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O-M-G! Can you be-lieve the mad marketing mavens at GLOCK thought people would actually carry a massive gat like the 42? Still, against all odds, the new example of Perfection seems to be all the rage. For some reason. Our friends at The Kentucky Gun Company were nice enough to zip one out to me. And when I picked it up at Top Gun Shooting Sports this morning, one employee walking past stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Hey, is that the new GLOCK?” and eagerly checked it out. Then another told me that everyone who works there wants to shoot it when I take ‘er out on the range for a test drive. But as you can see above, it’s far too big for any normal toter to carry comfortably. Still, I’ve recruited Dirk Diggler to help me break it in this weekend so look for a full review soon. And make the jump to see how this behemoth positively drwarfs a P3AT.


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  1. ##yawn##

    Perhaps I’m just not up with the times, but can someone explain why this G42 is factually superior performance wise to what’s already out there?

      • Actually I’d much prefer a few good choices to a bunch of mediocre ones, but I guess that’s not possible anyway.

        I think it’s an interesting marketing and social experiment by Glock to see how “Blah” of a pistol they can make that people will still buy.

        • You would prefer less choices? Umm…just because they make it, that doesn’t mean you must purchase it. To say you prefer less choices… well, that sounds retarded, frankly.

    • Im hoping that in true Glock fashion this is the first (well i guess the 36 was the first) of a new line. I hope that next year Glock will be back with the same frame re-chambered in 9mm. In the same way that all the 9mm/40S$W/.357/45GAP Glocks share a frame.

    • G as in Glock L as in Glock O as in Glock C as in Glock and K as in Glock……

      Not a fanboy, just spelling it out per your request….

    • Because all of the Glock fans finally have a “pocket” pistol. Though it’s a .380 the size of a 9mm. I’d trust it to get me out of danger, which is all a pocket pistol is good for anyway. But so many people have a conseption that Glocks are the only pistols that function “flawlessly”. We all know that’s not so.

  2. When you put the 42 up next to a P3AT it doesn’t look too big. I might actually be able to fit this in my pocket after all.

    • People have this concept that their pants pockets are not much larger than a thimble and can hold, at most, 1 key and maybe a quarter before bursting at the seams. Here is a short list of the guns I have successfully pocket carried:

      CZ 82
      Springfield XD SubComp
      XDm 3.8 Compact
      Walther P99 (full size)
      Taurus 840 (also full size)
      Rossi 357 (3″ barrel, 6 shot, full hammer)
      Taurus 617TT (2″ barrel, 7 shot, current carry gun)

      Unless you are a woman, or one of THOSE people that wear jeans with ‘skinny’ somewhere on the tag, you should have no problem stuffing anything short of a full size 1911 or Glock 17 in your front pocket. Even if the butt sticks out slightly, a long tailed shirt will cover that up nicely.

      • For me it’s not the size as much as the weight. I could stick my XD-9 Subcompact in a pocket, but having it bounce around would be annoying. I’d rather have the weight on my belt.

        If I want a deep concealment gun, I’ll carry my XD-S at 11:00.

        • This is what I’m saying, the size is one thing, but the weight is my issue with pocket carry.

          Anything heavier than 16oz and I feel like there is a lead weight in my pocket, I tried to pocket carry a G26 once, that lasted about half the day.

      • Excellent point! I’ve successfully pocket carried a Glock 24 (not a typo) and appendix carried a S&W 500. Both choices made me VERY popular with the ladies. And at least one guy.

        • G 24 is 8.8 inches long. I just measured the front pocket of my jeans and it is 9 inches deep, so it would fit. It would print really bad though and be really uncomfortable though.

      • yeah, you CAN stuff a large gun into a pocket, but there is this thing called CONCEALED carry…

        referring to the comment about sticking anything short of a 1911 in your front pocket.

        Seriously, thickness counts as a thicker gun prints more.

        weight counts as a heavy gun in a pocket can make your pants sag and pull your belt down on one side.

        I would certainly be willing to attempt a Glock 42, but I have a 1911 and it is NOT a pocket gun, even if you wear an untucked shirt.

    • Yeah, not too much bigger.
      The P3AT is too small for many of us anyhow. I’ve only shot one magazine full out of one of them. It just doesn’t make enough contact with my hand to keep it from snapping around and stinging the hell out of my trigger finger with the triggerguard. So I’d take a slightly bigger Glock I could actually shoot well over a teeny lil’ Kel-Tec that I can’t.

