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  1. I’m not going to watch this failed Progressive Vessel so why don’t you just provide a quote instead of leaving everyone guessing?

  2. What a shame. I used to like Sarah Silverman.

    If it were up to me, this post would never have made it to the front page. This stupid video doesn’t deserve a minute, nor a minute and twenty seven seconds of your time.

    But if you watched it, here’s Mr. Colion Noir’s rebuttal to cleanse your palate. It’s him at his best:

    “Are there white people who don’t want black people to own guns? Yes. And their names are Mayor Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein.”

    • “Are there white people who don’t want black people to own guns? Yes. And their names are Mayor Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein.”

      The tone of voice and the look on his face when he said that had me laughing so loud that my neighbor had to come over and see what was the big deal.

      Sadly, she didn’t get it.

    • Please lop off the http:// from the front of YouTube links so they hotlink instead of embed (and possibly the playlist info from the back so it doesn’t continue into 227 more videos when the first one finishes).

      Also, beat you to it.

    • i wish i could like the Colion Noir video a million times. He drives the bus over her, backs up, drives it over again. bam!

    • Unfortunately, Colion’s video kept refocusing. I hope this gets fixed/changed.

      Fortunately, he made the point that humor is used to make propaganda more tolerable and get people to swallow it. Unfortunately, people do believe irrational propaganda if it is humorous, just as they believe fiction if it is portrayed in an entertaining way enough times.

      In movies, we see weapons carried by how many people who are not irrational, criminal, a member of the state(agent/police/military), or a combination of those?

      Sadly, if the lead role in a romantic comedy, who is an engineer who meets a caring florist when he thought he’d never find love again, open-carried throughout the movie people would anticipate upcoming violence or a plot twist.

    • As sarcasm this is written and performed just well enough that low-information voters, their obvious demographic, will be fooled into thinking this is a serious analysis of the issue. That lifts it out of the realm of being humor and directly into the pit of propaganda.

      • It is hilarious, but I agree with Cliff. It also sends the sarcastic message that the NRA doesn’t want to have black people with guns – which is completely false, and that Trayvon martin’s death is supported by the NRA – again completely false. And as cliff says… the low information voters will soak it up.

      • What Cliff said.

        The counter-move is for the conventionally named pro-gun groups to circulate the video far and wide, with a nice introductory note. They won’t do it, but maybe they can be convinced to issue a press release:


        We’re for the right of responsible, law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves. Full stop. Everybody.

        Since way too many Black people live in high-violence areas – still – they, especially, should have this right. Since gun control laws were used in the Jim Crow South to keep black people from being able to protect themselves when their local government looked the other way, or even engaged in abuse, we should know better.

        Law abiding, responsible citizens with guns aren’t the problem. Cory Booker’s expressed this idea several times, consistently. Here’s one quote:

        “I’m not afraid of law-abiding citizens who buy a gun,” he said. “Buy the guns you want. What the problem is in America right now is that a terrorist person who is on the no-fly list could go into the secondary market today and buy a weapon.

        “Criminals are killing people. Not law-abiding gun owners.”

        We are for legislation that keeps guns away from criminals without limiting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Since criminals don’t follow the law, that’s hard to do.

        In any case, we are for people their government can’t or won’t protect being able to protect themselves.”

    • I get what they were trying to poke fun at, but it’s just completely ignorant and the sheer definition of Racism.

      Everyone has the Right to Keep and Bearm Arms…Race is only brought into the debate as a divide and conquor tactic.

      The video is a huge FAIL!

  3. Sarah Silverman is just foul mouthed trash. Just another retarded bleeding heart liberal. We can only hope this tramp cannot reproduce and further contaminate the world.

  4. Hmm, seems more people are jumping on the bandwagon. The worse recent example that comes to mind is Jim Carrey’s terrible song. I wonder how long it will be before Sara Silverman makes an “apology” video.

    • According to IMDB her next movie has an opening date of December 12th, so I’m guessing around Veteran’s Day.

    • Stereotypes are the backbone of comedy, especially lazy “topical” comedy, because they are universally relate-able. You can never trust anything a comedian says to be true or how they actually think or feel, they just say what they think people want to hear. They’re much like politicians except they’re usually less informed on the topics somehow. Generally comedians are just messed up people that need everyone to pay attention to them all the time (because they think that means they’re liked) and couldn’t hack it with a normal job. Show me a “funny” person and I’ll show you someone with major issues.

      • They’re usually the most laughable when they’re trying to make a point. They don’t realize it’s not the material–it’s they who are the joke.

      • Truth. Sad to say many young people idolize these kind of “comedians” and hinge on every word as if it is gospel.

      • And the sad thing is – more people in my generation get their “facts” and “news” from The Daily Show than any other source. It’s right under Fox News in the numbers!

        • And thus, the top two News programs in the country are comedies.

          I have no love for Statists or Looney Lefties, but as an educated conservative Faux hurts more than it helps. A conservative slanted news channel that didn’t regularly get caught making shit up, spinning like crazy, and otherwise playing the media game would be far more palatable.

          We often assert that the argument against gun control is evident in the facts. And it is. I feel the same way about the news. Just put the factual information out there and let it speak for itself.

