It’s the Best of Times for Afghan Arms Sales

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Mohammad did not just have weapons — there were accessories too.

White Taliban baseball caps with the Muslim proclamation of faith printed on them hung from the ceiling. The group’s flags were also on sale.

Another dealer in the dusty Panjwai market, whose shop was adorned with large Taliban flags and pictures of the group’s top leaders, had more potent offerings.

They included assault rifles — variants of the AK-47 as well as the US-made M4 and M16 — and even light machine guns.

The Taliban for years procured weapons and ammunition from the black market. They also captured arms and equipment from the battlefield and abandoned military posts, according to UN and Western monitors.

And the recent collapse of the Afghan military created an arms bonanza for the militants.

Boom time for Afghan arms dealers in Taliban heartland

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  1. Obscure musical reference of the day;

    When the band Paw released it’s second album, ‘Death to Traitors’ the band’s singer, Mark Hennessey was asked about the tittle track which was written about the band’s former bass player. He replied, ‘this song barely begins to scratch the surface of my disgust.’ Which aptly sums up my opinion of Joe Biden, or whoever it is pulling the strings in DC these days.

  2. So, let’s take inventory:

    Joe Biden says our withdrawal went as planned.
    Kamala says “You are not going to pin that S**t on me.
    Pelosi says Biden managed the retreat with great skill.
    Gen. Miley says it all went according to plan.
    Sec’y Austin says the Americans left in Afganistan have only themselves to blame.

    And the Taliban, along with ISIS, are infiltrating through our southern border and within the groups of unvetted refugees Biden is importing.

    Oh, yeah…..

    Unemployment is going up.
    Prices are going up.
    Gasoline prices are making life difficult for middle and low income folk.
    Food scarcity is becoming a thing in some areas.
    A critical pipeline was cancelled, and Biden asked the Saudis for more oil.
    Biden supported a new pipeline from Russia to the EU.
    Biden’s FDA LIED about approving one of the Covid jabs.
    Biden wants to take our guns and ammo.
    Biden wants to remove health freedom.
    Biden’s FDA wants to remove our access to over-the-counter meds that are effective against Covid.
    And the Dems are calling Larry Elder a black white-supremacist.

    OK….it is time…….

    • Joe Biden in July:

      “We will continue to provide close air support. And all the way through the end of August, and who knows what after that.”

      “the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

      Joe Biden now: “It was a historic success.”

      He’ll say anything, and usually gets away with it because the media doesn’t want to be too hard on their own team. They would’ve had a field day with Trump over this.

  3. Impeach and remove Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden. There needs to be a message sent to the worthless Rat Party. Let camel toe run the show and impeach her too for laughing like a Hyena and on and on until Rat Party insanity is no more.

    RE: Sept. 6, 2021…”Are Suppressors Next? Trump: ‘I Don’t Like Them At All’ by Luis Valdes”

    Today both of the links to the two topics concerning POTUS DJT and Suppressors are 404s Not Found. I wonder how many of the politically inept gun owning cut and run twerps whose pasty mouth rhetoric helped to usher in Jim Crow Gun Control joe pounced on those headlines like they did for Bump Stocks, the NRA, etc?

    They gave meaning to “Cutting off our nose to spite your face.”

  4. If to reduce troops before citizens and people who helped our military, load up the supply left over and then get the hell out!
    As a military brat, that would be my plan

  5. In one fell swoop Obiden has destroyed the Afgan firearms manufacturing biz. You do recall all the old stories of grizzled old freedom fighters banging out reproduction SMLE and _______ using a rock for an anvil and an old wok for material? Now the evil American forces them to use modern firearms with limitless supply of ammo

  6. Yeah . . . if you like WORN OUT AK-47s, etc. The TALIBAN have NEW American weapons, Thanks to the Traitor BIDEN – “giving aid to the ENEMY”. This is against the U.S. Constitution. IMPEACH and CONVICT him! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  7. The Taliban will make sure your 4473s and Form 4s are all in order before you get your guns, of course.

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