  3. I held one today, and I must admit it is just about the perfect size for a carry gun. The barrel looks REALLY thin at the front, though, like a straw made out of steel. Had they made this in a 9mm I would be calling it The One Ring of concealed carry.

    • Don’t feel bad.

      I was pretty against it too until I handled it one in person. After feeling how light, thin, and compact it really feels, it’s gone back on my wish list.

    • Yeah, I got fooled by a photoshopped photo that made the G-42 look bigger than it seems to be.
      I’d like to at least check one of them when I get the chance. I don’t see it as a bad option though…
      The compact 9mm’s and teeny .380’s are decidedly uncomfortable guns for me to shoot (except the Shield 9, which isn’t too bad). Even comparing them to a J-frame .38 or small .357, they’re horrible because there isn’t much to do about the grips on most of them.

      But this little gun may be pretty controllable while having somewhat OK downrange power. I admit it – it’s kind of marginal. But if it’s going to be marginal, I think it makes more sense to make it a little more shootable than a P3AT.

      • I agree, I bet it’s more shootable than the average pocket .380. I need to shoot one. This might end my quest for an EDC for my wife. Her hands are too small for a double-stack, she hates the recoil of normal pocket pistols, and she finds the Shield to be too heavy. This might be as good as it gets.

    • I must agree. Objectively speaking, the .380 is now an obsolete cartridge. It has no reason to exist.

      The Glock 42 would be of interest if it came in 9x19mm. It is certainly large enough; it is larger than many of the subcompact 9mm pistols out there.

      The only reason the .380 had to exist was that, a century ago, .380 with FMJ roundnose bullets offered users identical power and identical terminal ballistics to the .38 Special with lead roundnose bullets, in a lighter, thinner, flatter, more concealable package that had a better trigger and greater capacity than prehistoric five-shot .38 Special snubbies. Now that you can get a 9mm that is smaller, lighter, and thinner than a Walther PPK, I do not know why anyone is designing new firearms in .380. The cartridge is a solution in search of a problem.

      Someone will no doubt say something about certain users being “recoil sensitive” or being unwilling to put in the time and effort to master tools appropriate to the purpose. For such individuals I prescribe a stiff dose of Suck It Up. And if they remain obstinately unwilling to grasp that, should they hear breaking glass at two in the morning, they’re going to be betting their lives on their skills and their weapons of choice, well, maybe people who don’t care to learn how to fly a plane shouldn’t try to fly a plane, and people who don’t care to train with a gun should get a rape whistle and a can of pepper mace instead.

      What’s Glock going to introduce next? A five-shot .410 revolver? Ye gods and little fishes.

  4. Hey Cool glad to see Dirk getting some gun-time with the big boys.

    …and yeah, pretty hard (even for a non-Glock-hater such as myself) to say that this gun isn’t awfully big and chunky – especially for a .380 (which is essentially a belly-gun caliber in my book). Now my confidence that they will eventually release a single stack 9 – that isn’t a chunk – is diminishing fast. Oh well, Glock 17, 19 and 22 are still awesome.

    I’d love to see an LCP sitting on top of it for reference.

  5. The 26 is so small I can only really get good purchase on it with my middle finger, my ring finger just rolls off the mag baseplate, and my pinky is way out in south BFE, so I can’t imagine that gripping and shooting this thing is gonna be at all possible. Which is totally fine because I’d never get one here in Cali. The female life companion would love it though…

  6. looking forward to the range trip. Actually was debating about getting the spousal unit a G42 (she likes the trigger on my G26, but it is too bulky for her). I am bringing some goodies out of the safe for Dan to try (Canik 55 Stingray?) while I fawn all over the G42

    • thanks Ralph. I thought about making a Shannon Watts/Mike Bloomberg target, but I don’t want to get Dan in trouble with the RSO 🙂

    • Dirk, just call it “The gun we know Shannon Watts wants to carry.” In a big graphic……or “This is the action Shannon Watts really wants.”

      “We tested the trigger and find it has a pull heavy enough for safety yet light enough to suit Shannon perfectly.” Just dedicate the review to her by ascription. At least that way you can have her on your mind guilt free. End the review with a sincere invitation to a range session. Standing. Kneeling. Prone.

