Moms Demand Action Use MD Mall Shooting to Call for More Gun Control


The Moms Demand Action crowd keep demanding the same thing every time there’s an incident with a firearm that gains national attention: more restrictions on gun ownership. They don’t even bother to investigate whether their proposed action would have any impact on the tragedy they’re exploiting. They just assume that making it harder for Americans to own guns is the panacea that will solve the “gun violence epidemic” that they say is the biggest problem facing the country. There’s just one small issue: in this case, the shooter was a completely normal American with no criminal history or mental health issues . . .

From their Facebook page:

WHEN WILL AMERICA ACT? It’s not too soon to talk about gun violence after today’s shooting in Maryland – it’s too late. School shootings, theater shootings, mall shootings, mass shootings, random shootings… Today, three people are dead and one injured by a gunman with a shotgun at a mall in Columbia, Maryland.

One mall shopper said: ‘‘I truly never thought something like this would ever happen here. It’s really, really shocking.’’

Sadly, it’s happening in everywhere, in every town. Easy, unregulated access to guns means more shootings and more death. This will only change when we collectively demand it.

“Easy, unregulated access to guns” doesn’t exactly describe the situation on the ground in Maryland. The state has enacted some of the most restrictive gun control measures in the United States despite massive opposition from its own citizens. Oh, and that’s on top of the existing “assault weapon” ban and “enhanced” background checks through the State Police. It’s like Martin O’Malley and the legislature took the Moms’ talking points and used them as a checklist for how to restrict their constituents’ rights.

But even after enacting everything on MDA’s hit parade, it still didn’t stop this weekend’s incident. Why? Because the suspect in question didn’t raise a single red flag.

From the Associated Press:

The gunman who killed two people at a Maryland mall was a teenage skateboarding enthusiast who had no criminal record before he showed up at the shopping center armed with a shotgun, plenty of ammunition and a backpack filled with crude homemade explosives, authorities said Sunday.

Since the suspect didn’t send up any of the usual warning signals, that leaves us with two ways to explain the nonsensical statement from MDA about the shooting.

Explanation #1: Moms Demand Action believe that any access to firearms whatsoever is “too easy.” They don’t just want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, they want to keep guns out of the hands of as many people as possible. That means restricting firearms ownership to only the police and a handful of “trusted” (read: connected, rich, white, powerful) individuals, as evidenced by their desire for requirements like firearms insurance, “universal” background checks, and other schemes to make firearms ownership more onerous. It’s the typical nanny-state approach, believing that the object is the problem and that the poor and the minorities are too dumb for their own good.

Explanation #2: They’re delusional and don’t care about the facts. No matter that the mall was a “gun free” zone, or that background checks and waiting periods didn’t stop the shooter. Or that murder is already highly illegal. Any shooting in any context is obviously the result of “lax” gun laws. They truly believe that adding one more piece of paper to the pile of laws Darian Marcus Aguilar broke will finally put an end to the “gun violence epidemic.”

The truth is that nothing that the MDA crowd have demanded would do a single thing to stop the next shooting. No matter how many background checks you put in place, or how many “no guns allowed” signs you post, there will always be evil people in the world who will ignore all of the rules. But there is one possible solution to the problem that hasn’t been tried yet. It was proposed by the head of Interpol following the Kenya mall attack.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month’s deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya – and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Noble said there are really only two choices for protecting open societies from attacks like the one on Westgate mall where so-called “soft targets” are hit: either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.

“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem,” Noble said. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

If we can save just one life, wouldn’t arming citizens be worth it?


  1. avatar Cliff H says:

    “If we can save just one life, wouldn’t arming citizens be worth it?”


    1. avatar JasonM says:

      Apparently you don’t understand the statist mindset. No amount of carnage is too heavy to pay for reaching their utopian dream world. This applies equally to left wing statists (e.g. Mao, Stalin, Obama, Shannon Watts) and right wing ones (e.g. Mussolini, Hitler, Lindsey Graham).

      1. avatar BTinAfghan says:

        Sorry but how do you get hitler as right wing national SOCIALIST party. My bad I know this answer, public schools.

        1. avatar BTinAfghan says:

          i went to pulic schools too.

        2. avatar the ruester says:

          In my experience, it all depends on if you see the Hitler as half-full, or half-empty. Corporatism? Right wing fascist. Ban on smoking? Left wing totalitarian. Political appeals to people of faith? Wingnut. Calls for vegetarianism? Libtard. At some point, it is necessary to just deem him the biggest asshole of all time and move on.

        3. avatar Nate says:

          Hitler was fascist, he didn’t like the name and wasn’t the one who named it. You don’t know jack shit about history with crap like that. I can’t believe right wingers try so hard to change history like this.

          Things you’re applying as liberalism weren’t liberal over half a century ago as well ruester. Being a vegetarian isn’t a liberal thing, anyone can be one.

