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Six weeks ago, we covered Creepy Joe Biden’s intention to join the race for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020. Sure enough, the king of gaffes, plagiarism and inappropriate touching has entered the race and The Hill reports he has surged to a big lead among Democrat voters.

Days after announcing his presidential candidacy, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 26-point lead over other Democratic contenders, according to a new Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday.

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Biden, who announced his White House bid early Thursday, leads among Democrats and voters leaning Democratic with 38 percent support of those surveyed, according to the poll.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came in second in the poll with 12 percent support among those surveyed, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) with 11 percent, the poll found.

No doubt we stand at the precipice of best primary election season, ever.

Mr. Gaffetastic might even prove more of a gift that keeps on giving than Alexandria “Time to Ban All Semi-Autos” Ocasio-Cortez. And that’s when he’s not groping, sniffing or otherwise inappropriately touching various women and children.

Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race

AP Photo/Evan Vucci.

Also among Uncle Joe’s other vulnerabilities: His relentless campaigning for gun control.  He thought he had a sure winner in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.

He thought wrong.

From Politico:

Biden’s misfire on gun control
His push for action after Sandy Hook ended in defeat

Six weeks after their reelection, the president put Joe Biden in charge of the most serious push for gun control in decades, sparked by the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary. It seemed like the moment when national outrage might lead to congressional action.

Biden did not deliver.

And Joe has quite the reputation for a great intellect, too.  Like his recommendations for effective self-defense strategies for women. “Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun,” he said. And that cemented his “buy a shotgun” reputation.

Where did he offer this lousy advice about buying a shotgun for women’s self-defense come from? It came from a Facebook town hall meeting for Parents Magazine. Really.

The all-knowing Vice-President shared his sage advice when the topic turned to guns.

Biden shocked many of the delicate snowflake parents listening that day with his full-throated support of gun ownership for armed self-defense. The foreign media were nonplussed as well. Here, the UK Telegraph reports on Biden’s advice:

The US vice-president, who is spearheading the White House’s gun policy proposals, said he told his wife to reach for the family shotgun if there were an intruder at their secluded Delaware home.

“Jill, if there’s ever a problem here, just walk out on the balcony, here, walk out, put that double-barrel shotgun and just fire two blasts outside the house,” Mr Biden said.

The unusual advice came during an online forum with readers of Parents Magazine, where Mr Biden shocked some liberals with his enthusiastic endorsement of shotguns for self-defence.

“If you want to protect yourself buy a double-barrelled shotgun,” Mr Biden responded to a woman’s question about defending her house. “You don’t need an AR-15: it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.”

Lowering his voice, he added: “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun.”

At the same time, among people with a brain, Biden’s statements self-identified him as a fool. And a subsequent YouTube mash-up of Biden’s advice intermingled with videos of women having bad experiences shooting shotguns made for entertaining viewing.

How long will Creepy Uncle Joe’s 26-point lead hold? Maybe until the first Democrat debates, which kick off on June 26 & 27, 2019.

Or until Michelle Obama announces her candidacy.

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  1. I fully support creepy old “Xerox” Joe running for president. President Trump will bang the gong. May this bring about the long awaited demise of the communist party in America. As soon as President Trump is sworn in for his second term…come the rising…-30-

    • Operation Kaos part 2. Lets all support Comrade Joe for president up until November 2020 then vote for Trump.

      • LOL

        but CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NY times and others did that for Trump and look where that got them

        it back fired!

        • No, they didn’t. They’re to ones that kept Kaisich in so long, hoping and praying. They really wanted McCain or Jeb, or Romney again. Dumbasses like those never learn and are simple to knock out.

          Like him or not, Trump, either one-to-one or against a large field proved highly effective in corralling his detractors and enemies. I’d love to see some of the haters here on TTAG get a shot (figuratively) at him in a one-on-one. They likely wouldn’t be smart enough to know what hit them. Again, not saying he’s the greatest ever but his plain talk and style are just what the US needed/needs at the time unless we want it to go over the edge and becomes Europe.

  2. “Or until Michelle Obama announces her candidacy.”

    OH, wouldn’t that be a hoot…

    I would like to see as many dems vying for the spot long into 2020, that way the sheep stay divided longer…And when there is no sheepherder, they’ll all just scatter to the wind…

    • There are already some loud complaints from the hard Left that the next Dem candidate *must* be female.

