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The above graphic from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Twitter page pretty much says it all. Disarm. That’s what the Shannon Watts-led, Michael Bloomberg-funded group wants to do: disarm. Not hate. Americans. The graphic was “inspired” by . . .

The Charlottesville “rally,” wherein armed militia members congregated, ostensibly to keep the peace. As the event when down, Ms. Watts responded to images of legally armed Americans with predictable self-righteous fury.

@shannonwatts unleashed a Tweetstorm –hidden to TTAG, because we’re blocked. Reading between the lines, knowing the nature of the beast, I reckon Ms. Watts was hoping that legally armed Americans would shoot someone. Anyone.

In Ms. Watts world view, all “gun violence” proves that America should disarm hate. Not to mention — well OK she went there — the pernicious effect of the NRA. Like this [via another Shannon Watts fan]:

Again, we can’t see Ms. Watts’ Charlottesville-related Tweets, but The Blaze provided this helpful catalogue.

And there you have it: real-time pre-bloody shirt waving, anti-gun rights agitprop from a woman who hides from dissent behind electronic filters and her own armed guards. My kinda gal. Or not.

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  1. You think that car would have done the same kind of damage had the counter protesters had their own malitia men? Just throwing that out there.

    • There were Militas open carrying and fully kitted out at the rally. But the actual rally was shutdown by the Governor before it even started. The Alt Right crowd then marched out and regrouped at McIntire Park where they tried to continue their speeches as planned. But then the word came down that National Guard was deploying so they dispersed. The car attack happened on a street near the original rally location 2 hours later. The real question is why the police stood down and let Antifa do their milling about doing property destruction thing for hours until the violence overflowed.

      • CLarson
        The national guard in Ferguson was told to protect only government property, by the democrat governor.

        Now another democrat governor tells the national guard to stand there and do nothing. Democrat mayors tell their police to stand down in Berkeley, San Jose, and Chicago.
        I see a pattern.

        • Don’t forget Sacramento where some white supremacy group tried to demonstrate at the Capitol and left more black and blue than the police uniforms who did in fact stand down.

        • Ferguson was a different story. LE there wanted to go in and protect the property of innocent folks who had nothing to do with the riots.

          This? This was two groups that went there with the intention to fight with each other. Let em.

      • “The real question is why the police stood down and let Antifa do their milling about doing property destruction thing for hours until the violence overflowed.”

        Oh, I can sure guess…

        Like, the city masters were backing the Antifa and hoping they could get some violence on video for Leftist propaganda purposes…

        • I’m not saying that the car driver was justified. It looked to me that he probably acted out of anger. But here are some tweets by Taylor Lorenz, who is reporter for the Hill, which is not a right wing publication. She was a witness to the car incident. She actually got decked by an Antifa guy while recording the incident. It appears there might have been some shenanigans going on.

          The driver was taken into police custody right after the incident. Police say the car was covered in dents prior and apparently hit by a bat
          — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) August 12, 2017

          If you watch the earlier part of my stream you can see anti-right wing chasing after a Lexus and throwing rocks, bottles, a shoe
          — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) August 12, 2017

          This car was not the one that mowed people down. That was a differ grey car
          — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) August 12, 2017

    • Shannon Watts is not only an anti-gunner who oppose the Constitution, she’s also an anti-white racist. The whites who were protesting in Charlottesville were doing so pursuant to a permit. The BLM thugs and communists who went there to confront them, had no such permit. Sorry Ms. Watts but even whites have free speech and 2A rights in this country.

      • Like the Second Amendment there are NO QUALIFIERS in the First Amendment. Even idiot, racist, bigoted white supremacists are guaranteed:

        “…the right of the people t o peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

        I disagree whole-heartedly with any sort or color of racial supremacist, but just being armed does not mean you are not peaceful. As in this case, and so many others, it may just mean that you have legitimate concerns that non-peaceful individuals or groups will try to violently deny your Constitutionally protected rights.

    • Per the HuffPo, of all places:

      “The police did little to stop the bloodshed. Several times, a group of assault-rifle-toting militia members from New York State, wearing body armor and desert camo, played a more active role in breaking up fights.”

      The freakin’ HuffPo just admitted that the Oathkeepers (or whoever) did a better job of keeping the peace than the cops.

    • It should have been a DGU! Anyone carry a 40mm or a mounted fiddy? Seems like for all parties present, stupid people, doing stupid things in stupid places around other stupid people. Collectivism appeals to the lowest element. It’s individual rights remember.

