TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Trick Shot Series Debut

Regular readers may have noticed that TTAG’s Kirsten Weiss content sank to niente over the last few weeks. That’s because our very own Annie Oakley has been having some “issues” with the Volquartsen rifle sent to her for review (used in this video, details to follow). An even greater time suck: producing, performing, filming and editing her first trick shot video. The electronic fruits of KJW’s two-wheeled ballistic labor are posted exclusively above (for our agreed-upon 24-hour time window). Questions, comments, criticisms? Put ’em below. Rest assured that this is only the first of a weekly Monday series. Meanwhile, Ms. Weiss would appreciate it if you’d click here to put some page views down on her new website. Basically, a star is born. You’re welcome.