Marrell Tyler. Image courtesy Kokomo PD.
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Eighteen-year-old Marrell Tyler probably should have gone to bed early last week. Instead, he donned a ski mask, pulled a gun, and then entered someone else’s apartment in Kokomo, Indiana.  He would later tell police that he entered the first door he found unlocked.

Once inside, he tried to rob the three men he found there. Tyler, however, soon learned they had a say in the matter.

The three men in the apartment at 3:30am didn’t take kindly to a masked punk trying to rob them. They grabbed him, disarmed him and then pummeling him to a pulp. That’s when cops say Mr. Tyler pulled a second gun.

While disarming the masked bandit of his second gun, a shot was fired as Mr. Tyler’s face continued to come into close contact with the closed fists of his would-be victims. At that point, one of the residents accessed his own firearm and then held the aspiring felon for police.

As is plainly visible from the booking photo above, Mr. Tyler face was clear evidence of his poor victim selection abilities.

WTHR has the story . . .

The residents told police they fought the suspect and got the gun out of his hands after he entered, but the suspect pulled out another gun during the struggle. The residents again tried to get the gun out of his hands, and the gun went off in the process, but no one was injured.

At that point, one of the residents went to get his own gun and held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Marrell B. Tyler, of Merrillville, suffered multiple facial injuries during his altercations with the residents.

According to the probable cause affidavit acquired by our partners at the Kokomo Tribune, Tyler told his girlfriend he was going to a gas station, but ended up going into the nearby apartment because it was unlocked, even though he reportedly did not know any of the occupants of the apartment. The apartment’s residents also told police they did not know Tyler. 

Home carry is a thing. Really. Seriously. Practice it folks, along with the basics like…locking your front door. You never know when some hoodlum will invite themselves into your residence looking to commit a crime of opportunity.

What’s more, they might even have two guns.

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      • I dunno, Gunny, I had two handguns when I was 18 y.o.a. A S&W 19, 4″ blue and a Colt New Frontier, 7 1/2″, blue, .22 LR/22 mag. Both legally owned in Florida. I just couldn’t buy them retail.

      • If they had ben gifted to him by a relative that would be legal in most states.
        Reality check: VERY unlikely. Unless all his kinfokes are made of the same filth this guy is. Come to think of it that might not be as unlikely as I first thought. Let us hope the local gendarmes also persue the provenance of his “two gats” and, if illegally given him, the presenter also faces serious charges.

        My nickel is on the likelihood they are both stolen.

        see, punk, the gun is not the deciding factor. WHO HAS IT is the deciding factor, As evidenced by the fact that the gun held by the resudet under attack is the gun that made the situation turn round right.

        Always a software issue, never a hardware issue. Hardware is neutral. It only does what it is told to do by the software controlling it.
        Punk’s gun had faulty software controlling it. Punk lost. Good on him. May he ponder the fact that the man inside who brought HIS gun into play had every right in the world to release one or more rounds from HIS gun, thus assuring forever that this dirtbag will never attempt to rob another. Ever. Armed forcible intruder? No state in the union has laws prohibiting lawful occupants of the breached residence applying lethal force against the intruder.

        • Frankly, after pulling TWO guns on the apparently armed occupants, he’s lucky to still be above ground. Some folks wouldnt have let him off with a simple beating. An older guy, unable to prevail in a fist fight, might have shot him out of hand.

        • Old, sure I did. It’s called a private transaction. Still legal in Florida today. Also legal to own a handgun at 18 in Florida. Just have to be 21 to buy a handgun on a 4473. I bought the 19, new in the box, from my cousin, Dale. The Colt I bought new in the box from my friend Terry.

    • Looks like my neighboring Nevada is flipping back to Red. Lombardo is well ahead, and Sisolak is being ousted. Their Senate race also went Red. Their two House Reps eeked by to go Blue, but even so, Nevada isn’t solid Blue overall anymore.

      What makes me sick to my stomach is the fact that Newsom’s much-touted Prop 1 passed by a huge margin, meaning abortion without major restrictions will be codified into California’s State Constitution. Think about this…a State will legislatively glorify and promote the murder of the most innocent and vulnerable among us, right up until the moment before birth.