  2. Once again the lamestream media gets pretty much everything wrong. Shannon W everything…Trump was right and no one stood by his side-both sides SUCK. Don’t want to get run over? Don’t be a SJW. Naziis suck and black lies blather suck. Carry on…it’s gonna’ get worse.

    • Were these protestors even really Nazis or white supremecists?

      I honestly don’t know what to think. I know the mainstream fake media lies all the time. They call everyone right of Bernie a Nazi fascist. When you call everyone a Nazi, then it gets hard to distinguish the real ones.

      It does seem like Antifa is comprised of violent and dangerous extremists.

      I don’t know who to believe anymore.

        • 2020 is coming, and you better believe the Left is out for blood. *These* are the ‘golden years’ of gun ownership, and I hope you all take advantage. Get these good deals while you can because they won’t last much longer. Buy for your kids. Buy for your grandkids.

      • It’s no big deal that the nazi or kkk marches. The proud white Jewish lawyers said when I was a black teenager way back in the 1970’s, it was a great thing to have them marching in black neighborhoods and carrying guns, or anywhere else.

        BLM and Shannon Watts are just as racist as the kkk and the national socialists.

        • People keep saying “Nazi” and “neo-Nazi” except I have yet to see any footage of a swastika anywhere. Sure, I see a lot of Confederate battle flags, but no Nazi ones. I didn’t even see the traditional “white power” cross flags either. There was a noticable absence of shaved heads and doc martins as well, no skinheads at all. I think this was some staged political bullshit that trails right back to Soros (that peice of red shit) and the alt-left.
          Either way, the police stood down ant let the antifa scum do as they please…again.

        • Actually, Ed, I did see some cuts of Confederate flags waving and 3-4 guys in Klan robes, tho I can’t swear it wasn’t file footage inserted to make the story more “intense”. Seems like they would have been far more prominent in the coverage if that was real. There were several guys with shields with a white cross on black background, I had no idea what that was supposed to represent.

      • I watch Alt-right channels. I am not going to bullshit you. The Alt-right is a really diverse bunch and displays all kinds of symbols: the stars and bars, old glory, medieval crests, spartan lambdas, Christian crusader icons, European neo-pagan symbols, and absolutely there were a few guys sporting Nazi iconography and carrying Swastika flags at the Unite the Right rally. That is not a media lie. The Alt-right movement is struggling with the Nazi question if you will pardon the crypto-Nazi pun. The issue seems to be young people really like Nazi iconography because it triggers people.

        • seriously everybody forgets the Nazis were extreme left the national people’s Socialist Party for crying out loud ANTIFA and the rest of the left are actually the fascist

        • No serious student of history likes the Nazis. Nazi iconography has become popular with some Gen Z and Millennials because progressives have turning the Holocaust from a history lesson into a hammer to beat young white people into hating themselves as part of the whites are the root of all oppression narrative.

  3. They never should have taken that statue down. White supremacists, KKK, skin heads are all violent horrible scum. But the first rule of self defense is you don’t antagonize or instigate people, especially bad people. That statue was just standing there doing no harm to anyone and now people are dead for nothing. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    • So, you make government decisions subject to veto by a bunch of easily-offended haters (most of them from out of town)? I

    • Yep I bet most of the town never thought about that statute and drove right past it day after day

      TILL one lib pointed it out and RAGGED

    • Being a Cville local and (non-white) VA-born, I agree. Stirred up a hornets nest that very literally never was a problem for TWENTY YEARS.

      The statue just stood downtown like the multitude of other statues hanging around the city, because it’s a historical city. What’s next, we have to remove the Lewis and Clark statues around as well, because they’re tangentially part of the the US’s westward colonization and subjugation of Native Americans?

      However, I think the statue removal and park renaming was part of a larger Southern states mini-movement to ask localities to remove Lee/Confederate statues and rename them.
      It was fucking idiocy that the local gov. council actually followed through instead of letting it die in committee and save taxpayer money just to have it removed. And now 1+2 (the police in their helicopter accident, which is hard to count for the casualty toll because it was more or less a tragic accident) people are gone, many more hurt, all of this because some random nobody’s feelings were hurt.

      As well, the city is under the national eye and probably with more than a couple out-of-towners still milling about to radicalize and stand on their soapboxes to rouse anger and hate.

      (Truth be told though, I’m not sure why states other than VA like Gen. Lee. Even as a nonwhite with no particular liking for the Confederacy, the man was a VA loyalist, who chose the people he lived with and knew over serving the Fed. carte blanche. Why do other states care?)