    • Ive seen a size comparison video. The 42 is basically the same size as the ppk/s. The ppk/s is one of the better comparisons to this gun.

  7. it fits in the pocket of khaki pants just nice. completely dissappears. light gun, everyone says it shoots great.

    if the price comes down and levels out to what it should, should take the pocket pistol .380 market by storm.

      • My first glock, a 19, I thought the no safety thing would bother me. It does not. since the gun cannot fire unless the trigger is pulled, proper trigger discipline is reinforced. simple to operate and reliable, good accuracy.

    • Hey! How exactly is a rainbow made, huh? How exactly does a sun set? How exactly does a posi-trac rear-end on a Plymouth work?

      It just does…

    • It’s not. At least, it’s not much of one. The implication is that it prevents an unintentional trigger pull, but based on the number of negligent discharges we’ve heard about over the years, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t ever actually done that.

      I think it’s really just a drop safety — firing pin can’t move until the trigger is pulled. (Although I could be wrong…it has happened once or twice.)

    • There’s a hinge / safety disconnect in the trigger. The trigger allegedly won’t fire unless pulled by a finger in a normal shooting grip. As has been pointed out, there have been a whole lot of negligent discharges with Glocks. So Glock may consider it a trigger safety but really no one else does.

      Still, I own 4 Glocks and the 42 may be my fifth. I could use one as a backup, for summer carry, or for shower carry.

    • ‘Tis a valid question. While it is a “safety”, someone else on here way back best summed it up as “kind of like putting your parking brake under your gas pedal.”

  8. How is it too big? Seriously- you have it compared to a full sized 1911… Which is what I carry every day every where… Concealed.
    I’m not much of a .380 fan, but I think the round is enough depending on your expectations and intended uses… And I’m not a Glock guy at all- but complaining its too big? Please.

  9. Could the Glock 42 be changed to fit 9mm? Can the magazine well fit 9mm cartridges?
    Until then I will stick to my Glock 26.
    So Glock make a 380, which sells thousands, then a year later brings out the 9mm version, which again sells thousands. If they brought out the 9mm first then there would be no point in the 380. Marketing excellence!!!
    The great thing about the Glock 26/27 is that it takes The full size Glock magazines

  10. Mr. Z, WTF
    Who says it is a pocket gun?
    I would way prefer to pull out a Glock in extreme circumstance than a KelTec if we are talking .380
    The barrel(a little longer) is down your pants, who cares
    The grip is longer only by the mag floor plate
    Width is probably the same.
    Am I unable to detect sarcasm or are you serious.

    You have an anti-attitude here. Disclaimer, I own no glocks, have no dog in the fight.
    I carry a Shield normally and an XD40 when conceal is not needed.
    My wife carries a PK380, not small but racks and shoots easy. I sure will look at this G42 for her if it does the same, and this may be my first G.
    Call me a dope if you were not serious, just can’t tell.

  11. I finally picked mine up this evening ($447 after tax) and it’s just about everything I expected. I haven’t shot it yet, but I love the trigger, how it fits in my hand (and in my pocket), the sights (I’m sure I’ll put TruGlo TFO sights on when they come out, but the stock sights are still far better than nearly every other pocket gun out there) and the takedown. My only real complaint is that they should have been able to get at least another round in the mag, if not two more. I hope the various companies that make their livelihood from Glock alterations provide some good options for that.
    Comparing this to the P-3AT my judgment is this: the P-3AT is better at being small, the G42 is better at being a gun.

  12. Handled the 42 at a gun show yesterday. As the owner of a Glock 21 and a Glock 23, I thought the 42 was actually tiny. If you like .380 and you like Glock, you’ll like the 42. If not, there are plenty of other choices. Why fuss about it?

  13. I’ve gotten to handle extensively and shoot a couple magazines through one. By far the easiest 380 to shoot on the market and accurate as well. No muzzle rise so watching the front sight recoil straight back and forth makes it easy to watch and shoot accurately, faster. smaller than I expected and would whole hardheartedly take one over any existing 380 pistol out there.

  14. Handled one at my favorite fun store. For IWB carry, this thing disappears on you. Pocket carry, not so much.

    It’s still thick enough to be a dead giveaway. Squatting, sitting, any motion that flexes or compresses your thighs make it print badly. To get around this, having a pistol less than an inch thick is necessary, in my opinion. Something that can be mistaken as a smart phone.

