Luis Sajnocho-Ordonez
Karma (Image via Gainesville, GA PD)
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Sometimes Karma catches up with bad people with evil in their hearts. In Gainesville, Georgia, police say Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez waited behind a business early Christmas morning to rob the joint. Instead, when he pulled a gun on an employee who emerged from the back door, he got into struggle over his gun. Then, when a second employee showed up, he fired a shot and ran like a scalded dog.

Unfortunately for Mr. Sajbocho-Ordonez, the unusually cold weather had left a patch of ice on the ground. He slipped and his face met pavement. That’s the story of the two employees, at least.

WJBF has the story . . .

The incident occurred on Christmas Day around 1 a.m. at a business on the 400 block of Atlanta Highway in Gainesville. Investigators say 30-year-old Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly hid behind the business, pulled a gun on an employee as they exited and demanded cash.

A physical altercation ensued between the employee and Sajbocho-Ordonez. Another employee exited the rear of the building, spooking Sajbocho-Ordonez, and causing him to fire a shot and run off. The shot did not hit anyone.

In an attempt to get away, Sajbocho-Ordonez fell on a patch of ice and hit his head. Witnesses were able to get two guns away from him while he was laying on the ground, injured.

Police arrived moments later and took Sajbocho-Ordonez into custody. He was treated on the scene and transported to Hall County Jail, charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault.

On their Facebook page, the Gainesville PD described the slippery encounter this way . . .

Image via Facebook (Gainesville, GA Police Department).

We’re glad none of the intended victims were injured. Hopefully paramedics carefully treated his wounds with plenty of rubbing alcohol to ensure Mr. Sajbocho-Ordonez’s wounds don’t become infected.

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    • To Gippers Ghost (The great Satan Ronald Reagan who banned full auto weapons)

      In reality you racist pig illegals commit very few crimes as compared to U.S. citizens because immigrants must keep a low profile or they risk being caught and deported.

      But these types of racist comments are par for the course from a Far Right Fanatic, they are xenophobic and racist to their rotten core.

      And Herr Hauptmann nowhere in the article does it say he was an illegal.

      • Biden stole Valor, lies continually, and indirectly has murdered and injurered hundreds, seeks to bring about a tyranny, has financial ties to enemy’s of the U.S. with his drug addicted criminal son, and repeatdly lies about the accomplishments of his deceased son. Reagan on the other hand was lied to by democrats about what was in the bill when the democrats in a secret and illegal and proceeding changed the bill shortly before signing, the bill that is touted as Regan banning machine guns.

        • Booger Brain you are the biggest damned deraigned liar on this forum

          Reagan himself was quoted as saying “They do not need to own any damn machine guns”. Yes the great Satan Reagan knew damn well what was in that bill and that it banned machine guns.

          Booger brain you may be able to lie to the ignorant Far Right but not to anyone who is educated.

        • “a secret and illegal […] proceeding changed the bill shortly before signing”

          Not true, it’s not like there’s any process where they can just sneak in a different stack of papers for the president to sign. The Hughes amendment *was* voted in with a questionable (read: dishonest) voice vote after the republicans had stupidly left town while the democrats still had enough for quorum. Reagan wasn’t going to sign the result, but the NRA wanted the bill signed so they assured him that they’d fight it in the court afterward. Cue crickets on their promise to fight.

          Anyway no, it wasn’t technically illegal. It was dishonest and probably corrupt, but that’s just another day for democrats.

          BTW, a video of the actual voice vote passing the Hughes amendment is up on youtube. Make your own call.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. So what? Reagan was entitled to his opinion. And the 2nd Amendment is not about a question of need. See the Bruen decision.

      • dacian, Gipper only asked a question. You’re the one that jumped to racism. I’m going to make you a wager, but first I’d like to say something. 2/3 of my neighbors are legal Mexican immigrants. Best neighbors I ever had. Both houses are well kept. They’re quite. Friendly and helpful. And they can cook! Free with they’re beverages too. Then there’s one of my great-grandfathers. He was Cuban. Landed at the port of Appalachicola. Now that we have racism out of the way. The wager. I’ll bet you $1000 that the suspect is an illegal alien. My opinion is based only on my own experience. If that’s to rich for you, make it $1. I’m sure someone is already digging it up.

        • I agree with you my friend but I must point out an error on your part. You replied to Dacian. It’s a waste of time. he, she or it doesn’t have the mental capacity to engage in adult conversation.

        • I’m not being an asshole but when I hear some of the Florida names I have to laugh!
          “Appalachicola” 😁 Appalacoa, Pensacola? I freaking love it! 😎

        • You can have Hispanic origins and formidable Mexican neighbors and still hold racist opinions and ideologies. I am not sure why you think this puts racism out of the way. Could also just be you telling stories to pretend you’re not racist, not that I really care to be honest.