    • Soon as I saw this crap unfolding, I told the wife it seemed like a good compromise to remove the plaque or whatever that told us who the statue was of, and left the statue. Should have everybody happy, why we have to deny history so violently is a mystery to me.

  4. Im a glass half full guy. Nazis and commie-nazis (antifa) killing eachother is a win win situation for the rest of us.

  5. In other news, three women in the SafeState of New York were beaten to death with a hammer.
    What should Moms Demand about hammers ???

  6. Not to inflame the situation or further encourage discourse, but with all sincerity, Little Miss Ugly Shoes Watts can just lick my high capacity semi-auto rifle.
    I’m heading to Oregon next week for the 2017 eclipse and will be camping for about a week in a national forest and you know what’s going with me? My black scary semi-auto high capacity rifle!

    • Where bouts are you headed? I’ve got a spot picked out towards the coast. I’ll camp out Sunday night.

      • @ Tom in Oregon
        I have a spot picked out almost exactly under the very center of the path. I will be in the Umatilla National Forest.
        I’m leaving quite early, possibly Wed the 16th, otherwise I will not find any place to go.
        I had to make sure of gun laws and such. Oregon doesn’t honor ANY other states CWP, however, they are an open carry state, so as long as my handgun is totally visible to an officer walking up to the car, I am legal. I actually called down to make sure on this. I also wanted to make sure there were no funky federal laws being in the National Forest, so I called and checked on that also and there isn’t. They defer to the laws of the State of the location.
        I am leaving Spokane and will take 395 south to my location. I love camping. Last time I was camping was at Hebgen Lake, Montana several years ago.

        • @MLee,
          Also note it’s legal to carry concealed if you are on your way to or from hunting, fishing, or target practicing.
          Otherwise, spot on about open carry. You’ll be good where you are at.

    • I got secluded land at 8,200ft right under the eclipse in WY. I’ll be there as well, loaded for bear – well, the closest I can’t get with my anemic AR:-) I filled out a form 20 to take the gun and suppressor.

      • I filled out a form 20 to take the gun and suppressor.

        There you go again, you crazy right-winger. Obeying the law and filing a form. It’s a wonder there isn’t blood in the streets.

      • Unless they’ve changed things [again] you don’t need to file a Form 20 for your suppressor. That requirement only applies to Title II firearms and destructive devices.

        You do need a copy of your approved Form 4 though.

        “A written request and prior authorization from ATF to transport interstate or in foreign commerce any destructive device, machinegun, short- barreled rifle, or short-barreled shotgun is required under the provisions of Section 922 (a)(4), Title 18, U.S.C., and Section 478.28, Title 27, CFR, a letter of request, in duplicate, containing all information required on this form, may be submitted in lieu of the form.”

        AOW’s and mufflers are not on the list.

        • I was just a bit unsure and already had to fill the the thing out for the SBR so I just added the suppressor just in case. They did sign off on it. I’d have been nervous driving across country without the signed form as I am a bit paranoid when it comes to the law enforcement and the courts.
          We got a big bottle of bear spray as well since we will be camping. I do realize the chance of having a problem with a bear is very low, I just figured better to have it an not need it…

        • To be honest I used to fill out the form due to my lack of attention to detail. I just assumed that I had to do it.

          They processed and approved the form in a timely fashion every time. However, last time I did that I got it back with a Post-It note pointing me to the text I’ve copied here and a hand written note “This isn’t necessary for a silencer”.

          That said, if you’re concerned about local LEO harassment, that’s a perfectly valid reason to get the form filled out. It’s more official paperwork that they don’t understand, but which is well above their pay grade, to shove at them to get them to go away.

          I’ve never been questioned about anything with NFA stuff by a local or state LEO (with the exception of being asked if they they can shoot it) but I imagine if I was I’d prefer to have as many sheets of official ATF letterhead as I could.

          All of which reminds me that I need to look into some things….

    • According to liberals, the NRA and Trump are actually causing the eclipse. Only praising Bernie will cause the sun to return.

  7. Again, they have no meaning outside of their cliques.

    The Gun control groups are as fringe as the KKK

  8. She’s actually spending most of her twit-time excoriating Steve Bannon as a neo-Nazi and a white Supremacist, sending out a few of her own tweets, but mostly retweeting other people saying things along those lines. They have a hashtag, #FireBannon, that they’re broadcasting.