    The trigger is glock, no news there.

    My small paws wrap around it comfortably. It’s a shame they didn’t just go double stack on it, but it’s fat enough as it is. Single stack would have nailed it in the thickness department. Stagger stacking adds a lot of bulk for a measly 1 more shot.

    I can’t wait to take one for a spin, but it’s not priced close enough to my impulse buy threshold.

    • fortunately for me (and the wallet), bonus time is coming up . . . . so even if the Boss doesn’t like it, I will probably get one to use as a back up for my G26

  15. I shot it yesterday. all this bullshit speculation is annoying. yes, would be nice in 9mm (and I’m sure it will be in a year). as it sits, it’s very thin, easy to manipulate, light, and dead on accurate. my pinky doesn’t fit on the grip and neither will yours. doesn’t matter.. you won’t need it to. trust me.

    with 6rds (+1) of hot ball ammo, you have a comfortable, 100% concealed means of stopping a threat under pressure.

    all this comparison to snappy little unreliable pocket guns or comparatively large sub compacts? you’re missing the point. don’t bother with comparisons. get it and love it for it’s simplicity, comfort, accuracy or pay a bit more and get a Kahr if you’re so insecure with low velocity 9mm (.380 ACP)

  16. Just picked my 2nd one up today, first one I sold this weekend when all the hype was still thick and made some extra $$$ on it , the only thing I didn’t like was the slide release, it seems stiff and small ( story of my life )so I put an extended slide release on it , works perfect now it has a little more meat on it to get my fat fingers on. Cant wait to see if Glock comes out with a single stack 9mm soon.

  17. Have fun. That is one really soft shooting pistol. I enjoyed it a lot.

    While at the range with one, it fit in the back pocket of my Levi’s just fine. I’m average height and weight.
    Fit in the front pocket as well, just a bit slow getting it out.

    I’ll wait till the hype dies down to get one.

    FYI, there sure are a lot of .380’s for sale on the local net.
    Everything but Glock.

  18. My wife & I shot one this weekend & this is the first handgun SHE has wanted. She doesn’t like her Walther PK380, Ruger LCP, or Ruger SR9C, Glock 26 or 30s. But she LOVES this Glock 42 & shot well with it. She may actually seriously consider carrying regularly with this one. She also now wants us to get a charter membership at a new local range & is signing herself up for training classes.

    It shoots really well, soft & manageable recoil – certainly over the LCP & TCP class .380’s. Glock is getting our $$ for this one.

    • And THIS is why I am disgusted with the people who say things like “I just threw up in my mouth” or “I am sick of this gun”

      It is obviously the perfect gun for at least one (fairly) new shooter, and certainly LOTS more of them, and we need a hell of a lot more of that. The naysayers can piss off. If it’s not for them, it’s not for them, but do they have to trash it in such terms as to imply it’s no good for anyone?

      • Hear Hear SteveInCo!!
        i’m digging what you have to say….. if only all those “People” (for lack of a MUCH better word that does not involve typing a name that most likely would be Bleeped out if not completely removed from the post altogether) 🙂 would realize your VERY valid point, then they would possibly be able to place their WILDLY knowledgable minds elsewhere in which it would actually be appreciated…. doubtful, but just maybe…….

  19. Let’s put it up against a .25 Model 21. WOW! Glock looks huge! Guess that makes the Beretta the ideal carry gun amirite?!? Oh wait, .25 is less powerful than .380? So we’re supposed to actually compare oranges to oranges?

  20. All I want to see is a side by side shot of the G42 and an M&P Shield from the rear. I still can’t tell how large (or small) this thing is.

  21. After a number of years getting to know, learn and shoot Glocks in various models, and at the same time, acquiring and shooting a fairly wide variety of other handguns, I’m doing the unthinkable:

    I’m selling all my Glocks. Today the Glock 34 goes to a new owner, soon the Glock 26.

    I’m not “anti-Glock” … I recognize them for what they are and appreciate their price point and reliability and utility.

    I’ve just determined at this point, for me, I prefer something with a better trigger system in it and grip. My only striker action at this point is my Walther PPQ M2 and it is head and shoulders above any Glock I’ve ever shot.

