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Press release [via]

Noveske is proud to announce that the highly anticipated NSD Rifle has begun production, and is awaiting ATF forms to ship to dealers now.

The NSD rifle features an 8.5” Blackout barrel with a permanently attached Dead Air Sandman-Ti silencer- making it a one tax stamp rifle. This quiet combo is covered by an oversized hand guard based on the design aesthetics of our NSR rail.

Also included in the rifle is an ALG trigger, Noveske ambidextrous safety, and Magpul furniture. MSRP $3,250.

The Noveske NSD Rifle has an 8.5" barrel with a Dead Air Sandman-Ti Silencer and requires only one tax stamp. The N6 rifle, chambered in 7.62x51, features a full length barrel 14.5-16" and also has a can attached.
The Noveske NSD Rifle has an 8.5″ barrel with a Dead Air Sandman-Ti Silencer and requires only one tax stamp. The N6 rifle, chambered in 7.62×51, features a full length barrel 14.5-16″ and also has a can attached. In case you missed it, the NSD rifle is shorter in length than the N6.

To help celebrate the release we teamed up with some of our friends to create a Spring launch video. Along side of the NSD rifle, the video also features our 7.5″ Diplomat, N6 in 7.62×51, and a 300 Blackout replacement barrel for the FN 249 machine gun.

Noveske 300 Blackout replacement barrel for the FN 249 machine gun.

What do you get when you mix full-auto 300 Blackout rifles (Noveske NSD, and FN 249), SBR’s, MP5’s, Night Vision, river rafting, and pool parties? The most badass, all-American weekend with Noveske, Resco Watches, One More Wave, URT Clothing, and Superior Defense! We call it Range Forever!

About Noveske Rifleworks

Noveske Rifleworks was formed in 2001 by John Noveske. Noveske Rifleworks is a leader in the industry, known for its rifles featuring an extended life competition grade barrel, improved 5.56mm chamber, KX3 muzzle device, the Switchblock gas block system and the NSR lightweight rail system. Noveske Rifles are highly sought after by both operators in the field and gun enthusiasts for their ‘No Compromise’ quality and reliable function.

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  1. Save 200 dollars on a tax stamp by purchasing this 3200 dollar rifle. Lol
    Two things, people shopping in this price range probably don’t care about the extra tax stamp and probably prefer to be able to take the suppressor off, and for 3200 dollars you can build a 300 blackout and an extra upper in a different caliber and still have enough left to purchase a suppressor for each upper and pay the tax stamp.

    • Agreed. I was just thinking when and if the HPA passes I will build something like this, but I only expect to pay around 1200-1500 for it, at most.

    • Can confirm. I built my 8.5″ SBR (with a Noveske barrel) 300 blackout for about $1,800. I also plan on building another 10.5″ 5.56 Noveske barrel upper for the same SBR lower. $3,200 is crazy.

  2. It’s nice, but I’m not seeing $3000 worth of anything on that rifle. 2 grand? Sure. $2500 maybe even. Not 3.

  3. This is about as close to the darrel rifle as you can get.

    Not sure it’s worth it, but then again darrel rifle…

  4. This design is slick but, the beauty of the modern AR is it’s modularity. I would much rather register an sbr and then buy a silencer that could be swapped out over various uppers and calibers. Wish all the silencer designers would just adopt a direct thread system.

  5. The people who buy these probably have yeti and salt life stickers on their brotrucks.

  6. I love how the gun community sh!ts on each other for creating products that aren’t for everyone but might fill a niche for some. I won’t buy this, but I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who does. I like that we have options to buy.

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