        4. avatar BTinAfghan says:

          Nate I see your point the right-wing has been re-writing history with the solid hold they have on the educational system in the US. Most colleges and universities are most deffenetly controled by the history modifying right-wing. Really

        5. avatar the ruester says:

          “Being a vegetarian isn’t a liberal thing, anyone can be one.”

          Religious appeals aren’t a conservative thing; MLK, hello?

          Neither is corporatism; Obamacare, anybody home?

        6. avatar Paladin says:

          Nate: Fascism is NOT right wing at all. Fascism is defined as the unification of state and enterprise, a concept that sounds suspiciously similar to socialism. The reason why it sounds so similar is because it’s pretty much the same thing dressed up differently. Mussolini came up with the term because he and Hitler wanted to distance themselves from the Soviets in order to justify their planned aggression against Russia.

          Also, Nazi is short for the national socialist worker’s party. I kid you not, go look it up.

      2. avatar Xanthro says:

        Hitler was fascist, he didn’t like the name and wasn’t the one who named it. You don’t know jack shit about history with crap like that. I can’t believe right wingers try so hard to change history like this.


        Before you accuse people of knowing Jack Shit about history, you may want to familiarize yourself on the topic.

        Absolutely, the NSDAP was a Socialist Party, it was Socialism coupled with Nationalism. The name itself stands for National Socialist Workers Party.

        Membership in the NSDAP party was greatly spurred by the Strasser brothers with direct appeals in the 1920s to Socialistic tendencies among the working class.

        There’s even the term Strasserism used in academia to discuss the Socialist aspects of the NAZI party.

        To understand how deeply the Socialist aspect ran within the NSDAP, remember that Joseph Goebbels was a very close ally of Gregor Strasser in the 1920s and Goebbels was the managing director of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nordwest (“Working Group Northwest”), a the more Socialist Wing of the NSDAP.

        Operation Hummingbird, the night of the long knives, was mainly an attempt to eliminate people of influence within the NSDAP who more forcibly wanted to incorporate Socialist ideas on German society. Gregor Strasser and Ernest Röhm being the most prominent victims.

        While it is true that Hitler moved to limit competition from the Strasser Brother’s this was for personal reasons rather than rejection of Socialist ideology.

        Hitler purged the party of Strasserism in order to appease the Military and to consolidate his own power.

        As to Hitler objecting to the name, that is False. Hitler did not JOIN the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). Hitler was the 55th member of the precursor organization called the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP)

        The DAP like the NSDAP had a decidedly anti-capitalist tendency. Something Hitler personally advocated, see Hitler’s argument with Professor Baumann. For those unfamiliar with what transpired here, it’s the debate that got Hitler invited to the DAP. Bauman was arguing against Feder’s argument against capitalism, and Hitler took the position supporting Feder’s anti-capitalist agenda. This is not some minor event, as it is pivotal to Hitler and the National Socialist movement.

        Hitler was already an executive member of the DAP when the name was changed to NSDAP. There is no record at all of his objection to the name change, and he was already the most prominent member.

        It also appears you have never heard of the NSDAP 25 point Program. You should look it up, but here are few choice section supporting the Socialist aspect of the party. Hitler helped write the program, and he was the one who presented it.

        7. We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood and way of life for the citizens. If it is impossible to sustain the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.

        10. The first obligation of every citizen must be to work both spiritually and physically. The activity of individuals is not to counteract the interests of the universality, but must have its result within the framework of the whole for the benefit of all. Consequently we demand:

        11. Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.

        12. In consideration of the monstrous sacrifice in property and blood that each war demands of the people, personal enrichment through a war must be designated as a crime against the people. Therefore we demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

        13. We demand the nationalisation of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).

        14. We demand a division of profits of all heavy industries.

        15. We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.

        16. We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalization of the great warehouses and their being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, county or municipality.

        17. We demand a land reform suitable to our needs, provision of a law for the free expropriation of land for the purposes of public utility, abolition of taxes on land and prevention of all speculation in land.

        18. We demand struggle without consideration against those whose activity is injurious to the general interest. Common national criminals, usurers, profiteers and so forth are to be punished with death, without consideration of confession or race.

        As you can see, very Socialist in nature. Now, should you desire to discuss the finer points of Socialism within the NSDAP, I’m here. Ask the questions you would like, but absolutely, both the party’s rise to power and Hitler’s rise to power were based on a Socialist platform.

        That Hitler later cared far more about his own personal power than any ideology outside his person, does not change this fact. At best you seem to be superficially aware of the history involved here.

        1. avatar Janitor says:

          You know waaay too much about nazis.

        2. avatar Yer Huckleberry says:

          Very good points. Thanks for sharing that. Another good article I like concerning Nazi socialism is here:

          This explains how Germany under Nazi rule was absolutely socialist from an economic perspective. What’s more chilling is that the article shows how socialist governments, of necessity, must become more and more totalitarian.

