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Yesterday, we published Kirsten Joy Weiss’s debut trick shot video. A few members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia were less than impressed. You know; with the shooting. “It ‘might’ be a trick shot if she hit the balloon the first time,” Bob snarked. “Otherwise, shame on all of us for watching her shoot rather than just watching her.” Or, “Annie Oakley would’ve got all the balloons with only three shots,” Stinkeye opined. “With iron sights. Riding sidesaddle. Maybe backwards, with a mirror…” The video above is KJW’s answer to those doubting Thomases who thought our resident marksperson missed a few too many times. It’s the first take where she took down all the balloons with one shot apiece. With a slightly wonky gun and a scope. On a motorcycle. Safety-oriented sharpshots please note: Ms. Weiss apologizes for not wearing a helmet or eye pro (she was wearing ear pro). She’ll don some spiffy eye pro in later videos. (Much later; there are eleven non-eye pro videos in the can.) Meanwhile, thanks for your comments and the page views. To quote KJW: très cool!

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  1. Please, show some common sense and stop encouraging this woman. Riding a motor cycle with no eye-pro? Not only is this shooting unsafe but it also violates several laws.
    As I noted earlier there are many women who do this using two handguns while running a course on horseback in a sanctioned event so why no horsey love?

    • What laws is she violating? And why is it unsafe for her to shoot from the back of a motorcycle with a driver controlling the machine but it’s acceptable for a woman to 2 hand pistols while riding a horse that is under only the shooters control?

        • Head and eye pro are not required in all states. Is she on private land? Not a public road? Prohibitions on shooting from a vehicle may not count there. Backstop? She’s shooting a .22 and again, she may be on private land with miles of open, private space around her.

          As for the horsey girls it may be as simple that the guys writing for TTAG have no interest in the sport. They write very little about black powder and SASS. Maybe you need to put together a report and submit it to RF.

        • “Backstop? She’s shooting a .22 and again, she may be on private land with miles of open, private space around her.”

          And shooting at about a 30 degree angle of incidence to the ground. The ground right behind the balloon is her backstop.

      • In Wisconsin it’s illegal to have a loaded rifle on a vehicle (truck, car, boat, bike). This would qualify for a fine up here.

        Not sure what state she’s in, but I’ll guess that there aren’t many of them that allow shooting from moving vehicles on public roadways….

    • I can see you read nothing of her responses in the original post. Or you just want to argue. She’s an adult. She can wear eye pro or not as she sees fit.

  2. What a hottie! That is all.

    But seriously you guys were all for Colon Noir when he did his latest ride and shoot video, and that was nothing too crazy. Why you all gotta be haters.

    • Once again; Noir was at a state sanctioned facility wearing appropriate safety gear and under the supervision of certified personnel

        • If its true that the same people not “impressed” by a motorcycle shot, are more impressed by the said Noir golf cart shot (BOTH fun, not knocking either of us, more power to everyone having a great time shooting!) but um. Really? Hmm, having just watched that video and judging by earlier comments (miley cyrus being my favorite, thanks for some good laughs :))….I’m beginning to think this “sanctioned” and “safety” is a bit of a scapegoat for something else….I wonder how I could possibly get that impression? lol Yes, safety’s important. But come on guys/girls. If you want me to ride a horse or else its not up to your standards….??…. but yet you totally love a slow golf cart with random targets we can’t even see knocked over…….. it just doesn’t add up to any sense. Good thing my value doesn’t lie on “impressing” you. I’m just sharing the action and spreading the positive side of shooting *phew*

        • Kirsten, as long as no one can get hurt but willing participants, knock yourself out. You’re doing nothing wrong. We used to do silly fun stuff like this in the woods when we were teens – except we used pistols and were piloting the bike.

  3. Frankly, I’ve been ignoring it but to the safety Nazis; Please, tuck your panties back where they belong and just enjoy something for once.

