

As of 9:30 p.m. with 98 percent precincts reporting (567 out of 577), Tony claimed victory in a statement with Israel trailing at that time by a little over 4,000 votes.

In the heavily Democratic county, the primary, for all intents and purposes, decides who will be the next sheriff.

Tony issued the following statement:

I am deeply honored that Democratic voters have chosen me to lead the Broward Sheriff’s Office into a brighter, safer future. We’ve come a long way in the last eighteen months, but there is still much work to be done. Together, we’re reforming the Sheriff’s Office, promoting good deputies and keeping our communities safer by embracing police reform. As your Sheriff, I will work tirelessly to make this department a model for how a public safety agency can be effective, transparent, and accountable to our community. Let’s keep moving forward.


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  1. I’m glad he lost but the fact that he was even able to run for the job again absolutely seems like the definition of insanity to me.

  2. Cool, so the guy who hid the fact that he killed a kid and lied on background checks about drug use so he could become sheriff beat out the incompetent idiot.

    Imagine if a Republican challenger (or anyone) could actually win instead of one party being guaranteed each election. I wonder how much better off we’d all be if elections were slightly competitive in more than about 10% of US counties.

    • Silence comrade!

      We only need the following information:
      A) The total number of voters in the district.
      B) The number of voters who voted for the party’s chosen candidate.
      C) The number of voters who did not understand directions.

      B+C should = A

  3. Finally justice is served. Still with the election that close, one has to wonder what they are putting in the water down there. The mere fact he got on the ticket, could raise that much money to back his run makes you wonder just how blind the people can be. We heard of his incompetency in the news, if you read Andrew Pollock’s book ‘Why Meadow Died’ you get a deeper view of just how much corruption and incompetence there was, and apparently still is down there. I wish Sheriff Tony the best, so far it would appear he’s trying to get things straightened out.

    • To start off Justice hasn’t been served. Justice is in the eye of the harmed. The legal definition is a bunch of Bullshit gobbledygook.
      Justice according to Law,com

      n. 1) fairness. 2) moral rightness. 3) a SCHEME or system of law in which every person receives his/ her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal. One problem is that attorneys, judges and legislatures often get caught up more in procedure than in achieving justice for all. Example: the adage “justice delayed is justice denied,” applies to the burdensome procedures, lack of sufficient courts, the clogging of the system with meritless cases and the use of the courts to settle matters which could be resolved by negotiation. The imbalance between court privileges obtained by attorneys for the wealthy and for the person of modest means, the use of delay and “blizzards” of unnecessary paper by large law firms, and judges who fail to cut through the underbrush of procedure all erode justice. 4) an appellate judge, the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, a member of a Federal Court of Appeal and judges of any of the various state appellate courts.
      He deserves jail at least and a long one way boat ride off the coast at best. As for whats in the water? Nothing just like most people they vote as they’ve always voted. The way their parents and grandparents voted regardless of party. Voting is the most important Civic duty a citizen can do and yet less time is spent preparing to do it and doing it than it takes to Take a Shit. People have become numb to politics and simply default back to old voting habits. Which has been a major goal of all political parties. They want nothing more than glassy eyed people pulling the lever for their party. We’ve gone way passed the Dazzle’m with Brilliance part. Right into Baffle’m with Bullshit. We have met the enemy and It is Us.

      • “Voting is the most important Civic duty a citizen can do and yet less time is spent preparing to do it and doing it than it takes to Take a Shit.”

        The founders setup the greatest form of government for future generations. Now if we don’t stay engaged and vote. Don’t attend meetings. Don’t Question candidates positions. Then we get the government we never worked to stop in the first place.
        I have never respected Libertarians or anyone else who say they are proud to not vote at all. They never show up at meetings. They don’t write letters. So they never have worked to change things at any level. They are lazy.

        In that respect some atheists and some religious people are the same. Both expect things to magically change. Without any effort on their part.


        Rachel Malone Director of GOA -Texas. in this 90 minute audio podcast. She talks about showing up a meetings. Sometimes with only one or two pro gun people to speak at council meetings. And getting results.