          “The basis of the claim that Nazi Germany was capitalist was the fact that most industries in Nazi Germany appeared to be left in private hands.

          What Mises identified was that private ownership of the means of production existed in name only under the Nazis and that the actual substance of ownership of the means of production resided in the German government. For it was the German government and not the nominal private owners that exercised all of the substantive powers of ownership: it, not the nominal private owners, decided what was to be produced, in what quantity, by what methods, and to whom it was to be distributed, as well as what prices would be charged and what wages would be paid, and what dividends or other income the nominal private owners would be permitted to receive.”

        3. avatar Xanthro says:

          You know waaay too much about nazis.

          There’s never such as thing as too much knowledge about history or politics. Honestly, what I wrote is not even that in depth. I barely touched the surface of the topic and only pointed out the most salient points.

        4. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

          It makes me happy to hear folks talking about Mises.

  2. avatar ensitue says:

    Code Pink wants their soap box back, the one with the Red Star

  3. avatar harrycarry says:

    Aircraft are heavily regulated and they still seem to fall out the sky some times, regulations doesn’t guarantee safety.

    1. avatar Steve O says:

      Don’t try to come at these people with reason. This is going to be a fight that in the end will have a result that they don’t, and will not ever understand.

  4. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Is anyone really surprised? I mean still has a story with the title “Witness: Shooter had a Rifle”. Because someone else said it, they are allowed to mislead, follow the narrative and still call it “news”.

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      Yeah. At least Robert Farago had the decency to send yesterday’s misleading “Quote of the Day: Willie Nelson Edition” post down the Memory Hole, after several readers insulted me when I predicted that he would do that.


      1. avatar Ing says:

        But thank God (or Willie Nelson) you saved a copy of the web page, so you can always treasure the time when the proprietor of a popular blog posted something you didn’t like. You did save it, right?

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          anonymous says:
          January 26, 2014 at 10:27
          In case Farago tries to make this disappear down the Memory Hole…

          avatarthe ruester says:
          January 26, 2014 at 10:48
          Oh, please.

          avatarrlc2 says:
          January 26, 2014 at 11:52
          troll much, anon?


          ^ kinda funny.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          (google cache is neat!)

    2. avatar KCK says:

      There are two kinds of guns,
      Rifle= long
      Pistol= hold in the hand
      The rest is technical shmectical

    3. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Luckily people now go to CNN strictly for entertainment.

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

        The other day, in CNN’s continual effort to turn every domestic violence story into a “gun violence” story, they had a story about a murdered family at Fort Hood. The title was “3 bodies, two of them children, found at Foot Hood, military says” (sic theirs, emphasis mine). The title stayed like that for over 2 hours before someone finally got around to changing it. The top comment that was insulting and their rapidly decreasing standards of journalism (I guess he thought they had standards at some point) has since been deleted. Like you said, CNN is basically an entertainment venue. I don’t understand how people take their reporting seriously, but yet people do.

  5. avatar BLAMMO says:

    They don’t even bother to investigate whether their proposed action would have any impact on the tragedy they’re exploiting.

    Their proposed action is to ban guns and make possession a felony.

    As if shooting someone isn’t already.

    1. avatar Neil S says:

      Trying to get some people to join the facebook group, maybe get some ideas of what we can do to make a difference. “Americans Demand Action”

      1. avatar JohnM says:

        Put a gun up to your head and pull the trigger.

  6. avatar Bob says:

    Last night NPR did a very short bit on the incident and then got a quote from MDA and that was it. No comment from the other side of the debate.

    NPR. National Propaganda Radio

    1. avatar A-Rod says:

      Find me the truth on Faux News.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Stop going with the Democratic National Committee talking points. Fox News viewers have been shown to be better informed on the issues than broadcast or other cable news channels. They are certainly better informed than any reader of the NYT or WaPo

        1. avatar Eric says:

          And what deep dark stinky hole did you pull that from? Cite or GTFO.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      NYDN only mentioned MDA/AIG in their articles, NYP, NYT and WaPo didn’t at all. I think Nanny-Bloo-Bloo is now officially Twentieth Century.

  7. avatar Rabbi says:

    We need to start AMERICANS DEMAND ACTION.

    Every time there is a shooting, Americans need to demand that criminal empowerment zones (so-called gun free zones) are abolished.

    How many innocent lives must be lost before we do something?

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      i would join that group!
      i would venture to say that group would get more followers in a day than mda has now.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Count me in!

    3. avatar Bob says:

      “Every time there is a shooting, Americans need to demand that criminal empowerment zones (so-called gun free zones) are abolished.”

      And Gun-Free states and cities. Maryland effectively is a gun-free state.

      1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

        I think you may be on to something there.