      That being said, for all the ridicule we Republicans here get from other Americans, here’s a reminder that there is a huge number of us and we’re still growing. The MSM never mentions it. Despite the fact that the RNC didn’t put a dime into our Gubernatorial candidate Brian Dahle and nobody knew who he was, he ended up with a whopping 42% of the vote against Newsom. To put this into perspective, John Cox got 40% four years ago and was well-advertised. Newsom won, but not by as much as the previous election, and not by the landslide predicted.

      • If Republicans choose to abortion as the hill they want to die on, then die they will. Stop trying to base public policy on religious beliefs.

        • Government is supposed to center itself on only a few core tenets, such as facilitation of fair commerce, a common currency, and protection of its citizens (secure borders, crime/justice, etc). To issue of taking of innocent life is not merely a “religious belief”, but a firmly civic one. And there is no life more innocent than a baby.

          If a politician will advocate for extinguishing human life in exchange for voter support, it matters not to me if he/she “agrees” with me on every other policy across the board. If a person is willing to snuff out the innocent for convenience, I cannot trust in him/her for anything else. It’s a core issue.

        • drewn…Your beloved abortion was handed off to states. On the other hand the hill you stand on consists of would be children who had no choice…take a bow a-hole.

        • Religious beliefs? It’s an innocent life that needs protection whether you believe in God or not. Prop 1 is abhorrent.

        • How about public policy based on law?

          The Constitution (to include the Bill of Rights) is the basis for all Statutes in the USA. Abortion clearly violates the 5th, 8th and 14th Amendments by arbitrarily depriving a human entity of their life without due process.

          What other Rights are you willing to let slide or compromise on?

        • Abhorrence of MURDER (or infanticide) is a value of ANY moral or civilized society. What’s your problem prog? Knocked up a black gal and need to add to that racist tally? Condom too complicated for you to figure out?

        • “point of having a government is to protect life”

          sure, and that’s what california is doing. see, the political issue is WHOSE life. when you take a step back and look at WHOSE life, you start to realize what these people are doing – and then start to realize who they are and why they’re doing what they do.

        • @rant,

          Innocent life takes precedence over someone’s choice, just as your life takes precedence over someone else’s choice to shoot you because they don’t want you in their life.

        • I suppose one could hold the position that whether one person can have their live terminated by another without due process is a “religious’ issue, but then the right to life itself is made a religious issue”.
          Get yer head out of the sand. Consider the unassailable fact that if some guy on a street corner decided YOU are to die, you would certainly NOT consider that a “religious issue”.

          that aint a kitten or a froglet or an elephant growing inside that homan female. Follow the science……. your attempt to make it a “religious ” issue falls flat on its face.

          How are you doing with the “religious compulsion” of some members of the “religion of peace” supporting and participaitng in the random execution of non-members of that little “religious cult”? Same thing.

        • Hmm. My reply to ‘rant’ a couple of hours ago isn’t here. Pesky WordPress gremlins…

        • “that aint a kitten or a froglet or an elephant growing inside that homan female”

          indeed, if it were then the left would ban aborting it and send the kgb to enforce that ban. “your rights don’t include slaughtering that helpless protected species you heartless nazi!”

        • “And there is no life more innocent than a baby“

          It is not a baby until it is born.

          And the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the woman’s body being taken over by another individual:

          “Thirteenth Amendment, Section 1:

          Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.“

          It is the woman’s decision whether or not she allows her internal organs to be used in this manner.

        • “It is not a baby until it is born”

          objectively, it’s a human from conception. for the left, it’s not human until they want it to be.

          “It is the woman’s decision whether or not she allows her internal organs to be used in this manner.”

          if she’s pregnant, that means she already gave consent.

        • bingo.
          to have freedom of religion one must first have freedom from religion.
          but the religious zealots keep thinking they can force there religious views onto others and that drives people away from the gop.
          should there be some rules on abortion ?
          yes, but both sides just don’t get it.