      I still say be very afraid of a beloved candidate, someone with no negative ‘baggage’, like Oprah or Tom Hanks running…

      • Tom Hanks and Oprah would be nuts to ruin the good will and great stuff they’ve got going by running for President! We live in an age when only sociopaths would want the job…

      • Creepy Joe is the placeholder candidate until they can find someone who ticks more diversity boxes than a federal employment applicant.

      • There are already some loud complaints from the hard Left that the next Dem candidate *must* be SHEMALE.”

        /fixed it.

  3. Joe, or anybody else, I’m predicting a landslide of biblical proportions in 2020. The Dem party needs to COMPLETELY drop the crap they’ve been advocating for decades, before they will ever again be relevant. Hell, the dimbulbs just elected promised all manner of stupidity, so stupid that the new congresscritters themselves have not spent a single moment attempting to deliver. After Trump, I don’t believe that crap will fly anymore, the same people will LOSE in 2020.

    • The debates, oh God, the debates…I can’t wait! I still feel cheated by 2016 that we never got to see Trump tard-joust Biden on live pay-per-view. It’ll be more cruel than a bullfight! Possibly literal wrestling before it’s all over.

      • Wrestling? Remember, Joe already expressed his desire to take Trump “out behind the woodshed…”

        To hell with an “election”, I say winner take all, two septuagenarians fistfighting for the leadership of the Free world would be extraordinarily awesome.

  4. Biden is the closest thing they have to a serious adult in the race right now. May God have mercy on their souls.

    But his economic and foreign policy stances are…well, if Biden is elected it will be like the ending of Flowers for Algernon.

    • It doesn’t matter, beto just said climate change gonna’ kill us all in ten years…and al gore warned us that all of the glaciers would melt…in ten years…ten years ago…and after all he did “invent” the internet…you can’t make this Sierra up…and you can’t fix stupid…but there is no reason to let them suck up matching funds…just another prize for showing up…the reason most of these…run for president…oh, for the days…when every meal was a banquet, every paycheck was a fortune, and every formation was a parade…I miss…-30-

      • Did he just steal 2 years from AOC?
        Pete Bottlegag is going to comeback with 8 years to doomsday.
        By the end of the first debate we’ll only have 6 months to live……unless we vote (D) of course.

    • “Biden is the closest thing they have to a serious adult in the race right now.”

      Did you read what you just wrote?! I never thought train wrecks could be so funny. Hell, even if he wins, it’d be like Trump’s lack of regard, crossed with Dubya’s made up words & awkwardness, crossed with Obama’s phony dignitude & inability to accomplish much of anything on his own. We’d probably end up with no new gun control & tax-free shotguns for our trouble.

  5. Spend over two years bitching about old white men and #metoo
    Immediately support old white gropey man.
    Goddamn they really are mentally ill, aren’t they?

  6. The king? King?

    I mean, sure he’s got a creepy vibe and he’s said some stupid shit, but it’s not like he’s a thrice-married serial philanderer who paid a porn star hush money to keep an affair quiet then lied about it and instructed others to lie about it and has made a big deal of how fuckable he thinks his daughter is and has multiple allegations of inappropriate comments (some of them on tape) and touching from his time as a reality tv star.

    Let’s keep it real here.

      • Sounds like you may be a bit jealous…

        So, for the record, of the only 2 viable choices in November, 2016, who would you rather have won?

        Get a life. Cripes.

    • Talk about your white privilege. It’s ok for biden to do it cause trump did it.

      Thank you for helping to destroy any chance the left has to reclaim the oval office. And likely costing them the house in the fall out.

      Trump can be an aids riddled porn star for all I care. As long as he keeps moving the fed courts to the right.

      • I didn’t say any of it was okay, I just don’t want to see Boch giving away anyone else’s crown.

      • Syphilis, that explains everything! (Sorry, you can’t soft-ball ’em in like that, lol)

        As if any these master of the universe types haven’t been banging fashion models or kids or animals or whatever they care to their entire lives. My theory with Biden’s visible creepiness is he just likes to get drunk in public a lot more than he should, exacerbating certain…character flaws…involving staffers & others’ wives…or children…or pets…or whatever… I believe he keeps getting drunk in public because he is too stupid to not do so (which I feel is supported by his apparent inability to enrich himself through his many, many offices, to anywhere close to the same degree as his peers)

    • I do not think many folks on here realized just how motivated a lot of democrats are at this time.
      Highly motivated people tend to follow through and vote.
      58% of the eligible population voted in 2016, 49.2% in 2018.
      Have another low turnout election and the odds area lot higher they could pull off a win.