    I’m guessing he’ll leave soon, and they’ll claim it as a victory, but it seems to me he’s been on his way out for a little while now, well before Charlottesville.

    • Meh. Everyone right of Mao was racist even before the weekend. If the left isn’t careful their over the top histrionics are going make Nazi iconography transgressive and cool. The Alt Right is actually trying to purge the Nazi crap and grow up as a movement but the kids love sticking swastikas on frogs and playing dress up just to piss off leftists.

  9. I have no love for either the Nazies (honestly, who the hell marches under a Nazi flag and expects to be taken seriously?) or the Commies (and their black flag thugs). I’d just as soon ship all of ’em off to Easter Island with no food or water and let the natural order of things sort it all out.

    That said, these MDA douchbags will use any excuse to call for the subjugation of anyone with a point of view that differs from their own dogma.

  10. Protip: You can log out of twitter (or use an alternate browser you aren’t logged into) and see the tweets of people that blocked you

    • To my knowledge, there were no reports of guns being fired, or even brandished. Leland Vittert (Fox) repeated right around a million times that some people were visibly armed, even with “assault-type rifles”, as though Armageddon was just around the corner, never did hear anybody mention that no shots were fired. I’d also be interested in whether any of the obviously armed were attacked with clubs. I’m thinking not, maybe there’s a lesson there.

  11. “You pretend that you’re patriots, but you are anything but a patriot. If you want to talk about patriots, talk about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington,” –VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe (dropping the proverbial hammer on white racists)

    If memory serves, both former Presidents owned slaves throughout their lives, though I’m sure they felt real bad about it. Apparently that’s good enough for the democrats and Governor of Virginia. I can only imagine the wall-eyed deranged screeching from the media and democrats had President Trump praised these two as patriots.

    • Funny, how the left tries to call us “unpatriotic” but they are all for open borders, mass immigration, fiat currency, massive debt, unlimited government, spying, control over ever activities of our lives, things Washington and Jefferson were highly against.

      So by all means Terry, keep talking, it just shows you people for what you are, clueless, witless, useful idiots who time is just about up.

  12. So where does a sane, middle of the road, don’t want to hurt anybody, peaceful type of guy go to read gun reviews these days? Cuz it sure as hell ain’t here

    • All the pu$$ies who don’t want to get their hands dirty with politics go to the firearm blog. Seems they’ve determined that gun ownership has nothing to do with political ideology. Fools.

      • Congratulations for posting the single most idiotic remark on a serious subject that YOU FAILED TO ADDRESS!
        You are no more a Son of Liberty than Antifa is. There is no truth in your words, only insipid twisted word salad that holds no redeeming value in this or any other discussion. It is obvious what your goal is, however pointless and impotent your words.

        People like you give what ever side they are on a bad name, and Son of Liberty isn’t it. I’ll bet you have never served in the armed forces, because if you had your comments would be more in line with freedom and less with fascism.

      • “Lenin statue is loved, hated — and very Fremont”

        It seems the three L’s, Libertarians Liberals and the Left can also support a statue of a genocidal killer. I believe there were Hammer and Sickle Flags at the Charlottesville VA protests. The morally bankrupt people who protest against confederate statues are the same people who would confiscate the guns of law abiding black people. They believe only the government should have guns. I have no sympathy for them if they get run over.
        Both groups are socialists, fighting each other just like they did in Germany in the 1920’s.

  13. Don’t the pigeons have a say in the tearing down of statues? What if a pre op transgender pigeon wants to use the R. E. Lee public pigeon shitter and now it’s torn down? Did the city build a new public shiiter for these special birds?

    Sounds to me like these birds need to contact the ACLU.

  14. I blame Moms Demand Action for the violence in Charlottesville, which was clearly caused by premenstrual cramps.

  15. I don’t get it…. A group that is supposed to be a bunch of racist got together (does it matter, really, if they are? First amendment and all….), held some kind of rally and even went so far as to get the permits to do so, but it’s the NRA’s fault? Because guns!

    What am I missing? Some shrill anti-gun harpey is being shrill and this is news how?

    • You’re not missing anything. Americans, whatever their views, should have the right to assemble without being beaten with bats. I suppose that is what Watts and her fellow travelers are so upset about; that they were prepared to defend themselves from the leftie goon squad.