        • And nowhere did I mention the word illegal, but look at who did.
          As usual, the leftists accuse the right of doing exactly what the leftists do.

      • is true Eric. after the bill passed the democrats added an amendment and presented that bill to Regan

        • Sorry but that’s just not true. It was “snuck in” in the sense that the republicans weren’t keeping an eye on things, but it *was* in the bill that passed both houses of congress. Like I said up in the actual thread, there were shenanigans but nothing unusual for democrats.

          There’s plenty of legitimate stuff to criticize so no need to chase conspiracy nonsense.

        • Yes Eric it is true. After it passed in one house the democrats added the amendment in a secret illegal (well, lets call it maybe quasi-legal) proceeding and it passed the second house because it was kept secret and it went though the second house with those voting mostly unaware the bill had been changed. Reagan signed the bill unaware of the change put in by the democrats after it passed the first house.

      • “….illegals commit very few crimes…”
        Even *you* call them illegals, sally.

        Who’s the racist again?

      • Dacan, you miss the crimes of the Mexican cartels, MS-13, etc. These people are heinous savages with zero regard for human life, save their own. And in today’s media, heavily censored to sponsor a narrative, you have to look at what is not said in order to glean the truth. And since multiple ethnicities are illegally crossing the border these days, the question is not racist, as it does not single out any one of them. What I get from it is he asking if the the guy was an illegal invader.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Hispanic is NOT a race. It’s an ethnic origin. And further, there are ONLY three (3) races, and Hispanic is NOT one of them.
        Every day, you prove yourself to be illiterate and a Leftist propagandist.

      • Or to yours, so you could get some for New Year’s Eve. It’s probably been a while since you haven’t seen a real one.

  1. “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” I grew up in Georgia and like Texas you do not fu—with them good ol boys. They will put a hurt on you so bad your Grandpa will feel it.

  2. “He “snicker” slipped Officer….I swear it ! “snicker” …. Enjoy your New year cell MF “!

  3. Shame was not an “accidental” discharge while they were assisting the POS to get up.

    Isn’t JoeBrannon issuing winter boots to these maggots when they cross the border? How heartless. And a safety helmet.

    • To Neiowa

      Nowhere in the article does it say he was an illegal, but being a Far Right low life scumbag you just had to make a racist statement.

        • The article doesn’t say it… I did some research on court and arrest records. He was previously arrested in Georgia as an ‘illegal alien’ and had a court date set but failed to appear in 2020 and the case was referred to ICE and they have taken no action on it or arrested him (no record of it). So, in case the records have not been updated (because some left liberal idiot troll is going to claim that) I’ll say it this way ‘He’s probably or possibly an illegal alien.’

      • Dacian one can almost always trust that trolls are under-informed when they spout off like you have done. The criminal in question was charged with Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, a previous Fail to Appear, and an Immigration Violation. BTW, the desire to see immigration laws dully enforced has nothing to do with racism. If so, they would violate the 14th Amendment.

        Funny how people who try to play the race card seem to draw so many jokers.

        • The WJBF article as well as the statement released by the law enforcement agency do not mention anything about an “immigration” charge. Most local law enforcement agencies do not enforce immigration laws. If there is such crime, the charge would be added after the arrest. The idiots replying to Dacian are acting like they know the suspect is illegal, based on nothing more than his name and origins.

        • Anonymoose you should do your research before you level accusations.
          Read the last line below. If they guessed, they guessed correctly. The information comes from recentlybookeddotcom


          Booking Number: LS30MW12252022
          Booking Date: 12/25/2022
          Age: 30
          Gender: M
          Race: WHITE OR CAUCASIAN
          Height: 5′ 04″
          Weight: 180

          Views: 364

          CHARGE CODE: 16-8-41
          CHARGE CODE: 16-5-21
          CHARGE CODE: 40-13-62
          CHARGE CODE: HC0044

      • Dackie Boy please note:

        an accusation or supposition that a given individual is “illegally present” within the US is NOT a “racist” statement. YOU are the one being ray cyst because of your own personal bias, most likely fed by your hand;ers’ cash payments to you for your “service” to them.

      • And yet it was the fool Dacian who implied it was an illegal, way at the top of the threads. He/she/it can’t even remember previous postings🙄

  4. Ive got some LLE friends who are telling me that domestic abusers all have the common habit of falling down steps after being arrested.

    • “…domestic abusers all have the common habit of falling down steps after being arrested.”

      They have it easy, compared to the child abusers and kiddie-porn viewers….

    • Deportations are useless when they walk right back in. The illegal that shot Kate Steinle, with that gun he “found,” was previously deported five times. Then he was acquitted of all charges, including being a felon in possession of a firearm. The border is secure. Just ask the former border czar and the puppet. They’re very familiar with the issue because they care.