      The only good thing I see happening from that is a sellers market for any weapons I would want to dispose of. Otherwise it would be bad with the only other good thing being due to his age the odds of a 2nd term would be slim.

      I have what I want for now as far as weapons and am buying repair parts, consumables and ammo for just in case.

      • People on our side are getting motivated thanks to aoc and omar and the rest of those shrieking harpies. Trump will get a second term thanks to them and the same msm shrieks that got him elected the first time. And we’ll likely retake the house.

        • Just remember how confident *everyone* was that Hillary would win.

          We had better not fall into that mindset, or else we will be in for an ugly surprise, like they did.

          The other thing working against us is that we are kinda content with how things are. They are *mad* and will stay that way.

          They have the motivation to show up and vote…

        • I am not certain of anything, but I’m pretty sure Trump is going to win a second term, and I put that solely on the shoulders of the Dems for being a goddamn diaper pail full of “candidates” who are doing everything they can to push away the middle. Like me.

      • “I do not think many folks on here realized just how motivated a lot of democrats are at this time.”

        I agree. Read this one from today’s AP:

        Of course, some want it to change with a move to the left, some with a move to the right. (The headline would make it appear all are against Trump but that’s not the case.)

        What it likely does tell is that a hell of a lot of American voters no longer have any idea how the federal government is supposed to work since we’ve allowed it to be corrupted and usurped for so long. Politics have never been anything but messy but there used to be enough people voting who knew better and could keep things on track, so to speak. This is serious, and to have someone from the right side, or perhaps better stated- the traditional side, throw the same crap back at the Left may be having a good affect on the nation. It’ll take at least an additional 4 years after this one to really make some difference.

    • Didn’t know we were voting for Pastor-in-chief.
      I don’t care about his personal life because he has a long way to go to match the JFK orgies while in office.
      I only care if he understands what America is and to preserve its best elements.

      Scurry away NPC.

    • The clintons called, you need to bring your kneepads, and stretch a lot before hand, Obama will be there.

    • The Trump supporters don’t mind him talking about how fuckable his daughter is, or the nasty pictures with his teenage daughter sitting on his lap or even his confessions of sexual assault. As long as Trump and his pal Putin exhibit their own self hating homophobia, racism and greed they’ll be supported.

      As far as VPs go, Biden wasn’t all that bad. Not like dick Cheney who got drunk and shot a man in the face with a shotgun. What a shining example of a POTG Dick Cheney is, but of course that is overlooked by the right wing. Meanwhile, Halliburton and the no-bid emergency contracts, have made dick Cheney a billionaire, just like the other Chicken hawks.

    • Joe Biden a piece of toast,,, he should be investigated for sex abuse of children n woman s

    • You’re just jealous you don’t have a cute ferret… 😉

  7. Yes, everyone should own a shotgun and learn to use it properly.

    That’s not what Biden was talking about, that whole shooting the air thing he had going. The air was not the problem, nor the neighbors across the way.

    However, he is right that shotguns are an excellent option for self defense.

    I wouldn’t go with just a double barrel myself, but if that’s what you got, you are at least not cowering behind a cell phone.

  8. SLOW JOE has mountains of dirt on him…Uraine,China,Anita Hill BS ETC. And everything connected with Odumbo & Hillary. Oh and he’s O L D

  9. Biden is just going to be destroyed the second he wins the primary and the GOP starts running ads against him, assuming his competition doesn’t. I hope they include the bit of Obama saying Biden needs to be kept on a leash.

    • What effect did a shit-ton of negative ads starring Trumps own mouth have on him in Nov. 2016?

      Tha’s right, nada. No one pays serious attention to political ads anymore…

      • It actually did. Difference is 1:Anyone who could consider Biden is much more driven by emotion that anyone who would vote Republicans 2: Biden has actually done things instead of said things or allegedly done things 3: People really, really don’t like pedos or gropers.

        • Yeah, Republicans are the logical ones. They’d never vote recklessly out of fear, or infatuation. LOL.

  10. I’d like to think that Biden is the gift that keeps on giving because he should be.

    But so far as I can tell the only thing dumber than a Democrat candidate is a GOP political adviser.

