Michelle Lujan Grisham moms demand action
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (AP Photo/Morgan Lee)
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Flanked by advocates for stricter gun control and supportive law enforcement officials at a signing ceremony, [New Mexico Gov. Michelle] Lujan Grisham said the [red flag] legislation provides law enforcement authorities with an urgently needed tool to deter deadly violence by taking firearms from people who pose a threat to themselves or others.

Some sheriffs from mostly rural areas opposed the bill in committee hearings as a violation of constitutional guarantees to due process, free speech and the right to bear arms. Public rallies were held for and against the legislation.

Lujan Grisham said sheriffs should have the opportunity to oppose any recommended policy change, but “they cannot not enforce.”

“”If they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community,” she said.

New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association President Tony Mace of Cibola County said the new law goes too far by potentially impounding guns before any crime is committed and that he and other sheriffs will assert their discretion over its enforcement.

– Morgan Lee in New Mexico Governor to Sheriffs: Enforce New Red-Flag Gun Law or Resign

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      • constitution



        a person’s mental or psychological makeup.


        personality · nature · disposition · temperament · temper · mentality · turn of mind · psychology · psyche

        “The Govenor does not have a pleasant constitution.”

    • Actually the first option would be preferable. The governor should uphold and defend the Constitution. That would be a shockingly good development.

      If she resigned, she would just be replaced by another greedy traitor.

    • Just get a 45 ball and cap, According to ATF, it is not a gun. A gun MUST have a projectile, casing, powder and primer. No casing, no problem.

      • Actually the argument has been made ( by idiots) that the cylinder of a cap n ball revolver is the casing.. loading it is the same as hand loading a cartridge..

    • 4/5 of the Sheriff’s in New Mexico are refusing to enforce this BS from a woman put in office by drug cartels, abortionists and illegal aliens she’s got a lot of nerve.

      Not only does it violate the US Constitution it violates the New Mexico state constitution. Just because some ass clown says a free citizen is a “risk” doesn’t mean they lose their core civil rights.

    • NM Governor: Sheriffs Should Enforce Red Flag Confiscations or Quit


      NM Governor should stop trying to run everyone’s lives the way she envisions them, otherwise she should quit.

      Some things simply shouldn’t be up for a vote or determined how the majority thinks about them.

    • We law enforcement officers should have the tools to take the guns first then go to court. If you behave well you will have nothing to worry about. Don’t abuse drugs, don’t have PTS, don’t get depressed, don’t protest about gun control, don’t talk about boogying, don’t talk badly of politicians, don’t criticize LEOs, then you will have nothing to worry about.

      We will simply pick and choose who gets raided. So learn to respect us or else.

      • Go FUCK youself, your authoritarian, fascist bullshit won’t fly in MY country, is that enough RESPECT for you?….. And that’s pretty much ALL I have to say to you about that…

      • After chief censor is done dealing with people he knows behaving badly he can deal with the general public. Should take him a long time.

      • No, and I say that as retired LE of 30 years. This is a country of laws, and two tenets at the basis for our laws are, 1. Innocent until proven guilty, and 2. DUE PROCESS, meaning a judge, or jury decides based on EVIDENCE that a red flah should issue forth, to insure 4th amendment compliance. Having some cranky neighbor, or sniveling liberal gun hater, report someone, and then LE goes and seizes firearms is an unconstitutional act! A trip to the holocaust museum might remind you of this: The Nazi’s came to power, and passed laws in Germany, that made EVERYTHING they did, LEGAL. All of the atrocities committed were okay, because they passed laws making Jews, and others, non-people in the eyes of the law. A past article here on TTAG suggested civil and criminal liability for reporters in red flag laws, if it was proven that they lied. That, and a guarantee of at least judicial review “might,” make red flag laws workable. But at this point, all of the red flag laws I have read, do not pass constitutional muster, and should not be acted on by any legitimate LEO!

        • Very good and reasoned argument. I might add that virtually all divorce suits will no include a red-flag complaint, for the purpose of harassment, if nothing else.

      • seems you need to read the US Constitution. It’s not comforting to know there’s LEOs who think like you do.