  8. avatar tmm says:

    Today, three people are dead and one injured by a gunman with a shotgun at a mall in Columbia, Maryland.

    Wasn’t one of the dead the shooter? They didn’t quite make that distinction, did they?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      And you’ll notice the number injured is off too. Those pesky fact things keep gumming a perfectly good story up.

  9. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    If the gun was not available, I am sure the guy could have gone to the cheesy knife and sword store in the mall and bought a few sharp objects. Then walk to the store and kill those two people and himself. Oh, and the explosive devices. Isn’t that already illegal? Tell me how to stop that MDA. I would really like them to walk me step by step on how to prevent people from making homemade bombs.

    1. avatar R Miss says:

      Their thought process goes, “Bombs don’t kill people guns do.”

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      It’s funny you should say that. The murderer’s best friend has said in interviews, that the murderer often wondered aloud “what it would be like to stab someone, to feel the knife go through their skin.” But he was a knice (sp…) quiet kid who never got in trouble. Or he was a repressed kid with odd thoughts who had no interest in college and worked at a fast food joint.

  10. avatar Gene says:

    What is written on her knuckes?

    1. avatar Dodger says:

      NEO- NAZI

    2. avatar DJ says:

      I dunno, but those are some nice prison tats.

  11. avatar Michael C says:

    Explanation 3: Both Explanations 1 & 2 are correct and occur simultaneously and reinforce each other. The only people who have “easy, unregulated access to guns” are the criminals who acquire their guns from underground sources who knowingly and wilfully sell guns to violent criminals who cannot legally purchase or possess them.

  12. avatar Scott M says:

    Was he a lawful gun owner? Where did the shotgun come from?

    1. avatar Phil L. says:

      They just released info on the gun: A Mossberg 500 (apparently, a pistol grip model), legally purchased late last year at a gun shop in Rockville, MD.

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        So lets go down the antis wet dream list.

        1. Waiting periods – Nope bought it way past the waiting period timelines they always want to make
        2. AWB- Used a shotgun
        3. Licensing- he had more than enough time to get a license anywhere except NJ
        4. Mental health screening- lying is easy if they had a test and even so, he had no record.
        5. Ammunition certificates-see licensing above
        6. Magazine limits-used a low capacity shotgun
        7. Only cops should have guns laws-he had homemade explosive devices and he was in a mall, I’m sure they had a cheap ass knife store so he could have stabbed the crap out of the two people with little resistance.

        So, nothing that they scream about wanting would have prevented this.

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:

          Which will only make them scream harder for more. So killing people can be illegal-er, I guess…

        2. avatar crashbbear says:

          Some chef in Ireland got arrested for taking a pair of chef’s knives on a bus. Not brandishing them, just transporting them, in a bag, on public transit. This is what they want. That and proof that you play baseball before buying a baseball bat. Or membership to a carpenter’s guild before buying a hammer, ala Australian gun ownership. Still can’t foresee a way to regulate pressure cookers and loose change though.

          We will never have all we desire, but I’m certain that neither will they.

      2. avatar Dustin Eward says:

        I have one of those. But, aparently, mine is defective. It hasn’t caused me to go shoot up the place… I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

      3. avatar Phil L says:

        Later update on the shotgun: It appears that the shooter bought a full-stock model – and later switched it to a pistol grip himself.

  13. avatar the ruester says:

    “They truly believe that adding one more piece of paper to the pile of laws Darian Marcus Aguilar broke will finally put an end to the ‘gun violence epidemic.’”

    They don’t believe it for one second, and that’s the point. After all that paper has stacked up to the ceiling, it will be time to emerge from underneath, sweaty and browbeaten, to declare that it is finally time to REPLACE the mountain of laws with one simple, common sense solution.

  14. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    So this psycho used a Shotgun. What new law are they proposing now that would prevent this again? Ban shotguns now too? Or are they just using a tragedy for yet another open anti-gun rant with zero logic, zero facts, zero responsibility assigned to the murderer, zero insight as to the root cause. These people are shameless zealots, using tragedies only to further their own blind ideology – not to prevent future tragedies.

    1. avatar SdubM45 says:

      Pump action shotgun ban proposal comming soon(hey it happened in Australia.)

      1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

        Phew, talk about draconian. I think that would even make most gun grabbers blush. But if that’s their stance, then why don’t they come out and say it??? ….maybe because that would reveal just how off the charts, extremist reactionaries they are? Hmmmm.

        At what point do these people realize the absurdity of their failed logic? Seriously. These are non-mentally handicapped human beings (I presume at least?). At what point do they get over their raw blinding emotions and even look at this subject with any logic, with any rational intelligence, any sane analysis?

        Their anti-gun zealotry borders on pathological obsession. No, in fact, it IS pathological obsession. And the sick, sad part of it all is how they seize on other people’s tragedies to get their fix.