      Amongst the breathless news coverage of the rally, you’ll notice something. There is no questioning the use of violence to suppress unpopular opinions. I think what we are seeing is the normalization of political violence by the left. This started during the campaign and has done nothing but escalate since then. Don’t feel so smug if you’re thinking “Who cares, they’re Nazis.” There’s a broad swath of the left that seem to consider anyone to the right of Fidel Castro a Nazi.

      • … you’ll notice something. There is no questioning the use of violence to suppress unpopular opinions. I think what we are seeing is the normalization of political violence by the left.

        Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!

        Sprocket wins the “Best Internet comment of the month” award.

  16. This incident shows us, once again, that when the crap hits the fan, the police have chosen sides: the side of their union masters and liberal politician paymasters.

    • It just confirms that the Police are agents of the state and will do or not do what they are told by the powers that be. Maybe individual officers don’t like to think that way, but the department, as a whole, will do as directed. I had an older, Dutch friend who witnessed some police brutality on his own property — some public event attendees had parked on his property – police beat the crap out of them and threw them into a ditch after they talked back to the officers. After telling me about what had happened and what he had saw, he said, “It doesn’t matter what country you are in…they are all Gestapo”.

  17. That was made for t.v. evil blue house of (D) blue on (D) blue violence.

    Further proof that, wherever you find the evil POS (D) left you need to put up a high chain link fence with razor wire.

  18. I blame the psychos who attacked the guy in the car in first place and made him go apeshit and jump on the gas pedal. 😐

    • hate to say ditto, but…. It does seem the so called Anti protesters were looking for a fight & seemed to be engaging tin attacking the marchers. For once, Trump is right. The blame can be spread around here for events.

  19. The events surrounding C-ville reek to high heaven. Youtube went so far as to not just delete user videos but alter them. There were non-racist conservative voices there. That got squelched because it did not fit the “narrative”. Cops shut the thing down before the car attack. Permitted protesters got marched on while non-permitted did not. And one more interesting fact: George Soros was born on Aug 12!

  20. The KKK was a terrorist group. If you have never read a description of a public lynching it is probably a good thing to do to understand or history. It’s not as simple as hanging someone. Families picnicked while men were burned and tortured, for the purpose of terrorizing the black population.

    The NRA has lately run videos, largely supported here, inciting violence against Americans. That is the subtext whether people want to hear it or not.

    And while I have no issues with open carry, open carrying in support of the Klan can indeed be seen as a hostile act, just as a bunch of jihadists open carrying in support of the twin towers attack would be.

    • “The NRA has lately run videos, largely supported here, inciting violence against Americans. That is the subtext whether people want to hear it or not.”

      Citation or GTFO.

      All the NRA videos are on youtube. Go ahead and fire it up, and give me a link and timestamp to this call for violence. I’ll wait.

      And don’t you dare try to spin my calling you out on a blatantly false statement as support of the neo-Nazis or white supremacists. They’re just as hateful and disgusting as Antifa.

      • The Dana Loesh video is classic propaganda. It uses violent images (yes of the other side) and a hate filled self righteousness to make the watcher feel good about hating the other side. It makes the watcher feel good about imagining violence towards the other side. That is its purpose

        I do understand that others disagree and don’t see it that way, but that is what the video is even so. Watch it while reversing all the words in Your mind if you like, maybe hat helps, but it is a video designed to incite.

        • The video was completely unambiguous in denouncing violence.

          You might want to take off your blinders.

        • The images of “fighting” with a clenched fist are violent, as is the tone in which she narrates the entire video and the end

          “the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth. I’m the National Rifle Association”

        • While it may be propaganda it is no less inciteful than what the alt left puts out. If you think otherwise then you failed middle school. On second thought maybe you did.

        • Why do all those who seem determined to call Dana’s ad ‘violent’, every one of them, manages to leave out the most important words. Why it almost seems deliberate.

          “Clenched fist OF TRUTH.”

          fighting lies and hate with facts. The ad could not have been more explicit in its intent.


  21. Can’t say I am too surprised that the only TTAG article about these events so far is about overblown nonsense on the left and half the commenters are only attacking antifa actors. A lot of the people standing up to the ignorant white supremacists down there were just regular people, not antifa or other left wing extremists. Where is TTAGs condemnation of the violent armed attacks on peaceful counter-protestors? Shouldn’t that be addressed? The skin heads and other assholes were within their rights to have a rally, but they went there hoping to provoke a fight and when someone else didn’t throw the first punch, they were all too happy to charge in with their shields and clubs. That is not protest, its violent insurrection.