      • Your a butt kissing piece of crap if that’s what you think. Take something without due process really. I dont think so. It’s unconstitutional so apparently you have no backbone to stand up for your county. I hope you don’t get reelected Chief Censor.

      • Try it, and see what happens. This will get LEOs hurt or killed. You have no idea what it takes to enforce unconstitutional laws made by idiots that don’t have to enforce them. These anti-gun social clubs, bought by that asshole Bloomberg. They obviously have no idea how to stop the violence brought on by lack of parenting for the last 30 or so years, took God out of everything, allowing depraved, and deviant sexual behavior to become commonplace, and accepted as normal. Kids being exposed to violent games, where everyone comes back to life, at the end of the game. Respect is not being taught, nor expected of children. Everyone gets a trophy. Self Esteem is more valued than allowing a child to learn how to improve from failure, and dealing with reality. Red Flag laws are abused, and falsely imposed every damn day, and has already gotten several innocent gun owners killed. There is no immediate recourse, for false petitions, which is in itself a violation of a citizens 2nd, 4th, and 8th Amendment rights, and will not be tolerated by many. As LEOs, we consider these new laws as too easily abused by vindictive people, to try to get an ex-(fill in the blank) destroyed, or even killed by Law Enforcement. There needs to be a hell of a lot more thought put in to these feel good fixes to a complex, and convoluted problem of Mental Health issues that isn’t even really being addressed. It puts Law Enforcement in an absolutely No Win situation. Those who say “The police will protect you, so you don’t need guns anyway”, are delusional fools, because there is NO requirement for Law Enforcement to protect the individual, according to the SCUS. Keep order, and protect property! These new agendas have nothing to do with safety, because they do NOT provide it. What they provide for is CONTROL of the people, and that will not stand! EVER!

  1. And – I say this as a New Mexico resident – this ain’t even the half of what she and her Bloombucks-bought legislature want to do to this state. It’s not just guns. For instance, gutting the oil & gas industry that provides a large fraction of the state’s income.

    This is (yet another example) why we can’t be complacent at the ballot box.

    • Hell yeah man these Libtards everywhere are just screwing us in more ways then the 2A. Wolf is trying the same BS in PA first with the AG trying that BS 80% joke and then there is the RGGI tax which is gonna crush oil, gas, and coal in PA.

    • Why does New Mexico vote democrat? Not much of a middle class there? It seems like most blue states have large urban areas.

      • because most working, conservative pro-bill of rights citizens do not vote in anything but presidential elections. they are not organized and this is viewed as our weak under belly. every year the leftists become more and more adept and capitalizing on this weakness. my guess is that most (like 70% or more) of those that post here do not vote.

        • I live in a rural community in Pa and my wife and I are both guilty of this but we both registered to vote this year and will be voting for anyone for guns and coal/gas/oil!

          • Since no one on that stage is “all of the above” (Bloomberg might be quietly pro gas and oil) you will either be voting Trump/Pence or maybe throwing your vote away on a Libertarian…..

        • my guess is that most (like 70% or more) of those that post here do not vote…..

          You are probably right (though 70% might be a bit high), the TROLLS are either too young to vote or too stupid to find their voting location… I’ve voted in every Federal, State and local election since 1973…. Could have voted in 72 Presidential election but they didn’t send absentee ballots to Viet Nam or at least inform us that it was an option, no one I knew of received one……

      • Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, California and New Mexico are blue states now. Texas, Utah and Arizona are slowly turning blue too.

        Republicans blame brown people for making the country “blue” (just like racist Democrats of the past did). They say it’s the Mexicans even when there is few Mexicans in a state that eventually turned blue and they don’t/can’t really vote. They ignore the fact that America raised two generations of leftists and have setup government/socialist schools that teach government is awesome and rights are given to you by the government. They refuse to acknowledge that ~70% of millennial and zoomer females are Democrats.

        Women are now becoming the majority of students in higher education institutions. Less women are getting married and having children. Women are starting to outperform the younger men. Younger men are refusing to marry leftists women; they rather be an incel/MGTOW and watch pornography.

