Mike Bloomberg
Democratic presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks during a news conference on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Little Havana, a neighborhood in Miami. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
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Bloomberg then blatantly lied to the Fox crowd, claiming that “the Supreme Court said you can have reasonable restrictions, and the only restrictions which I am in favor of is to prevent us from selling guns to people with psychiatric problems, criminals, or people that are minors, OK?”

Not really. If Bloomberg had any practical hope of overturning the Second Amendment, he would certainly do it. As it is, Bloomberg bankrolls major anti-gun efforts that go much further policy-wise than keeping guns out of the hands of children and people with serious psychiatric problems — both of which are already illegal, and supported by nearly everyone.

Bloomberg, the presidential candidate, supports banning “assault weapons,” the most popular rifles in the country, which account for a sliver of the gun crimes in the country. Bloomberg supports stripping gun companies of “immunity” in civil lawsuits that would allow activists to hold manufacturers responsible for all criminality — a blatant attempt to put them out of business.

Bloomberg supports “red flag” laws, which strip away due process for gun owners. Bloomberg supports raising the age of gun ownership from 18 to 21. Bloomberg supports federal efforts requiring every gun buyer to obtain a permit. Bloomberg wants to create a position for a federal gun czar to implement all these restrictions on the federal level.

In other words, Bloomberg supports every single active effort to restrict gun ownership that exists.

– David Harsanyi in Bloomberg: Guns for Me, but Not for Thee


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  1. Unfortunately for Mini Mike, there is this thing called social media. He backs multiple anti gun groups, stated he wants to ban firearm ownership, all the while having armed security.
    He stated that if he can ban guns it will be his way into heaven. I wonder what he has done in his life that hes now worried about that….

    • You haven’t heard? He’s a very important person. He gets death threats! Us little peons are never in danger. I’m sure he would be astonished to discover that someone told me they were going to kill me. Crazy, huh?

    • Did you hear Biden say he would make Betto his gun control czar at Gilley’s in Dallas this week? I don’t think too many Texan’s were paying attention, especialy if they are registered Reublicans but that was what he said. Betto will be in charge of his gun program. Betto said he will take your gun away from you if you don’t hand it over to him, go back and listen to him while he was still running.

    • Bite him in the ASS don’t shop at Kohls or any other of his stores, show him your appreciation.

  2. Checked the Dana tweet and found this gem:
    Comey endorses Biden; campaign says no thanks

    “Yes, customer service? I just received a package that I very much did not order,” Andrew Bates, director of rapid response for Biden’s campaign wrote on Twitter in response to Comey’s endorsement. “How can I return it, free of charge?”

    Back on topic, the groups Bloomberg funds seems to push for anything, as in any sort of restriction they could possibly get. One purchase per month? I’d like to see the “party of science” provide the data on that.

  3. He talks down to everyone, including his opponents and the media. He is no doubt a smart man. He thinks the rest of us have no business running our own life. While gun rights are my primary concern- and a great gauge of how a candidate feels about freedom and America- little mike’s other ideas are equally troublesome. The America that allowed him to rise above his roots and become successful is the same one he wants to change fundamentally. Bernie wears socialism on his sleeve and is more honest. Everyone, everywhere, just pull a straight Republican ticket and pray.

    • Unfortunately the Republicans simply wish to run your life in different ways. It’s funny how legislation restricting freedom is only good if “Republicans” pass it but not Democrats. This is really getting old both parties have gone so far off the rails.

      • Don’t vote then, the country is better off without liberals like you voting. Be a slave on the democrat plantation instead.

      • Yes, anyone cheerleading for either party while at the same time calling other people ‘sheeple’ or something along those lines is really clueless. Democrats want huge government with absolute control of your life, the Republicans want a a really big government micromanaging your life. Neither remotely support less or smaller government.

    • Mini Mike, along with the rest of the fools, says he will join the Paris Climate Agreement, which is a proven failure. It will do nothing other than tax hard working Americans by making energy costs skyrocket and subsidizing a few companies waiting to cash in. But it will give more government control, and the ability to pick winners and losers, which these authoritarians love.

      • And the Rebulicans want to continue non stop wars that benefit no one except the Defense Companies and only stand to raise taxes and increase the deficit. If you want to get married it’s only who they approve of. The list goes on, both parties are shit just in different areas. Its litterally how do you want your life run.

