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Children grow up to be adults. Assuming they’ve kept their noses clean, once they reach adulthood they can exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Irresponsible families who trade perfectly serviceable firearms for $100 or $200 Target gift cards today are depriving their children of their ballistic birthright.

Look at that pile of pistols collected at last Saturday’s LA gun “buyback.” Clock that gorgeous blued revolver at the top of this post, willya? And look at the beauty above.

If the LAPD don’t somehow “misplace” these guns on the way to the crusher, they will have denied citizens access to armed self-protection (albeit at their own request) and destroyed practical functional works of art.

Wait! Somebody stop that bolt gun from bolting!

Rocket launcher? I just met her!

Hey lady, that ain’t no Uzi!

AR you kidding?

Whoa! Illegal magazines! Somebody’s been a bad boy. I’m thinking it’s the City of Los Angeles for spending $100k to deprive residents of their gun rights. Bastards.

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  1. I am thinking of the children. Those guns should be taken to the schools and used in gun handling classes.

    Upon graduation from high school each child should get a gun to take out into the world with them.

  2. Where did ya get that bogus photo from; Australia? The “bay back” held in middle US are pot metal puffers not safe to shoot or pawn. Poor paperweights.

  3. It’s a real shame throwing away any S&W revo lver that doesn’t have a Hillary hole.

  4. Model 19 4-inch…it would perfectly match my 2″…ugh. I hope that isn’t a real ivory gripped SAA inder it. Pitiful. You KNOW these went home with some doushebag cop.

  5. The quote that has me scratching my head, ““My house was broken into three times and they robbed me at a liquor store we owned,” said Dorothy Whitfield.” and she still gave up her weapons. Morons, nothing but morons.

  6. My personal favorite is the fired LAW. Those suckers run like $500 and can be sold online with no paperwork. I have my eye on a deactivated RPG-7 for my home office, but I don’t think I can swing $1500 as an “office artwork” business expense.

      • Technically, if a Monet is within the bounds of the deduction, so is a deactivated RPG-7. But I’m not quite ready to roll the dice if I catch a left-wing auditor.

  7. Why are they even called “buybacks”? Buying back a firearm would imply that the state was the one who sold the firearm to the customer in the first place.

    • It would also imply that a) the owners were not deceived by the powers that be, b) that the powers that be were properly compensating the owners for the true value of the firearms, and c) the owners were not being coerced by powers bent on denying citizens of their Constitutional rights.

      There have been reported cases of museum grade firearms being turned in by people who don’t know the values of the firearms they turn in. That Mod 19 4 is one of my personal favorites, bought at a time when I carried a Mod 15 4 for duty.

    • This is sort of like the saying, “Of course it makes no sense. Politicians did it.”
      In this case, it’s “Of course it makes no sense; it’s from gun haters.”
      They prey on the gullible, uneducated masses. The POTG don’t fall for that crap, mainly because they are, as a rule, smarter than the gullible, uneducated masses.
      The problem is: Those gullible, uneducated masses vote.

  8. i hope they took photos of ALL the critters, that made THEIR DONATIONS for the $100.00. wonder if the photos match the line up photos. inside the PD. lol.

  9. Do they at least check if the gun wasn’t reported stolen before presenting the gift certificate to the outstanding citizen who brought it in? Or they simply don’t care about any of that and just want to collect as many firearms as possible at any cost? These weapons look way to clean to be some street garbage, someone took care of them.

    • So why throw them away like a digarded piece of trash? Such a shame. These people are totally brainwashed. Gave away rifles because he has grandkids and didn’t want them hurt? That guy shoud have his driver’s license taken away if he’s not responsible enough to store a firearm in his home with kids around, he shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car on public roads.

    • What would the city do it they were discovered to have been stolen? Give them back to the rightful owner? HAH!
      The intent here is to get rid of as many guns as possible. So what if the gun is stolen? Insurance should have paid for the loss. Didn’t have insurance? That’s not the city’s fault or concern. Besides, the gun was involved in a crime (theft) and should be destroyed.
      Yes, Virginia, this is how hoplophobes think.

  10. I count two nice Smiths, a Taurus revolver a Gp 100, an SAA, a Ruger Mark II, and what looks like an American Standard Derringer (under the Smiths) amongst the Jimenezs and Phoenixs. Any one of those is a fine gun, even the Taurus. That might be a Colt of some type in the bottom right, but I can’t tell.