        When I last went to New Mexico it was already very blue but that wasn’t reflected clearly in the voting booth because very few of those people voted. Now that the older generations are literally dying off, the new voting blocs are showing their true colors as they finally start voting. Boomers are going to be completely irrelevant 2-3 presidential elections from now. The left knows this and has taken over the youth vote.

        Look at Bernie Sanders’ popularity with American citizens! The youth are in love with him. They mob him and scream like they saw a hot celebrity. The guy doesn’t even want to be president, but the youth want a socialist so badly. That’s right! The younger generations don’t give a shit about human rights and liberty; they want some big government to take care of them and give them a safe space like their mommy does.

        The old people rather have Biden or Bloomberg because they see themselves in those two. The youth want nothing to do with them. However, the youth would vote for Bloomberg if he went up against Trump because (although he is very similar to Trump) he is running as a Democrat.

        If you want to live in a red state, every last red blooded American should flood Arizona before it’s too late. Californians and New Yorkers have already taken over the main edges of America.

        • “Republicans blame brown people for making the country “blue” (just like racist Democrats of the past did).”

          Is it racist when democrats mention changing demographics that favor their party? They bragged that republicans wouldn’t win the presidential vote due to changing demographics. But you imply it’s racist when republicans note the difference between demographics.

          “Women are now becoming the majority of students in higher education institutions. Less women are getting married and having children. Women are starting to outperform the younger men.”

          This is very true, and it’s a testament to democrat priorities. Democrats literally laugh when mentioning that it’s the men that are dying off faster. Our men are the ones that are falling behind, yet when democrats talk, you would think it’s the girls. Thank you for highlighting what complete fools the democrats have become. They aren’t interested in helping America. They’re interested in gaining power.

        • “…Women are now becoming the majority of students in higher education institutions. Less women are getting married and having children. Women are starting to outperform the younger men. Younger men are refusing to marry leftists women; they rather be an incel/MGTOW and watch pornography….”

          Women passed men in college in the 80’s. You are 40 years behind.

          Everyone completely missed the boat, saying “Liberal vs Conservative”…. It is Women… (And most people don’t want to face that simple reality)….That is bringing the U.S. to an authoritarian socialist nation.

          The Left has weaponized the least attractive traits of Feminism.

          How can this be proven? Abolish the 19th Amendment and in 2 to 4 election cycles Socialism, Communism, Authoritarianism, and the Left, would recede into a bad memory.

        • It is not people of Latino heritage (although many follow leftist thinking) that are the problem- it is all the liberal Californians that are flooding Arizona and other states that are changing the political makeup.

        • I live in New Mexico, and Santa Fe is loaded with people from California and New York. They love it there because it is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S.

      • NM is blue because most of the old money families up north are and will always be Democrat. That and population centers always skew to the left. Much of the southern part of the state is much different.

        It’s pretty much always been blue-ish, but only recently has it skewed progressive. For instance Bill Richardson and the Democrat legislature backed and signed into law “shall-issue” ccw permiting and state preemption of local firearm restrictions just a decade ago. However now, you must support progressive policies or you don’t belong in the D party anymore.

        • I live in New Mexico, and it was some Mexican politican from Las Cruces, New Mexico who proposed the red flag law that the governor signed into law.

      • They vote early and vote often. And even vote for the deceased. Not even death stops people voting Democrat.

      • the dems are only good at lying, corruption, embezzling, taking bribes and general dishonesty. just look at all their “russian collusion”, Mueler report, and impeachment, none of which worked BTW. The Dems are what is *wrong* with our country.

      • That is because to a leftist EVERYTHING is political! To have a beer, it must be of a leftist approved brand.

  2. Didn’t this woman take an oath to both the US and New Mexico constitutions? And don’t red flag laws violate both?

    • The constitution is a big nothing burger. The U.S. no longer feels the need to follow it when they don’t want to. Their citizens are not going to do anything about because they too don’t care. America is not about morals and principles, it’s about your team winning.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how various state and the federal government will deal with “Second Amendment Sactuaries”. The precident has already been set with the idiotic “Sacntuary Cities/States” that allow, or more correctly stated- encourage an invasion by people from other countries who just ignore the immigration laws. Let’s see now- ignore a law that was put in place by humans v a sacred basic human instinct placed in us by our Creator. I know what I’d get behind.