    Shooting without eye pro? Been doing it for over 30 years without injuries. Motorcycle with no helmet? Are you kidding me? Shooting from motor vehicles (that I was driving at the time and otherwise) oh yeah.

    Something’s are inherently dangerous, that isn’t what is at question. What is at question should only be was every attempt made to ensure the safety of those who did not choose of their own free will to participate? Because risk to those who knowingly and willfully assume such risks are their own business.
    If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. No, really, just go.

    • Not a safety Nazi, just don’t want TTAG associated with the fall-out when someone gets hurt because they run with scissors to get attention. Otherwise I have no vested interest in her well being beyond that of the average person

      • If TTAG posts a video of me shooting myself in the foot it hardly reflects poorly on the site. That’s on me.
        That having been said, if they post video of me doing trick shots and I get hurt that’s a safety message in it’s self. It doesn’t require someone to moan every time their personal comfort zone is exceeded.

  4. Ardent gave the perfect response to all the whiners.

    guys, trickshooting is fun, it’s also a lot harder than your shooting regimen. When you complain about this stuff, it makes you sound like some catty chick with buck teeth that doesn’t like the girl because she’s pretty and talented.
    Get over yourselves. YOU are not the be all and end all of the shooting world. As a matter of fact, there’s a LARGE part of the gun culture that would laugh you off of their ranges for whining like this.

    I’d call you little girls but that would disparage this fine young lady because she is in fact a girl…with more cajones than you have.

    Finally, look, if you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of shooting? don’t do it. It’s obvious that the only thing she killed in the video was a couple of balloons so her safety precautions worked.
    If you feel it breaks the laws in your state? DON’T DO IT!
    As for me? she’s welcome to use my private road to shoot all she likes.

    • Thank you Fitch and what you say rings true as well. It’s as if some are saying ‘I can’t do that without getting hurt, thus no one should.’

      I offer UFC fighters, race car drivers and the like who do things every day that would result in us commoners being injured or killed.

      What we saw in the video was none of those things. It was at least safe enough that most people could try it, even if they couldn’t hit.

      That said, it takes a kill joy to doubt a professional when they have pulled off something awesome.

      • I never said those things but feel free to pretend I did.
        Please fell free to point out the ‘professional’ in this vid.
        As for me not being able to make those shots, my curricula vitiate says differently.
        The entire buzz about ‘trick shooting’ is a canard.

        • Frankly now you’re making arguments that are impossible to confirm or deny since you’re essentially anonymous.

          On the other hand you’re also clearly becoming defensive, which is my queue to simply let it drop.

        • You’re quite passionate about this, ensitue! And while i’m not exactly sure why you’d take such a concerted effort to post this much, I thought I’d let you know that I would really enjoy seeing videos of your horse ride shots. So please post them on TTAG! I ride horses too. I’ve watched some of the major horse/pistol competitions you speak highly of, and what I saw focused more on the riding and much less on the shot accuracy. But it was simply fascinating to see how well the horses were trained, WOW!! Not even a flinch at so many gunshots!! So feel free to share your horse love. Some people like shooting from a horse with two pistols, I just prefer the challenge of shooting from a steel horse with one rifle. Its really all what you enjoy! (Also, do the riders wear helmets? The competition riders I saw did not. Maybe we all should think twice about head protection…) Anyway, glad you are shooting ensitue

        • Um. Yes Kirsten. And ensuite needs to do the shots with a scope. Leagues harder than open sites with moving targets/shooter moving at speeds is involved (practically impossible). You dont see any scopes on shotguns now do ya. Shows what they know…just ignore the trolls. They’re just miserable to put all the negative energy into this. No one would shoot but them, if it were up to them.

  5. I stand corrected. Much more impressive when you go 3 for 3. Well done, Kirsten!

    Now, if we’re going to continue the Annie Oakley references, you need to split a playing card on edge, and shoot the severed piece before it hits the ground. Or ding a dime thrown in the air from 30 yards away…


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