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All Skill No Luck has announced a new version of their two flagship “combat flannel” styles: the Ntchwaidumela and Nemean. This is of note for a couple of reasons. First, they are a small, veteran-owned business making what all reviews seem to indicate is an excellent product. Second, flannels function as an excellent cover garment for concealed carry, not least because their patterns tend to mitigate printing

It may not be flannel weather where you are not, but it will be soon!

Both garments retain the features of their military- and power-sport-inspired tactical flannel predecessors, e.g., front breast pockets tilted inboard, canted shoulder pockets with Velcro closures, and hidden buttons on front and cuffs. However, these are made of a different material: they’re sewn with double-weight brushed Combat Wool flannel from Cordura.

There are two styles of the Combat Wool flannel: Ntchwaidumela and Nemean. Both names are based on mythological lions, and both are initially limited to black and red only. 

The Nemean Flannel

The Nemean Flannel is a more traditional flannel look. 

Features include: 

  • Wool blend
  • Double brushed for supreme comfort and softness
  • Button closures throughout
  • Breast pockets with a slit to hold sunglasses
  • Hidden collar stay buttons
  • Adjustable positions for cuff thickness
  • Re-enforced Bartack and double-needle stitching in key areas
  • Available in Small through Double XL and
  • Military uniform style sizes Medium/Long, Large/Long, X-Large/Long, and 2X Large/Long

ASNL Ntchwaidumela

N’tchwai’dumela: pronounced nn-chwy-doo-meh-la

Ntchwaidumela means he who greets with fire.” The shoulder pocket has a slightly updated design from its predecessor, featuring a modified angle for improved access, an added internal pocket, and a greater depth. 

Ntchaidumela flannel features include:

  •  100% Cordura Combat-Wool
  •  Mandarin collar
  •  Contoured fit supreme comfort and softness
  •  No exposed buttons
  •  Breast pockets tilted inboard with a slit to hold sunglasses
  •  Shoulder pockets tilted inboard
  •  Adjustable positions for cuff thickness
  •  Two space pen pockets at forearm
  •  Available in Small through Double XL

All Skill No Luck

ASNL is a “vetrepreneur” company based in Oceanside, CA. 

Check out ASNLAll Skill No Luck: home of the combat hoodie, “tactical” drug rug hoodie, and combat flannel.

Follow them on Instagram, @allskillnoluck, or connect with them on Facebook, /allskillnoluck/.

Cordura Combat Wool Fabric

Comfort and aesthetics of wool with the performance of nylon

Combining the comfort and aesthetics of wool with the durability of nylon, CORDURA COMBAT WOOL fabrics offer engineered endurance performance. Woven using INVISTA nylon 6,6 staple fiber that is intimately blended with merino wool for an authentic classic wool look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.


  • Rugged – up to 10X more abrasion resistant
  • Comfort – high wool content
  • Lightweight strength – optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Strong – excellent tear strength
  • Authentic – look and feel of classic wool wovens
  • Minimum INVISTA nylon 6,6 fiber content required

The CORDURA COMBAT WOOL fabric portfolio offers apparel solutions for today’s active urban lifestyle and specialist military and work uniform applications. Some options can also be adapted for use in bags, footwear, and accessory items.

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    • Works for up here as far as not drawing attention. I would imagine it may be a bit out of place your way though.

  1. I made the mistake of buying a combat wool knockoff from WISH. Boy, did I get fleeced! It was really baaad quality. I was like “ewe!”

    Why yes, I do have no shame…

  2. I have a jacket in that same color and pattern made of wool from woolrich. Wool is the bees knees for comfort in the cold. My base layer is merino. Part of my car emergency kit is a bedroll with 3 wool blankets.

    Stopped for gas in Carlin Nevada when it was 3 degrees. Only thing got cold was my nose.

    • Yep, wool’s great stuff. When I was a little kid, I had a surplus Army wool blanket. It was itchy as heck, but man did it keep a kid warm.

      • Wool does not have to be itchy. My merino base layer is not.. 1 of my blankets is a surplus army blanket and it is a little itchy. But the other 2 are of better quality and not abrasive at all.

        They are a part of my emergency kit. Hopefully I’ll never need to use them.