    Hopefully, the everyday people of this country and especially in many cities and states will finally wake up, stop being lazy, take some time to actually see what is happening, get to the polls and vote these people out.

    • The immigration sanctuaries are enforced through state law and are constitutional. It’s called states’ rights. The feds have to enforce their own rules.

      When state level 2A infringements pass local law enforcers must enforce the law. Police are more likely to enforce the new rules than deputies because police are a department with an installed chief. If the new rules are a felony, law enforcement must report a felony was committed so they will not get in trouble. If it’s a misdemeanor, they can use discretion and don’t have to report the crime. The AG or DA are the ones to determine if you go to court for the crime. The LEOs have to enforce the rules, as that is their job.

      Don’t think for a second that cops are on your side. They will take their large paycheck and go home to their family with a smile. Just don’t make them do large gun confiscation from civilians because they are not about that life.

      • No idea what this is about, all I know is whoever is talking in this vid is a big ol’ goober, and everybody he’s talking too knows it and simply tolerates him while thinking, “man, what a big ol’ goober this guy is.” Self-important, officious little prick.

        • I think one of Florida’s open carry activists wanted to talk to a former military man turned Republican congressman about him supporting gun control. They wanted to kick him out and called the police. The police showed up to attempt an arrest or kick him off public property. They forced him to identify so they could run him for warrants.

          The bodycam is of the higher-up officer. You can hear him saying he doesn’t like civilians carrying guns and he doesn’t support open carry. He says he will become a trainer after he finishes all his government classes.

          The government workers then go on to talk to each other about how they don’t like those people who openly carry guns legally and dare question their government’s actions.

  4. Those sheriffs are doing exactly what they were elected to do; uphold the Constitution. Not that you’d know anything about that, Ms. Governor. I think you should resign for breaking your oath of office.

  5. No! It is an affront to the U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights. It was deliberately created through “Newspeak” in an attempt to circumvent the amendments set forth in our Bill of Rights. This is criminal! It is “Deprivation of Civil Rights under color of LAW…” And Suppression of civil rights under color of LAW. These government “officials and law enforcement agencies” should be charged accordingly. I believe it is a means to overthrow our constitutional law, and institute Authoritarianism….

  6. Any attempt to take any weapon from any law abiding citizen should require:
    1. An indictment from the Grand Jury
    2. A formal NOTICED hearing in the Superior Court, with a Jury selected, with the Defendant having full Constitutional Rights to cross examine all witnesses.
    3. A Felony MUST be shown and proven beyond a reasonable doubt
    4. The verdict MUST be unanimous
    5. There must be an appeal available immediately to the Appellate Court
    6. No sheriff shall be required to act on any “red flag” request without a full jury verdict, conviction and Order of the Superior Court to seize and hold all weapons owned by the Defendant pursuant to further proceedings.
    7. The weapons shall be preserved and protected on behalf of the defendant
    8. If the defendant is NOT found guilty of any felony, the state shall return all weapons and pay the defendant for all legal costs, attorney fees, libel, slander, defamation and penalty from the local and state jurisdiction of ten million dollars immediately, tax free and any witnesses who shall be found to have given false testimony shall be imprisoned for 15 years and forfeit all of their assets to the falsely accused.

    • You are forgetting the most important part, on how after the felon serves their time that they get their rights back. If the person intentionally harms another, then they should be put down, but if they are allowed to leave prison, then they have rights. Your support of the government banning one group of people, will always be used by a government to go after others.
      The state determing who has the right to live(selfdefense) or die is exactly why the Second Amendment is a natural right and not a government privilege.

    • It’s an issue when Red Flag laws are used as malicious lawfare against people, and especially in marriage separation and divorce.

      Downunder during the latter the ex-wife will be instructed by their lawyer to have an Apprehended Violence Order placed against the ex-husband and this entails the person’s license being cancelled and their firearms seized.