      • We know that the climate has changed many times in the past. We also know that our Sun goes through cycles of solar activity that affects the Earth. So we have to ask ourselves why all of the concern about climate change? It’s all about power. The tyrants on the Left are trying to control all aspects of our lives. They will use climate change to control us if we let them. Scientists who blame climate change on human activity are well funded. Scientists who disagree with that thesis are not funded. All the so-called climate science that has been predicting gloom and doom for years has been proven wrong time and time again. So, they keep changing their predictions and the fools out there keep believing them.

  4. Mike “minorities need to be disarmed for their own good” Bloomberg is a lying sack of shit.

  5. I actually like how s candidacy it gives him attention that he wouldn’t otherwise get running interest groups.from the background.

  6. “I won’t infringe on the 2nd Amendment, but I will pass laws that do.”

    Oh well, that’s OK then.

    • But he will call it “Gun Safety” and not “Gun Control”.

      Which is the equivalent to calling a Turd Sandwich a “T’urd’e Panini”.

  7. President Bloomberg joins President J. Bush in buying the Presidency. /Sarc

    We credit Bloomberg for buying the Democrat’s electoral gains when he little to do with it. Correlation is not causation. I think Mini Mike, who really is the smartest Democrat in the room, forgot that.

    Mike can’t get it done.

    • Mini Mike can now be the power behind the throne giving advice on policy matters.

    • Yeah, Mikey B had seven members of his campaign staff spend over 3 months living there, tasked with getting him votes.
      Bloomturd got less then 200 votes. For the record, there are around 40,000 voters in Am Samoa.
      Money well spent.

  8. Tom Styer, democrat billionaire is gone. Like several other billionaires before him who ran for president. Bloomberg will be gone soon as well. Only a “blue collar” billionaire can become president. Someone who builds things putting hundreds of thousands of blue collar people to work
    Tom Styer, Democrat, invested in the private prison business. Keeping blue collar people locked up was his business. Of course he wanted to take your guns.

    • I’ve sometimes fantasized of winning a massive record-breaking Powerball jackpot and suddenly finding myself in control of $500+ million. I’d dedicate half of it to funding a couple of pro-2A groups like FPC and GOA, and telling them I’m available to cover all expenses as they challenge every anti-2A law in CA. I’ve read that it takes an average of $5 million per case to run a challenge through the courts to completion, so it would be money well spent to get at least a dozen of the most onerous laws overturned, which would set precedent against more of the same from Sacramento in the future. This, plus fully funding the build-out of Front Sight in Nevada and finally getting that place completed.

      Alas, I only play but perhaps two bucks per year, as the Lotto isn’t my thing.

      • You’re not the only one brother. If I won I’d payoff the house first. Then I’d keep the 2A group Black Guns Matter well funded. I would fund kids 2A education at 4H and the AppleSeed Project, nationwide. Appleseed teachers kids and adults. There’s lots of 2A groups that need support. Even try and funding rifle teams at willing schools.

  9. Aw c’mon Blumturd won American Samoa! A win is a win@”If I had $60000000000 I’d spend it wisely”😃

      • Promised to pay everyone through the convention, wonder how that will work as far as a campaign contribution if he puts them to work for Biden, seems like that might SLIGHTLY exceed the maximum allowed by law…. yeah?

    • For what he spent he could have just bought the whole Island chain (all 76 square miles of it) and turned it into a private resort… Probably not room enough for him AND his ego though…

    • Yeah I just saw that on fakebook! And he’s reportedly backing S L O W Joe. Rush Limbaugh said yesterday the establishment dims would rather keep power and lose with Biden than have Bernie destroy the Democrat party! I guess we live in “interesting times”…

      • Don’t take this as an endorsement but I don’t understand why the DNC prefers Biden to Bloomberg. Biden clearly has dementia. Bloomberg is actually a more credible candidate. What does it say about the country that a guy without his facualties gets votes? If you want go full conspiracy then here is one for you. The plan is to get Joe elected and then remove him. Watch for him to pick O’Rourke or Harris as his VP

        • I suspect that the establishment doesn’t like Bernie for three reasons.

          1) While far Left he’s not considered “reliable”. He’s a “true believer” which means he isn’t controllable. They don’t want some who is likely to buck the donors and reducing funding. The party wants some ability to control the person and they don’t get that with Sanders.

          2) He’s far too honest. Even many of those that agree with him don’t like his propensity to “let the cat out of the bag” at the expense of political capital. His tendency to tell you what he thinks rather than what is politically salable is undesirable.

          3) They know he can’t win with the general public. Running for POTUS as an open socialist is the equivalent of running as an atheist. Loads of people will tell you flat out that even if they agree with an avowed atheist on every single policy position they are unlikely to vote for them because the candidate isn’t viewed as “trustworthy” due to a perceived lack of principles. Even atheists themselves will often describe an openly atheist candidate as “not believing in anything”.