  15. avatar Ing says:

    I’m not sure “completely normal American” is the best way to describe this guy. Obviously he wasn’t a completely normal American, because normal people don’t commit multiple murders and load up their backpacks with explosives, especially not in public settings.

    But I get your point. There was no way anyone could have known this guy harbored murderous intent until he went out and acted on it. He was normal, until he suddenly wasn’t.

    So MDA’s solution is to make it virtually impossible for ordinary people to own guns — because every one of these mass shooting perpetrators was an ordinary person before they started killing people. Therefore the problem clearly lies with ordinary people, who are only 99.92% trustworthy and therefore must be restricted for their own good.

  16. avatar SdubM45 says:

    Nice to see Shannon waited until the blood of the victims was cold for once.

  17. avatar James Viser says:

    The Maryland mall shooting may finally be the moment when Moms Demand Action jumped the shark. Screaming for the same solutions to violent incidents, regardless of the relevance, is beginning to expose them for the extremist carnival barkers they have become. Instead of examing the facts, they reflexively call for the same, stale gun control prescriptions whether they work or not.

    Even when their ideas are enacted and fail, they fail to admit the validity and effectiveness of any ideas that do not involve infringing on the rights of law-abiding Americans. For example, here in Colorado, our legislature and governor signed into a law a series of gun bills last year, including universal background checks and a ban on magazines holding more than 15 rounds, both measures that MDA advocates. Yet, none of the new or current gun laws failed to stop the tragedy at Arapahoe High School on Friday the 13th, December 2013.

    The Arapahoe High School shooter passed his background check with flying colors, paid the fee (really a poll tax), purchased a hunting shotgun (not a semiautomatic rifle) and used no so-called “high-capacity” magazines. In fact, the shooter broke no law until he walked onto the “gun free” zone with his legally purchased shotgun and began his attack, which included three Molotov cocktails, one of which he used to ignite bookshelves in the library.

    My son is an Arapahoe High School student and the only thing that stood between him, his classmates and the shooter was Deputy Sheriff James Englert. The proverbial “good guy with a gun” confronting the shooter with deadly force is what prevented what could have been a much greater tragedy (My story and that of thousands of other parents is here:

    Yet, Moms Demand Action and other extreme gun control groups fail to acknowledge the truth, and willfully dismiss the impact of Deputy Englert. Despite the Sheriff’s press conferences and evidence shared to date, gun control advocates have concocted a narrarative in their own minds that the shooter felt “bad” after fatally shooting Claire Davis and then took his own life. Projecting their own sensibilities into the mind of a mentally disturbed teenager is dangerous and blinds gun control advocates to the truth. The hard evidence showed that the attacker intended to visit more classrooms (he had the numbers of several classrooms written onto his arm) and visit his evil upon more of his classmates, including the teacher who kicked him off the speech and debate team.

    We know what the Claire Davis family thinks of Deputy Englert. He was a pallbearer at her funeral.

    I will continue to tell this story to whoever will listen. So long as MDA exploits tragedies and ignores the true causes of violence, then they are not serving the interests of our nation. Their McCarthyistic methods betray them not as a group of concerned citizens seeking a place at the table in cooperation with the gun rights community to develop pragmatic measures, but rather an organization driven by the desire to gain and wield power and influence. The general public is becoming slowly aware of this fact, and it may be that the momentum is turning against them.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      The extremist carnival barkers they always were.

      I read your blog post (back when the event was fresh news) and appreciated it very much. I wish the media would talk to more people like you.

      1. avatar James Viser says:

        Thank you.

    2. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I was getting at the same thing with my comment. Hate to use that old cliche but it sure seems accurate. These people are pathological.

    3. avatar BTinAfghan says:

      Thank you for sharing this, very well said.

  18. avatar S.CROCK says:

    i got to admit, the mda group is getting more annoying than the mayors against gun group… oh wait i forgot they are the same group just with different faces like Slim Shady and Eminem.

  19. avatar Mark L says:

    I went to that Facebook page and read some comments. You might as well be arguing with the mentally challenged. Those mothers are clueless.

    1. avatar Scholarcat says:

      I saw where someone commented, completely benignly, with questions asking what laws would have prevented this shooting based upon the reported facts. The comment was gone when I refreshed the page.

      1. avatar DonS says:

        I did that just a few minutes ago. Asked what new gun control laws might have stopped it. Pointed out that it was a pump-action shotgun (not an assault weapon), no high capacity magazines were used, and it was purchased 46 days before the shooting (waiting period would have no effect).

        5 minutes later, my post was gone and I can no longer comment on anything on their FB page.

        1. avatar bluezdood says:

          Same thing happened to my post. It was gone after my 2nd refresh. The sad part is all I asked were legitimate questions and was trying to engage in civil discussion and that was as AC/DC said “Shot down in flames”. Now I’m not allowed to post there anymore.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      “You might as well be arguing with the mentally challenged.”