      I know two people this was done to. It took a year and about $30,000+ to get their licenses reinstated and their firearms returned.

  7. Probably an illegal sanctuary city supporter though but hey it fits their agenda so thats okay. I hope she gets the coronavirus lol.

  8. All but three counties have declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries and even many small towns with one of the three counties have declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries.
    Hopefully we can change things for New Mexico this upcoming election but it’s been going to be an uphill battle for sure.

  9. Take comfort knowing when SWAT kicks your door in they really dont want to be doing it.

    But, laws, regulations, freedoms.

    • It’s dinner time in Moscow. Take a break from your keyboard and eat something before going to bed.

      • Hear those sirens outside? Hear those shuffling sounds as they stack up on your door?

        Enjoy your enhanced interrogations, errrr, freedoms.

      • I knew of this cop who really wanted to make a difference. He joined SWAT. He trained a lot.

        One day they got a warrant to raid a house of some middle aged white guy [if I remember the details properly]. When they made entry, at night, the man grabbed a golf club while in his underwear. When the team saw him come out of his bedroom they yelled at him to drop the weapon (while they were blinding him with their flashlights) then they full auto’d him to death within a few seconds after their commands. I don’t think they found what they were looking for, but they did get some that day. The team was pretty excited to have gotten the chance…

        After the killing of the scared man holding the golf club, who was too far to be a deadly threat to the militarized police, the “good guy” cop decided to quit and eventually move away. He doesn’t like to talk about being a cop anymore. He doesn’t want people to know what his SWAT team did and still does. I think he went back to his birth nation because he couldn’t stand to live in America anymore.

        So the good guy, who wasn’t raised in America, that wanted to make the community safer, took part of an unjustifiable killing for immoral/unlawful reasons because it’s the “law” and they were doing their jobs.

        If I can see how a nice guy will take part in a killing of some middle aged white man because of prohibition, I am sure we will see another “good guy” with a gun do the same in the name of prohibition. You may think drugs are very different than guns, but in the minds of cops they are both prohibited by law and laws must be enforced.

        You better hope you don’t become a prohibited person. If you do become one, you better put your hands up instead of reach for something, quickly throw yourself on the ground and say, “Please, don’t shoot. I am unarmed!”

        • Bullcrap, Napoleon.

          You made up that entire story and cast the only “good cop” as the foreigner, making all the “bad cops” who were “excited to get some” the Americans. Just as a you’re known to do.


        • It really interesting to watch a Leftist worry that the cops they have always hated. Now are worried that these same cops will refuse to follow their orders.

        • Censor, you’re SO full of shit. Hope you didn’t spend too much time, making up that Bullshit story. SWAT guys have way more discipline than that. If they don’t, they won’t be on SWAT. A hell of a lot higher standards than someone like you is capable of even dreaming about. Now, go lay down by your dish, and be quiet!

      • It’s the law. This is a country of law and order. Laws apply to 6 year old black girls too. Shut your dirty mouth and get in the car. Don’t resist…

        You should watch the full bodycam video to see how he says he arrested thousands of people in his long career and how this isn’t the first time he arrested a little kid. He arrested another 6 year old soon after.

        Turner says he is proud of his service. That’s right. Even after doing wrong, he believes he is a great man doing great things for his country.

        • The Liberals and the Left love using the police to control blacks. Since they used racist gun control laws to keep blacks disarmed.

      • You need to live in reality.

        Here is the bodycam of the killing of the gold club danger. Apparently my memory wasn’t totally accurate: they didn’t use a full auto on him, they shot him 3 times with a pistol.

        Do you need more? Do I have to show you the cop’s bio and picture?

  10. All politicians who support any legislation that violates an enumerated Constitutionally guaranteed right should resign, and if they refuse they should be tossed and have their retirement docked. Bloomberg will spend huge dollars and end up with nothing but a file cabinet of bills he paid to show for it.

  11. So in the debate last night, one of the moderators asked a firearm policy question. She framed the question by asking what would be done about the “gun crisis”. Yep, there’s a gun CRISIS, just like there’s a climate crisis. Funny how there’s no debt crisis or drug addiction / overdose crisis.