    • McAuliffe is probably patting himself on the back over this one, with one protestor and two cops dead this will spin for weeks thanks to his soft-handing of the whole situation.

      • To paraphrase an ex-president, “the (governor) acted stupidly”. In his mind all is justified as another campaign event for his eventual run for the White House. He is as bad an actor in this as the people he so haughtily chastised. The people showing up with helmets, bats and other weapons should have been detained upon arrival in the vicinity. Why didn’t the police have any deterrence keeping these opposing factions apart? No one is asking this question. This was a failure in crowd control as much as anything, and I certainly hope that there is a crackdown on Antifa and other radical groups especially when there is a scheduled event – if it is publicized you know the malefactors and miscreants on both sides of the issue are going to show up and trouble will ensue. This is not rocket science. What it is is a failure of law enforcement to assure that the First Amendment rights of a group of individuals which is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is the responsibility of law enforcement to protect ALL speech no matter how offensive – and to not discriminate in that protection. I don’t like the people who are Klan, Nazis, and other racists, but they had every right to express their views – no matter how repugnant – in public. The trouble began when left leaning radicals showed up and incited the violence that erupted between the two groups. Had they been prevented from getting in proximity to the other group that had scheduled this rally, no one would have been provoked to acts of violence. The neo Nazis, KKK, and other extremist groups are ignorant hate filled bigots, but the Antifa are violent socialist activists who seek to destroy liberty and freedom in America and they are happy to vandalize, assault and even burn and loot if it gets them on TV and strikes fear in the hearts of the people. They came and gathered and then subsequently pursued the other group when that group retreated with police escort. This says something. The media is not listening to the message because of who the target of their rage was.

        I’ve seen complaints about Oath Keepers being present and armed – I have yet to hear about one incident of shooting at this insane mess. The only thing the Oath Keepers did was stand between the two factions, and keep them from getting at each other. People need to understand that Oath Keepers are not radical militia, they are veterans of our military and law enforcement and their sole purpose is keeping the oath they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution and the People of the United States of America, but I have seen them equated with all kinds
        of radical politically based groups – a conflation of their purpose and the extremist elements of society. Too much is being made of their being organized and wearing uniforms, and bearing firearms openly as a deterrent to the people in the crowd who came looking for trouble. As it turned out no one challenged them and behavior in their presence was subdued compared to what would happen later.

        The media is no help in curbing the insanity – they cover it all, and show only the conflict that the cameras attract. The talking heads make no excuses for their coloring of events, interpreting everything through their distorted opinionated coverage of events. Apparently we can no longer trust them to not insert their politics into news coverage. Journalism was killed by sensationalism and sensationalism not only sells but it drives the violent reactions of some people on the left. They know they can depend on their 15 seconds of fame as well as the 15 minutes of infamy the media will give them.

    • You should read up more on what happened. The State police had the rally spot ringed by barricades and riot police like a donut. The Rally goers were in the center and Antifa were outside, surrounding the donut. The actual rally area was very secure. But the police did not provide secure corridors past the Antifa crowd into the rally area for attendees. Rally goers had to go though a gauntlet to get inside the donut and scuffles broke out. Then, right before rally was supposed to start, and the crowds were at their largest, the State Police out of the blue declares a State of Emergency and tells the assembled rally goers to vacate the park. The police opened the barricades forced the rally goers to march through the crowd of Antifa protesters! Again, more violence broke out. The rally goers did not stick around instead marched away to try to hold their rally at McIntire park and the Antifa protesters were left to own devices until the car incident 2 hours later. The violence was all due to State police mismanaging the situation. They went out of their way to place both sides in direct opposition to each other. Imagine if the Tea Party tried to rally today. We would see grandmas getting bear maced by commies on youtube. Or maybe that is the point of all this State managed kabuki, there will never be a Tea party rally again because of fear. The Left called the Tea Partiers a bunch of racists Nazis too.

      • You keep saying Antifa, but from what I can tell there were plenty of normal counter protestors, not just people looking to physically fight the white supremacist scum.

        • Antifa was the one there to actually incite violence. Since, you know, that’s precisely what Antifa exists to do.

        • I’ll grant you that the counter protesters weren’t all Antifa if you grant all the rally goers weren’t all “white supremacists scum.” 🙂 Seriously, you are right about not all counter protesters were Antifa. It is always #NotAll. I would like to point out that the 500+ “white supremacists scum” marched on the Lee statue the night before. About 20 “counter protesters” tried to block their way and there was a scuffle. There was no police presence. If the “white supremacists scum” really were out for blood they could have had their body count, but that did not happen.