    • “…not really a thing in the UpState of SC…”

      Yeah, kinda like wool in the fetid swamps of Florida…

  3. I’ve never cared for flannel all that much but n the last few years I’ve found myself starting to rethink that.

  4. Here in Florida, I’ve seen Grey Flannel (by Geoffrey Beene), wool blankets in dark corners of military surplus stores, pictures of flannel clothing in Sears catalogs, and Florida Cracker Sheep sporting wool… but “Combat Wool flannel”? Umm… no.

    Is this really a “thing”? And if so- what exactly is it? Wool is wool, right? Don’t got much need for wool ’round these parts- ‘specially the “combat”(?) variety…

    • In the cold low humidity parts of the country this clothing material is great. But in my part of the country where its humid almost year round, I would find these shirts to hot to wear.

    • “…what exactly is it? Wool is wool, right?”

      It took a bit of reading to find out – Basically, it’s a blend of wool and cordura fibers. Yeah, my same reaction – ugh.

      But please tell me – what surplus stores did you find wool blankets in? I’ll make a road trip to check them out…

      • Go online, Geoff. Other countries surplus off things like wool blankets. I’ve seen them from Italy and Switzerland. One pair of pants i hunt in are Belgium surplus GI pants. Heavyweight with a lot of pockets.

  5. Inward tilted pockets are a huge plus. They remind me of my US Army jungle uniforms. So much easlier to access things in your pockets when wearing an LBE.

  6. “ASNL is a “vetrepreneur” company based in Oceanside, CA.”


  7. I like the shirt but so done with tacticool beard, tacticool hat, and tacticool flannel. We get it, you LOVE your IPA and seltzer but will the real men that don’t feel the need to over compensate please stand up?

  8. I will probably get the Nitcwahmelldie. 100% wool, I like it wooly.
    The red and black checkered pattern was used by hunters, their version of camouflage.
    I’ve used it for deer and coyote hunting and my opinion is it’s just as good as mossy oak. I had no luck hunting turkeys with it though, I suppose it’s that the see color.
    Also I’ve noticed wet wool still retains its warmth.
    Quality cost money, this appears to be a quality product .
    Years ago a bushel of wheat would buy a wool shirt, as dad put it ” Those days are long gone. ”
    We also raised and sheared a few sheep, before electric sheep shears or we couldn’t afford them? I think we got $3 a bag.

  9. It would be nice if the author mentioned the sizes in inches. It would only take one or two extra lines from the typewriter. Sometimes girls buy boys clothes when we can’t find sturdy thick wool pants. Usually the waist is too big.

    • Yeah, I saw that while checking out where the items are manufactured…. if the info that IS there is correct, at least everything says it’s made in the US, and hopefully also by vets. I used to get Woolrich stuff for our Minnesota winters, but the label on the last jacket that I checked out said Made in Pakistan, with fur trim (Coyote) listed as Canadian.

  10. Looks nice. Here in NC i wear Woolrich plaid 9 months out of the year. It seems to me that both green/black and red/black do a great job at concealing a full size handgun in the cooler months. Im not real big into “tactical” stuff but i may have to check the first one out.

  11. “It may not be flannel weather where you are not, but it will be soon!” This only proves you don’t live in the Florida keys or anywhere in southern Florida. It is NEVER flannel weather here, L I don’t ever were long sleeve shirts for that matter and rarely wear long pants. Yes we truly are blessed with great weather

    • {South Florida}

      “…It is NEVER flannel weather here,…”

      Be fair, we get maybe 1 or 2 days a year when the temp nips below freezing for a few hours each year, usually just before dawn… 😉

    • You lucky bastards. Last January while friends of my wife stayed with us due to being stranded due to weather, I got called in to work to pick up a traffic signal pole that got knocked down ( kinda common in -30 Minnesota weather, with black ice at intersections) When I got home four hours later , I was standing in front of the open fridge , when the guy said ” shit, aren’t you cold enough already?” I told him I like to warm up in stages, and this is 70 degrees warmer than I was just in… sounded better than telling him that the beer I put back in there 4 hours ago sounded good right about now. By the way, have you ever seen a snowman in person ?

  12. I keep seeing that SCCY DVG-1 Ad. I owned a CPX 2 before and I noticed that the 10 rd mag is the same length as the Taurus g2c 12rd mag. Which really annoyed me. It should definitely have a 12 rd mag

  13. Wildly overpriced- fleecing boomers and people who don’t know better with “tacticool” offerings.

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