California High School Shooting
People are lead out of Saugus High School after reports of a shooting on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019 in Santa Clarita, Calif. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says on Twitter that deputies are responding to the high school about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The sheriff’s office says a male suspect in black clothing was seen at the school. (KTTV-TV via AP)
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The United States is experiencing historically low violent crime rates, including crimes involving firearms. Yet each time a high profile shooting takes place — no matter how many existing laws were broken — each instance is always seized upon as proof positive that the answer is…still more gun control laws.

“With multiple mass shootings in gun-controlled California over the last few days, the truth about the effects of disarmament could not be more clear,” the Firearms Policy Coalition, a gun-rights group, said Tuesday. “Gun control, no matter how small — or sweeping — will always result in more criminality… not less.”

Some also note recent mass shootings in Mexico, including this month’s massacre of three women and six children earlier this month in an apparent attack by drug cartels, in a country with some of the world’s most stringent gun laws. A resident of the small Mexican town near the site of the massacre was quoted saying he felt the country’s gun laws leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable.

While California has low rates of gun deaths, that doesn’t mean the country’s most populous state doesn’t have a lot of gun-related fatalities. There were 3,184 people killed by guns in the Golden State in 2017, about eighteen times the 180 who died from guns in Alaska, which owned the highest gun death rate that year. The only state with more firearm fatalities was Texas, the second-most populous state behind California, with 3,513 gun deaths in 2017, and an “F” rating by Giffords for its gun laws.

After last week’s high school shooting, Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, and Democratic presidential candidates visiting the state for a weekend forum argued the gun violence shows a need for stronger federal gun laws.

– John Woolfolk in California — capital of gun control — sees three mass shootings in four days

California’s Giffords ratting is “A”.

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  1. This State Supreme Court Chief Justice provided the answer to our problem over a century ago:

    Jackson, Miss., Nov. 28, 1895.
    Editor of The Times-Democrat;

    Reading your editorial on car[r]ying concealed weapons leads me to write that, after an experience of nearly a half century, in active connection with the enforcement of laws, my judgment is that all laws against carrying weapons are wrong and should be repealed. They cannot be enforced, and for that reason should not exist. They operate unequally and harmfully, by being a restraint on those in whose hands the weapons would be harmless and often useful, and imposing no restraint on those in whose hands they are dangerous and often destructive.

    My view is that all should be free to carry arms, as they please, and that every girl especially should be taught to use them expertly. We would then hear less of rapes, and burglaries, and such crimes as so often occur, and there would not be a crime more by reason of the unrestrained right to carry arms.

    It would prevent rather than promote crime. The man disposed to commit crime is never restrained by the law against carrying concealed weapons, while the good citizen ofted is, and is thus placed at a disadvantage, being at the mercy of the villain who assails him and is emboldened to do it by the confidence that his victim is unarmed.


    [The St. Tammany Farmer, Covington, St. Tammany Parish, LA., Saturday, December 7, 1895. Vol. XX.–No. 50. Pg. 2]

      • Wouldn’t that indeed be nice? He was a very interesting man and well worth learning about:

        Supreme Court of Mississippi Chief Justice J.A.P., (Josiah Arthur Patterson), Campbell. Chief Justice Campbell served 18 years on the Mississippi Supreme Court – 1876 to 1894. He wrote the Mississippi Code of Law which established legal and official White Supremacy. Chief Justice Campbell had both a white and black family, and spent most of the last 27 years of his life with his Black family teaching them how to break the system of White Supremacy. [See: The Father of White Supremacy by James Meredith, whom is the African American great grandson of Justice Campbell]

        It is obvious that he was a man that learned from his mistakes, which a very rare breed indeed.

        • Excellent history lesson!

          To a certain extent I agree with those who say that guns aren’t the problem.

          “A Georgia police chief says a white 16-year-old girl had collected several kitchen knives and scouted out a mostly black congregation as part of a methodically planned attack on worshippers there.

          Police say the plot came to light when Gainesville High School students told administrators the girl had a notebook with detailed plans to ambush worshippers at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

          Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish told reporters that her plan was to attack a small group as they worshipped. He said he believes she wanted to gain notoriety.”

          Clearly, the problem it’s not guns, it’s a Racism by white people, who are afraid of losing their privileged position.

          To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.

        • When I was young, if someone pulled a knife or a gun they were considered a coward. That a young girl had planned something like that is beyond my comprehension. All it does in my mind is reinforce the notion that We The People should be “at all times armed”.

        • ” Clearly, the problem it’s not guns, it’s a Racism by white people, who are afraid of losing their privileged position. ”

          Well, thanks for that insight. It definitely explains why there is so much black-on-black (or brown-on-brown if you like) crime.

  2. Politicians – legislators, specifically – have one main tool. That’s passing laws. (They can repeal as well but that’s much less fun and doesn’t carry the bragging rights.)

    So their first response to *any* problem is usually, pass a law.

    Good law, bad law, indifferent, pernicious result … At least they can say they’ve done something.