      Actually, you’re arguing with the deranged. You can never win as long as Bloomberg’s checks keep clearing.

      They have an unnatural, ghoulish fixation with death using guns. They glorify it. They obsess on it. Someone should look into that. Mental health and all. Just sayin’…

    1. avatar Defens says:

      Pretty funny. It’s “buffoons”, BTW.

      1. avatar DonS says:

        Inglourious Basterds

        1. avatar Ing says:

          Quinten Taurentino.

  20. avatar DerryM says:

    MDA is only interested in beating a one-note drum, “Disarm The People” and in the Money they can get from people who agree with them. No point in analyzing their agenda any further, or being surprised when their cries for more “gun prohibitions” does not fit the event in reference. They’d scream the same thing irregardless of who the “shooter” was or what he/she did.
    But, on another note, it does seem these incidents of one-person public violence are happening with greater frequency where the shooter does not always turn-out to be mentally unbalanced. Last week one of the Fox News Anchors lamented, “…it seems were are reporting several of these incidents a week lately…”, which had been my observation, as well. Relax. I am not about to go into some “conspiracy” tirade, but it seems incidents at schools, colleges and shopping malls are happening too frequently and it’s making me wonder what is going on. Points up the inherent danger in “gun free zones” and restrictions on citizen carry, but the Media never mentions that, of course. Tragic for the victims and damned galling that these incidents feed the propaganda mill of groups like MDA.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      I don’t think it’s happening any more frequently. If anything, probably less. It’s just that after Sandy Hook fired up their ideological zealotry (and glued the nation to the screen) the national news outlets are making sure we hear about every…single…one.

      1. avatar Rick says:

        These same national news outlets that can’t seem to report on what is happening in the Ukraine or Mexico? But we get wall-to-wall coverage of Bieber’s DUI…

    2. avatar Bob says:

      Every shooting in a public place (even if it is just to make noise and scare people) is being reported as if it is a MASS SHOOTING. This is an intentional change in policy/methodology of everyone of the mainstream media outlets. Why? To convince low-information voters that “Something must be done”.

      So you are right that it seems like there are many more mass shootings than before, because the media is treating dozens of normal shootings as if they were mass shootings when they happen to occur in a public place.

    3. avatar DerryM says:

      I agree with both of you that it is a “fabrication” of sorts by the MSM focusing on every incident that can be exaggerated into a “mass shooting”. Hopefully, it will burn itself out in a year or so, but not holding my breath.

  21. avatar R Miss says:

    Did anyone else think she was talking into her wallet?

  22. avatar tdiinva says:

    Overlooked in the hype is the fact that he had IEDs on him. This is a worrisome trend. This kind of knowledge gets passed on. At some point one of these shooters is going to forget about shooting and go right to combustables and explosives.

    1. avatar DonS says:

      Like the kid who set himself on fire this morning in a high school cafeteria?

      1. avatar FoRealz? says:

        I blame vidja games, you tube, the MTV and the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        The Centennial High School shooter near Denver was also armed with Molotov Cocktails.

        These shooters, soon to be shooter/bombers, study past attacks on the internet. Each incident has the potential for innovation. It is actually fortunate that we live a gun culture because guns are a poor choice for racking up a score. Explosives and incendiaries have the capability of cause far more casualties. At some point one of these psychos is going to realize that an IED will get him in the record books. The only reason the Tsarnaevs’ bombs caused more wounds than death was that they took place in the open air. You set something like that off in enclosed space and the death toll will be very high.

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Yeah, we’re hosed when these twerps skip the guns and start going straight to the bomb vests. All hell would break loose if some kid blew himself up on a school bus or in a cafeteira. It would be utter chaos.

  23. avatar FoRealz? says:

    Cleaning, cooking, being good looking. Sewing, baking, hot love making. That’s what girls are for.

    (Can you name that classic song?)

    These house fraus need a new hobby. I guess Pinterest and accumulating likes on FBook lost its luster so they branched out into annoying the rest of the country outside of their upper class suburban social circles.

    Can you imagine being married to one of these babes? Probably stomps around the house talking to herself about her “mission” in between bouts of weeping during the evening news.


    I’m going to use my Internet powers of ESP and predict that their poor husbands are mouthing along with their wives’ rants so as not to be exiled to the couch. Meanwhile they are fervently praying that the wife will return to her previous cause du jour of rescuing unwanted cats and pit bulls at the local wacko filled animal shelter.

    Oh the humanity!

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Their husbands are secretly wishing they could pick up a new AR, but the wife would freak and they hate paying alimony and child support to wife 1, so they just suck it up and deal with it on token wife 2.

      1. avatar Dustin Eward says:

        How stupid does a person have to be to make that mistake twice? Really don’t have any pity for men who saddle up a worthless cunt twice…

  24. avatar Jus Bill says:

    BTW, I love the picture you posted up top of the girl who went to the MDA/AIG web site and read the propaganda there.