    These politicians should be charged with theft for giving someone $100 for a $500-$900 gun.

      • Thanks, I think you are right. I kept looking at it thinking it was something Combloc, but the lack of a heel mag release threw me off.

  11. Fucking idiots, every last person who goes to these things.

    They deserve whatever happens to them living the way they are. You give up your weapons and complain about crime, then turn around and likely vote for the crime enableing bastards.

    Fuck ’em, fuck ’em all.

    • If I had a garbage gun which was broken and not worth spending a dime to fix, I still wouldn’t bring that to a buyback. I don’t care if they offered $500 for a POS raven pistol, you should never be involved in them. Any gun they take in is used for propaganda. Scumbags.

      • ” I don’t care if they offered $500 for a POS raven pistol,”

        I’d damn sure care if they were buying $100 guns for $500. I’d be their best possible ‘buyback’ customer.

        Having the .gov buy me some new guns using *their* money? Cool!!!

        EDIT – Check this vid out, a Portland ‘antifa’ protester A-hole gets punched out by a Trump supporter:

        *Sniff* I just *love* a happy ending!


      • I keep waiting for the ‘buyback’ that that idiot congressman (well that narrows it down…) proposed. $100 for an AR receiver…

        Sell one to the state, buy 3 ($30 anderson lowers), sell three, buy 9. I love this ‘buyback’ 🙂

      • Sometimes these buybacks are actually useful.
        A bunch of years ago, I turned in a little .25 I had come into possession of. It keyholed at 10 feet. Truly a piece of junk.
        I turned it in for a $100 gift card. Yes, I profited from a buyback. The gun was junk, and I easily got ten times what I paid for it. No loss to me, nor to the gun community at large.
        Do I feel like a traitor? Absolutely not. They made the offer, I took them up on it. I profited, they lost. It cost them more to destroy the gun than the gun was worth, plus they payed more than the gun was worth to obtain it.

  12. 1.) THIS is a CRIME ! Perpetrated by Big Government Bureaucracy Run Amok !!!

    2.) This is What it’s like to live in a Disarmed Population with Common Core education !!!!

    3.) This benefits “illegal aliens” ! Off to Target for some Xbox one, PS4 , or Nintendo Switch gaming weekend…A courtesy of the sanctuary state, and a neighbors stolen firearms !!!

    4.) Up coming “Police carve-outs, special privileges, and hidden behind the scenes extra political civil rights by Job Entitlements…” Firearms that wind up in police officer collections….Yup !!!! Lol !!!

    5.) California the Communist Sanctuary state/ police-state government….With ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH PUBLIC SAFETY !!!! All this in America…Now that’s a Crime….

  13. Those revolvers were gorgeous. No reason to destroy those. Check for stolen serial numbers, then sell back to me!

  14. At the very least, there should be some sort of proof that these guns don’t just walk straight back out the door in some cop’s gym bag.

    That would make these “buy back” things a straight up scam. I mean I’m more ways that the ones we think they already are.

    There’s an investigative journalism piece for you.

  15. If my tax dollars went to buy these guns does that mean I own a percent of them?

  16. This is utterly infuriating. Voluntary disarmament. Despicable. Abosolutly disgusting. VOLUNTARY DISARMAMENT!!!! THIS ISNT F-ING ENGLAND! AMERICANS SHOULD NOT BE SO SCARED OF GUNS THAT THEY’LL TURN IN $1000 GUNS FOR A $100 TARGET GIFT CARD!!!!@$$#$!$. MORONS! …..Sorry, angry patriot came out of the box, as Mark Walters would say. On the bright side, when Chicago does these “buybacks”, Guns Save Life brings old junky worthless guns, then uses the money to send kids to NRA youth camp. But still, this is revolting, to see AMERICANS voluntarily giving up their freedoms for a gift card. It makes my blood boil(could you tell?)

  17. Does anyone remember who was Mayor of San Francisco when htey banned private ownership of handguns?
    Yes, you in the back…
    Right, it was Diane Feinstein. You know the famous gun grabber.
    Does anyone remember this:

    I thought it odd that a famous anti-gun person would actually own a gun.
    Then I remembered that she is a Democrat, an anti-gunner, and, well, that was enough to make me realize that she lied in order to make the headlines.
    Do not think for a minute that anything that has to do with guns that was thought up by a hoplophobe will be based on honesty, integrity, or truthfulness.

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