  3. So why doesn’t the NRA or GOA or heck even TTAG push for do-nothing gun control measures as decoys for the politicians? As long as everything is on the table, rights can be lost. But I’d there are specific feel good sounding measures that can be handed to politicians wrapped in a bow, then great. You know, important things like ammo boxes must have at least two square inches of blaze orange on them. Or gun ranges must be closed for at least two hours every three days. Or even close the gun show loophole. (If there is no loophole then it should be pretty easy to close right?)

    Jumping up and down saying no to everything just hands control over outcomes to someone else.

    • That’s a nonstarter there splain. Gun owners and organizations attack each other. The moment any cracks appear in the pro gun message, and any forward dialog about changes in laws is perceived as a crack.

    • This is exactly the kind of thinking that got us to the 20,000 gun laws mess we are in. Gun grabbers are evil, not completely stupid. Each of those ‘painless’ laws tightens the restraints of the law abiding while it remains ignored by criminals.

      How about this? Quit the defeatism. Refuse the appeasement politics. Stop thinking that more gun control is unavoidable and looking for the least harmful ones. Fight for minds of people, ‘splain’ to them why gun control not only can’t work, but is counterproductive to safety. Organize on local, state and federal level. Show a firm resolve and tell the world that we have had enough of infringements on our human rights. And that we want our cake back!

  4. How often does Congress actually solve a problem?
    How often do they create problems?
    How often do they, their family, friends, and associates get rich from government connections?

  5. It’s about political expediency and keeping their jobs. Maybe 4 people in Washington actually care about anyone other than themselves or liberty for anyone. Everyone else is is just chasing money and power.
    Real solutions are hard and ugly and nobody wants to get all mixed up in that so spin the words and cash the checks and with any luck you’ll exit this world before you’re dragged through the street and necklaced by a mob of angry idiots.

  6. Not related, but I was told in an email from TTAG that I am the only one complaining that some of us are not receiving emails notifying us of replies to our comments.
    Is TTAG right, and I the only one?

  7. Not related, but I was told in an email from TTAG that I am the only one complaining that some of us are not receiving emails notifying us of replies to our comments.
    Is TTAG right, and I the only one?
    Earlier, I was told this was because I was using Firefox, and that using Adaware was contriburing.
    I uninstalled Adaware, and it didn’t change anything.
    I used Explorer, same thing.
    Maybe it is just me (which would mean TTAG is somehow targeting me to be excluded from this), but I doubt it.

    • I get enough emails as it is, so I don’t opt to receive notifications. I’ve done it before a few months ago for awhile, and received notifications no problem. I use Firefox.

      • I do a mass Email dump on the computer every few weeks. TTAG included. For some goofy reason I can’t comment on the computer just my phone. I hope I don’t miss winning a gun or some fabulous prize😋

        • The good old days of huge gun festivals, gun raffles, few ads, edit buttons, sideways arrows to next/previous post and Israeli supermodels are long gone.

    • It IS about control and power. The goal is, and always has been, civilian disarmament. You’re elected criminals have no interest in dealing with armed citizens when things finally get so screwed up that people rise up and say “enough”. Our elected criminals are only thinking of themselves when they preach about “evil guns” and talk about taking our weapons. They don’t care that street criminals have guns. That isn’t the real threat to the elected criminal. The real threat is the good citizen with a gun.

  8. Why don’t We The People pay attention to what worked in the past?

    Here is what the former Director of the Bureau of Investigation for the U.S. Dept. of Justice had to state on the subject:

    . . . So, in spite of the Bar Association’s findings, it is not always firearms that are responsible for homicides and the way to stop murder is not by prohibiting the manufacture and sale of weapons–a thing which cannot possibly be effectively done–but by putting a strong curb on the murder impulse. . . .

    . . . In any legislation, however, care should be taken to avoid the mistakes of New York State’s notorious Sullivan law. This measure, according to Assemblyman Louis A. Cuvillier of the New York Legislature, “has caused more murders in New York City by reason of the fact that a highwayman or burglar well knows when he goes into a dwelling or a store, or engages in a hold-up or stick-up, that his victim is unarmed. . . .

    . . . Prompt and drastic administration of justice will reduce murders to a minimum. Nothing will absolutely prevent them and certainly additional laws prohibiting this or that weapon will have no effect whatever. A murderer is one to whom law means nothing. Deprive him of one means and he will use another. Make his punishment swift and hard and the next in line will think twice before he yields to the homicidal impulse. In nine cases out of ten, that second thought will prevent him from becoming a murderer.

    –William J. Burns, Director, Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Dept. of Justice. Article titled: “Weapons of the Crook”.

    [The Bismarck Tribune, Bismark, North Dakota, Friday, December 8, 1922. Last Edition, Pg. 6]

  9. Insanity
    Doing the same action and expecting a different result.

    People that agree with and gravitate toward insane behavior should be mentally evaluated for competency. If found lacking in reason and logic, banned from political / government office.


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