  25. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    The head of Interpol is a brother and a member of my tribe so let me state the obvious: SHANNON WATTS IS A RACIST AND MEMBER OF THE KKK !!!!!

    There, that felt better.

    1. avatar FoRealz? says:

      What’s this now?

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        1) Shannon wants to disarm everyone but a few select individuals (rich, white, ruling class, aka the Man)

        2) the head of Interpol is Black and is opposed to Shannon’s scheme

        3) Shannon’s scheme only serves to keep the poor and minorities (incl. members of my tribe, we call the Brothers) disarmed and under the boot of the Man.

        4) Shannon lives in a 1M+ home in a gated community.

        5) Shannon is rich, White and part of the ruling class (i.e., Bloomy’s B!tch)

        6) Ergo Ipso Facto and Res Ipsa, Shannon is racist.

        if she can make it up, so can I

        1. avatar FoRealz? says:


        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          What do you mean make up. It is exactly what she wants.

  26. avatar 1911A1 says:

    Just went to their site and posted this:

    “SO, this shooting takes place in one of the most heavily firearms restricted states in the Union, with a weapon that is on NOBODIES fantasy banned list, committed by someone who passed each and every one of that draconian state’s infringements on the Second Amendment, bought his weapon LEGALLY months before the incident, and you idiots think that just a few more laws, a few more pieces of paper, will stop this from EVER happening again. I really don’t know whether to simply pity you or just laugh in your faces. ”

    Deleted in 5…4…3…2…1…

  27. avatar DisThunder says:

    Heh. You know, thanks to the toned-down level of coverage TTAG has been doing on this little circus, I actually forgot they existed for a couple weeks. Good times.
    (This kind of coverage is just fine.)

  28. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Certainly, there’s a mall shooting so go to the nearest good guys house & take his guns. Maybe when a minority commits a crime all minorities should lose their civil rights, as they want for us. I’d ask what they’re smokin…. Randy

  29. avatar Patriot says:

    Interesting the poster “child” they chose has drawn on eyebrows and gang tattoos on her fingers, neat.

    1. avatar mountocean says:

      Moms demand action for tattoo gun sense in America.

    2. avatar FoRealz? says:

      Yeah I was wondering what was up with the hand tats.

      I don’t mind tats but there seems to be a contest to see who can pierce, tat and shave theirs heads up and act grossest in public. Just Cuz!

      Bleh. I’m getting old and grumpy.

  30. avatar Roscoe says:

    It seems every place these shootings occur it is a gun free area with gun control prevelant. Since it continues to happen in highly restrictive areas, including inner cities, clearly gun control efforts do * not * work * just as the war on drugs does not work, just as prohibition did not work, yet the likes of these ‘Moms’ just * don’t * get * it and keep trying to emote their way to a solution.

    Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid, and I would call what these ‘Moms’ keep trying to do to the Constitutionally protected rights of a major percentage of honest law abiding American citizens ‘felony stupid’!

    1. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

      I travel for work quite a bit (trust me, this is going somewhere). The last company I worked for I put 35,000 miles on my car the first year I had it. With my current company I toured the south in a company van for six months. Before going to the south I was working and staying in San Francisco for a bit. Staying in hotels in SF itself was an adventure. One night at about 3 am I heard screaming coming from below the balcony that ran along the doors to the hotel rooms. It sounded like Woody Allen being mugged. It turned out to be (I think) a disagreement between a pimp and a prostitute. “Woody Allen” turned out to have pink hair, a small pink backpack, and very short shorts. I’ll never know the actual sex of this individual, but it comforts me to imagine that it was Dr. Girlfriend’s (search youtube for venture brothers clips) troubled sister. I wonder what would have happened if that pimp had decided in that moment he no longer wished to employ that particular…girl? Or if he simply decided he didn’t like that I was minding his business instead of my own.

      Not too long after this is when I started my great southern expedition. Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentuckey, both Carolinas, Virginia, and even Wisconsin for a short stint.

      I’ve noticed that the places I feel most likely to need a firearm are the places with the heaviest restrictions on them, and the worst attitudes towards them. I don’t believe for a second that it’s purely a coincidence.

  31. avatar Mark L says:

    Obviously the way to defeat these ignorant head-in-sand mothers is to minimize discussion about them, minimize or otherwise eliminate ink time they want and wholly ignore the clueless busy-bodies they really are. They are incapable of holding an intelligent conversation as they ignore facts and statistics, so any attempt to engage them is a waste of time.
    Don’t talk about them, don’t go to their Facebook page, just treat them like the ignorant clueless twats they really are.

    1. avatar FoRealz? says:

      There is a lot of truth in that. If there’s one thing a face book attention whore can’t stand, it’s having their posts and pictures ignored.

