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My wife is into quilting in a big way. This comes in handy at times, because whenever she says something to me like, “just how many guns do you need?”, I look in the room that’s filled with her sewing supplies and counter with “just how much quilting fabric do you need?” We respect each other’s hobbies and keep our respective distances. However, our two worlds recently collided . . .

One of the web sites she frequents is Studio Kat Designs, which sells custom patterns for quilted handbags and purses. It’s run by Kathy Southern and she just recently introduced a new pattern called “The Guardian,” claiming that it’s “the world’s 1st concealed carry handbag pattern.” Its claim to fame is a zippered pouch specifically designed to carry a pistol.

It even comes with a “complimentary holster pattern” so you can coordinate your holster with your handbag. You can order just the pattern or get the pattern with a “notions kit” that includes all the zippers, magnetic catches, slide rings and other hardware needed to complete the bag.

This is one of 28 different handbag patterns Southern offers. But this one has received the lion’s share of the attention on her blog and Facebook page. Many of the comments are quite vitriolic, sounding like they were ripped right from the gun Brady Campaign handbook:

 “I’m really surprised that you are going after this type of demographic by even bringing it up. Why not go after the sexual addicts community by saying the pocket is great for bondage straps? Makes about as much sense.”

“I feel it is quite disturbing that in the climate discussion around gun control you are advocating to your readers that this bag can cater to this need.

“You have lost me here. Does carrying a gun in a pretty holster make it less deadly?”

“I am appalled that you are designing a purse with a concealed weapon holder. With all the violence in this country at this time, especially the shootings of all the school children, I just cannot believe you are doing this. I am unsubscribing and will not ever again buy your products and I am donating all of your patterns that I own to a local thrift store.”

“I find this very upsetting and I am not sure that after reading this second posting on holster construction showing a ‘toy’? gun in place that I would ever consider making one of your bags let alone purchasing another of your patterns.”

“With the recent killings of 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, StudioKat Designs is advertising gun holsters. Not only to I find this insensitive but also offensive. You may be addressing the small percentage of the population carrying weapons, that also sew, perhaps you should find a less public method of advertising.”

She responded more graciously than many of us would have, not that she owes anyone an explanation of products she wants to sell on her own web site. Instead of giving them a lecture on the RKBA, she explains,

 I’ve been considering the idea of incorporating a concealed carry feature in a bag pattern for several years now because so many of our faithful customers have been asking me to do so. I resisted the idea until I could figure out a way to make the concealed area “a multi-use area”, suitable for safely sequestering the MANY items that women might like to store safely and separately from their main compartment.

 I’m married to a former policeman so I’m only too aware of how dangerous it is out there for women who work late shifts, open and close their own businesses every day, or have to live or work in bad areas of town.

The closest she comes to actually telling them to STFU is where she says:

 1. Customers who have requested this feature make up a significant percentage of our customer base… And besides, the feature is optional and the pocket can be used for other items instead, if one so desires.

2. Whether you approve or disapprove, carrying a concealed weapon is currently a legal thing to do in 49 of our 50 states (with varying stipulations). If I was marketing this concealed area as a great spot to stash illegal drugs then some of the animosity would be much easier to understand.

[I]f your personal convictions are so strong that it precludes you from purchasing or in any other way showing support for our newsletter, for this pattern, or our entire pattern line because of this feature, we’ll miss you… Mean-spirited comments and name-calling is by definition just another form of bullying and in the end, really only assures you that the listeners you are trying to persuade to your point of view will probably never REALLY “hear” what you’re saying!

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  1. Ban, confiscate, and melt down all guns and the gun-grabbers will take a break for a month and then go on to attack something else. Oh, and they will still be angry. Why? Because they like to feel oppressed and messianic. Take any political ideology too far and it becomes a religion.

    • Next on the list
      1. Knives
      -Why do you NEED a KaBar Knife? Thats got one purpose and one purpose only, to stab people
      2. Crossbows
      -REAL hunters don’t use Crossbows, you don’t even need a Background check to buy one. We need common sense Crossbow laws
      3. BB/Pellet/Airsoft gun
      -Think of the message that it is sending to the kids. THINK OF THE CHILDREN
      4. Your Penis
      -More than half of all Rapes are done with a Penis.

    • I would ALMOST be willing to ban, confiscate, and melt down all guns if I could ban, confiscate, and melt down (in boiling acid) all gun-grabbing libtards.

  2. Miss this part?
    “I have some rather strong views about ‘reasonable’ gun control and very much approve of the current proposals to ban assault rifles and high-magazine clips. My hubby and I disagree on this subject and have had some lively discussions about it”

    • I didn’t .

      In my estimation, she’s just as anti-gun as the people posting on her Facebook page. Her detractors appear to be more honest about the matter.