    They’ve spent most of my lifetime tripping over their own dicks trying to sell a product that is, in many ways, obviously superior (though not perfect by any means) and managing to fail at that rather spectacularly. Part of that is stupidity, part is a lack of party discipline and part is a failure to grasp how the Democrats get away with what they get away with and part of it in letting loudmouthed morons steal the limelight on social topics where the Democrats obviously have them beat.

    It’s almost like they read The Art of War and decided to use it as a roadmap for how to lose.

  11. Shotgun Joe is a lying bvllsh!tter of the worst degree, but he’s the least crazy Democrat to wiggle out of the elect-me clown car.

    OTOH, if he’s elected, I will follow his advice and but a shotgun. Maybe a lot of shotguns. And pallets of ammo.

  12. Joe Biden is this election’s Hillary Clinton.

    Nobody is enthusiastic about him, but everybody knows who he is, and it’s just his turn, dammit. Plus he’s the closest thing there is to a mainstream candidate in the Democratic party’s clownshow.

    • Yep. Hillary was a two-time presidential candidate; the third time was going to be it for sure.

      Biden is a two-time presidential loser; this run is his third time.

      Say what you will though, I would still prefer him over any (ANY) of the other Democrats. At least Creepy Joe has red, white, and blue in his logo. Most Democrats won’t even put the colors of the flag on their logo, they’re so damn anti-American. Look at Before, his logo is black and white.

        • Betophile is spoofing Whataburger spicy ketchup packets with his branding. He’s not nearly as clever as most make him out to be.

    • That means Biden wins, unfortunately; for all his faults, no one can say he’s as unliked as Hillary. More Dems won’t mind voting for him, more stupid “swing” morons will identify with him, and more Republicans won’t be concerned by him enough to fear-vote against him. Trump only won by 200k, and by swinging some white/blue collar rust belt states that’ll eat Biden’s union-bullshit up like candy. Plus, Florida’s lost due to all the new felon voters & dissatisfaction with RNC-led gun control.

      Still, if the Dem’s winning strategy becomes “run less insane candidates that appeal to moderates” I’d call it an objective win for America versus the last ten years, even if they remain antigun turds. We just have to hold a house of congress & they’ll be certain to hold the line on gun control, lol

  13. It’s going to be Joe vs. Donald in 2020. Projected winner: Donald.

    Prior to Lunch Box Joe (LBJ) jumping in the ring, we had 18 or so wannabes. It was messy and chaotic, but they were all more or less on the same page pushing the social economy (not the same as socialism, but being cast that way). It was like a demolition derby, everyone driving around in circles and crashing into each other until only one remained. But they were all New School Democrats, and this was not acceptable to the Old School Democratic elite– the one that stopped being blue-collar champions about 30 years ago and settled in as Wall Street whores.

    Enter Joe Biden. The timing is revealing. He wasn’t waiting because he had some moral reservations about running (he has no morals). He was waiting to see if the Old School machinery was going to line up behind him. God only knows what kind of back-room deals were made, but they are lined up now and Joe is in. Bernie is going to get screwed again, just like he did in 2016. Fact is, the Old School Dems would rather see Trump win than see a President Sanders, even though Bernie is the only one of the bunch that could beat Trump.

    So the fix is in. It doesn’t really matter how the primaries pan out now. The way the Dem party is set up, with its “superdelegates” that don’t answer to primaries, Joe is going to get the nomination Meanwhile, the demolition derby will be allowed to play itself out for public relations reasons, but the outcome is pretty well set. Joe goes in to the derby, but while everyone else is driving a rusted-out Yugo, the party apparatus just put creepy old Jokin’ Joe in an Abrams tank.

    • The only projection for a primary winner that I have ever seen be correct this early in the game is “Well, one of them is sure to win”. When I have seen someone get it right they were right completely by random chance. That goes for pros, college advisers and poli sci students.

      The only things I can say for absolute sure are with regard to Biden and Bernie is this: Biden is going to get fucking savaged in this race because this is open civil war between the Progressives and the Establishment. And Bernie isn’t going to play softball like he did with HRC. He’s out to cut throats this time around.

      The blood’s in the water and the sharks are out to play in the Democratic Party. This primary is going to be what I usually call a general election: A knife fight in a telephone booth. Unpredictable and nasty as fuck. The various candidates hate each other’s philosophy and strategy with a passion usually reserved for REAL civil wars.