      Expect the narcissism, hysterics and screech-tard rhetoric to reach new heights as a last gasp effort to garner attention if a successful ignore campaign can be pulled off.

      Like ignoring a fat chick at a party, she’ll start doing weirder, louder and grosser things to try to get the boys’ attention until her friends drag hefty out the front door and back to the dorm to hold her hair while she pukes.

      (Damn, that was poetic.)

      1. avatar Marcus says:

        It really was.

        1. avatar Dustin Eward says:

          Dammit, now I remmeber….

  32. avatar Neil Squire says:

    Created a group on facebook, at least we can gauge interest there. “Americans Demand Action”

  33. avatar Rob says:

    The right to keep and bear arms comes with the responsibility to keep and bear arms. Securing a free state includes securing it from those who would abuse that right.

    The more you interfere with the balance of the Second Amendment, the more evil succeeds unhindered.

  34. avatar Steve D. says:

    This is MADNESS I say!

    What kind of person ignores all of those “GUN FREE ZONE” signs to commit murder!?!??

    I am truly shocked.

  35. avatar Dustin Eward says:

    MDA: The reason that raping our way to virginity hasn’t worked yet is that there are still a few people out there we haven’t raped. Once we rape everyone, then the world will be perfect.

  36. avatar Hannibal says:

    I saw on someone’s facebook feed something to the effect of “This happened 5 minutes from me… who says we don’t have a gun problem in America now?”

    Just had to massage my temples for awhile. Typical suburban liberal syndrome. In baltimore there have been bodies dropping due to gang violence at the tune of almost once a day in January but suddenly there’s a murder IN A MALL!!! and it’s an epidemic.

  37. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

    If it’s “too late” to talk about gun violence why don’t they shut up?

  38. avatar Andy says:

    They use the emotional impact of at the time of the situation , it especially hits women who judge with their emotions , mostly though they try to use this as a money making enterprise , since MADD is a non-profit , and the employees are paid a tidy sum , which means the higher ups in the organization , plus along with the socialistic agenda pushed , since they are in the same ilk as the current administration in DC , they are just as power hungry as the DC crowd . From what this appears I see two reasons that this subject acted out his crime , first he was emotionally involved with the female victim even if she did not return his feelings , second since he targeted the skate board shop ,and he was a skateboarder himself , he felt that the employees had treated him unfairly and he just had to have payback , now I may be wrong but this is an outside observation . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      My conclusions were similar to yours, leaning heavily toward the spurned affections theory.

      Who knows; there seems to be a lot of instability trending these days, helped along by excessive media coverage.

  39. avatar J Evangelista says:

    MDA should be be deported to a third world country and just see how bad it can be. I just returned from a trip to the Philippines and when you go shopping at a mall there are armed guards everywhere. At the main entrances they pat you down for weapons and use the wand. I’d hate to see that happen here if these idiots get there way.

    1. avatar Mister Fleas says:


  40. avatar Terence says:

    I recently contacted MDA on Facebook. After i emailed and posted on their wall, they deleted my post and blocked anyone that doesn’t join the group from posting. Mature? no. All i wanted was a civil discussion on what they would do in the situation i layed out for them. All i got was a block and a comment deleted.

    What I’m trying to figure out is in a state that has insanely strict gun control as it is, what else is there to do? Nothing. disarming the populace will do nothing but cause more problems for every citizens and give the criminals a free pass to do what ever they want. In essence, what they are saying is “OMG!! MARYLAND!!! YOUR GUN LAWS AREN’T STRICT ENOUGH!!!!”

  41. avatar BDub says:

    “Sadly, it’s happening in everywhere, in every town.” Well that’s easily falsified hyperbole (as usual)

  42. avatar Michael says:

    Ironically, the management company that runs Columbia Mall has long had a “no weapons” policy at that mall.

    They don’t even allow their own professional security guards to carry firearms, or mace, or even a baton. I presume that had a mall guard been at the door as the killer walked in, he would have turned him a way with a sound “No guns” speech and all would have been well.

  43. avatar 2Asux says:

    This posting actually makes an effective case for gun confiscation. But I digress.

    If laws, regulations and ordinances to make acquiring a gun are completely ineffective, then “where’s the beef ?” If strict purchase and ownership laws do nothing to improve public, who cares of such laws are implemented? Who is harmed? If laws banning gun possession will do nothing to stop you from obtaining a gun, then what’s the point of all this belly aching?

    The founders of this nation determined that people should be able to manage their own public and private affairs. The constitution was designed to allow people to decide for themselves how their communities should organize and function.

    Parting thought…last week we had a storm over the accusation that gun owners were all potential instant “bad guys”. That assertion was derided as preposterous. The author of this blog post admitted that such was the case here; a “good guy with a gun”, until he wasn’t. That describes everyone of you.

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