      Its akin to how Jeanette Assam is frequently cited as an example of CCW in action, when in fact she’s a former cop who was fired for misconduct and wants nothing to do with the pro-RKBA movement.

      • So, she’s anti gun but has no problem with selling to and making money off the gun crowd? Kinda two faced innit.

      • ST, could I get a spell check or some context on that Jeanette lady? My google-fu is weak.

      • A great manny people are in favor of armed self defense and the owning of what firearms they consider to be reasonable.

        They are opposed to “assault weapons” and “high magazines” (sic) because they do not understand them or the finer points of the need for them and that “shall not be infringed” bit.

        This does not make them hyppocrites, and calling them such will serve no good purpose.

        Educate them, and they will swell our ranks.

    • Where did it say that? I reread the article above and went to her Facebook page and do not see that quote.

    • You know what? I don’t care that she may be anti-gun. I’m not going to buy from her anyway because I have no interest in the products she offers. But the point I took from it is that even though it may be against her personal feelings, she is giving the customers what they want. They asked for a concealment handbag pattern, and she made one. She didn’t lecture them on the evils of guns or insult their life choices. She responded to the market, and that’s the way the world works. I’m cool with it.

      • I couldn’t have put it better myself. Many people bashing her for her views seem to over look her actual actions. If the world worked that way more often things would be much better and grabbers wouldn’t have nearly the push they do.

  3. Heh, well spoken. Also kinda cool looking. Wish I could find a psychedelic iPad case with a carry holster, but I can’t imagine there’s much of a demographic that would buy such things. Then again, I suppose that’s a point to my advantage; bad guys don’t expect the semi-hippie/artist-looking guy to be a threat.

    • Hmmm… I look like a 51 year old hippy – with a iPad.

      They’d be in for a surprise, there…

  4. I have come to the conclusion ,that before I use a gun to protect another person, I must first ask then if they will have a problem if I use a gun to save there lives.

  5. Though the antis try to needle her into submission, Mrs. Southern
    gracefully has shown why she’s a cut above.

  6. The pouch could be used for brady band aids when they get their ass shot up because they didn’t have a gun. Thats the thanks this nice lady gets for thinking of them, Randy

  7. This Lady is first class.
    I’m liking her on FB and am going to suggest to my wife that she now buy her quilting needs thru Studio Kat.

      • I know why you said that but I dont see why you wouldnt buy from her. Sure she’s anti assault weapons and all that but so what. Unless you think she’s funneling money to anti 2A groups Id say she’s a hardworking independent woman who is selling a useful (subject to debate….Im not convinced purse carry is advantageous and in some cases might be outright dangerous) product to a vulnerable group. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Dear Mr. Frank Williams,
    Why did you only include the pro-gun statements she wrote on her blog? The impression given by this TTAG article implies that she supports and agrees with many of the same things as TTAG’s readers. I think this article is mis-leading and an irresponsible way to present this information.

    Best Regards,
    A Guy from Down the Bayou

    • That wasnt my impression at all. My impression was she didnt cave to a vocal group and instead decided she would market whatever products she felt there was a market for.

      She never once indicates that she’s in lockstep with the NRA or is an ardent support of 2A. She does however recognize that women are a vulnerable group and thus this product has appeal.

      Also you are free to click on the links provided and get a “bigger” picture of her views (she’s in favor of many anti 2A policies) if you want. This is a blog not the investigative arm of CNN (that was a joke….they stopped doing real journalism YEARS ago).

  9. Why are anti-gunners angry? Because having a wild hair up one’s @ss will do that. That’s why.

    And they don’t just hate guns. They hate us. And I hate them right back.

    • Yes. Many leftists I know are very hateful. That includes some family members, unfortunately. They are everything they accuse their political enemies of being: Narrow-minded, intolerant, and judgmental. With towering hubris they mock people of faith, all the while demonstrating the worst characteristics of zealotry. I try not to hate them. Some days it’s difficult.

  10. The grabbers continue to parrot the same mindless fear:

    “disturbing”, “shocked”, “appalled”, “insensitive”, “offensive”…

    I’ve heard the same words again and again for grabbers in other venues. These people have no independent thought. Only group fear.

    Rebuffing them only fuels thier impotent rage.

  11. She has a right to believe what she wants. She may not believe in sporting rifles, but when they come to take away her revolver she will care.
    To be honest she would probably be easier to have a discussion with than a politician since she is somewhat educated.

  12. Female solipsism. Remember Sandy Hook: it was just like it happened to her personally. She is offended and disturbed that anyone would disrespect those people by doing anything that had anything to do with encouraging more people to carry weapons around – weapons that can kill children!!

  13. The “anti folks” yell so loud it is difficult to know their point, but they can be expected to appear at the least of an issue- they just can’t resist spreading their opinions in the most uncivil civil manners.

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