    I’m sticking now with other brands.

    And so, the G42 holds no interest for me.

  22. Other than Glock wanting to offer a .380, I just dont “get” the G42. It appears to be larger overall than a G26/27, if a bit narrower, with less capacity in an inferiour caliber. This is progress?

  23. I’m not really in the market for it, but given the choice between the P3AT and the 42, I’d take the 42. I had a chance to fire the P3AT a while ago. It took a concentrated effort to get my oversized bogger hook onto the bang switch. I wouldn’t want to need to employ the firearm rapidly wondering if I can fit my finger in the trigger guard. From the looks of the photo it seems the 42 is a tad roomier in that area.

  24. I mostly carry a snub nose or pocket 9mm. Sometimes my 1911, Glock 26 or 19 if I venture out of my retirement area. I am buying the 42 for those days when my hands hurt so much and feel so weak that I cannot handle anything other than a .380. Why do people have a problem with a company who always does an excellent job of market research prior to introducing new guns, making a gun that they do not want? Just do not buy it. Car manufacturers produce lots of cars that I do not like or see the need for but it does not bother me one bit because no one is forcing me to buy them. 🙂

    Those of us who frequent gun forums are a very small minority of gun owners. We sometimes forget that what we feel we need or want is sometimes vastly different than the majority of gun owners who are never heard from on the web. The reality here where I live in Florida is that the .380 is a very popular choice for those who are advancing in age and/or have medical problems. Many have told me that they have a problem shooting the LCP well due to its small size so I feel that the 42 will appeal to them even if they do not pocket carry. I know quite a few guys who do not pocket carry their LCP because they do wear tight jeans just like they did in there younger days. There are guys around here who still think an untucked shirt is sloppy and disrespectful. Hey, many around here will not watch a movie with nudity or profanity in it. Let’s not think that our world is filled with people who think like we do just because we hang out in places with like thinking people.

    I backordered my 42 at a very good price. Some places are taking back orders at a cost above MSRP now. The 42 will be the gun I carry IWB on those days when my nerve damage or arthritis do not make using a larger caliber feasible. A gun for me and others like me should not upset others as it seems to do. 🙂

    • I too find the “I threw up in my mouth” and “I am sick of this gun” (well then don’t read the thread!) attitude incomprehensible.

      I’ll probably never own one of these. I’ve no interest in it. But I can *certainly* see its virtues and how they will make it a wonderful choice for some people. I *know* not everyone is like me. Thankfully, not everyone is like these naysayers, either.

    • .380 is a great caliber for concealment. There are several reliable and highly concealable guns available, and most .380s are easy to shoot. The best gun for civil self defense is the one you can carry with you.

      Folks that dismiss .380 are welcome to their opinion, but not everyone wants to wear a fly fishing vest every where they go to conceal a large handgun.

      Every gun choice is a compromise.

  25. Every gun choice is a compromise. Lots of folks ask, “why a .380 when you could have a .45”

    Because a .380 in your pocket is worth more than a large frame handgun that you didn’t bring with you.

    And don’t count on a .45 or .357 to provide better protection than good shot placement with a smaller caliber – even a .357 is weak sauce compared to a rifle.

  26. Funny. I see some online going for 699.00 when I can run down the street to a gun store and get one for 399.00
    If I am going to carry something as big as a Taurus PT111 or 140 why dont I just stick with the bigger bullet and more capacity? And if Glock was going to make a .380 why didnt they make it hold 14? Just 6? I would just as soon carry a .38 snubbie

    • Question, Which gun is right for my wife to carry concealed?
      Answer:: whichever she is most comfortable carrying and using proficiently…

  27. Just too thick to pocket carry. Not sure why anyone would buy a 380 unless pocket carry was the intended use. The Kahr CM9, Beretta Nano and Kimber Solo are all 9mm that are roughly the same size and weight. Its a Glock, so its reliable and well made, just thought they could have shaved a few more off of the gun to make it a true pocket carry weapon. If they would have I would buy it. As it stands the M&P Bodyguard or Kahr p380 are much better choices

  28. Personally, I like to carry my P3AT in my back pocket. It looks like a wallet. The Glock 42 is too big for that, and if I’m carrying IWB I sure as hell won’t be carrying a 380. Just my thoughts…


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