        • In my case it isnt “religious beliefs”, TYVM, since I am agnostic. My opposition to abortion on demand is political.. based on the right to life liberty et al enshrined in the US Constitution. A pre-born person is as entitled to the protection of the laws as anyone else, IMO.

        • With birth control pills available as over the counter items; with condoms available by the dozen and with a pill that is hawked as the “morning after” pill, an unplanned pregnancy is really so 19th century, one would expect “unplanned pregnancies” to be gone with carbon paper and buggy whips. Yeah women have a right to not get pregnant. They have a right to buy birth control pills as they do aspirin; they have a right to demand the guy wear a condom or no panty invasion — and with STDs so rampant, any woman who doesn’t so demand of a casual “date” might also enjoy Russian roulette. So please don’t shout and scream about a woman’s right to end a birth that shouldn’t have been started in the first place. Grow up. If you are going to do adult things, act like an adult.

      • Haz:
        Re: abortion. Same thing happened in Michigan yesterday. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Aside from the moral issue, I think abortion is the main issue tearing this country apart. We’ve been sliding downhill ever since Roe vs. Wade was promulgated half a century ago. The Almighty must be really pissed.

        • “The Almighty must be really pissed”

          enough to do anything about it? ’cause it’s been a while.

      • Look on the bright side. Most of those aborted would have become Democrat voters any way. Just think how many crimes won’t happen because of that early intervention.

        • I adhere to the belief that all are created in God’s image and are therefore inherently valuable in regards to life. Many who lead their lives in dubious manners later turn from their former ways and become positive contributors to their communities. Criminals who commit atrocities are dealt with according to their actions, not their potential decisions they *might* make.

          As an example, what if we make a prediction that you, Mr. SC, will snap a few years from now and commit some horrific crimes. Would it be fair for us to end your life now, as a “Minority Report” way of pre-emptive crime prevention, or should we apply consequences only to actual crimes that occur?

        • “potential decisions”

          sure, but the trends are pretty clear and accurate to .7 – that’s not something to ignore.

          “what if we make a prediction”

          it would be unfounded and unsubstantiated – the word you should be using would be “guess” or “assert” or “assume”. the existing trends regarding certain groups, however, are well-documented over many decades and across many political boundaries and across many economic levels, and are substantial enough that those who wish to hide the truth attempt to ban and deprecate them.

        • Really Haz, if I haven’t snapped by now with what life has dealt me I must have a higher tolerance than 99.9999% of the population. I’ve had a pretty awful time in high school and not so good at university. Both as far from the Hollywood cliches as can be imagined. Abusive employers staffed by cruel and incompetent managers. Been fired a few times. Deliberately failed probation for petty virtue signaling.

          Admittedly not as bad as some. But not exactly peaches, cream, and a bed of roses either. I’m lucky to have a good supporting family and friends I can rely on. I have a son I am trying to be a good role model for.

          So the chances of me snapping are slim-to-none.

    • I wonder if his lips are naturally that swollen or is that the result of Old Lady Hand and her five daughters having an impact?

  1. Well…

    Same story, different town, so this isn’t surprising to me in 2022. But oddly enough, my takeaway from this story is that “Mr. Epic Fail” had the foresight of a backup gat, at least. Too bad he was acting on the wrong side of the moral fence.

  2. “Home carry is a thing. Really. Seriously. Practice it folks, along with the basics like…locking your front door. You never know when some hoodlum will invite themselves into your residence looking to commit a crime of opportunity.”