  5. I.C.E allowed him to roam freely in U.S. society and ICE stopped him from continuing to roam freely in U.S. society.

    (do I really need to explain this pun)


    • nicely done Boog. I missed it first go-round. But then had I hesitated long enough to see WHO was posting I’d have likely caught it first time round.

      Well done

      I would posit tiat I.C.E. need to be ICED. Permanently.

  6. it appears that the intended victims might have assisted the perpetrator’s face to become repeatedly reacquainted with the pavement .

  7. What will his fellow gang members think of him falling on ice after getting punked by his intended victim.

    Yes dacian he is a banger. I doubt he would be faking it. If you can’t identify that he is by the photo then you really need to get outside sometime.

  8. I think this is what John at the Active Self Protection YouTube channel would refer to as an educational beatdown of the perp.


  10. Hey now hold on a minuet, hes not setting a good example for the illegal immigrants crossing Americs boarder.
    They are all a bunch of mighty fine people, this guy is an enigma. Never judge the quality of a person until you’ve let them age a couple of weeks.
    Unlike deer however they do need to be refrigerated.

  11. There’s no way he sustained this kind of injuries just from falling on the ground. They beat him up. They lied about it and if evidence shows up, they can get in big trouble for it. If they had said from the beginning they used non lethal force to subdue him, they would be fine with a decent attorney.

    • Thanks for clearing that up for us. You remind me of Edgar Allan Poe’s Dupin. I had no idea that such individuals did exist out of stories.

    • @Nice story but…

      “There’s no way he sustained this kind of injuries just from falling on the ground. They beat him up. They lied about it and if evidence shows up, they can get in big trouble for it. If they had said from the beginning they used non lethal force to subdue him, they would be fine with a decent attorney.”

      Gasp! Sherlock Holmes other brother Maybe-Obvious Homes lives!

      1. Although there is a hint of possibility in what you post such injuries from falls are not unknown and in fact are common.

      2. Valid legal defense in resisting an armed criminal threat no matter what injuries you may inflict upon the criminal up to the point of stopping the threat is, well, valid legal self-defense. No matter the ‘legal climate’ towards such valid legal defense there is nothing to be gained from lying about it.

      3. In fact in all 50 states you can legally physically inflict such upon a criminal threat in defense by physical force to the point of stopping the threat. The point is, even if they did that to him in stopping him there was no reason to lie about it as it is actually perfectly legal if it happened during valid defense to the point of stopping/repelling the threat and they would not get in trouble for it.

      Maybe they did inflict some sort of physical injury in the form of hitting him with hands or something else during defense in stopping/repelling him especially since he was armed, and that’s not illegal and there is no reason to lie about it. But, I think his injuries you see in the pic mainly came from his fall from hitting the ice patch as such injury is common in falls (such as slipping on ice). Around 35 million people annually suffer such severe head area injury from falls by slipping on wet floors, ice/snow, tripping over objects, etc… so its a real possibility the severity of the injury (as it appears in the pic) came from his fall on the ice. Heck, I’ve been injured in a fall – I tripped over something once in the dark and fell forward and hit the corner of a table, gashed me pretty good all the way to the bone above my right eye in my eye brow and my whole eye was swollen shut and the side of my face swollen – I call the scar my ‘stupid reminder’, its not a bad looking scar because I was lucky to get an actual cosmetic surgeon the hospital had on staff so they called him in to stitch me up and told me how to treat it to minimize the appearance but its there about an inch long under the eye brow hair.

      As much as you want to ‘victim shame’ the victims of this criminal by your comments basically accusing them of doing wrong and illegal things, as much as you cry for the criminal for his injuries – you seem to forget, this criminal made his choice and armed up with two firearms illegally possessed intending to commit a serious crime by use of deadly force threat, this violent predator laid in wait for his moment to attack and he did. This criminal got what he got due to his own choices and actions, no one hunted him down and did this to him and he is not a victim – he came to them and they acted in defense and no matter how his injuries came to be they are because of what he did.

  12. As strange as this mat sound Mr. Ordonez may actually have the right to sue his attackers and even bring charges against them. If there were security cameras the video could be used as evidence to support a claim that he fired a warning shot when he was running away from them and after they caught him they beat him.

    • dacian the demented dips***.

      “Akshually, he could sue them, IF there were security cameras that caught a totally made-up scenario I just pulled outta my capacious @$$”. Good take, numbnuts. If delusion were equal to brains, you’d be a smart feller (or is that ‘fart smeller’???).

      P*** off, idiot.

      • to the Lamp that went out in his head.

        So says our fantasy lawyer who claims to have 4 law degrees and has written numerous books, none of which he can seem to remember the titles to.

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