        • It’s the old guard in the DNC. They would rather have 4 more years of Trump and hold on to the House than win the Bolshevik Bernie and watch their entire party elite get sent to gulags.

        • This fixation with Hillary Clinton is sick. She is less electable than Biden and I am not sure Biden isn’t going to win. If you step outside the bubble I bet most people don’t know how far Biden’s mental capabilities have deteriorated over the last year.

        • Biden will be running the last portion of his campaign from prison. He’s under investigation for the shit he pulled in Ukraine to protect his cokehead son.

          • The only problem is that the investigation is going on IN the Ukraine a country that worked to help The Beast (to no avail) but Biden will never face trial there much less a conviction and (sadly) there is no way they would ever attempt to put him in prison….

        • Under a previous administration. The current Ukrainian government knows that they better clean up their act or they better start learning Russian.

        • “protect his cokehead son.”
          Cokehead and stripper impregnating son.
          Hunter needs to be recognised for more then just one achievement.
          His parents must be so proud.

  10. Well, looks like Trump has 2020 in the bag. Now it’s time to make sure he has a deep red House and Senate to work with.

    • The problem with Bloomie dropping out is that his money does not leave with him and now instead of wasting all that cash on ads for himself that nobody watched it will go to PACs and gun grabber orgs that CAN make a difference in state and local elections (lest we forget Virginia)… He might be out but he’s not gone and now that he’s been adequately humiliated he is gonna be pissed, how dare we mere mortals reject HIM after he blessed us with the opportunity to grow under his guidance and become a country of sheeple as we bent the knee in his regal presence…. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR… We could be looking at a Biden/Warren ticket w/klobuchar as Sec of State, Bootyjug at DHS, and Beto at the helm of the NEW Ministry of Civilian Disarmament and Constitution Fucking, AFTER they pack the SCOTUS with a bunch of newly created seats filled with the gun grabbingest, anti-Constitution judges money can buy (ala the 9th Circuit)…..

    • Yes, “pissed away” and think of the many members of “we the people” he could have helped! His money would be safe with me!

  11. He should have just used that money to buy an island and he could have created the world he wanted.
    Maybe Epsteins is for sale? He could recreate munchkinland.

  12. At some point Mini Mike is going to spend a billion dollars getting Joe across the line. Beto is already looking to be the disarmament czar, a job that is unconstitutional on it’s face.

    I’m going to enjoy watching the democrats tear themselves apart and back policies most people don’t want and only the elites and yobs do.

    • I think he’ll spend a billion besides the half billion he spent. Maybe I’m wrong on that though.

  13. Guess I didn’t get the updated version of the Second Amendment. My copy must be the original cut version. Doesn’t contain any stipulations or restrictions regarding:
    –Suitable for sporting purposes;
    –In common use;
    –No full automatic operation;
    –Applicable to collective use only;
    –Stops where your touchy feelys begin;
    –Maximum purchases per month;
    –Magazine capacity limits;
    –Minimum barrel or overall length;
    –No bump stocks;
    –No pistol grips;
    –No forward vertical grips;
    –No bayonet lugs;
    –No suppressors;
    –No collapsible stocks;
    –Maximum caliber;
    –Minimum number of USA made parts;
    It only says “…..shall not be infringed.”
    I’ll keep my original cut version.

  14. The Koran tells the faithful that they may LIE to the INFIDEL to gain his trust, the politicians handbook is based on the same premise, no “professional” politician no matter what party they claim to represent can be trusted to do anything they promise, it’s all about the power, the money and the perks (where else can you just show up every day for five years and walk away with a guaranteed fully vested pension and med benefits which they collect at age 62).. The U.S. House and Senate has created more millionaires than any other group on the planet…. Currently there are 66 millionaires in the Senate and 271 in the House (Pelosi ranks 3rd at 74 million) while the National average is just 1% our U.S. Congress is about 49%…..

  15. Mini Mike’s 18 deligates cost him about 28 million dollars each. We should send them all a T-shirt saying 28 million dollar man for them to wear at the DNC convention. And use a picture of Lee Majors instead of Mini Mike.

  16. Keep all those quotes and gaffs handy. The goal going forward needs to be calling out all the politicians who have accepted money from this despicable little man so that he becomes persona non grata in political circles making him bad news for any candidate’s election/reelection efforts.

  17. What if Mini mike is going to demand the #2 spot for his money. He already knows that Biden is senile and that he can get him removed due to health reasons. That way bloomberg would end up in the cat bird seat. Just a thought.

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