  12. This isn’t about law enforcement officers following the law. This is about law makers creating unjust unconstitutional law to conform to their own insane political agendas. It isn’t about anything other than finding ways to disarm the American population. There are many in law enforcement that can see this very clearly.

    • it is also about cops violating obvious rights.
      If all cops everywhere would quite “just doing their job, sir…” and actually uphold their oath
      to defend the constitution, this problem would go away overnight.

      • Are you gonna chip in to help pay their mortgage? I’m not saying you wouldn’t but it would be cool to see a GoFundMe page or something setup to help out financially any leo who refuses to enforce these laws and whose employment is terminated as a result.

    • Yes, because voting has taken us this far.

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

      • Yet they spend billions trying to get Americans to vote a certain way. They try hard to get younger people to vote and they try to make it easier for non citizens to vote.

        Voting is important. If it wasn’t you would have to start shooting right now. You would not win a revolution on your own. You have to have the will of the people. Right now elections is how you get to the people.

        Once voting is taken seriously by people who want liberty, the totalitarians will try to destroy it. Right now it works for them because they fooled the resistors into believing it doesn’t. They put out propaganda saying voting is immoral and a waste of time.

        You know what is truly immoral and a waste of time? When good people sit idle.

    • Voting is the problem. All they had to do was bring in a bunch of not Americans to out vote the native population.

      • I didn’t know it was so easy to get non citizens to vote and to get enough of them to outnumber hundreds of millions of Americans.

        I hear a lot of Americans say they don’t vote because they don’t want to be called for jury duty.

  13. When are these sheriffs going to start arresting these politicians for collusion to deprive citizens of their rights under color of law/office?

  14. I live in one of the counties in NM that have NOT declared Second Amendment sanctuary status. This law is going to be abused hard. Almost anyone can approach a law-enforcement officer and claim someone is “a threat to themselves or others.” If that cop doesn’t do anything, he can be liable. In the short term the only solution I can see is just to shut up and not talk about anything substantial with my neighbors or anyone else I see during the course of the day. Almost any political statement can be twisted to be a threat of violence. And while that may not hold up under the law, I would still need to go through the process: reliquish my firearms, hire a lawyer at expense to myself, and show up in court. Then there is the question that, if I successfully defend myself against this unjust law, will my record be expunged of this accusation? There is no mention in the law about this. Could it affect my future chances of employment??

    In the long run, this law just drives more wedges between the citizens of this country. Firearms owners will be reluctant to engage in the political process, or even socialize with their neighbors. And perhaps that is the ultimate goal of this legislation?

    • I, mysel, look forward to tbd ollortunity to report these reactive, scary, armed anti-gun folks, politicos, n enforcers.

  15. What’s the point of taking a oath to uphold the US Constitution at your swearing in ceremony if you’re not going to abide by such oath.
    The Sheriff’s should be arresting the politicians that break these oaths to the country.
    Just goes to show you that most politicians are liars.

  16. Quit, then I’d have to get a real job, get callouses on my hands, sweat, wouldn’t get to command my K9 to attack and maul people. No Thanx , quit

  17. One glaring omission in the article… no mention of her party affiliation, which is Democrat. When that is left out, those who are not aware of it will tend to assume she is from whatever party they didn’t vote for, ie, “the other guys.”

  18. Got news for ya lady. Sheriffs are elected officials. If they dont want to enforce unconstitutional laws, then they are speaking for the people. As an elected official yourself, it would behoove you to understand this.

    • That’s right. The anti-gun Governor, backed up by her Everytown shills, can say whatever she wants, but she can’t make the sheriffs do it if the sheriffs don’t want to. Or maybe she’ll send in her state police to overrule the elected sheriffs?

  19. I live in New Mexico, and we have to find a way to reverse this unconstitutional law that violates every citizen’s rights that the governor just passed. She and her compadres are out of control.

    • Gun confiscation powers without due process have been around for many years without a case making it to the supreme court. Under Trump’s call to “take the guns first” the amount of areas has increased by four times within 2 years.