    This morning at 3:05 AM our door bell rang, then there was knocking on the front door. Dogs are barking. On the intercom I asked “Who are you?” seeing the guy on the monitor for the security camera. The answer was “Tyrell.” I said “I don’t know you.”. He said “Its Tyrell. Comon baby open up.” Then he tried the door knob. I chambered a round in the AR and told him to leave, and called the police. He just stood there for a few minutes, didn’t try anything else, and fumbled with his phone and from the camera view I could tell he was looking at text messages. Then he wandered towards the driveway to his car and fell twice but manged to make it to his car, sit there for a bit, then backed out of the drive way and was on the street just as police arrived. Clearly intoxicated, turns out some woman he had met in a bar had texted him an address to meet her and it just happens to have been our address house number but the wrong street, the beginning of our street name matches that of the other street name beginning he was looking for and the street he actually wanted was almost 4 miles away. He was driving down the road (which can be used to reach the other street and ours), in his drunk haze he saw the beginning of our street name and that clinched it for him, then saw the house number, and that’s how he ended up at our front door. Police verified everything but he went to jail for DUI and public drunk.

        • not in condition as found……

          the local gendarmerie did right, and escorted him to the place safest for all concerned.

          Nicely played by all except the three-sheets-to-the-wind intruder. Hope he had a restful rest of the night.

    • “our address house number but the wrong street”

      I once had perfectly sober cops make that same mistake with me. two of them. had the right house number but the wrong street, and they almost refused to leave and almost barged right in. but I was a minor and refused to let them in and they eventually decided to exercise a little caution and go recheck the street sign. didn’t hear from them again.

      get that in the mail sometimes too – right number wrong street.

      “in his drunk haze he saw the beginning of our street name and that clinched it for him, then saw the house number, and that’s how he ended up at our front door.”

      a great example of how it’s a good idea to exercise a little restraint before opening fire.

  3. At 3:30 a.m., I typically don’t have anywhere on my body I could “home carry” a handgun that would reasonably be considered comfortable, let alone sanitary. I’ve got no kids, so I’ll stick to stashing them around the house in the places I spend 99% of my time.

  4. I knew a guy that thought he was a bad ass. Hard. Drug user and dealer. Which they mostly are.

    Other dude took his gun away from him in a one on one and beat him damn near to death with it. Had she cared to go to the hospital and visit him his own mother would not have known him. Boy was never right, physically or mentally after that. Never looked right, either.

    Fuck around and find out is for real.

  5. Maybe he wasn’t lying to his girlfriend? Perhaps he WAS going to the gas station AFTER he gets some money because shoplifting is well, wrong!

    Of course lying by omission is still lying.

  6. “He would later tell police that he entered the first door he found unlocked.”

    listen and learn, gentlemen.

    I always lock up everything all the time.

      • that really is how it works.

        goes for cars too – lots of criminals just go around pulling handles and burglarize the first open one that opens.

        • some places you are better off leaving the car unlocked, but nothing in it. Thieves open, assess, nothing here, move on. Lock the car, they bust the windoes to find it is empty them move on. Your car now needs towed to the glass shop, out of commission for a couple days, insurance co-pay, one more incident in your area to help raise premiums for everyone.

        • reminds me of that joke. some guy left a sign in his window, “nothing in the car”. came back, the window was busted, another note said “just checking”.

  7. “Yeah officer, we found this guy sneaking around in our place, and we chased him out and called 911. Musta fell down the stairs a couple times trying to get away.”

    • Must be alt.dacian. Post sort of made sense.

      Real Dacian was with the rest of the antifa troop keeping “those other people” away from the polling station and making sure the ballots were filled correctly. Anyone who failed to fill out the ballot paper correctly was taken away for questioning and reeducation.

  8. Moral of the story? I guess don’t bring two guns to a four gun fight? I’ll be sure to count all the guns before my next attempted robbery.

  9. He presented a firearm and the residents would have been justified in shooting him. He is fortunate to have lived.

  10. Firearm always within reach, doors/windows locked & a sign on front/back doors that states, “Nothing in this house is worth dying for.” If that isn’t effective enough to deter a break-in hollow points will end any home invasion. You are your own first responder. Training, practice, situational awareness are necessities but the willingness to fire is absolutely essential. I have no desire to take a life but when it comes down to it, better judged by twelve than carried by six. May you all have an enjoyable & safe holiday season.

  11. Looks like his lifelong aspiration to become a “gangsta” is off to a bad start, if ya ask me……… have both your pistols taken from you and getting your ass stomped isn’t going to give him much “street cred” either ROFLMAO.




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