  5. To me, although she’s obviously trying to make an opposite point, she makes our case for us. Guns ARE for all Americans…

    • The subtext is clear: black people, especially black males shown, are too scary to have guns. They take it a step further and imply there should be no law governing ownership so children can have guns too. Their lax handling of fake guns implies the NRA does not care about safety. Then they imply the NRA is racist because they are not specifically singling out black people to be equal while simultaneously making fun of the NRA for fictitiously singling out and segregating black people by creating the “Black NRA”. The logo indicates it’s a militant group focusing on violence by mimicking the black panthers. It’s a particularly poor piece of writing as it tries to hit all angles, even opposite ones, at the same time. It loops on itself in a desperate attempt to find an audience, which is exactly what Sara Silverman has been doing for years.

  6. The D’s the party made up of liberals was the party of slavery so yes they are at their core racist.

    The elitists D’s are also the poverty, welfare, abortion, larger government, unemployment, debt, and gun control.
    The R’s damn sure as hell ain’t right, but I wouldn’t vote D even for dog catcher.


  7. She is a douche. Twenty million sperm cells and she won, I think the best part of her rolled down her mother’s ass crack.

  8. Sarah, nice finger on the trigger as you point the gun at your head. Maybe all actors should pass a stupidity test before they can touch a firearm.

  9. Remember that Comedian Paula Poundstone? I believe she’s still on probation for child endangerment/sexual molestation on her adopted kids

  10. Who was it again who fought for black’s right to bear arms against KKK violence in the 50’s? Oh yeah, the NRA.

    “Contrary to what illiterates believe, the KKK was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party, with overlapping membership rolls…The NRA opposed these discretionary gun permit laws and proceeded to grant NRA charters to blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence — including the great civil rights hero Robert F. Williams.” – Ann Coulter – April 18, 2012 – NEGROES WITH GUNS

    • And while I watched the movie “Glory”, I do not remember the statistics – exactly how many black men did the North (Abraham Lincoln, first Republican president) arm and put into the fight against the Confederacy?

    • The NRA was founded by two former Union Officers with the intent of training freed slaves in marksmanship skills that they were in dire need of.
      In contrast:
      Woodrow Wilson
      Segregated the armed forces
      wrote Birth of a Nation
      Endorsed the KKK
      instituted the Income tax
      Instituted the Fed Reserve
      Jailed Quakers and other religious men who would not serve in WW1
      Jailed “Food Hoarders”

  11. Satire doesn’t work if we agree with every word in the satire.

    But the message that Sarah Silverman is so racist to think that blacks in fact shouldn’t have guns is what should be disputed.

  12. Sarah Silverman is a dried-out pile of turkey jerky with hair whose entire shtick can be summed with “Tee hee, The Holocaust!” She’s not even funny by accident and hasn’t even tried to be since SNL, so why the f*ck should anyone care what the idiot has to say now? Natasha Leggero is a hundred times better at offensive humor than her and she’s much hotter, too.

    UPDATE: Just watched Colion Noir’s response. The only thing missing was a microphone he could hold out and drop just before walking out of frame. Mr. Noir is the reason why “kickass” is in my dictionary.

  13. What’s really funny is that this video is, at its very core, racist.

    Ms. Silverman thinks it’s so glaringly obvious that allowing black men to be armed is a terrible idea that her entire point is to point at pro-gun people and say, “is that what you really want”?

    It says far more about her than it does us.

    • Great point…. I don’t know any gun advocate that wants guns out of the hands of responsible law-abiding mature adult US citizen…. of any race, creed or nationality. By making this “satire” about race, it exposes THEIR deep seeded racism, so they make public statements…. It is called “PROJECTION”. I never thought about it, but now that I have, no problem with Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians or Middle Easterners legally owning a gun for self defense or hobby, if they indeed are law-abiding, mature adults, that can legally own a gun and use and store their weapons safely and responsibly…. Does any one have a problem with it? Why would anyone have a problem with it? No one does, except anti-gun gang…..

  14. The community that has the most violent crime, the most gun deaths, the most out of wedlock births, the most high school drop outs, the most gangs, and whose law abiding citizens suffer the most, is mocked by Sarah Silverman and her friends.

    How quaint.

  15. I found it genuinely amusing on several levels. Especially that its theme is saying that the NRA thinks blacks can’t be trusted with firearms, when its in fact the lib/progressive /gungrabber front that wants to keep them disarmed and permanently dependent on government.

  16. The twisted reality is, they aren’t even aware that they’re being racist.

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    ~ Charles Darwin

  17. When I listen to the people like Silverman, I hear Democrats harkening back to their modern roots in the post Civil War south.

  18. I’m sure liberal Silverman loathes and fears black males almost as much as the conservatives she’s spoofing. She’s not fooling anyone here. That last thing she wants is a Black NRA.

  19. Did anyone catch that she identifies herself as an NRA Spokesperson? Looks like FOD pulled the vid from UTUBE

  20. Get a sense of humor…. fact is many young black men do have guns and are shooting “innocent” people already and using it for crime, that is the funny part, err sad part. I agree with all the comments that the video is idiotic, but don’t act like a baby and pout and cry…. laugh at how stupid and wrong it is. It’s not funny because there is no truth to it.

  21. I am a real “gunny”, Life Member NRA, fan of Oleg and Larry.
    ( Volk/Correia)
    I just really like Sarah, she is funny smart and really pretty too.
    Sure she has offended me many times – but she and her friends simply don’t get it.
    I say we gunnies should just make sure the ghouls in hollywood not be able to get their unconstitutional way.

    We can try telling them that African Americans actually benefit from SYG, I doubt however that they would listen or be able to comprehend.

    We need to replicate what we did in Colorado nationwide. We are the majority.


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