      If Trump gets another term, don’t be surprised to see over 25 states having these powers before Trump leaves for good. I doubt “his” judges will rule against the government seeing that Trump’s administration is all for red flags.

      The NRA also supports red flag laws. They wanted to write the legislation themselves.

      The Republican party supports minority report policing. They will vote for red flag laws if their seat isn’t at risk.

      Police want this “tool” to confiscate guns from people they don’t want to have them.

      Of course Democrats support it too. They came up with the idea.

        • This is Trump’s chosen man. Trump also ordered him to setup operation “Relentless Pursuit” to help enforce red flags and other laws. They will spend at least 70 million to conduct the operation.

          You are the reason Republicans are losing and will never be able to win an election again. You are helping create a one party government.

        • to Chief Censor
          You need to come out of the closet. Just come and say the police need to be abolished.
          Be honest with us. I know you can do it.

  20. All those intermediate jurisdictions do get in the way, don’t they? Some of us consider that a feature.

  21. No Governor, if your law enforcement officers have lost faith in you as a leader, maybe you should quit.

  22. There are thousands of laws, and they can’t all be enforced. Should police spend all their time tracking down litterers? Somebody has to make the decisions on how to utilize a department’s limited resources. If a sheriff decides red flag and gun bans are last on the list, so be it. It’s better than the Simpsons’ system of only enforcing to last law passed.

  23. So if we are going to target people for crimes they haven’t yet committed, should we start arresting all the politicians for DUI and corruption?

  24. She she lead the force and come and take it herself. That way she is not being a hypocrite and putting the lives of honest hard working law enforcement personal in danger for a law they know is in violation of the constitution.

  25. Resist with deadly force…….sooner or later other people will join in and we’ll hang these traitors.

  26. If constitutional guarantees to due process are not written into the Red Flag laws they should be illegal and thrown out

  27. Actually, the FBI returned the gun to the man that claimed he heard terrorism voices in his head in Alaska. They returned it to the demented man and he boarded a plane and flew to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he shot and killed my mother!!! You suggested plan DOES NOT WORK!

  28. The next time a red flag pops up, she should hop into her taxpayer-provided limo and roll on over to the scene and show everyone how it’s done.

  29. enforce red flag laws in the following order.

    1) Elected government officials first.
    2) LEO’s second
    3) Public servants third
    4) everyone else.

    As we all know that the order will be exactly reversed, I’d say kill the whole idea.

  30. Not as much as Lujan Grisham committing crimes breaking the oath of the constitution.
    We need a Constitution Enforcement Agency (only if we had one) to throw hacks like this in Guantanamo Bay.

  31. Laws are only for the law-abiding. All others are exempt, and exercise their god-given right to commit crimes.

  32. A question about the Second Amendment:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Just out of curiosity, where does it mention anywhere about being a felon, drug user, spouse abuser or any other reason to remove this right from someone? I just do no see it in there.