      • ” this is open civil war between the Progressives and the Establishment ”

        100% correct. It’s the only reason (aside from his ego) that Biden is in the race.

        And I totally agree that Bernie is going scorched earth. He’s in his upper 70’s and hasn’t got another race left in him, so he has no reason to hold back after the Old School tries to screw him. He endorsed Hillary in 2016 with the weakest and most flaccid endorsement I’ve ever seen. He won’t get sucked in to that again. If he’s passed over at the convention, I’m guessing he goes write-in on his own.

    • PLEASE let Trump & Biden do a Saturday Night Debate with monster trucks, a-la Rehabilitation in Idiocracy. Pay-per-view, baby!

  14. I’ve always said that Joe was a contender, he’s a lot more savvy than people give him credit for, so don’t count him out just yet. Sure, he has dirt on him, they all do, but the thing with a lot of democratic voters is that they don’t care or pay attention to history or consider where things may go. Just as long as they get what they want, hence, “The Deal Maker” and obviously very personable. People now are like, well if it doesn’t affect me, then I don’t care. Trump has got to get thick skinned like a Rhino and stop backing down on things, quit giving the media so much energy and secure his coming re-election by knocking down some pins instead of holding the ball. It’s like every time he is just about to kick some ass on something, it seems that someone talks him out of it. Mexico is killing him from several angles. Just that gang chasing the Mexican Federal Police right out of Dodge with the weapons we loaned them is humiliating. This is a job for our Military, a clear objective and light at the end of the tunnel and it will be over before the wall debate goes another foot. Turn yourselves in or be shot on sight. We have an invading “criminal” country that laughs at and mocks our president and chases their own corrupt law out of town. So we get a new flag with 52 stars on it, so what? lol
    Be a nice feather in his hat, imo. Good place to start fellas?
    Let’s borrow Joe’s double barrel 10 gauge to get things started!
    The left would be choking on their tongues.

  15. Some people are forgetting how horrible of a candidate he was in his previous 2 attempts.
    He was a gaffe master.
    I would bet he won’t even make it to the final 4.
    The only way he’ll make it to the final is if the media drags him there.

    • Maybe Joe Biden did say some dumb shit, but he never got drunk and shot a guy in the face like Dick Cheney, bushes VP. Dick Cheney is a shining example of everything good in an American gun owner. And he was elected. Joe is a shining genius in comparison and he’s not a greedy military industrialist looking only to make himself a rich by starting fraudulent wars and getting thousands of Americans killed.

  16. I love Joe and I have followed his example. I walked up behind several girls at work, placed my hands on their hips, stuck my nose in their hair, breathed deeply and was slapped. Then there was the Police interview, Jeesh, gimme a break girls. Then I hear noise last night at the door and shot through the door as a warning, now who is going to help me fix the door and clean up? I’m beginning to think that if Joe gives bad advice and is wrong as an example in these simple things he’s probably wrong about everything else.

  17. “And you can believe the future’s ahead”, the Byrds, 1971…I Want to Grow Up to be a Politician…how did they know? -30-

  18. Polls at this point are completely worthless.

    Joe Biden might be the democratic candidate LEAST antagonistic to the 2nd Amendment. It’s a relative measure.

  19. The girl on the left looks like she’s considering her options should Creepy Uncle Joe get any closer.

  20. Well, if we can elect a megalomaniacal, bump-stock-banning, lying adulterer who has had multiple failed businesses, multiple failed marriages, and multiple bankruptcies, I don’t see Joe’s sexual issues as being something that voters will really care about.

  21. I do love the shotgun video’s above though!
    Reminds me of my little brother with an old single shot 20 ga and my son with a new 18.5 inch 12 ga pump. My little brother tucked the stock under his arm pit and pointed out into the big river or ocean, don’t remember? However, it blew him back about two feet and on his ass on a dirt mound, my dad laughed his ass off. My son is a mama’s boy and used to be frightened on his own shadow, he got it from her. He fires one round and he’s skinny, tall and launches it out of his arms forwards into the air about ten ft off the soil and it stuck about 8 inches barrel first into soft muddy soil. So, I laughed my ass off and let him and his mother clean all the remaining earth that was jammed in it, out of the barrel, then I cleaned it properly. Scared the crap outta him.. He liked the BIG hole in the target though!

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