          • I completely agree that both sides had honest, well-meaning folks present who had no intention of getting violent, and were just expressing their position by their presence. The problem is that those don’t make any difference to the end result, except maybe as part of the body count.

  22. I believe that incidences like what happened in Charlottesville are a precursor to a civil war.

  23. I moved to Charlottesville 30 years ago, and while I stayed away from downtown, I have friends who felt they had to be there to protest these guys, so so i have heard a lot of first-hand accounts.

    Make no mistake, these are actual white supremacists, Nazi salutes, Nazi flags, Nazi slogans. When someone shouts “the heat today is nothing compared to what you’ll feel in the ovens!” he’s not a right winger, he’s a Nazi.

    It’s true the news coverage is slanted negatively towards these guys. That’s because they’re Nazi scum.

    One of my friends is going to go the rest of her life knowing what it sounds like to hear a woman behind her be murdered by a Nazi, so forgive me if I don’t shed a tear over their poor pitiful me routine.

  24. Oh, to stay on topic… tying the NRA to this is ridiculous. They have nothing to do with open carry in Virginia. It’s never been illegal, nor does it cause any problems here. Never been an issue that I’ve ever heard of in all my life.

  25. An observation from this: So it’s racist for whites to show unity or pride in their heritage? ALL other ethnic groups are encouraged to do so, yet European whites are deemed racist for doing so.

    • I believe that the premise for that is that American society already inherently celebrates Caucasian-Americans as the default mainstream, so we don’t have to express our pride, because it’s never seriously been questioned or suppressed.

      • I’m not buying your opinion. When whites of European descent celebrate their heritage, they’re often perceived as racists or bigots, or nazis.

      • Don’t have to, or are not allowed to? Have you tried joining the NAAWP? Could educate you pretty quick! We’ve just recently had people threatened and screamed at (both black and white) for suggesting that ALL lives matter.

        • Yep, white Europeans have been conditioned to look down on their heritage, and almost into self hating, while ALL other cultures, ethnic groups are encouraged to celebrate and take pride in their own. Socially engineered anti-white racism coming from the top down.

        • Any organization that addresses advancement of ANY race is racist by nature. Advocating for elevation of one race above all others is what these organizations do, and you will have to do some mighty fast tap dancing on hot water to convince people otherwise. These are organizations borne from frustration, and in some part seeking payback for past grievances and that ranges from being only permitted to sit in the back of a bus to the horrific crimes of murder perpetrated by representatives of the more radical factions of people who think only in terms of race.

          Race is not equivalent or does it bear any influence on personal character, yet still racism persists because it is rooted in fear, distrust, and ignorance. There are dishonorable people of every race, but the reverse is also true in that there are honorable, decent people from all races. If you are consumed with preoccupation with the race of others and how “different” they are, you are part of the problem.

          We have in our time seen many terrible things unfold as a result of this attitude of one race being superior to another, and it always starts as mild annoyance with people of other races but ends in acts of hate and violence because people who think in terms of racial difference and being slighted by ‘the system’ is a poison that drives people extreme behavior.

          The reason affirmative action was enacted was to address the offset between races in acquiring upward mobility in social structure, and because it was a government program it is replete with problems. It was initiated to allow people to get higher education and to stop discriminatory practices in the workplace, among other reasons, but being a federal mandate it deals with absolutes more often than not. This leads to opportunity being dealt out by the numbers and I am sure that is not what was intended originally, but it has evolved into that primarily because of progressives who came along as implementers of the policy. That does not justify times when higher qualified persons got passed over in favor of lesser qualified minority persons. The original intent of stopping discrimination based on race has been twisted into a numbers game where the results of the program are based solely on statistics. It didn’t start out this way, but this is what we have to deal with. If you don’t like it, use your Constitutional rights and petition the government to change the policy to one more in line with practices that don’t take race or statistics into account, but be prepared for the lack of progress your petition gets.

          We have a tendency in this country to take complex issues, boil them down to a conclusion – correct or not – and react by passing legislation that addresses that conclusion, but reality isn’t that simple. Human beings like most animals will seek the path of least resistance, which is why many of our laws are favorable to one group while not so much to others. Writing a law that pleases all sides of any given issue is near an impossibility. America has done remarkably well through history in attempting to address social problems, but without personal responsibility, seeking common interests, and a focus on ethics and morality making people behave in accordance with those ideals is not going to happen.