        • I gotta tell you, I love Texas more all the time. Our ballots do not have party affiliation of the candidates, just their names. And starting this year, there is no “straight ticket” option. That means if you are determined to do something as stupid as to vote for Democrats, you have to learn what their names are. Each individual one. I believe that will prove too much effort for most of the suckers. We’ll see!

    • Justice would be served if Israel and Scott Peterson were similarly abandoned the way the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas kids were.

  4. Mencken said voters should get what they vote for – good and hard. The people in Broward are locked in, wanted the two guys they voted for. Well, they got one of them.

  5. Professional politicians always pop up somewhere. He will be back in another overpaid position of power somewhere.

  6. The he received thousands of votes is disgusting, he should have only had single digit votes, like his own vote for himself only.

    Broward “heavily democrat voters” (which means New York, New Jersey, Boston transplants) are a complete pack of morons. At least they were barely smart enough to ensure his loss.

  7. Well good for you in FloriDUH. We got a worse Sheriff in Cook County! At@let those poor folks outa jail so they won’t get Wuhanflu😩

  8. I’d like to know who the GOP candidate is. I remember reading somewhere that a Broward Sheriffs’ Sergeant was running. There has to be someone in the upper ranks of this department not tainted by this fiasco.

    • “I’d like to know who the GOP candidate is.”

      At this point, I really don’t care. The dangerously unacceptable was blown out.

      *Applause*, Broward voters…

      • You should probably look into the circumstances of the winner killing a kid back in the day, in addition to his history of lying. Reads to me like someone who got away with murder. Seems like it would be worth caring about.

  9. Now this power drug addict will go into drug withdrawals. He just can’t be without power over others. Look for someone to give him a job. The guy is dangerously delusional. And so are his supporters.
    If any of them run for office anywhere. Don’t vote from them.

    • The guy is pretty toxic. Perhaps some entry level grunt level cop who was getting BJ in his patrol car while on duty and got fired can run to another department and get a good paying job, but Scott Israel has enormous amount of serious baggage that comes with him that very few communities will condone, enable or tolerate. If he could get another good job in law enforcement command, he would have done so as opposed to trying to get his old job back and in doing so, subjecting himself to continued ridicule and scrutiny over his past leadership. Scott Isreals needs a well paying top leadership type compensation and he can’t get it, not any more.

  10. I honestly wasnt sure the people of Broward county were smart enough to get rid of this fool. I may be partly accurate in my thinking be the fact he lost by only 4000 votes. Should have been a sweep for the other guy.

  11. If it was like the election 2 years ago for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Israel would have gained 50,000 votes overnight and won.

    • A Leftist is, above *all* else, a Leftist.

      They protect their own.

      That’s why it was as close as it was…

    • Because it came out, in true Florida fashion, that the ‘good guy’ running against him shot a kid dead back in the day under questionable circumstances (before he was a cop), did drugs and lied about it to get hired.

    • Because Scott Israel is a NYC-area transplant of the same ethic background as thousands of other NY/NJ/CT transplants living in Broward County.

      When you look at situations like this, always examine tribalism. Tribalism is one of the most powerful forces, for either good or evil, in all of human history. The US, for a brief moment in history, rose above this history of humanity – but leftists decided that they wanted to pursue tribalism with their “woke” agenda and Frankfurt School marxism.

      So here we are. A man as incompetent as Scott Israel gets that many votes – because he’s of the same tribal group as the voters who want him there.

      It’s the same reason why Ilhan Omar is where she is.

  12. When one pineapple face is gone, somebody just as useless will replace him. This is the reality of the ones sworn to uphold the law, to protect and serve. The supreme court has ruled that the police have zero responsibility to protect you and me.

  13. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most corrupt departments in the US. IBA Commissioner, and Licensed Attorney: Clifford G. Fleetwood helped rid the taxpayers and voters of both Scott Israel and Florida State Dicator Michael J. Satz who was legally term limited from office. Satz was forced to retire and now faces a Federal Grand Jury indictment in case # 11-006716-CF-10-A. Sheriff elect Gregory Tony also faces a Federal Grand Jury probe in the theft of over $10,000 of personal items stolen from a storage unit by BSO, Gregory ” Ghetto Boy” Tony and Adam Zettel.


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