    • There is a concept upheld by the SCOTUS many times over-that STATES/Govts have the right to set boundaries on rights and liberties when there is a “compelling interest” in public safety, justice, and good order” .Its been widely held since the Bill of Rights very inception that rights are not “Absolute” when its in public interest to place a limit.. Its just the nature of our written language that many things are thought to be “self evident” and while not written , good common sense and logic dictate that a person understands the concepts of exceptions to rules. Our Constitution would be far less eloquent and noble a read if it had to list every reason for which a right could be curtailed due to obvious circumstances. In fact, freedom of speech is, can, and has been curtailed in War time. Freedom of the press is Curtailed in times of war..even though a right to it exists in the USC> You have a 1st a right but cant yell fire in a theater, threaten a Presidents life, ect. In the same manner that the aforementioned rights can be restricted or limited, the Second Amendment is not immune- though in my opinion it enjoys special protections given its purpose. So yes, some restrictions can be placed on owning firearms if the “public or compelling interest “of the public’s safety is concerned and that compelling interest does not negate or infringe upon the rights of those LAWFULLY exercising them or who can reasonably be expected to be lawfully exercising them. IE : its not on the public interest that felons be allowed to posses firearms for obvious reasons. Personally, I do think those convicted of violent crimes should not be allowed to posses firearms until a significant amount of time has passed after a criminal conviction to ensure a person has really abandoned their “criminal lifestyles”- However Unlike current law, I do not feel felons should be permanently* barred their Constitutional rights-This is beyond the scope and intent of public interest and is simply punitive. Repeat offenders or those with violent crime convictions or the mentally ill however are the exact kind of thing “compelling public interest” refers to. Its reasonable and compelling to not allow those with histories of harming others and career criminals the means to do so with ease. Im not naive enough to think they will not procure them elsewhere, but simply making no effort at all is patently lazy. Having said that-the 2a has a higher bar. The term “shall not Infringe” has significant meaning here. It’s the only right where this terminology is used. Not only shall the right not be out-right violated , but it” shall not be infringed” -that is -“not toyed with.” “Compelling state interest” is difficult to show in the macro term since a crime committed with a firearm is done by a individual. A person can be held responsible and individually punished. Unlike speech related crime where unrest is often fomented and leads to more widespread damage and influences others to commit more unrest…Here the state has a compelling interest in quick mitigation if the speech is fomenting criminal behavior not based in political dissent or protected speech but simple criminal mischief ie: fire in a theater, threatening lives, stolen valor, ect The compelling interest must also be weighed against the purpose of the right and its intent. The 2a is the 2nd* for a reason. It is not only a individual liberty, but serves as a CHECK AND BALANCE to Govt powers and abuses. So yes, it is Constitutional to set some limits on 2a rights-but its very few and related more to the individual not the firearms or the public at large. The govt has infringed and went to far today-its compelling interest has negated the purpose and thus is a gross violation of the 2a. Had the restrictions simply been making it unlawful for violent felons, dishonorably discharged, or the mentally incompetent to posses firearms, I would think it Constitutional for the same reason other rights can be abridged -but the infringement has surpassed that which is Compelling IMHO.

      • The ol’ ‘can’t yell fire in a theater’ lie.
        Yes, you can, and you should if there is a fire.
        However, you cannot claim ‘free speech’ if it is intended to cause panic, because you are infringing on others rights.
        Threats have never been ‘free speech’. Nor has slander or libel.

        Bearing arms is most certainly a constitutionally protected right. However, brandishing a firearm is an action that is done to cause fear. If you do it to instigate fear to other law abiding citizens, you are breaking the law. But if you brandish time terminate aggressive or criminal actions of someone, it’s not unlawful. Simply open carrying a firearm, whether it’s a holstered pistol, or a slung rifle is not ‘brandishing’. Walking around at the low ready could be construed as brandishing, depending on where you are doing it. In a field? Not likely. At a restaurant? Most likely.
        Context matters.
        As does intent.

  33. As James Madison put it and I have been repeating – a search and seizure without proper warrant is tyranny. If a sheriff is ordered to violate a citizens Rights as outlined in the Constitution the sheriff must immediately arrest that tyrant. Quitting his job is an act of cowardice or negligence. The sheriff is THE law enforcement in a county and is an elected position thus a servant to The People. A case such as this may be best tried in a military tribunal or citizens grand jury but certainly not in a US or lower Court as their corruption is documented and the defendant is a tyrant, possibly treasonous and disregards the law of the land.
    Did these people not even see a history book at any time? Did they not take an oath? The photo depicts members of an anti-Rights group funded by Michael Bloomberg who believes he can become dictator by running for the highest office of President of the United States of America. Our first President General George Washington risked his life for 8 years afield returning home once for a short visit and if he were alive to see this he would have that governor executed immediately. He took his job and the war seriously and executions were performed for any serious violations.Those who do not respect our Constitution shall receive no respect from true Americans let alone be allowed to run for office and issue orders to what they believe to be their personal hired guns.
    We have reached the edge of critical mass and various state governors are daring The People and believe we will blink. I will not and I will stand by the Constitution and am willing to die to save it. Tyranny is upon us and the threat is very real. Tyrants have no power the moment they reveal their illegal intentions. The People can no longer trust those in government. What more do you need to know or see?

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