          People would do well to follow a different approach to life, that being doing the will of God first, making decisions that give others needs consideration second, and self advocacy third. I didn’t invent this – a man who suffered for all our sins and who died to provide salvation for our souls did, his name was Jesus of Nazareth, and he was merely elaborating on the Ten Commandments. As imperfect human beings none of us get a 100% grade on this test, but that does not mean we shouldn’t try to do the best we can. I’m certainly not a paragon of virtue, I’ve had my challenges too, but I never willfully hurt or discriminated against another person, and I have tried to use my talents to not only help myself and my family, but others in need as well.

          I certainly don’t reply to you in correction, just suggesting another path.

      • I don’t recall our local highland games or other celebrations of European heritage being condemned. I only see white supremacy and hate groups being condemned.

  26. The whole point of these rallies is to intimidate. That is why they brought all the torches, clubs, psuedo-riot gear, etc. They wanted a fight, and they wanted black people and other minority groups to be afraid. The use of violence and intimidation to further political or religious aspirations by definition terrorism.

    • You know, I have seen similar rallies covered recently where nobody showed up to attack them, and only one or 2 cameras showed up to record them, the participants simply end up looking like fools, being ignored, occasionally laughed at. Paying so much attention to their lunatic ravings makes them feel important and encourages them to repeat, I personally think it’s a bad idea. So, many will call me a racist. How tolerant of diversity.

      • I made this exact comment to my coworkers today. Hate only has power when you give it the time of day. Let them gather if they want, it’s their right, but otherwise, just ignore them. When you just go about your day and no one listens to them they’re left looking like what they are: a bunch of angry people blaming their problems on others.

        • Excellent points. The only issue I see is that if no one shows up to counter protest or follow their actions, what happens when they attack a group of black men and/or women, LGBT people, etc.?

    • You understand of course that ANTIFA and their BLM buddies were also looking for a fight with their baseball bats and fecal bags
      Well they got one. Or do you think it was the Russians? You need to be more thorough with your “investigations” Mr detective.

      • I never claimed AntiFa groups weren’t looking for a fight, that is exactly what they do. Unlike the white supremacists though, they don’t have their own rallies to incite violence, they seek out neo-Nazi and other racist events to confront. Still, they aren’t innocent, and I haven’t claimed they were. However, BLM officially does not condone violent action even if some of their followers clearly do.

        • Of course they have their own rallies, specifically to allow them to act violently. In fact, they have been doing it Trump became a serious candidate! The reason for the original requestto demonstrate was specifically to show opposition to the liberal city council and mayor’s removal of Robert E Lee’s statue. Do you think that action was NOT provocative and likely to lead to rioting? If that is true, it is ONLY because the conservative demonstrators have historically been willing to accept the role of passive victims of BLM and ANTIFA thugs who planned and organized for violence at their rallies. The difference this time was that the same kind of radical elements, ready and willing to engage in violence, were present on the other side and met violence with counter-violence.
          It is becoming more and more likely that the murderous driver may have been a fearful response to leftist mob violence. The major blame seems to fall on the mayor for not giving the police orders to intervene early on, and the police themselves for not taking the initiative themselves. One cannot help but suspect that the mayor’s failure to act was intentional and intended to provide political grist for his liberal mill to demonize the already marginalized fringe white supremacy groups. If there were accurate, objective reportage, it would already have made an issue of the fact that the violence was initiated by leftist thugs (as usual), who are at least as guilty as the white supremacists, if not more so. It is noteworthy that the same group demonstrated without any violence on the previous night. The difference? The previous night the BLM and ANTIFA groups were not yet present.

  27. Watts is so stupid she doesn’t realize she just made the pro-gun community’s point herself. If there were all those well armed white supremacists present, and the only people killed or injured were hit by clubs or a car, doesn’t that kind of suggest that the armed folks were extremely safe and responsible, even under great provocation from rioting ANTIFA mobsters?

    • Old Shooter…. The socialists [ communists ] are using every possible reason to divide and destroy our country. They use gender, race, social economic, and even historical site and monuments to divide us from one another. Divided we fall or death by a thousand cuts,, divides and destroys. Do not fall for this evil b s .

  28. Every time I see an article about mothers against guns, or whatever they’re called, it’s always worded “mothers demand…….”
    Just to be clear, they are incapable of demanding anything.

  29. When danger comes knocking, anti-gun neighbors will not find safety with me. They are in their own!

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