Pistol Packin’ Politician: Blast from the Past

The text of this ad which appeared in the April 1914 edition of National Geographic is kind of blurry in the image. It’s worth reading, so here it is in its entirety: Al. Jennings, former train robber, candidate for Governor of Oklahoma and author of “Beating Back.” This is Al. Jennings He says: “Jiminy! It’s […]

Sousa Shills Shotguns: Blast from the Past

John Philip Sousa is best known as the “The March King” for the 137 marches he wrote, many while he was director of the Marine Band. But he also had a passion for trap shooting. He organized the first national trapshooting organization which became the Amateur Trapshooting Association, and authored a number of articles on […]

We Interrupt for a Public Service Announcement

Experts estimate that 38 children die each year trapped in hot cars.  So far this year, locked vehicles have been responsible for roasting at least 20 tots. We must do something about this dangerous situation before any more innocent children suffer tragic and unnecessary vehicular deaths. With this in mind, TTAG calls on Congress and […]

Daily Digest: Stupid Is As Stupid Does Edition

Forrest Gump was right. Case in point: James Hayes of Ambridge, Pennsylvania. We all know you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Now we need to add don’t bring a BB pistol either, which is what Hayes used to try robbing a convenience store. The only problem is that the clerk had a […]

Daily Digest: Chutzpa Edition

South Carolina has a “stand your ground” law. And that’s a good thing. Until it’s subverted by a lawyer with a set of big brass ones. Greg Issac is on trial for murder for shooting and killing Antonio Corbitt in 2005 after breaking into Corbitt’s apartment. His attorney, Mark Schnee, is arguing that he had […]

Daily Digest: Witless Windy City Edition

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is at it yet again. In spite of having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, after gun violence in his fair city peaked last weekend he’s calling for… wait for it… increased gun controls. “Having effective gun control is essential to providing safety around the city,” Emanuel […]

Daily Digest: Keep Up With Your Toys Edition

What is it with cops who can’t keep up with their weapons? First they find a cop’s gun in a Florida movie theater crapper. Then another one leaves his in the facilities at a New York state park. Now, from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, we hear of a search for a service weapon and taser that were lost when the […]

Daily Digest: Weekend Edition

Adam Kokesh posted a video ostensibly showing him loading a shotgun and racking a round in the chamber in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. According to the Washington Post, the US Park Police and the DC police aren’t happy about it and “are investigating the authenticity” of said video. If they decide it’s legit, they’ll […]

Daily Digest: “The Mike and Joe Show” Edition

Senator Joe Manchin seems to be determined to give the voters in gun-friendly West Virginia more reasons to get rid of him. He’s made anti-NRA ads. He’s working on new gun control legislation. He’s claiming Beretta twisted his words when they said why they won’t consider relocating to the Mountain State. And now…the poster child […]

Daily Digest: “The Mark and Gabby Show” Edition

As RF highlighted earlier today, Former Rep. Gabby Giffords and hubby Mark Kelly kicked off their “Rights and Responsibilities” road show by visiting a pistol range in Las Vegas. But before hitting the road, Mr. Giffords Kelly stopped by CNN to let the media know what they’re doing. When asked point blank if “any of those […]