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The Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ posted an ad featuring the brother of a woman gunned down by her husband. Who had a restraining order against him. According to Zina Haughton’s brother and self-professed NRA member, “had there been a background check my sister Zina would still be with us.” [The caption says “a background check could have saved Zina’s life”]. I wonder why MAIG’s anti-gun agit-prop doesn’t mention the fact that Radcliffe F. Haughton murdered two other women in the shooting? Or that there’d been ample warning that Haughton was crazy and violent, including a Facebook photo where he aimed a gun at the camera and previous contact with the cops. Maybe the po-po or the courts should have done something before Haughton pulled the trigger. And you know what else could have saved Zina and the other women? If she’d been armed. Or maybe someone else at the salon. You know: a good guy with a gun.

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  1. Other info notwithstanding… Does taking a picture of oneself pointing the business end of your heater at the camera lens somehow indicate that you’re unstable? I’ve done just that (unloaded & using the time delay feature so that no human is behind the camera). Just sayin’…

    • It probably shows a bit of fetishisation of guns, or perhaps fascination with violence, so yes, it’s a small indicator.

    • The picture in and of itself? No. But I would just caution against posting any such image on the Internet, for that is an indicator of how you want to project yourself to the world–pointing a gun at them.

      At this point in time, with the ATF and FBI not exactly looking all too favorably on gun owners, I could also see such a picture used to make a case that you’re the next Lanza and subject yourself to a knock on the door from men in fatigues at 4:00 am.

      You may know it’s harmless and your friends may know it’s harmless, but it really comes down to how the rest of the world perceives such a picture, sadly enough. Exercise discretion.

      • IDK if this makes it better or worse, but in my case it is my “gamerpic” (like the avatars we use here) associated with my Xbox Live account. Granted, it is used as my private gamerpic, meaning that it is only displayed to the users on my friends list – all others see a more generic CG gamerpic.

  2. Preaching to the choir, RF.

    The misleading half truths and rhetoric by the grabbers will never end.

    It’s always amusing to see their latest stooge show.

  3. I always found it funny/depressing that the anti-rights crowd think
    of restraining orders as an unbreakable bond but the Constitution
    is just a piece of paper.

    • I’ve always thought that if someone’s behavior is disturbing enough that one feels a restraining order is necessary then that person is most likely not going to care about the possible later date consequences of violating the RO.

      Not saying it doesn’t serve any useful purpose – just that society stupidly acts like its protective ability is more than what it is (a piece of paper).

      • The RO is probably, and I’m not a lawyer, used as a paper trail to use in your self defense claim in court when you shoot the p
        erson violating the RO.

        That’s if you’ve armed yourself with the RO and a gun. By itself the paper is meaningless.

      • Yep gun Free zones with picture of of a pistol with a circle and slash through it.

        Anti -freedom gun grabbers seem to believe this picture will keep out a homicidal maniac with a gun when the maniac has already decided to violate the most basic human law against murder.

        This is the best example of the huge disconnect from reality that is the world of gun grabbers.

        This also is why logic, fact, history or direct experience has no impact on these people,they are already living in a world impervious to these things.

    • Glad someone else loves that book too. Over fifty years old, and yet it’s still a must-read…

  4. That happened in the next one horse town over from me. The cops were over at psycho boys house many times & failed to even charge him with any kind of abuse. The salon was posted no weapons & surprisingly that meant nothing to him. This was a real bad apple that needed killin by a good guy before he killed others, Randy

  5. Off topic.

    Since TTAG has adopted nomenclature to more accurately describe actors in the gun “debate”, e.g. “slave states vs free states”, “DGU” etc., then based on the surprisingly felonious make up the group, a concern for factual accuracy demands that MAIG forever more be known as IMAG – Illegal Mayors Against Guns

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