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Gun control advocates will see this story and say the Indianapolis woman was stupid. Why did she go for her gun when she didn’t have to? She could have started a gunfight that might have left her dead. Tactically, there’s some justification for that position. If a gun’s pointed at you, lunging towards the bad guy holding the weapon in an attempt to get your own gun may not be your first, best option. But there are other considerations not detailed in this report. Where were the other assailants at the time? If they were close by (as is likely) Kari Bird may have feared being beaten, kidnapped, raped, tortured and/or killed. In short, she was in a life-or-death situation and she chose to counter-attack. She won. Case closed. Only not . . . [Make the jump for the (auto-play) video…]

As of this writing, the police have not captured Ms. Bird’s assailants. As reports, the search for the bad guys is ongoing:

The outlet claims that authorities will likely patrol around her neighborhood in the wake of the incident and that police may also rely upon surveillance video from a nearby gas station to try and find the four young men.

Which raises an important question: should you talk to the media before a defensive gun use case has reached its conclusion, if it ever does? Doesn’t this video antagonize her attackers, putting her in jeopardy of retaliation? One of her attackers could claim she assaulted him with a gun and use any inconsistencies in this video account to victimize her again, legally.

I wouldn’t do it. Nor would I recommend that any armed American caught-up in a DGU speak with the press until much, much later. If then.

It seems Ms. Bird has made another calculation. She’s balanced the possibility of rattling the bad guys’ cage against the possibility that making her case high profile will intimidate the perps into perpetuity. Yes, well, one wonders if the cops confiscated Ms. Bird’s gun, or if she has another one.

Anyway, good for her. You might say it would have been a happier ending if she’d ventilated the attackers, but I reckon she’s had enough trauma as is. Result. Let’s hope she stays safe.

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  1. should you talk to the media before a defensive gun use case has reached its conclusion

    Every case is different, but it’s probably not a good idea for you and me and any male. For a woman, it’s probably okay. She will get a lot of sympathy from the media and authorities because she’s a member of the “weaker sex” who fought off bad guys.

    Doesn’t this video antagonize her attackers, putting her in jeopardy of retaliation?

    Doubtful. Possible but highly unlikely. It’s not that kind of crime.

    One of her attackers could claim she assaulted him with a gun and use any inconsistencies in this video account to victimize her again, legally.

    If she was the aggressor, why didn’t the “victims” report it right away? They’re men, probably with records, and she’s a woman, probably with no record of violence, and she attacked them? That dog won’t hunt.

    • I tend to leave a tab open with TTAG pulled up (I am a big fan). Lately though, my computer has taken to talking to itself and disturbing the peace at odd times. I have found that if I uncover the TTAG tab (if I am awake at that hour) then I can silence the offending noise.

      With this latest sonic intrusion I am changing my policy. The sudden unwanted noise came at a very bad time and I am closing the TTAG tab and will only open it when there is something to read… if I remember.

  2. These imbedded autoplay videos annoy the hell out of me. Every time I refresh TTAG, the damn video starts playing, and I have to scramble amidst multiple browsers and tabs to find which one is making that God-awful noise. This is a serious killjoy, guys. Seriously.

    *rant off*

    • So Rog, you just *snapped* today, after reading someone else’s complaint? Excellent timing, great effect, fabulous flounce.

      I’ll say this, though: the EXXON ads send me into absolute apoplexy. “Exxon – making the Gulf groovier every single day!”


      As for (formerly) MN Matt, and others – doesn’t your keyboard have a key that mutes the sound? I use mine for every single ad. I don’t think it matters which browser or window the ad is playing in – the key mutes the sound, period.

      • I turned off my TV and got on the Internet just to get away from the commercials. Now the Internet has become another TV channel with the same commercials I was trying to avoid. A medal should be given to the inventor of the ‘mute’ button.

        Americans are suckers for stories of crime victims who survived. Whether it was sheer luck or gritty self-reliance, we want to hear from those who thwarted evil. It’s a confirmation that IT CAN BE DONE, that good can triumph over the bad and the ugly. It may not always be true, but we still want to believe that it is.

        About her talking on camera, c’mon? A woman – a law student and mother – who used a gun – to stop an attempted armed carjacking – by the way, did I mention she’s a woman, there’s no way this is not going to be on the news, not if there’s a reporterette working the local chuck-wagon beat. Also, the police are not opposed to using the power of TV to raise public awareness to help secure possible leads. Someone sees this news report and remembers there were 3-4 teens who match the description given by the woman, who were seen at a Mini-mart. One more video that might help identify the teen culprits. I don’t know if this needs to be said, but what nimrod in any DA’s office is going to suggest that any charges be brought against a mother going to law school? What are the odds that she knows a few lawyers? Now, what are the odds that she knows dozens of male lawyers who have recently offered her their legal services? I think she’s pretty well covered in the legal department. Know what I mean Vern?

  3. In Wisconsin we can open carry with no pmriet, if we want to CC we need to get a pmriet. At least in the area where I live you don’t see too many people open carry, but every once in a while I do see someone who is. Its not really that big of a deal and no one freaks out as far as I have observed.


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